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Most people are shocked these days when they open their utility bill. By auditing your home, you can turn a monstrous utility bill into a minor annoyance.

Home Energy Audit

It happens every month.

You pick up the mail and see an envelope from the utility company. Oh, the agony! Should I open it now and ruin the day or just wait. An energy audit can make the pain of getting your utility bill go away or at least become a dull ache.

Unlike a tax audit, you can conduct an energy audit by yourself. Simply walking through your home and paying close attention to energy issues can really pay off. Let’s take a look at some obvious problems that can save you a bundle.

The number one energy waster is a leak. Much like a leak in the tire of a care, even one leak from the interior to exterior of the home can raise your utility bill by as much as 30 percent. The most common area you will find such leaks are windows and doors.

Windows and doors are undisputedly the area where most air leaks occurs. The first issues is whether air is actually leaking out through the framing of windows or the area around the bottom of the door. You can typically tell this by feeling for a notable temperature difference in these areas. If is significantly cooler, you have a leak.

As people in cold climates know, having sealed windows is simply not enough to control heating costs in the winter. Most windows on homes are designed for year around use, which makes them huge energy wasters in the winter. Going with energy-efficient windows can make a huge difference in keeping the heat in and the cold out.

If you’ve walked through your home and haven’t found any significant problems with your windows and doors, you may still have one. To really give your home an efficiency test, you can hire contractors to perform a pressurization test. The test essentially raises the pressure in your home and looks for leaks.

Fixing any leaks you find will depend entirely upon the nature of the problem. Some fixes only require additional caulking or insulation while others are unique. Regardless, making your home more energy efficient will significantly cut your utility bill this year and for years to come.

Foreign Investment Promotion Board of the government of India has cleared Rs 550 crore India Real Estate Fund. The fund floated by Kotak India Real Estate Fund will be raised in the international market to be invested in the real estate projects in India.

The money will be invested through venture funds in the large projects on a minimum area of 25 acre. It is learnt that even though the domestic equity market has fallen in the last one and a half months, foreign investors are still eager to invest in the real estate market in the country.

The real estate fund will provide an opportunity to the foreign investors to reap benefits from the booming real estate markets in the country. According to one estimate, a direct investment in the real estate market gives a return of over 20% per annum which is very high in the international market.

FIPB has also cleared Rs 22 crore foreign direct investment by IJM corporation of Malaysia to invest in the development of a township in Hyderabad. The Malaysian company will take some stake in a company engaged in the development of township projects.

A number of similar other investments are also waiting for the opportunities to enter in the Indian market. A senior builder said that there was no problem in raising funds from the international markets, but the issue is of getting credible projects to invest.

If you’re planning to build a new home in Orlando, Florida, don’t miss out on a unique benefit called the “new home rebate.” Florida buyers rebates are often left in the pockets of homebuilders because the buyers don’t understand how they work or know that the rebates even exist. Obtaining a new home rebate is so easy that you can do it with minimal effort and get thousands of dollars cash back for your new home purchase. But first, you must understand what types of properties come with this offer.

Florida New Homes

New home constructions in Florida, such as in Orlando, qualify for the new home rebate. This means you choose the blueprints for your home and a contracted builder builds the home from the ground up. To take advantage of this rebate, you must go through a real estate agency as your referring Realtor. You’ll contact a Realtor that offers the new home rebate before contacting a builder, and the Realtor will refer you to the builder. The Realtor receives a referral commission from the builder, and then you receive a portion of those commissions. Just make sure the Realtor does actually offer the rebate before getting started.

Having a referring Realtor can help you in two ways. First, you’ll receive your rebate (an amount ranging from $2,000 to $30,000). Second, you’ll receive assistance from the Realtor, someone experienced in realty, to guide you through the home building process. There are many details you could miss if you’re new to the whole thing!

Included in new home construction properties could be new homes in golf course communities, vacant land, home sites or lots, resort properties, luxury homes, and waterfront homes in Florida.

Preconstruction Realty

Preconstruction means you pay for the condo, town home, or single-family home fully or partially before they are actually built. This benefits you as the buyer and the builder. The builder is able to secure financial stability throughout the project because he has money up front to work with. You are able to secure your home or apartment up front and sometimes even enjoy tremendous savings by paying in advance. These types of properties also qualify for the new home rebate.

Florida Income Properties

If you’re planning to invest in properties for income purposes in Orlando or other cities in Florida, you can build new income properties and qualify for the Florida buyers rebate. This gives you a steady cash flow while preparing the homes or condos for renters to move in. Also, you can use your new home rebate to invest in your next building project. It’s your choice.

Other properties that qualify for the new home rebate include new second vacation homes, new retirement homes, and new executive homes.

Keep in mind that the new home rebate does not affect other buyer incentives, discounts, specials, upgrade packages, or competitive financing offers that the new homebuilder might offer. So, you can enjoy your new home rebate without making any trade-offs.

Efficient allocation of the financial resources of a firm is an imperative necessity for the efficient functioning of a firm. The firm’s investment decisions involve decisions regarding long-term capital assets such as land, buildings, equipment and more. The investment on these assets is considered very important because it enables an organization to make profits. It, therefore, follows that the future development of a firm could, to a large extent, depend on effective selection of capital investment projects.

Capital budgeting is the process of making investments in capital expenditure. Capital expenditure refers to that expenditure the benefits of which are expected to be received over a period of time, especially exceeding one year. The chief characteristic of capital expenditure is that expenses are incurred all at one point in time, whereas the benefits are realized in the future. Capital expenditure decisions are also called long-term investment decisions.

Some of the examples of capital expenditure are cost of acquiring permanent and long-term assets like plants and machinery, cost of additions, expansions, improvement or alterations in fixed assets, and research and development costs. Capital budgeting implies the firm’s decision to invest its current funds most efficiently in the long-term activities, in anticipation of an expected flow of benefits over a long period of time. The long-term activities include: searching for new and more profitable investment proposals, investigating engineering/ marketing considerations and making economic analyses to determine the profit potential of investment proposals.

The decisions concerning capital budgeting are crucial because they are long-term oriented and irreversible in nature. The efficient running of a firm is reflected by the way decisions are made for the effective utilization of the firm’s financial resources. Such capital budgeting decisions are considered to be of paramount importance, because they can affect the working of a firm.

The moniker “Atlantic Luxury Homes” likely conjures up images of crashing waves and majestic beach homes perched atop sand dunes overlooking miles of pristine beach. This image was likely birthed by pictures of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. This scenic destination resort town is one of the most dramatically beautiful spot on the east coast and is home to a real estate market that showcases a variety of new construction and older historic homes. Of the new construction properties, perhaps the most popular home choices are the fantastic condo developments that line the coast.

Recent years have seen the evolution of Myrtle Beach into one of the most popular destinations on the east coast. This has resulted in the creation of a thriving investment atmosphere with vacation rentals forming a solid backbone for the real estate industry. This takes nothing away from a historically active and stable residential core that also has created a secure and thriving business sector. It could be said that Myrtle Beach possesses “the full package” when considering a location for a new home or investment property.

Is it time to treat yourself to that dream home that you deserve? There is really no better place to look than Myrtle Beach. This area can boast excellent choice for entertainment and recreation. Of course the ocean provides any number of sporting options as well as great fishing and and the most breathtaking scenery available. There are really any number of reasons to consider a move to Myrtle Beach, but then again, you likely already have your own reasons….

Commercial real estate is a wonderful, exciting business that can offer a wealth of opportunity for those who look for it! Many people are often hesitant to enter such a market as commercial real estate for many different reasons. In fact, there are some major misconceptions about commercial real estate which I am going to address here.

Many people who hear about commercial real estate, but aren’t necessarily in the business, often use the expression “Location, location, location!” Many people associate this expression as the truth, that the three most important attributes about a property are “Location, location, location!”

I am here to tell you- this is absolutely not the case! Now, I am not going to say location is not important, but what if you have a beautiful location for a mountain resort, complete with snowy hills, a perfect location for a lodge, and beautiful mountain views? What you want to do to the property is improve it for a weekend getaway for romantic couples with a beautiful lodge, resort, luxury type housing, and perhaps some individual cottages overlooking the green forest. Sounds great, right?

The perfect location- you can’t beat it! But, you learn that the zoning for this property is residential, R1, to be exact. The use is only one single family residence per acre, and no commercial property allowed. What happened to your “Location, location, location?” It flew out the window!

The most important aspect of a property is the use. What is it intended for by designation of the city or county? It does not matter where the property is, if you cannot get the zoning that is in the realm of your intended use.

It is possible to get properties rezoned, especially as cities change and grow. Be sure to consult with the city or county to determine if these changes are even possible, because you do not want to buy a property that you cannot rezone, and be left with an unprofitable property on your hands.

Most people believe that commercial real estate is complicated and you need a special education or know how to succeed in the business. Many think that commercial real estate is filled with international finance, heavy and complicated math, complicated tax rules, and forms and applications that are just too complicated to understand correctly.

I am happy to tell you this misconception is the worst, because it puts a road block in front of many people’s aspirations to become a commercial real estate insider. Let me put this misconception to rest. There is math involved, and most of it is not at all complicated: simple ratios, adding, subtracting and multiplying. What is even better is you don’t have to do the math. There are others who can do that for you. The same is true with property management, inspecting the property, and doing the year-end tax report. In fact, commercial real estate is less complicated than residential real estate because you can focus your energies on a single deal that will be worth perhaps 10, 20, even 50 residential deals and more!

Let me put it into perspective for you. If you owned a business (many of you may), would you create strategies, keep the books, manage the many locations, sell on the front floor, and take out the trash after the day was over? I think not! Commercial real estate is made up of many people whom are there to help you with whatever you need. You must position yourself as a real estate insider, which is a leader in the business.

Another misconception is commercial real estate is management intensive, that you must manage every property you own. Let me tell you when you end up owning 10 or more properties, this is almost impossible to do! You do not have to actually manage your properties yourself, so you can concentrate on creating more deals. Hire a company or set a team in place to take care of this “day-to-day” business.

As you can see, what is passed around in dialogue about commercial real estate is not always true. Before you take everything to heart, be sure to get your facts straight. In fact, many people in this profession speak about commercial real estate as a business in which only the savvy and sophisticated can succeed. They often act this way because they want to keep people out of the market by differentiating themselves. If you were in this position, you would too!

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