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There is a big question that you must consider when selling your home. How to best showcase the distinct qualities of your home and create a warm and inviting environment that will impress even the most critical buyer. Staging is a process that should be considered on a room to room basis.

No two rooms have the same features, its quite possible to find something to highlight in every room in your home. Is there a real “conversation piece” or element of the rooms that stands out to you? If so, roll with it and you should be able to come up with something very special.

Good things to do when preparing to stage your home are really the basics, cleaning out any clutter, ensuring that the house is sparkling clean and that there is a feeling of comfort, but not one that is too personal. This is why it’s a good idea to remove overly personal knickknacks and items. The idea is that people feel as comfortable in your home as possible and at the same time be able to picture their belongings in the space.

A properly staged home will invite viewers in, and the properly highlighted aspects of the home will keep them interested and wanting to explore more of what your home has to offer. Pleasing smells are a big factor for many people. Comforting aromas such as cinnamon or the champion “fresh baked chocolate chip cookies” are great things to catch people’s attention. Just remember, if you have cookie smell, buyers will want cookies to go with it!

Thinking of buying a home in Miami real estate? In terms of buying a home in Miami real estate, it is not as simple as looking for home and buys it. There are things that you need to look up and consider in order to make the buying process a success.

You have to learn in order to gain success in purchasing a home you want and need in Miami real estate. If you are reading this article, good for you since you really want to learn.

If you think it is simple as it seems that you look for home, the seller will and you over the key and you hand over the money. This is not as simple as that, there are few factors you need to consider to have the best deal or transaction and you will have the perfect home at Miami real estate.

You have to gain information and knowledge about Miami real estate market, since the market changes every now and then, it is better to know and have the knowledge about it.

A very important factor that you need to consider before looking for home in Miami real estate market is to settle your finances. Of course, you need to apply for a mortgage in order to have the necessary budget to purchase a home. Do not simply go to any lender and apply for a mortgage. It is advisable to visit few lenders and compared each. It is better to work with the right lender, a lender that can give you the best option so you will have the best loan for your home purchase. Taking a few time and effort in finding the right lender and looking for the best option can be worth it in the end, so do not rush things out and do one step at a time.

In applying for a mortgage, you have to wait until you will be pre-approved, having pre-approved means that you will have the budget to purchase a home. It is advantageous on your part in seeking for a home to have pre-approved mortgage since most sellers prefer buyers who are pre-approved for a mortgage.

If it is your first time in Miami real estate market, it is better to work with a real estate agent. Since a real estate agent can assist, guide and help you out in Miami real estate market in finding the perfect home you want and need. But you have to make sure you will be hiring the right person, you have to have the assurance that this person possesses the proper expertise and experiences in Miami real estate market. Take time in finding one by conducting interviews with few real estate agents.

The right real estate agent will represent you and will go out and find for homes that possess your criteria. The agent will make schedules for you in order for you to visits several homes in Miami real estate market. The right real estate agent will help you out in conducting offers and I closing the deal. So with considering all the factors needed in this quest, you will soon gain the perfect home in Miami real estate.

When buying a home, it can be easy to overlook year-around weather issues. You may think you are purchasing a home in a sunny area, but come to find there is always a heavy cloud cover. This is just one of a number of weather issues to consider when selecting your dream home.


If you must have a sun deck as part of your new home, you better make sure it is going to be sunny! Just because a general geographic area has a lot of sun doesn’t mean your home will. Things to look for include fog and heavy cloud cover for a home in a valley. If the home is located on the side of a hill or valley, make sure you know when it will get sun and shade. Temperatures can be radically different depending upon the amount of sun you get.

When it rains, it really pours! One potential nasty surprise for new homeowners can be the condition of a neighborhood after it rains. In San Diego, for instance, the total rainfall averages roughly 12 inches a year. Despite this low total, there are certain beach communities that grind to a halt because of flooding issues. Even an inch of rain can flood streets to the point that you can’t drive at all. Make sure you stop by a gas station or local store to ask about flooding problems in the area.

I have been known to enjoy a good boating trip and perhaps you have as well. I am pretty sure neither of us would enjoy it in our house. Still, millions of people a year buy homes in flood plains without even knowing it. Eventually, this can lead to a disaster when heavy rains come and you find out the reason they call it a flood plain.

Unlike streets with bad drainage, floods are much more damaging. When a river overflows, flood levels are typically measured in feet. Can you image the effect on your home of a flood that reaches five feet in depth? Well, you probably always wanted to renovate the first floor of your home.

Mother nature has a way of doing whatever she wants. Make sure you avoid her grumpy spells by looking into the effect of weather on your prospective dream home.

Whether you’re buying or selling, reading real estate ads can be confusing. Here are explanations of more style terms used in real estate ads.

“Split Foyer” style

A home entered by a foyer with a half flight of stairs up to the upper level (where the living spaces and one or more bedrooms are usually located) and a half flight of stairs to the lower level (typically housing the family room and additional bedrooms).

“Tri-Level” style

A home with three levels. It is typically entered on the middle level and has half flights of stairs to the highest and lowest levels. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are usually on the middle level. The bedrooms are usually on the highest level. The lowest level may be unfinished or have family room, laundry, and perhaps a garage located there.

“Contemporary” style

These vary greatly, but none looks as if it could have been built prior to 1900. Some are almost entirely of glass. Some are almost entirely under ground. Roofs can be gable (slants down on each side of a ridge line creating triangles of space at each end), shed (slants in one direction only from high on one side to low on the other), flat, or sod (grass covered) for that matter. Often several roof styles are incorporated in one home. Energy saving or indoor-outdoor connectedness tend to be designing motives. Simplicity, straight lines, and open spaces are hallmarks. Decks, patios, and terraces are frequently featured and are often constructed of the same materials used indoors.

“Victorian” style

This style is based on houses built during Queen Victoria’s reign and for a while afterwards. They are usually at least two stories tall and maybe more. They are embellished with a variety of things including porches, turrets, towers with conical roofs, pediments with fanciful shapes over doors and windows, windows to the floor with perhaps only one sheet of glass per sash. And do think “gingerbread” or wood fashioned into intricate shapes for gable ends, places where porch posts reach the ceiling, at stair landings, and so on. Modern builders usually pare this style down because of the expense, but even the most recently built examples can be rather fanciful.

When looking at homes, you’ll find particular styles appeal to you. Once you identify the styles, you can narrow your search for the perfect home.

Everyone has a property investment story, and in Western Canada the stories often have a pretty strong Whistler element. Whistler has in the past offered spectacular payoffs for property investors. You could in 1980 have bought a prime waterfront property on the lake in Whistler for $10,000. Today the land alone would command $2m upwards, and other plots of land can sell for $3-4m. Add a house and you could be looking at up to $20m (the – ludicrous – price being asked for ‘The Couloir’, a ski-in, ski-out location on Whistler Mountain). Prices have at least doubled in the last 5 years. Talk to realtors in Whistler and you will invariably be told that there is still considerable upside. Is there any mileage in buying in at these prices?

The quick answer is: probably not. Rental yields in Whistler are currently hovering around 1% net, with many people not even making enough to cover their taxes, let alone make a positive return. Add debt into the financing structure and you are looking at an asset which costs you significant money every month you own it. You are essentially speculating on either a continued decline towards 0% in the yield that other investors are willing to accept, or a dramatic turnaround in occupancy levels and rates to compensate. There is no reason to believe in either of these events.

The facts are that while the rest of the property market in British Columbia stagnated for years, Whistler grew like crazy, peaking at about the same time that the rest of the BC market bottomed out, circa 2002. The market is almost entirely divorced from the factors which drive prices in the rest of the province (interest rates, unemployment levels, wages, general optimism about the strength of the economy). Rather, the market is linked to demand for Whistler skiing from the international community which can afford the elevated prices that Whistler requires. And this demand has declined precipitously, made up for by demand from the local (Vancouver) market as well as the Seattle market. So while visitor numbers are up, the value to be extracted from these visitors by property owners is well down, since local visitors stay for less time and are way more price sensitive.

So the canny investor should continue to stay out of the market. Economic fundamentals suggest that this market will stagnate or decline for quite a few years to come. However, that is no reason to avoid visiting Whistler, which continues to offer fabulous skiing and excellent restaurants, as well as all its other attractions.

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