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If you are looking to add some value and glamour to your home there is nothing quite like redoing the paint or siding. Now the question is presented, which type of exterior should you choose for your home? The largest deciding factor in this choice is likely going to be what type of exterior is already on the home. If you have vinyl siding, or stucco, or simply painted wood it will usually be more cost effective to stick with what you already have.

However here are a few more things to consider when this choice presents itself.

There are four basic types of siding on the market today. Vinyl siding, stucco, aluminum siding and wood. Stucco is a great exterior to deal with and is very easy to keep in pristine condition. A good power washing can bring life back to the most distraught looking stucco quite easily. What to look for to decide if your stucco needs to be redone is crumbling around the bases and edges. Stucco is also easy to paint. When dealing with vinyl siding it is not a good idea to paint this surface as vinyl can bend easily and cause the paint to crack and peel. Usually in this situation vinyl siding will need to be replaced if it cannot be cleaned. Aluminum and steel siding is another long-lasting surface that is easy to paint and easy to maintain. Usually a fresh coat of paint will bring this metal surface back to life. Finally we come to wood siding. Paining or staining is an absolute necessity for wood as it needs to be protected from the elements, if not it will rot and decay quickly. Is the wood soft and splintered? Can you see the grain on the back side of peeling areas? If so, then replacement might be necessary. The same is true if your siding appears to be warped or buckled.

The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see so it is quite important to have it in the best condition possible. No mater what type of exterior your home has, a little time & effort can make it shine like new! Don’t be afraid to put a few dollars into it either, during the sales process it will come back in abundance.

Known as the Keystone State, Pennsylvania is a hard working state. Depending on where you live, Pennsylvania real estate can be reasonable or pricey.


Pennsylvania is a state with an incredible amount of history battling with modern tendencies. Historically, the state is the home of such notable locations as Gettysburg and Valley Forge. For scenery, you can experience mountainous areas hosting elegant resort areas and wide open rural areas. In contract, the state is also home to Pittsburg and Philadelphia, two of the hardest working cities in the country.


Philadelphia is a microcosm of the clash of old and new in Pennsylvania. The first capital of the United States, Philadelphia is a big city with old world charm. The city was the location of the signing of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and is favorite of history buffs. At the same time, the “City of Brotherly Love” has seen a development and economic resurgence since the 1980s and can be described as an economic powerhouse. As with many big cities, the town has top end attractions with fans being passionate about the Flyers, Eagles, Phillies and 76ers as well as college basketball.


Once considered the gateway to the West, Pittsburg sits at the meeting of three large rivers. Considered an industrial city because of a long history of steel manufacturing, the city is actually very pleasant and has even been voted the best city to live in by one publication. Today, the steel industry has lessened and the city is vibrant with college students, park areas and an active nightlife.


Often maligned, Eire is the hidden gem of Pennsylvania. A smallish town on Lake Erie, the town has a relaxed atmosphere, plenty of landscaping and nice beaches. Stretching from the town is huge park, which makes for excellent outdoor activities.

Pennsylvania Real Estate

As you might imagine, Pennsylvania real estate prices are both cheap and expensive depending on the location. A single-family home in Erie will average less than $200,000, while downtown Philadelphia is going to run close to $600,000. Surprisingly, the same home in Pittsburg will cost a very reasonable $250,000.

Pennsylvania real estate seems to mirror the national average for appreciation rates. In 2005, property appreciated at just over 13 percent.

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Foreign Investment Promotion Board of the government of India has cleared Rs 550 crore India Real Estate Fund. The fund floated by Kotak India Real Estate Fund will be raised in the international market to be invested in the real estate projects in India.

The money will be invested through venture funds in the large projects on a minimum area of 25 acre. It is learnt that even though the domestic equity market has fallen in the last one and a half months, foreign investors are still eager to invest in the real estate market in the country.

The real estate fund will provide an opportunity to the foreign investors to reap benefits from the booming real estate markets in the country. According to one estimate, a direct investment in the real estate market gives a return of over 20% per annum which is very high in the international market.

FIPB has also cleared Rs 22 crore foreign direct investment by IJM corporation of Malaysia to invest in the development of a township in Hyderabad. The Malaysian company will take some stake in a company engaged in the development of township projects.

A number of similar other investments are also waiting for the opportunities to enter in the Indian market. A senior builder said that there was no problem in raising funds from the international markets, but the issue is of getting credible projects to invest.

Bakersfield, California, is located in Kern County, 100 miles NW of Los Angeles, California. Bakersfield has a population of 247,057. It has become a popular place for visitors en route to and from Las Vegas and Los Angeles, who stop for outdoor adventures such as whitewater rafting on the Kern River or hot air ballooning over the San Joaquin Valley.

Agriculture is king in Bakersfield. The region grows over 250 types of crops, with about 30 types of fruits and nuts, 40 types of vegetables, and over 20 field crops. Lumber, livestock, poultry and dairy products are also big industries here. The area is also home to the California State University, and Bakersfield College, and numerous museums and galleries.

Bakersfield Homes

Bakersfield properties pool is 83,428 residential properties including Bakersfield new homes. The median age of real estate in Bakersfield is 1979. The average household size is 3.41 people. 3% are one bedroom homes, 14% are 2 bedroom homes, 56% are 3 bedroom homes, 22% are 4 bedroom homes, and 2% are 5+ bedroom homes.

Bakersfield Mortgage Statistics

Homes With No Mortgage 18%

Homes With Mortgage 82%

First Mortgage Only 63%

First & Second Mortgage or HELOC 19%

Bakersfield Area Real Estate Tax

Bakersfield Real estate Tax: Median Real Estate Taxes (2000) were $1,422 comparing to 1999 Median Family income $ 45,556. Compare to USA median yearly Real Estate Tax $1,300 and USA median Family Income $42,000 (1999).

Bakersfield School District: Children make up 32.7% of Bakersfield population. Bakersfield has 80,683 under 18 years old residents, or 0.81 kids per one worker, or 0.97 kids per one household.

Bakersfield Real Estate & Bakersfield Homeownership

There are 18354.16 or 22% one person households, 23359.84 or 28% two person households, and 14182.76 or 17% three person households in Bakersfield, California. Median residents age is 30.1, Senior citizens (65+) make up 21,681 or 8.8%% of Bakersfield population.

There are 99,769 workers (over 16 years of age) in Bakersfield. Of these, 92.68% drive to work. Approximately 1.73% of workers in Bakersfield take public transportation. An estimated 1.32% walk to work.

Median Bakersfield homeowner’s housing expenses are 22%

Crime in Bakersfield (2003), crimes per 10,000 residents per year

Violent Crimes 61.28

Robberies 17.77

Aggravated Assaults 40.88

Property Crimes 570.8

Burglaries 109

Larceny-Thefts 381.09

Motor Vehicle Thefts 80.71

Invest in Bakersfield Properties

When making a decision about buying real estate in Bakersfield California area, you should consider the following statistical data:

Near Medium City

Near Large City Los Angeles, California

Bakersfield Zip Codes 93301, 93304, 93305, 93306, 93307, 93308, 93309, 93311, 93312, 93313, 93314

Bakersfield Area Codes 661

White population 61.87%

African-American population 9.16%

Asian 4.33%

American Indian & Alaskan

Hispanic (of any race) 32.45%

Median Family Income (1999) $ 45,556%

Population Below Poverty Level 17.72%

“New Delhi – The capital of India! Mumbai – the commercial capital of India! People know these cities as places where they could make their dreams. What people also remember it for is places like Connaught place, Karol Bagh etc. Places like Azadpur and Subzi Mandi do not escape one’s attention at all. One preview of all these places will tell you that it is diversity in integrity. Delhi or New Delhi as it is best described is one of the hot happening scenes in real estate in India where Mumbai is best known for you to lead a life depending on the money that you have.

Why is real estate considered to be hot property here?

 New Delhi being the capital of India boasts of some of the best amenities. Good roads, connectivity by road, train and aeroplane is a perfect addition to the amenities. It boasts of some cultural high points too like Qutub Minar. Mumbai being the financial hotspot of the country attracts a lot of money. You will find posh areas like Walkeshwar, Bandra. If you have an apartment here and if you wish to sell apartment in Mumbai, be assured that you will get a good deal.

 Both these cities are well connected to Tier II metros. New Delhi is very close to Gurgaon and NOIDA whereas Mumbai is close to Pune and Surat. Proximity to Tier II cities is an important aspect of real estate India. The reason for this is simple – Real Estate India is no longer confined to Tier I cities with it spreading tentacles to other cities too.

Buy House in Delhi – Is it a challenge?

If you wish to buy house in Delhi, it could be a challenge of sorts for you. There are two big factors you need to consider here – The crowd of the locality and the prices. Normally, the more posh areas like Chanakya Enclaves or Janakpuri would have less crowd but the property rates are exorbitant here.

Sell Apartment in Mumbai – One big challenge

Mumbai has expanded big time over the last 10-15 years. Relatively uninhabited areas like New Mumbai, Virar,etc has seen a tremendous increase in number of people who wish to buy a property. The biggest challenge here is the Forest Land Ceiling Act. If you have bought a property in Mumbai, selling it could be a very big challenge if the Forest Ceiling Act declares the property illegal. If you wish to sell apartment in Mumbai, make sure that it has the necessary legal papers.

Pinjra has got experienced realtors in both these cities. Real estate agents at have understood the cost per square foot patterns of each of the localities here in Mumbai and Delhi and hence are in the best position to advice you on any necessary recommendations. Hence, if you wish to buy apartment in Delhi or Sell apartment in Mumbai, Pinjra is the place to stop.”

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