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How would it feel to lose your dream home for no fault of your own? Financial problems characterize each of our lives and none of us really know what will affect us when. However, we cherish our dreams and make enormous efforts towards realizing them, oh which some of us come true, some do not, while some we lose reaching almost the threshold of acquiring. A breathing reality that is so much common in all of our lives is the threat of facing foreclosure and eventually losing home to some unwanted agency.

Mortgages do have their benefits, but the slightest folly on your part can transform mortgages into deadly nightmares.

There are several turns and twist that characterize our career. Moreover, we have regular needs to meet in terms of ourselves as well as our loved ones, which is why the added worry regarding losing your property due to the inability to repay your mortgage is what none of us would want. However, your mortgage company is after all a business entity and would not want to empathize with you at any given instance. And what is the result? Your property, your own dream home, is under threats of property foreclosure or forfeiture by the lender company.

However, things are still not beyond your control only if you know how to take good care of your property. A short sale comes by as an assured relief here, whereby you can sell your home to someone at a price lower than the mortgage balance (or, less than the loan balance). So how do you profit from such a transaction as a seller? You are the one who wins in the run by being able to avoid foreclosure of your property by selling it of before the actual real estate foreclosure auction takes place. However, this possibility would have never existed if you would have lost the home to the mortgage company.

It is immaterial what you owe to the bank or if your property is less than that value. As a homeowner, you can save yourself all the trouble related to foreclosure sale and also save a lot of money on conducting such an event. If you would have tried selling your house following a normal procedure through a realtor, it would also have cost you a lot of bucks. However, by a short sale of your property, you can actually save some thousands of dollars. At times, it is also possible for you as the homeowner to make some money from this deal and keep it for your personal use. Evidently, you are out of money and this cash is going to be of some relief to you and your family.

Your mortgage company will readily accept the cash you provide them because through short sale of a property they can save themselves from a lot of trouble in dealing with the sale of the property under question. They will save a lot of time, labor and some thousands bucks by allowing you to short sale your property and repaying them their balance mortgage amount.

If you have found yourself considering a move to Texas, you might be remiss if you overlook the amazingly attractive options offered by Austin and the surrounding areas. Why is Austin so attractive? Well, that’s an answer that will take a bit of time. For starters, Austin is located along the beautiful Colorado River in the Texas Hills Country. The beauty of this area is hard to beat anywhere in the world. These beautiful hills are home to some of Austin’s most luxurious homes which feature amazing views of the city and the surrounding countryside.

Many aspects have contributed to Austin’s rise to popularity,but none more so than the excellent business environment that is based in the the fields of technology. The Austin area has followed in the footsteps of Silicon Valley and has become known as the Silicon Hills. This nexus of the technology industry has provided Austin with a great atmosphere for growth and expansion while ensuring the stability of Austin’s economy and real estate sector.

Another great reason to consider relocation to Austin is the phenomenal real estate value that is possessed by homes and properties in the Austin area. In fact, homes in Austin are priced approximately $50,000 less than the national median.This translates into great opportunity for prospective home buyers. Also, the homes that make up the real estate picture in Austin are of excellent quality and it is possible to find some amazing heritage homes in the beautiful Victorian style that was popularized in the early 1900’s. There is also a great selection of new and modern homes and amazing condos and lofts available in many price ranges.

With such a stable real estate market, the services that are offered by Austin have grown with the increased need. Austin is home to great educational services and public utilities. All of these elements have combined to give Austin the stable base required to show consist ant growth and stability in the real estate market.

I didn’t understand the concept of a real estate team at first, so I had a hard time with real estate investment. I tended to be a “lone wolf,” trying to do too much myself. I have since learned that in real estate, you need a team of people you can trust and rely on. Here are some possible team members, and what they need to be on the team.

1. A mortgage broker or banker. A broker can offer many options, but a banker can make the loan decision. They each have their advantages, and you could use both on your team. In either case it’s important they understand what you want (fast closings, lower interest, corporate loans?)

2. An accountant or bookkeeper. To keep proper books for real estate investments is getting more complicated with all the tax-law changes. Find someone that understands the law, and understands what you want.

3. A real estate attorney. Find someone familiar with the laws and legal customs of your area, and that has experience with the type of deals you intend to do (If you are buying rentals, she should be familiar with doing evictions, for example.)

4. A good real estate agent. An agent with experience in the area you invest in and access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), can be a great help. If she is a seller’s agent, she can still ethically bring the best deals to you once she knows you’re a serious buyer.

5. An appraiser. A good appraiser can give you an accurate valuation of a property, but they can also suggest ways in which you can most efficiently raise the value of a property. Find someone that will talk to you.

6. An inspector. Some states make it too easy to become an inspector with little experience. You may want to find one that is or used to be a contractor, so he can find the problems AND give you some idea of the cost of repairs.

7. An insurance agent. Good ones will understand what you want, and find ways to save you money. Insure all your properties with one agent, and you’re likely to have discounts available, aas well as better service.

8. An escrow officer. They’ll usually be with a closing company. Find someone that’s efficient, and can explain things clearly to both sides. If he is confused by a slightly creative contract, he should educate easily or be replaced.

9. A cleaning person or crew. When you have a trusted person or crew ready, it means a fast turn-around when you buy a rental or rehab project.

10. Rental property manager. Be certain that the company you hire has exerience, is responsive, and will have time when you call. Good property managers can tell you what you should get for rent in a given area BEFORE you buy.

Start building that team. Investing in real estate is a whole lot less stressful and more profitable with a good real estate team.

All markets have their ups and downs, and for real estate it’s been mostly down for some time now. However, according to a study and forecast by Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund Inc., Orlando real estate continues to be the strongest real estate market in Florida because of the area’s strength in fast-growing industries such as healthcare, tourism, education and defense. If you’re a seller, there have been better times, even in Orlando. If you’re a buyer there are some terrific bargains. Either way, in these trying times it is especially important to work with a real estate agent who specializes in the local area. This is a lesson I learned the hard way.

When I bought my first home, I had no clue about real estate or even what MLS stood for (Multiple Listing Service). However, I lucked into working with a local real estate agent who knew the area and its listings inside out. Even though I more or less knew what I wanted, he insisted on showing me a variety of properties in several areas. He said I needed to know what was out there so that I could make an informed decision. While driving me to see properties he explained the pros and cons of every area, location, and building type. His advice proved invaluable as I ended up buying a home that was just perfect.

A few years and two promotions later I was ready to move up and saw a house that I really liked. Unfortunately, I had forgotten how important it was to get the right agent and simply called the number of the listing agent. Real estate was booming back then and I had no problem selling my first home at a large profit, but my new broker either didn’t care or simply didn’t have a clue. As a result, I overpaid for my new home and the entire buying process was a nightmare. The agent knew nothing of the neighborhood, the property was neglected while I waited for the closing, and the agent did nothing to help me at all.

When I was ready to move again, all this came back to haunt me. While I had thought my property was a dream home, it turned out that it had several flaws that made it unattractive in a declining market. The agent had never mentioned that to me. And once again I was stupid enough to enlist an inexperienced part-time broker to sell my home. The national realty firm she worked for was no help at all and, after what seemed like forever, I ended up selling at a large loss.

I had learned my lesson the hard way and resolved to never make the same mistake again. When we finally relocated I drove around the area, spoke to homeowners, interviewed several agents, and finally found a local realty firm that specialized in the part of town I was interested in. They helped me in my search and the difference was dramatic. Like that very first broker of mine, the agent took his time explaining local market conditions, listening to my requirements, going through the Orlando MLS with me, patiently showing me various options, locating a great place, helping me close a good deal, and then assisting me with local laws and paperwork.

They say real estate is location, location, location. In my experience, that’s only partially true. What it’s really about is agent, agent, agent. Orlando real estate remains an attractive and potentially lucrative proposition, but only if you pick the right agent. Whether it’s preconstruction, construction, investment or just advice, getting someone who truly knows Orlando and its markets is essential.

Last year Belize appointed a new Tourism Minister who is committed to the development and promotion of Belize as a luxury market for private tourism; this fact is the number one force driving massive real estate investment in Belize right now.

While Belize has long been associated with low cost and attractive real estate and has long been considered an affordable overseas destination for British and American tourists and retirees, never before has it sought to so fully embrace its cultural and ecological advantages and build on its reputation as a friendly and relaxed destination to directly target the wealthier tourism market.

Belize is of course already a tourism hotspot with travellers drawn to the beautiful cayes, the beaches, the barrier reef and the flora and fauna…but with the development of a luxury end tourist market place in Belize, the appeal of the country can only rise and rise.

International real estate investors are well aware of this fact and are buying up land and property in Belize to position themselves ahead of the projected upward swing in real estate prices.

Those who are taking advantage of Belize’s policy of actively attracting investment today will benefit over the medium term when the country’s plans for the development and promotion of the tourism market are fulfilled. In other words, those who buy now stand the very best chance of making maximum profit.

Not only are real estate investors well aware of this fact, a growing number of American baby boomers are too and they are securing their retirement lot now while prices remain attractively low. They know that if they spend the next few years before they retire getting their ideal property built so that it will be fully completed and ready to move into when Belize is well under way with establishing itself as a sophisticated travel destination, they will be moving straight in to a more sophisticated country as a result.

In terms of what will drive residential property prices up in Belize, as more and more people travel to Belize so more and more people will understand the charm and appeal of the country and will wish to set up home or buy a vacation home in Belize. This increase in demand for real estate in Belize will come from an increasingly wealthy section of society if the Tourism Minister’s plans for Belize come to fruition and these people will be able to afford to pay more for property and this will sustain price increases. Furthermore any increase in demand naturally pushes property prices up anyway – and in fact this trend has already started in the most attractive coastal resorts in Belize and just highlights the shape of things to come.

Therefore NOW is the time to buy real estate in Belize if an investor wants to get the most for his money whilst buying into the maximum period of growth potential.

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