3 Surefire Ways To Sell Your Homes On Steroids While Other Investors Can T Give Away Their Homes Vacation Condos A Great Investment A New Program To Assist First Time Homebuyers Dubai Real Estate Company Homes For Sale Tips To Help Make Your Home More Marketable

So you need to sell your home?

This article is exactly what you need to do, to sell your home or create a bunch of leads of individuals, who are HOT prospects to buy your home.

Before, I share my 3 steroid ideas on selling your homes; you need to take a few simple steps…


1. You need to locate and interview an aggressive Mortgage Broker, very knowledgeable, with a GREAT TRACK RECORD of closing deals, especially difficult ones.

I cannot stress enough the importance, of having a great broker on your power team. I own and run, the R.E.I.A. (real estate investor club / www.tcreia.com) in my area, so whenever I hear a member, say they got a difficult deal closed, I always make sure to inquire for an introduction, because this might be the broker who can get most of my deals funded.

Remember, you can sell a home ten times, if you can’t get the buyer funded by a mortgage company…who cares, your wasting your time.

2. You should make some effort in fixing the home up; even if it’s a hunker, I’d still get the lawn cut and maybe throw a coat of paint on the property. You’d be amazed at the improvement to even an ugly property, with a simple coat of paint on the front of the property.

3. Go to your local community financing office or local grant and home buyer bond office. For example in my area (South Florida and Palm Beach County), both counties run a FREE class for your buyers on becoming a first time home buyer and when they take the class, they then get a voucher from the county, giving them $10,000.00 toward the purchase of their first home. The best part is sometimes the loans are even forgiven, when certain criteria are met by the new homeowner.


Let’s be frank, your going to have to be more aggressive, smarter and persistent than 99% of all your homes neighbors.

There’s no magic pill, but this has been working for both my students and me, for the last year, and we’re always testing and fine-tuning the system.

And I can tell you, that while every other investor, is sitting with their heads in their butts, my students and I are able to sell all of our properties, during one of the worst RE slowdowns in history, and this is in South Florida, one of the most depressed markets in the Country,

1. Buyer First System

Basically you create your own buyers. The best example would be converting a lifetime renter into the American Dream a homeowner. Just so happens, that while becoming the American Dream, they also end up buying your home.

Very simply, create a flyer or postcard, and market to communities of people who would be a great prospect to buy your home.

Who doesn’t want to be a homeowner in America? Nobody, that’s a stupid question, everyone wants to be a homeowner, and it’s bred into us as kids.

The real key is you must understand, that these individuals renting, most are under the impression they CAN’T get a mortgage. They might have tried in the past, and we’re shutdown and embarrassed, only to believe they would live the rest of their lives as a RENTER.

These are the best leads you can focus on, because it’s not a matter of IF they’ll buy your home, they will, the key is can you get them funded or is it the right house for them, financially affordable.

I must also share with you, this strategy will take some of your time and initiative, because their is hand holding involved, mortgage brokers, and helping them get any government help in First time homebuyer money.

2. Fish in some one else’s pond!

Go where the most prospects are for your home. I’ll give you some examples, you need to go where the most and the best prospects are to buy your home, assuming it’s a good deal (priced right, and there’s still built-in equity for your buyer).

If you have any contacts or a friend of a friend, now is the time for using it and your expectations are for these contacts to open doors for you, to their sphere of influence.

For Example, one of my students, Courtney, leveraged a contact he had, his cousin (she was a middle school teacher), and she introduced him into the schools, where it just happened that the schools are in the same area, that he was selling a great starter home.

He sold the home that he needed to the most, but then, once word spread of what he was able to do, the rest of the teachers came out of everywhere, wanting him to help them. He’s since helping the 1st teacher, sold another 5 homes, to 5 different teachers, earning him over $30,000.00 for this simple, leveraged relationship.

So what ponds can you fish in, with your marketing? Think about whom you know (friends, family members, and associates)?

BEST: Teachers, Cops, Firefighters, Government Employees, Bus Drivers, Department of Transportation. (These careers are loved by lenders, they mostly have good credit, and their income is basically guaranteed and very stable.)

GOOD: Large local employers: Supermarkets, Local telephone company (Bell South), Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc.

3. Use the Internet…

You should definitely have an individual website for your property.

You can get a simple site built for under $100.00.

The advent of the condominium has created a great investment opportunity for savvy investors. Vacation rentals has become one of the more thriving aspects of the real estate industry as high-priced hotels and resorts have caused vacationers to seek a more cost-effective solution for accommodation. This is a trend that is becoming more and more popular, not only in the typical vacation locations around the continental U.S.A. such as Arizona, Florida, and California, but also in highly desirable winter locations like Colorado and Utah. This is also a trend that is making great money for investors who buy internationally in some of the world’s most popular vacation areas.

One of the aspects that makes a vacation condo rental so popular is the relatively low level of upkeep that is necessary. Cleaners can be easily contracted to keep the interior of the unit in pristine condition and the owner fees see to the condition and maintenance of the exterior of the building as with any condo complex. However, investing in a vacation rental condo requires some real legwork and investigation into the area you are investing in and the building that you have chosen. One major concern is the fact that many condo developments have rules against rentals. So you must be sure to find a building where this is not the case. Also, you will need the assurance that you can easily get information about the state of your investment from wherever you reside. This can be easily done by communication with the condo association for the building or by a property management service.

As with any investment make sure that you take certain measures to protect your interests. This will include proper contracts for people staying in your condo, user agreements so to speak. Also make sure that you have the correct insurance for vacation rentals. The final step is to find a place where you can properly advertise your rental, websites are a great solution for this. If you do your homework and plan properly, a vacation rental condo can be a fantastic investment.

Studies show the dream of homeownership is becoming a reality for a growing number of Americans.

For example, according to the 2005 Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies State of the Nation’s Housing Report, minorities are making inroads into all housing market segments across the United States.

This trend is expected to continue with minorities making up a growing share of the homeowner population with each successive generation. The study reveals that nearly 35 percent of all first-time homebuyers are minorities and more than 40 percent of all renters are minorities-these could be or will be the homeowners of the future.

Companies in the housing and mortgage industries are taking notice of this trend and are making efforts to meet the needs of today’s prospective homebuyers.

“Mortgage lenders need to have people who reflect the communities they serve located in the neighborhoods that we want to serve if we want to inspire people to become first-time homeowners,” said Jackson Cosey, senior vice president of Emerging Markets for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

For instance, Wells Fargo recently introduced a program designed to help serve consumers with down payment difficulties or lack of traditional credit history by helping them qualify for loans they can afford.

Called the Home OpportunitiesSM program, it includes qualifying debt-to-income ratios that address the growing reality that homeowners need to spend a greater percentage of their income on housing.

Also, it provides for nontraditional credit references that enable consumers who do not have traditional or lengthy credit histories to qualify for the program. In addition, flexibility on down payments and closing costs allows customers to purchase a home without a down payment.

“Home-financing options such as this program will allow more people including first-time homebuyers and low- to moderate- income borrowers to do something they have only dreamed about: owning a home,” added Cosey.

Dubai Real Estate Company

If you have a graph with fixed supply NRI investments UAE and fixed demand NRI investments UAE then it is very easy to predict things like house price rises and Property for Sale Dubai inflation. But in real life nothing stays static for very long and long, and in a dynamic economy like Real Estate Dubai change is the only constant.

Demand for Property in Dubai is determined by many factors: local consumer confidence, the Property in Dubai Real Estate cost of rental alternatives, population growth, salary increases, foreign buyer confidence, the global, Dubai Real Estate market, and even the value of the US dollar.

You certainly need to be careful about making market Dubai Property for Sale based on out-of-date information. It is also tough for foreigners who have only just got off a plane to make sound judgments about the real estate Dubai Property Listings sector in Dubai as opinions will be clouded by their ‘experience’ of other markets.

The temperature is continuing to rise in the Dubai Real Estate, Consultant Dubai Investment Property Company, with hot new developments selling out in hours.  But as speculators buy and sell Investment in Dubai Real Estate frantically, set out to turn Dubai into the financial, commercial and tourism capital of the Middle East and in the space of three years he has more than succeeded. 

The result has been the rise of Dubai as the world’s most glamorous property Investment in Dubai Real Estate market. Dubai has proudly announced the world’s first seven star hotel, Ajman Property Al Arab and Investment in Dubai Real Estate is set to construct the world’s biggest shopping mall, the first underwater hotel and amazingly, the longest indoors ski slope. 

You’ve finally decided that you want to sell your house. Your house is on the market, and you’ve found a real estate agent you can trust. Now what? The next and most obvious step is to get your home sold. To help aid in the selling of your home, I will outline some tips that I personally believe will benefit in the marketability and potential selling of your home. The goal here is to obtain that all important “stamp of approval” in which the red imprint reads: “SOLD.”

Usually, the first place your potential buyer is going to see, will be the front of your house. The goal here is to make it as attractive as possible, but more importantly, inviting. First impressions are very important. First positive impressions, if you will, are even more important. The key here is to make sure everything looks neat and clean. Cut the grass, pull out the weeds, trim the bushes, plant some flowers, and clear out the walkway.

Make sure your home is clean. These include things like steam cleaning your carpets, mopping your floors, dusting hard-to-reach areas, and cleaning your windows (both inside and out). Potential buyers are very picky people, and as such, they like to inspect as much as they can.

Try and keep both colors and styles neutral. The key here is not to influence your buyer with your own personal style. Someone might walk in, look at a red wall, and be immediately turned off. The idea is to try and make them visualize the colors for themselves. Keeping things neutral is a good solution to this “problem.”

Check lighting. No one wants to look at a house that they can’t see. Seems obvious, right? Unfortunately, as a real estate agent myself, I’ve had quite a few cases where this element has been overlooked. Check your light bulbs, and make sure they’re working. Although I recommend checking all the light bulbs, I’d be more concerned with the areas in the house that are darker or that require more artificial lighting. These include places like the basement and bathrooms. It’s also a good idea to open your curtains. Simply put, the more natural light, the better.

Make repairs if necessary. These include things like a fresh coat of paint, patching up of any holes in the wall, and torn patio screens. You want your buyer to feel like your home has been well taken care of. This is a big plus.

Try to avoid clutter. One of the worst things that can happen is when your buyer feels “boxed in.” Try and keep clutter to a minimum. Remove any unnecessary items such as too many pictures and accessories. The goal here is you want to have your house feel like a home, yet at the same time have it as spacious and organized as possible. You want the buyer to get a good sense of the space and visualize it as their own.

After all is said and done, it is important to note that the aforementioned tips do not guarantee a sell of ones home, although it can certainly help. Everyone is different, and there are other variables to consider. But like I said, these certainly can help. As a final test, invite a friend over and have them share their opinions with you about the presentation of your home. In the best case scenario, it is best to invite someone that has never been to your house (or not that often). In this way, they can view your home with a “fresh pair of eyes.” All of these suggestions boil down to one common goal: You want your home to feel inviting, and have your potential buyer view it as their own.

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