Pitfalls To Avoid As A Newbie In Internet Marketing Part I Budget To Make Money Online You Must Commit Three Free Websites That All Internet Marketers Should Use

Over-spending, this is possibly the easiest and most damaging trap to fall into when starting out on your Internet Marketing venture. Not having a clear idea of your budget.

This is not only the AMOUNT of MONEY that you want to spend (or have available to spend), but just as importantly your TIME allocation and the HOW and WHEN you are going to spend it.

It is after all pointless to spend a hundred dollars on a product or service if you realistically are only going to see returns from the investment in a year – be it increased visibility or actual sales. What you want to do is work out where to do your spend to get ‘the most bang for your buck’ – equally for money and time. One of the great things about marketing on the net is that there are still ways to promote and start earning income that will cost either very little or are for free. So, the idea is to get the business to PAY for itself as soon as possible – via sales, commissions, whatever.

One part of the problem in going in and denting your credit card is that at the end of the day, you have to fund that spend – you have to first recover the initial outlay BEFORE you can say that you are in profit. Another part is that if you have spent this months grocery money on your start-up, the pressure to perform and get results makes this venture no longer a pleasurable journey, but becomes a slog and very stressful for all.

This leads on to the allocation of time. Your body and mind function best if they have diversion, so it is vitally important to balance the time you spend setting up your Internet Marketing business with family time or time with friends or even ‘me’ time – you know, when you go to a movie or out to the wild places to recharge your spirit. This is critical to your success and well-being.

As with any business venture, the driving motivation should be to get cash positive as soon as possible. After all, that is why we are doing this – to make money! So the main thing is to ‘box smart’ – know what you want and where to spend to get it.

This sounds a bit trite, but in this article and others to follow, I share with you techniques that will enable you to operate on a realistic budget – a budget of MONEY and TIME – and this will go a long way in shaping your success on the internet – but more importantly, will get you into the ‘cash-positive’ scenario easier and most times sooner.

Another of the pitfalls of starting out on the Internet Marketing arena (whether it is to promote ‘brain tools’ like books etc, or if you are selling sun-beds for hamsters), is that we all tend to take on too much and become overwhelmed with information and advertising as well as a multitude of marketers wanting you to join/buy/use/sign-up. This can create havoc in your life – all these decisions – “Should I?” “Shouldn’t I?” “But if I did then I could….”

Taking on too much can be the downfall of your business right at the outset.

Make no mistake; there is a lot of work to be done and knowledge to acquire – THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH! The secret is being able to sift through all of the ‘stuff’ and then making a good decision based on your understanding. What most of us do though is try to ‘do-it-all’ and do it quickly – this is so typical of how our lives are run. My best advice is to identify someone who has done it and is prepared to show you how you can do it – I do not mean Joe Schmooze around the corner – I mean an actual marketer who is making money on the internet.

Yes, I know, “How do you identify such a person?” especially as I said earlier, there is so much garbage out there. Unfortunately, that is going to be up to you – advice and recommendation I can offer, but in the long run, it is up to you to see where you feel comfortable and with what vehicle you feel you can earn money.

If I can leave you with one thought for today:

Have a clear goal of what you want to achieve (financial freedom, family time, giving to others, whatever) and try to build a plan on how to get there – like a road map. This is not as simple as it sounds, but once you build the discipline to plan your future, the rest really does start to just drop into place.

Are you completely overwhelmed by all of the money making websites and emails that you are bombarded with every day?

I know that I am.

Did you know that this is why most people will never succeed with an online business?

This is what I call information overload!

Internet Marketers count on this attribute to make their fortunes. They know that you are looking. They know that you are impressionable and they know that if their sales letter is strong enough then you are hooked. Then what happens to you?

You just found the perfect product or idea, one that is guaranteed to give you the financial freedom and the wealth you are so desperately seeking. You read through the sales page, find your excitement building, order the product or just give your email address and deep down you know that this is “the one”.

You receive the product or e-book, and then what? This is where it ends for most people.

Before you even finish reviewing the product, provided that you even start, you move on to your next great idea. This last “great idea” just sits on your desktop, completely forgotten, collecting virtual dust.

Your days of moving on Must Stop Now!

There are many legitimate ways to make money online and a whole lot of hype revolving around them. Now is the time to make a decision. You can not succeed without a plan.

Find a product–Evaluate it–Research it–Do it–Stick with it!

Do most people fail because of lack of knowledge? Lack of ideas? Lack of resources?

No! Most people fail because of lack of commitment.

Everybody wants to make money online. Everybody wants to fire their boss. Everybody wants to work from home. Everybody does not have what it takes. Commitment.

You are told that you can make a fortune by signing up with such and such program. Pay the small fee, do a few simple steps and watch the money pour in. Bam you’re rich.

There is no such thing!

Whatever you do, whatever you join is going to take hard work, time, and commitment.

The reward, however, can be great. You can work from home, you can make more money online than in any conventional job and you can become financial free.

It is time to join among the ranks of the successful Internet marketers. The fact that you are reading this article shows me that you have what it takes. Chances are that you already have an idea about what you would like to do. Research this idea, build upon and most importantly, do it!

When you are presented with other ideas, think about how they can fit in with your current project. If they don’t, discard them. If they do, then pick out the useful parts and utilize them, ignore the rest

This article is not to sell you on any program. I am not trying to pitch the next big thing. I am trying to have you reach deep inside of yourself and to have you make a decision on what to do. Stop making everyone else rich on your uncertainty. Make a commitment and create your own path to financial freedom.

Make a plan, stay focused, commit and most importantly–never ever give up!

I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is for an Internet Marketer to know what marketing keywords they should use for their products, and how much their competition is willing to pay for those same keywords. This may seem like a complicated process, but it really isn’t. In this article we’ll discuss three free websites that all internet Marketers can use to find this information.

Let’s first talk about keywords… When I say ‘keywords’, I’m referring to marketing keywords. These are the words that your potential customers would use to describe your product. These are the same words that somebody would type in an online search engine to find your products.

If you have a business website and you don’t know which marketing keywords your website is geared to, then you’re website is certainly at a huge disadvantage. Why? Because you will be losing business. And you can bet that your main competition WILL know their marketing keywords, and they WILL be strategically using these keywords in their website and advertisements.

You see, when search engine spiders crawl your website, they’re looking for text in your website that can be indexed and used to describe the content of your website. If your website doesn’t contain the proper keywords that people use to find your product, then your website will likely not show up in their searches. So your website really needs to be optimized with the relevant marketing keywords that the majority of people are using to search for your product.

Another example where it is vital to know your marketing keywords is when using Pay-Per Click (PPC) advertising. Pay-Per Click advertising is typically done through search engines where you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement (link). Your advertisement will appear after a user goes to the search engine and runs a keyword search (which is just a regular search). The search engine looks at their submitted keyword(s) and then cross references those with the keywords associated with the PPC advertisements. If they match, the PPC ads are then returned with the users search results… Go ahead and go to Google and run a search. The ads you see on the right-hand side of the screen are the PPC ads.

(Note: The order in which the PPC ads are returned are dependant on a few factors: the price you’re willing to pay for each click, the search engine used, the ad Click-Through Rate (CTR), etc.)

Let’s now go through a quick and free process for finding good keywords for your website.

1) Go to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool (https://www.coolwebtips.com some key words into the textbox that you think people would use to conduct a search for your product. When you’re done, click the submit button. You will then be shown specific and similar keywords. Write down the ones that you think would apply to your product.

2) Go to the Overture Keyword Selector Tool (https://www.coolwebtips.com each keyword that you have written down from step 1, then click the right-arrow button. This will allow you to see which keywords are the most popular in Overture. Note: the most popular keywords aren’t always the most appropriate. For example, if your website sells guides on how to rebuild a 57 Chevy, then you will probably want to specifically target ’57 Chevy’ keywords, instead of the less specific ‘Chevy’ keyword. Why? Because you want to get your ad/website in front of the people that are most likely to buy your product.

The above 2 websites should give you a great keyword list that you can now use to optimize your website. But if you want to advertise using PPC, you really need to know what your competition is paying for your keywords. This is an easy task as well.

3) Go to the Overture Bid Tool (https://www.coolwebtips.com your keywords into the textbox, and then click the search button. This will return the Overture bids for that keyword. The highest bids likely get the highest placements – meaning the ads are closer to the top position on the first page of the user’s search results. The goal is to get as high as your budget will allow to the top position to ensure maximum exposure of your ad.

There you have it… three great websites that can help your Internet marketing campaigns – and best of all, they are all free to use!

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