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If you own a web site yourself or know someone that does, you are probably familiar with the importance of internet marketing tools. The site may have a professional design, quality product or service, great content and functionality, but if the right internet marketing strategies are not utilized, your site may not be attracting the key to real success, highly targeted traffic. Getting a lot of consistent traffic has very little to do with the web site itself, but rather how the sites owner or webmaster choose to advertise the site.

There are hundreds even thousands of sites competing on the web today, so you must use the most effective internet marketing tools to achieve targeted results.

There are many different internet marketing tools that can be used effectively, all of which are designed to increase your web sites traffic. Simply put, you must find a way to get people to your site. Put yourself in the “shoes” of your prospective visitors and clients. “Where do they go to do web searches?” is a key question that must be answered and can be quite simple to answer, the search engine. The webs most popular sites are search engines and portals, therefore, you should focus your internet marketing efforts to the search engine.

When surfers browse search engines, they will be more inclined to view a site placed high on the search engine, as opposed to a site with poor search engine placement. With that in mind, you must use the correct internet marketing tools to build a strong (high) search engine ranking. This is where the term Search Engine Optimization is derived from. SEO, as it is called commonly, is a set of methods and tactics aimed at improving your search engine ranking and the visibility of your site in search engine results.

Search engines index sites in several ways, one of which is by looking at the keyword density of the web site, or the sites content. Content alone, is one of the most valuable internet marketing tools to utilize. If your site has excellent relevant keywords aimed towards achieving a high search engine ranking, as well as providing valuable information, you can expect a high search engine position. But because of the high competition of web sites using the same internet marketing methods, you must continuously find new and better ways of attracting targeted traffic.

Today, one of the most popular and effective internet marketing tools is the use of Pay Per Click advertising. This method involves bidding for a particular keyword in a specific search engine, the search engine then compares the bids of all the merchants for that specific keyword, and the highest bid gets the top placement for that specific keyword search. For example, if you bid $.75 and a competitor bids $.73, you will be awarded the higher position. This internet marketing tool is being utilized by thousands of web sites on hundreds of PPC search engines. Google Adwords, Yahoo Overture, and the new MSN Adcenter are the three most popular sites who offer pay per click ad services today.

Content and pay per click advertising are just two of many internet marketing tools that you can utilize to improve your search engine optimization and achieve high web site traffic. There are literally hundreds of other techniques and methods, both free and paid, that you can use successfully to increase your sites visitors and profits. Internet marketing tools are the true key to SEO and generating profits in the highly-competitive online business battlefront that we call the Internet.
https://www.coolwebtips.com webmaster’s nightmare. “Oh my god, my listing is gone from google!!!” or yahoo, or msn or any of the big search engines.

We all know that traffic is the life blood of any online endeavor. Without traffic you can’t make sales. Search engine traffic is the most reliable source of high quality traffic. High quality being visitors who are looking specifically for the products or services you sell.

FFAs or Free For All links pages are considered low quality traffic sources. IE people randomly surfing, clicking on whatever looks interesting. Not really searching for anything and very unlikely to buy anything.

There is however another role that FFAs play. Bulk submition to FFAs or blasting FFAs creates hundreds of links to your web site. The number of links to your site is part of how google and other search engines rank your site. The more links the higher your ranking.

Now here is the problem. Traditional wisdom among webmasters, internet marketers and internet gurus is that too many FFA links. Considered low quality links, will get you banned from search engines.

In other words, the belief is that if google thinks you are trying to boost your rankings by adding a lot of low quality links they will ban you.

So will they? My only answer has to be, “not in my experience.”

Here is a little history of my internet marketing journy. For the longest time I was wasting money on this traffic generating ebook and that traffic generating system. I was getting a pitance of search engine traffic and no google traffic. So I decided “So what if I get banned.”. I wasn’t getting google traffic anyway, how would being banned hurt me?

I started FFA blasting 3 or more times a week and guess what. Google traffic. Not huge amounts by any means, but google traffic none the less. Not only google iether. Ask.com, yahoo and many others. Even a fair amount of FFA page traffic.

So what am I saying here? It’s simple. No one knows how google or yahoo or ask.com ranks web site except google, yahoo or ask.com. The search engines, like any good business, are constantly tweaking and changing their ranking rules. These rules are secret. Any internet marketing guru who claims to have “broken the google code” is either lieing out right or working off old information. Don’t believe them.

In my experience making your internet foot print as large as possible is the best traffic generating strategy. Submitting to FFAs is the quickest easiest way to do this.

If you are already making a good living with free google traffic, great don’t change a thing. In fact write an article so I can learn your secrets. If you are yet to get your first google hit, start submitting to FFAs. In my experience only good things will come of it.

Good luck in your web marketing.

When I came upon that little word — Niche — I wondered, “what is this thing called a Niche — and most importantly, can I find my own niche too?

What is A Niche

Well, A niche, is a service or product , that fills an unmet customer’s need — that is more of a speciality. You are not competing with the masses for a sale on an ebook or an affiliate tool. Instead, you carve out a small corner of the market for yourself on the Internet.

Well, the definition was simple, however, finding a niche that I felt comfortable with was going to be a chore, because I wanted to avoid the affiliate programs — and if possible find a company that privately carried their own affiliate program — without the quota’s and the many rules.

How to Find A Niche

When I started looking for a niche market, I started to make a list of my hobbies, what I liked to do, what I was interested in and what I was familiar with — to help me brainstorm. If this little task does nothing else, it will definitely give you an eye-opener to who you are.

Anyway, when the dust finally settled I realized that I wanted a niche where it would assist others — perform a service of some sort, and would compliment my current website. Not very decisive, but I had a direction.

Then it happened, just by chance, or maybe it was divine intercession — anyway, I received a personal email from one of the assistant manager’s from DentalPlans — stating that she liked my website and wondered if I would be interested in becoming an affiliate.

I looked at their website and the affiliate plan — and I knew that this affiliate program was for me.

Here’s What DentalPlan Offers

1. High conversion rate — 1-5% percent conversion ratio from click thrus.

2. Commission — $40 to $50.

3. Extremely high EPC.

4. Partner through DentalPlans private network — Your affiliate manager will answer any questions you may have — one on one assistance.

5. You can promote on-line or off-line or both.

Why do most people fail online? Why do they never make any money? It’s because they think about money first and about their customers last. They create a few pages, stuff them with affiliate links and ads and then they wait for the money to roll in — usually they wait forever.

Here is a simple formula to build a successful money-making online business:

* Carefully research several niches before choosing a theme for your site. You should be passionate about the subject and there must be a hungry market for it.

* Start building valuable content for both, your site visitors and the search engines.

* Build more content, distribute articles, participate in targeted forums… this allows you to establish yourself as the expert in your field, to win the trust of your audience and to attract free, targeted traffic from the search engines.

* Add new marketing strategies. Publish an e-zine to build your customer base, to establishes yourself as the expert in your niche, to gain trust…

* Once you have a site of at least 40 content pages with at least 50 unique visitors per day, start monetizing: Add affiliate links, Google AdSense, sell your products or services…

It just doesn’t make any sense trying to monetize your site, as long as you have only a few visitors. Who do you want to sell to? Instead, focus on building more content, driving traffic, building your list…

Follow the “Content – Traffic – Trust – Monetize Traffic” formula and you can’t fail:

* Build valuable content for your visitors and optimize it for the search engines.

* After some time, the search engines will start sending you free, targeted traffic — traffic that will steadily increase.

* Provide valuable, problem-solving information. This allows you to build a relationship of trust with your audience and they will be more than happy to buy your products, follow your recommendations…

* Ok, now and only now it’s time to monetize traffic: Place your affiliate links and Google ads, sell your own products…

Monetization comes last in the process of building your online business.. First, you should create valuable content, you generate traffic, you gain the trust of your visitors and only then it makes sense to monetize your site traffic.

With the free marketing tools that we are going to list and explain here, you can create a whole online marketing strategy that will generate the amount of traffic needed for your website to start generating sales.

This means that you will never have to choose any tactic that requires continuous advertising investments. This does not mean in any way that there isn’t any money to be spent.

The tools that we are going to explain can be implemented either in automatic mode or manual mode. The manual mode proved to be a very time consuming effort that is considered not only inefficient but can also be ineffective sometimes.

The automatic mode on the other hand can really save you a lot of time. A time that you can use to further your knowledge in online business and to keep yourself updated with what is new in the market, which a must in this industry.

Time is not the only advantage of automatic implementation, but listing all the advantages of such implementation will make us deviate from our main objective which is to discuss the tools and tactics that would compose a whole free online marketing strategy.

Choosing the automatic mode means that you will need to buy and use software programs that will enable you to automate the process. Buying those software packages is where the investment lies. I highly recommend you to buy software packages that require only a one time investment rather than a monthly subscription.

Now let us get started with the list of tactics that would give you a free online marketing strategy:

1) Directory and Search Engine Submission: It is recommended to start with this tactic as it is expected that this tactic bring solid and continuous traffic. Yet it needs time to build your position especially within the search engines. When we say search engines, it doesn’t mean that we are talking only about the big names. If you submit your website to the smaller search engines, that can contribute to your position within the big players.

2) Reciprocal Linking: This tactic has gained a little bit of controversy lately. Many prefer one way links rather than exchanging links. I would agree with them, but what could it hurt to follow both tactics? With reciprocal linking you exchange links with other websites. This can really be time consuming if you are not automating the process.

3) Posting in Forums: Posting in active forums has a double impact. Not only you are generating traffic from people clicking your link in you signature line, but also you get one way back links as these forums are open to search engines and therefore, your posts with your signature are listed in those engines.

4) Article Submission: There are numerous directories that accept article submissions which would gain you a huge amount of one way back links to your website. Your priority is to find directories with high traffic and ones that have the ability to distribute your articles to other websites, e-zines, e-mail groups and other kinds of publishers.

5) Pinging: Pinging your Blog and your dynamic pages of your site. If your Blog is hosted on your server as an extension of your website, you can Ping your Blog to update search engines with the new changes. This will encourage search engine spiders to crawl to you Blog and eventually to your website. Also you can create dynamic content on your website by adding articles and news feeds to keep you website fresh with new content. This is something that search engines like and accordingly you can Ping those pages of your website to accelerate the spider crawling procedure.

With the above five pillars of free online marketing strategy you can create full aggressive campaigns to generate traffic and sales without having to spend any money.

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