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Computers and internet usage has already become a part of life for most people. Many people use the internet in their work, study, talk, purchase and bank online.

So why not make an online business?

Most people utilize the internet as a way to earning money.

Businesspersons put their products and services on the net for everyone around the world to see. And of course they are hoping for someone to purchase. With the big market available for you and some diligent marketing strategies, you can make your online business a big hit.

But even without a product and your own website, you can still be able to make money online.

There are many companies hiring telecommuters, providing workers the chance to work from their houses, making money through the internet and sometimes via a telephone. Freelancers also use the internet to look for persons and companies interested of their work and sometimes submit their work on the internet through directories.

There are also people who sell their products not through their own websites, but by placing them on auction sites like eBay. All they have to do is place pictures of their products and ask for a starting price. They can just wait for the buyers to bid and wait for the auction to end.

Contributing in an online review is also a good and simple way to make extra money. Many paid reviews site compensate cash or provide other incentives for your contribution in the market research reviews. You can rest and make money by simple contributing in online reviews from your home.

Maybe the harder part of earning money from online review is sorting out the legal paid reviews offers from those that are deceitful. Unluckily, though there are legal businesses that provide paid reviews, the number of persons pretending to involve in a legal business are still increasing.

To secure yourself from paid reviews frauds, be careful of any offer that looks too good to be true. Make some researches before engaging yourself in the paid reviews business or before you give out any private information.

If possible check if your prospective businesses that is listed in the Better Business Bureau to make sure that they are not presenting any scam or fraudulent.

Now more then ever profitable opportunities exist to promote your local business on the Internet. Through search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, email marketing and local listings, you can connect with a willing audience. Your customers are turning to the Internet to find local products and services. If your competitors have an online presence and you don’t, guess who gets to take home the prize

Below are several crucial techniques for promoting your business regionally:

Listings in local search engines and directories

Pay Per Click advertising in Google and Yahoo

Email marketing

Search engine optimization

Local Listings

Even if you do not have a web site you can still promote your local business online. For example, you can list you business and contact information with the local search engines of Yahoo and Google. It takes an hour at the most to get a free listing on the two most popular search engines. Your listing will include an interactive map that can direct customers right to your front door.

Another important resource that accepts free listings is Verizon’s, as does the local version of AOL.

And don’t overlook regional and industry specific directories. Many accept free listings, or charge a nominal fee. Once again, for most a web site is not a prerequisite.

Pay Per Click Advertising

If you do have a web site, than you need to promote your local business through Pay Per Click on both Google and Yahoo. With Pay Per Advertising you bid on keyword terms that your potential customers would use in a search. An example is “Tacoma Wedding Photographer.” The cost per click depends on how competitive the term is. You only pay if a prospect clicks on your text ad and goes to your site. This is referred to as performance advertising, where you only pay if the ad performs.

The appeal of PPC is you can get it going within an hour. You set the budget, you determine what keywords are relevant, and you determine your price per click. You can also turn it on or off in an instance. The general consensus is that PPC generates a higher return on your investment over traditional offline advertising.

Search Engine Optimization – Free Traffic

For those that like a challenge there is search engine optimization. SEO is the ability to optimize your web site for high search ranking. If you can optimize your site properly, you can benefit from an endless stream of free, targeted search engine traffic. It takes time and effort, but the results can take your business to a whole new level.

If you are selling nationally SEO can be cutthroat. For a local business it can be relatively easy to rank for terms that relate to your business and location. (ex. Richmond Wedding Photographer)

Local Email Marketing

Another tremendous marketing tool is email. For virtually nothing you can communicate with both prospects and your existing customers. Email is an excellent method to convert prospects to customers. It can also significantly increase the lifetime value of your existing customers by simply alerting them to upcoming sales and promotions.

Knowing the power of email communication, I find it hard to believe how few use it to promote their local business. Now listen up, start collecting your customer’s email addresses today. I can guarantee they will respond favorably to joining your list. We all like to be informed on bargains and special offers.

The future of your local business will depend on the Internet. It is estimated 25% of searches online are local in nature. The Internet is the perfect resource for finding local products and services, which is why your customers are searching online. Now is the time to get your business positioned to reap the rewards.

New kid on the block is bringing hope to all those starting out in the internet marketing business. At you can get an amazing array of things to help the internet marketing beginner, from free tools and ebooks that every internet marketer needs to free help and advice for it’s members. Membership is free, and there are products for sale for super-cheap prices that can then be sold on at full price for total profits.

Not only does the site owner, Bruce Andrews, provide free membership and free tools, software, ebooks and advice, there are also two free blogs, a forum and a chat-room!

If you didn’t know, blogs are a great way to improve hits on your own sites by leaving links there which increase your own traffic, and the forum is a perfect tool for networking with other members when you want to start a Joint Venture or are looking for business partners.

But that’s not where it ends, also welcomes and encourages the internet marketing “gurus” to join up and share their experience and knowledge in the business with al it’s members. With so many scam sites out there that promise over-night success and profits by the bucket-load, it’s refreshing to see one that is dedicated to helping it’s members before looking for personal gain.

As I mentioned, there are products for sale in the site, but you are not forced to buy them to gain entry, and there is no “One-Time-Offer” to put you off joining either. You just sign-up and that’s it. The members have instant free access to all the downloade straight away. The items mentioned on the advert page are just some of the products available at the list of free goods is growing all the time.

This truly is a goldmine for the new internet marketer. If there are products that are not available then the members are encourages to make requests in the blogs and the exclusive members forum for those items. Bruce Andrews promises to find them and make them available.

And remember, the site is there to be used by it’s members.

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Have you ever bought an inexpensive car only to find that upkeep and dissatisfaction made it more expensive than if you had just bought a better one in the first place? The same is true in timeshares. The “satisfaction quotient” of a timeshare will actually be determined by your buying the right one in the first place. This is true whether buying a developer’s timeshare or a resale. The only difference is that you will buy the resale for one third to one half the price. Consider the following attributes when purchasing:

The Location. Is it in a demand area? Can you walk to shops, restaurants and other off-site amenities? Does it have major attractions close by? The property on the beach is better than the property a block back. Some resorts feature solitude and a “get away” location with great views of the wilderness. What will suit your lifestyle and desires?

The Design. Was the project a motel conversion or purpose built? Some motel conversions are excellent. Others result in turning a substandard motel into a substandard timeshare. Is the property a mix of Studio, One and Two Bedroom units? Is it attractive and well laid out or just a box? The more attractive the physical layout of the property and the unit floorplans, the better.

The Management. First and foremost: Are the units clean? Look for dust, non-working windows, squeaking doors, seedy landscaping, etc. The better maintained the property, the higher the value. Does the appearance please you?

The Fiscal Stability. This is harder to find because it is not visible. Ask for a copy of the Owner’s Association budget or financial statements. If this is out of your area of expertise, ask the Owners around the pool. Have there been a lot of special assessments? If there is a professional Property Manager (a CPM or RRP), ask them. Is the project “living beyond its means”? Look for the reserve study. When will the property need a new roof and will the money be in the bank to pay for it? Another non-technical way is to review the last few minutes of the Board of Directors meetings.

The Unit Size. As a general rule, the people who buy the larger units are the happiest. The ability to bring friends and family along on a vacation is not to be overlooked. Two bedroom units offer this possibility. In other cases you may not want this possibility to exist so a smaller unit will be the best selection. Think it over not only for the present, but also for the future. Young singles have bought studio units. They don’t work so well after the marriage and the third child.

The Season. Buy the high season if that is what you wish to consistently use. If the summertime is high season and you are a schoolteacher who can only vacation then, you should go ahead, bite the bullet and buy that season, even though it may be at a premium price. If you have school age children the same applies. Sometimes, the reverse is true. For example, we have many Owners of Southern California beachfront resorts who live in the east and Midwest and have specifically purchased the “off season” because it gets them out of the cold. It works perfectly for them.

The Price. This is last on purpose. You are looking at buying a lifetime possession. If you get the wrong one, the dissatisfaction will be present long after you have forgotten what you paid for it. At current resale prices, I don’t think there is any way to lose. Resale timeshares are like antique furniture. They will either hold their value or increase with time. Look at resales as though they will not really cost you money, they will save it. The worst that will happen is that you will have a lifetime of incredible vacations and at the end you will sell it and get all or most of your money back. The longer you own, the better it will be because alternate accommodations (hotels) will only cost more in time due to inflation. The best units in the best season in the best projects have held their value best. Currently, resale prices are generally half of the original developer sale price. In some cases it may be less and in some more. To assure yourself of not paying more than you have to, shop around. Call a title company in the area to find out what the resales in a specific resort are going for. Ask a resale Broker to show you some comparatives. In other words go about it as you would buying a house. Obviously it is not as major a purchase, but time spent getting the right product is absolutely worth it. Remember that you will own it for years. Another trap to avoid is that of buying a cheap timeshare for exchange. Make no mistake. Low quality exchanges for low quality with only rare exceptions.

Key Point – Since we are offering 80% financing for the purchase of timeshare resales, you can now afford to buy the best property; the one you really want. You will be much happier in the long run if you do. All this may be summed up by one phrase:

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