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Believe it or not, finding a product to market is usually the least of your concerns. There are many ways to find a product. You can create your own information product, sell a service, or market other people’s products for a commission.

While providing a service for people is good, it is often the most time-consuming of the three. For example, if you write resumes for people you only get paid if you work. But if you sell an already-made product, such as an information product or an affiliate product, after you are set-up you can set your website on autopilot and make sales with little work on your part.

Let me be very clear: You will have to work. You must maintain, at an absolute minimum, your advertising. If you do not, your lead generating machine will dry up.

You may decide to write your own information products. This is not as difficult as it sounds. You know something about something: What do you do for a career? What hobbies do you have? What do you like reading about? Correlate these ideas together, and out comes an ebook, an autoresponder course, or a special report!

Your product does not have to be long, especially if it is a specialized product. For example, a well-written 5 page how-to article on grooming your dog could sell for $15-$20 dollars.

Think about it: People are looking for your information because they do not want to go to the groomer’s (probably because they think it is overpriced). If they normally pay $40 per visit, and they visit once per month, they pay $480 yearly to the groomer.

On the other hand, if they buy your information, even at $20, you will have saved them $460 (minus the cost of grooming equipment they will have to buy) and quite possibly gained a customer for life.

You may choose, however, to market someone else’s product. This is called “affiliate marketing,” and is probably the most popular form of internet marketing. One caveat: Pick you product well, because some products, especially those sold by the “gurus,” are in over-saturated markets.

You could be innovative and combine the two (infoproduct and affiliate marketing). Take the example of the how-to article on bathing and grooming your dog. You have provided your customer with a very well-written explanation of how they can save money by grooming their dog at home. Even though they have saved money, they still need grooming tools and equipment.

You could research the various grooming tools, looking for best price and best value, and add one or two pages to your booklet recommending these. Add value to your business by setting yourself up as an affiliate for those products, and recommend your affiliate link in your booklet. Then, when your customers click on the link to buy the grooming tools, you make a commission.

Congratulations! You just experienced multiple streams of income, as you were paid twice: once on the purchase of your infoproduct, and again on the purchase of the grooming tools you affiliated for.

This is how to parlay your experiences into multiple streams of income online.

Niche web directories are a great way for small online business owners to list their information in a place where others in the industry and potential customers can easily find them. Directories group sites that are all related to one theme or subject. What niche web directories would best suit your business?

Niche Web Directories Versus Search Engines

Niche web directories are different from search engines in that they are highly specialized. Go to a craft directory, for example, and type in the words ‘space travel’ and you’ll probably come up with craft supplies to make planetary systems. Very specific! You won’t find NASA’s website or scientific analyzes of recent space shuttle flights in an arts and crafts niche web directory. But go to space or science niche web directory and you may find a link to the craft site that specializes in making model space shuttles.

Niche web directories do relate to search engines in that search engines rank them highly. Due to the intensity of filtering that most directories apply to the sites that they include, search engines highly respect them. This level of respect is good for the page rankings of all the sites listed in the directories. Getting your site listed in appropriate niche web directories provides you with a one way link from a reputable, highly ranked site and that’s one of the most important aspects of the page ranking formula for search engines.


When you get web traffic through listings on search engines, you may or may not be what the web surfer was looking for. Yes, there is the chance that the person didn’t know that you existed and, now that she does, will bookmark your site to return for purchases at a later date. However, this is a big ‘if.’ Traffic that you receive as a result of niche web directories will generally be more apt to buy because a higher percentage of them were looking specifically for you and what you have to offer.

Partners and Competitors

Because niche web directories are based around themes or industries, the editors are usually experts in the chosen theme. This helps them to choose neighbor listings that are relevant and high quality, minimizing spam entries and putting you in good company. Just as a customer may search these listings in hopes of finding everything he or she needs to, you, too, can search them to check out your competition. What else is out there? Who is competing for your target audience? Perhaps you will see a niche within a niche that needs attention and fill it.

Also, because links raise your page ranking with search engines, niche web directories are a great way to find companies who sell complimentary products and services with whom you can trade links. If you sell antique car parts, you may want to have a link page that includes links to antique car show sites or fan sites for antique cars. Building up your links to other relevant sites in your industry will help increase your page ranking in search engines and will increase your traffic as well.

Niche Web Directory Options

Some niche web directories are so focused on attracting the most qualified sites that they will pay to list if you apply and qualify. This is always a great sign of a specific, reputable niche web directory. Some will also offer you highlighting options like placing your website listing in bold, brackets, or highlighting it for optimum visibility.

It’s important that webmasters do not ignore the opportunities that niche web directories provide. Exposure, especially in this form, can do nothing but boost your traffic, boost your sales, and boost your profits.

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

It is vital to create a product that will allow you to eventually expand into other markets. The goal is for the people who initiallly buy your product to also buy your next products. Since you have proven that you can be trusted by delivering a product to your clients they love it should be much easier to obtain their business when your new item hits the online marketplace. We need to understand a seed is truly important indeed. You need to see your first product as that seed.

You see this is about creating an Internet marketing kingdom, a virtual empire of products that all start with one tiny seed that is planted in the fertile soil of those hearts that are eager for your particular product. For example, I am in the process of creating a set of onlline videos where I teach students the various techniques needed to speak English. My area of expertise lies in the field of ESL(English as a second language) of which I have been blessed to have over 10 years of experience teaching to adult learners. My target market would be foreign adults who wish to learn English via video. I realize though that if I wish to branch out and sell different yet similar products later I will have to pick a product that these learners would also enjoy. This led me to recall the great end of the semester food parties in the classes that I taught where both myself and my students brought in dishes from other countries that many enjoyed. Now I know that my second product launched will be an esl cookbook with recipes submitted from actual students. The cookbook will be sold to other esl students online. Branching out even further, a cooking forum would be established as well as an online cooking class with graduates of my esl video courses eventually teaching the course. It is amazing to see how all this began from the planting of one little seed. The online esl videos seed grew to become a cookbook, an online cooking school and a cooking forum. As we all know marketing is a numbers game and the bigger number of people you have on your marketing list the better your chance of survival and dominance.

Think about your online marketing seed before you plant it. You want to plant something that will grow into something huge. When you look into the jungle you see an incredible array of trees. That is what you should want your seed to turn into. The trees in your Internet jungle will be represented by the vast amount of names on your email list who want your first and additional products. The product you create should also appeal to as many people as possible. I know those who may not be interested in esl may be interested in cooking and vice versa. I could use the cooking bait to reel in the esl fish and use the esl bait to reel in those who love cooking. When your Internet marketing seed is sown you will reap the harvest of personal freedom. This translates into having the freedom to spend time doing what is really important. Even though I am blessed to be doing well working from my home right now, my goal is to create an online marketing kingdom. God is of course the king, I am the king, my wife is the queen and my daughter is the princess. I plan to give my little girl the choice to attend college or as the princess of the family become the boss while the queen and I enjoy our travels. It all starts with that tiny Internet marketing seed. The Bible talks about having the faith of a mustard seed and what can happen if we have just a bit of faith. We have to have dreams, big dreams and seeing those dreams become realities is quite inspirational and shows that this Internet marketing thing is real. No one in your circle of naysayers can argue with your results unless they choose to be up against the truth of your success.

Much Continued Success,

The creator of “The Online Treasure Box”

The invention of the printing press didn’t start the advertising game. It just made it quicker and easier to find

and inform business clients. And technology rolled on. Moving steadily from telegraph, telephone, fax machine, direct mail

marketing, right up to today’s internet. And all along the way entrepreneurs’ took advantage of the changes to engage in

their business endeavors. And nothing has changed. Taking the ever popular blogging phenomenon and changing it from

a home spun communications medium to a business promotion wonderland. Enter the blog the poor man’s website.

Blogs started out being a place where the common person had somewhere to express themselves. A place to open up their

diary’s and let the whole world know their hereto before private thoughts or an opportunity to express their political views.

Truly this was a quagmire of unprofitable information though interesting as heck. The blog wasn’t made popular because of financial gain

initially. Regardless of why blogs became so popular they did achieve a phenomenal growth. And with that explosion of

popularity the greedy blew in with it. A Blog as a retail marketing medium was a certain destiny.

One of the advantages of blogs for business is that it’s easy to get access and use of one for free. Free in a

sense. Usually the free ones require one to advertise the company providing the free blog. Because blogs

are user friendly, and designed to be easy to customize, it’s a real cost effective tool for the internet marketer. Even if you

choose to pay for your own the cost is usually a under $10 a month. Most important is the fact that hundreds of thousands

of blogs are in use. Statistics show there are currently close to 14 million blogs posted on the internet with an estimated

80,000 additional blogs signing up daily. Couple those facts with the reality that there are over 50 million internet users and

that 30% of them are reading a blog. It becomes a no brainer why for the online marketer it’s a mind boggling, ready made,

opportunity to be exploited for profit.

One of the common formats that are used on blogs is the mini forum. This has great advantages for the serious

online marketer. It provides real input as to how the public thinks and feels about the product or services being

promoted. It always helps to know exactly what you need to change to keep things moving upward. A popular technique

used with blogs is to treat them as a stepping stone to another website. For example let’s say you might have a website selling

sports tennis shoes. So now you create a blog called, ” Freddie the Sneaker Tweaker”. A site where folks come to get Freddie’s

latest complaint or praise about different sneaker brands being sold on the internet. However most conveniently there happens to be a URL for the sports tennis shoe website clearly

seen on the blogs review page which , “bingo”, directs more traffic it. Doing this of course feeds more traffic to the real money maker.

If you’re new to the internet don’t expect like so many unfortunately do that your simply having a website will guarantee that here comes

the money. Even blogs being used for business reasons require good SEO practices. It would be advantageous for the newbie

to join a SEO blogging community along with having their blog indexed by the larger search engines. They also should take a serious peek at their

competition. The best business blogs are those owned by people who only started out sharing something they had passion over

and that passion caught on to all those others with a common interest. This is a win-win situation. Good blogs are those

which truly provide the public with meaningful information.

For those folks that were the charter members of blogging what’s happened to the blog is discouraging. Yet change is

a natural part of life. And sense behind all those two dimensional blogs is a human director it was only a matter of time

before the business blog appeared and with its success it grew and grew. Yet, there is a bright side. Because of the

blogging explosion thousands of good people overnight found themselves suddenly wanted and financially bettered. May the blog live long

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