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If you are looking to purchase a new home or refinance the one you are currently living in, you will want to find the best mortgage rate out there.

Securing the best mortgage rate for you really isn’t that difficult if you are willing to take some time and educate yourself, as well as put out some feelers to do some shopping around.

The mortgage industry is a very competitive one, so for starters, shopping around isn’t such a bad idea.

If you put yourself in touch with up to four loan officers or mortgage brokers, and allow for them to assess your situation, they will most likely get back to you with the best rate they have to offer in order to keep you from taking your business to their competition.

Securing the best rate will be much easier for you if you do take the time to educate yourself about the mortgage industry.

By educating yourself about the mortgage industry you will gain a good grasp as to what products are hot and what the rates are doing, as well as certain trends that are affecting the industry.

Having even just a limited knowledge of what the mortgage industry has to offer, not to mention an understanding of all the jargon that is certain to be thrown your way will give you an advantage when dealing with lenders and brokers.

Just because a lender or broker offers you a particular product and rate doesn’t mean that it is the best product and rate out there.

A lot of people in the industry including brokers and loan officers are paid on commission, and the rate they offer you affects their commission.

So be careful, make sure the rate and product that you choose is in the best interest of you and not the person doing the mortgage for you.

That is why shopping around and educating yourself is so vitally important before you go and commit to one mortgage company.

Education is important because knowledge is power, and it will give you the opportunity to talk the talk with the people in the mortgage industry.

Shopping around is important because you will be given a handful of products and rates, than you will be able to base your decision on the deal that best fits your needs and your budget.

Having a mortgage can be expensive; with the interest that is charged over the life of your mortgage, a large portion of what you end up paying is nothing more than interest payments and not the loan itself. Obviously it’s important to be able to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible in order to keep the interest at a minimum, just as it’s important to make sure that all of your payments are made on time so as to avoid late fees or other costs. One option that can help you to pay off your mortgage early while giving you the added benefit of having to pay less at any given time is a bi-weekly mortgage.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, a bi-weekly mortgage is a payment plan which allows you to make a partial payment on your mortgage every two weeks. It’s not an actual mortgage loan, but instead is a service which will help you to pay off your mortgage faster than you would be able to by simply making your standard payments each month. There are a number of pros and cons associated with bi-weekly mortgage services, and you should stop and consider some of these in order to make sure that a bi-weekly mortgage plan meets your financial needs.

How Bi-Weekly Mortgages Work

When you’re using your standard mortgage payment plan, you’re making one payment every month for a total of 12 payments per year. With a bi-weekly mortgage plan, however, you’re making a payment equal to one half of your current payment every two weeks… this equals out to 26 half-payments over the course of a year. A bi-weekly mortgage essentially allows you to make one extra full payment each year, taking a full month off of your repayment schedule every year that you’re using the bi-weekly mortgage plan. Even though you have to pay a service charge to the company offering the bi-weekly mortgage service, the savings that you receive in interest works out so that you still save money even with the added fees.

Advantages of a Bi-Weekly Mortgage

Obviously, the biggest advantage to a bi-weekly mortgage plan is the fact that you can pay off your mortgage early and save a significant amount of money on the interest that you have to pay. For most homeowners, this savings will be quite significant as they will be able to pay their mortgage off as much as two or three years early. Since the individual payments are lower than they would be if you were paying the full amount once per month, bi-weekly mortgage payments can also be much easier to fit into your budget. Many companies who offer bi-weekly payment services will let you tailor your payment due dates so that they best fit your income, letting you make payments when you get paid.

Disadvantages of a Bi-Weekly Mortgage

While bi-weekly mortgage payments may sound wonderful, there are some drawbacks associated with them as well. Probably the most important of these is the fact that even though you’re making your payments to the service provider, you are still the one who is responsible for your mortgage. The service provider isn’t a lender and doesn’t have any sort of influence or control over your mortgage itself. They only make your mortgage payments once per month, just like you would; in the unlikely event that there’s some problem in processing the payment, you may be required to pay it out-of-pocket while the problem is sorted out or risk receiving late fees or an interest rate increase for a late payment.

Another main drawback to bi-weekly mortgages is that the service which these companies offer isn’t anything that you couldn’t do by yourself with proper budgeting. When it comes down to it, if you have the self-control to structure your budget similar to making bi-weekly payments you could actually save significantly more by doing it yourself than you would through one of these services. You will save more because the service will charge you a transaction fee for each time they process one of your payments (in some cases you may have a fee for each time that they receive a payment from you via direct deposit, for each time that they make a payment, and an additional fee for account maintenance.) Depending on how you budget your finances, you may also be able to pay off your mortgage even faster than you would through a payment service by simply setting aside slightly more than one half of your monthly payment every two weeks. This only applies if you budget your money, of course.

When applying for a home loan, it can be difficult to ascertain your options and the best deal out there. Mortgage brokers can help you shop for the best loan for your situation.

Mortgage Brokers

A mortgage broker is an independent professional assisting homebuyers with their mortgage needs. Instead of a loan officer for a bank, a mortgage broker typically works with tens or even hundreds of lenders. This independence lets mortgage brokers hunt for loans that fit the credit history and particular lending needs of a person.

Let’s assume you have less than stellar credit when you apply for a loan at ABC Lender. The lender pulls your credit report and determines you don’t qualify for any of the loans offered by the lender. The lender is going to drop you like a rock and move onto the next potential borrower.

Now, let’s make the same assumption regarding your credit score, but put a mortgage broker in the place of a lender. The mortgage broker is going to look at your credit score, income and overall borrowing circumstance. The broker is then going to give you options and a recommendation regarding the best loan for you. Instead of hoping to get financing, you are now in a situation where you are evaluating the best financing options.

Mortgage brokers can help anyone, but are particularly valuable in two circumstances. The two circumstances are bad credit and document overload.

If you have bad credit, even horrible credit, a mortgage broker is going to be able to hunt down loan options. Many people make the mistake of believing bad credit precludes them from getting a loan. It doesn’t. The loan terms may require more points or a higher interest rate, but bad credit doesn’t preclude home ownership.

For some borrowers, the monstrous amount of paperwork required in the loan process can be overwhelming. When you use a mortgage broker, the documentation is all taken over by the broker and his staff. In fact, mortgage brokers have people known as processors on their staff who do nothing but compile, organize and process all the documentation needed for loans. The do this everyday and are masters of the process.

The decision to use a mortgage broker is often a good one. A good broker is going to help you get the best loan while making the actual loan process a lot easier than going it alone.

Ameriquest’s loans are easy to qualify for, and they are willing to work with you to custom design a loan that fits your needs. An Ameriquest mortgage can mean that you can lower your current monthly payments, have cash back, and take a thirty day break from all of your current payments. A refinancing package from Ameriquest could be just what might help you out for several reasons.

Ameriquest offers loans that can help you consolidate high interest debt like credit cards. The balance on your credit cards can take you years to pay off. As a result, plodding along making minimum monthly payments can be costing you a fortune. Obtaining a loan from Ameriquest can pay off those high interest debts and save your hundreds of dollars in minimum payments every month. With credit card monthly minimum payments set to increase because of the passage of a new law, you could be in real financial trouble if you don’t consolidate your debt today.

Though the company specializes in Ameriquest mortgages, it also offers loans to give you the extra cash you need for any purpose. Perhaps you have always dreamed of owning your own business. Maybe junior is getting ready to head off to college. Maybe you have several upcoming expenses you know you will not have the cash for. Whatever the purpose, Ameriquest can help with a cash-out refinancing plan.

More than just cash for any purpose, Ameriquest can offer you cash for home improvement projects. Every home has a few things the home owner would like to improve upon. Ameriquest is here to help homeowners by financing those projects that you are ready to tackle. Whether you need a new roof, new siding, new windows, or you really want to add a playroom for junior and a sun room for yourself, Ameriquest Mortgage Company can help you with all of your home improvement needs.

Not only does Ameriquest provide the best cash loans for you, they also have a host of customer service options that most mortgage companies simply cannot provide. When you apply for an Ameriquest mortgage, you get a personal home loan specialist to walk you through every step of the process. Ameriquest understands that a home loan can be a challenge. That’s why they give you someone to hold your hand through each step. Your personal mortgage specialist is on call for you. That means that whenever you have a question about any step in the process, he or she will be available to answer it in a timely manner. Ameriquest also offers the speed that most lending institutions cannot. Ameriquest Mortgage Company close most of their loans in a matter of days. Other banks take months to finalize loans like this. Moreover, they will let you know if you qualify for a loan within twenty-four hours, which means you will no longer have to spend weeks wondering if this is even the lending institution you should be dealing with.

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