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You know information is valuable.

You know the Internet is a profitable venue for marketing information.

You think you may have a great idea or maybe even a product… Now what?

If you’ve done your research, you already have the right tools to start your online business.

Namely, you know how to make a website (or if you don’t know how, you know that you can learn how to do it easily or that you can hire someone else to do it for you) and you understand the mechanics of selling your product online (like signing up with a payment processor and getting visitors to go to your site).

But maybe you’re afraid to start.

There’s nothing wrong with being wary; in fact it’s good business sense to know what you’re getting into. A common statistic thrown around is that 9 out of 10 new businesses will fail within the first year. But knowing that doesn’t mean it’s time to quit before you even start. You have a product and therefore you have a target market; it’s useful, even necessary, and most certainly comforting to your beginner’s brain to do your own research and due diligence.

One method of practicing your business before actually going it alone is to become an affiliate. Using an affiliate program to enter a new market allows you test out your ideas and hone them with the ultimate goal of creating and promoting your own product. (In summary, for you beginners out there, affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission off of purchases made by visitors who arrived at that particular product’s site by clicking on a link on your webpage).

An advantage of affiliate marketing is that your only concern is driving visitors to their site; the affiliate program will worry about having the perfect product, providing customer service, and delivering the product. Affiliate programs may even provide you with banners or free e-books and techniques showing you how to promote them. This will provide a good learning ground for you so that you can garner ideas for eventually promoting your own product.

Find some affiliate programs related to your particular idea or product. The research you’ll derive from joining an affiliate program will be the real benefit. By setting up a website or a few websites testing out your various ideas and promoting these ideas, you can then sit back and see what happens. Hopefully you’ll start making money. Then you can see which products are really selling and what marketing techniques are working. As you work on improving your website for the products that are selling, you’re laying the groundwork for selling your own product. You can then feel more comfortable about your own venture using the successful techniques you learned through this “practice” attempt.

And maybe starting your own business won’t look as scary. best thing about Niche Browser (despite it’s being free) is that it provides such a rich array of features for you to use in your online marketing research.

Anybody that is starting out or continuing to build their home business will benefit from owning and using Niche Browser. One disadvantage you will find about Niche Browser, however, is that there are so many features that it can be a bit overwhelming.

That is why I am writing this article. I want to help you get started using and mastering Niche Browser in order to take advantage of all the great resources that it provides for you. So let’s take a tour of the overall interface.

Niche Browser can be divided into three basic elements:

1. Browser Window

2. Search Tools Side Panel

3. URL Toolbar

1) Browser Window

The Browser Window is quite simple to understand: It is an instance of Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you right-click a blank area of the window, you will see the familiar context menu, in which you will find, for example, the “View Source” item which will allow you to view the html code for the current page.

Just above the Browser Window, you will see the browser toolbar. On the left are the familiar back, forward, stop, and refresh buttons. The right side has the go, history, favorites, add to favorites, and print the current page buttons. In the center is the URL address bar. To the left of the address bar is a special button that opens the browser in a separate window on your desktop.

Just above the URL address bar, you will notice a small button. This is the URL Address Lock, or Pin URL button. It enables you to browser other websites while keeping the current URL from changing. This is especially handy when you want to use the URL tools toolbar which I will explain a little bit later.

Also, to the left, just above the “Back” button, there is the Expand Browser Window button. This allows you to enlarge the browser viewing area.

2) Search Tools Side Panel

The Search Tools Side Panel provides special features for each Search Tool that you select. The content and functionality of each Side Panel will change depending on the requirements of the associated Search Tool you happen to be using at the time.

In order to understand the side panels, you have to first understand how to activate a search tool. The search tools are listed as subsets of the Search Categories. The Search Categories are the first row of buttons that you see just under the “Related Searches” tool bar. We will be discussing these later on as well.

So, for each item you select in the Search Categories row, you will see a different set of buttons appear in the row below it which provides the Search Tools for that category.

The simplest way to begin exploring the side panel is to look at three different versions of Google search tools: Google Basic search, also known as the Generalized Keyword Search, Google Suggest search, and Google Advanced search. You’ll notice that the contents of the side panel are different for each.

3) URL Toolbar

The Toolbars of the Niche Browser Interface provide a wide variety of features that will assist you in your niche marketing research. When you use the URL Toolbar, be sure to enable the URL Address Lock, or Pin URL button. This will allow you to select each of the tools without having to restore the Site Address each time.

The URL Tool Bar provides the following resources:

a) Alexa Ranking

b) Related Sites

c) Indexed Pages

d) URL Trends

e) Text Analyzer

f) Site Images

g) Site Audio

h) Site Video

i) Site PDF’s

j) Site Flash Movies

k) Wayback Machine

l) Inbound Links

m) Whois Information

n) URL Slide Show

o) Site Search

As you can see, there is an incredible amount of information you can gather about any particular site using Niche Browser’s URL Tool Bar.

a) Alexa Ranking

For those of you who are not familiar with Alex Ranking, you will be amazed at all the information it can provide you about your competition’s website.

Let me give a brief overview. To start with, Alexa only ranks pages for sites that contain the Alexa Toolbar, so this is not a complete sampling of all sites on the Web. However, if your site of interest is listed, you will find it useful.

The first piece of data is the ranking. This tells you how popular the site is compared to all other sites being ranked by Alexa. The next notable feature is the Explore This Site categories. These are, Overview, Traffic Details, Related Links, and Inbound Links, or Sites Linking In.

In the Overview Section, you will find the following:

– People who visit this page also visit…

– Site Stats

Traffic Rank


Other sites that link to this site

Online Since

Look for similar sites by category

d) URL Trends

URL Trends provides a great deal of information in one location. It will provide the following information about a website’s pages:

Current Rankings

Google Page Rank

Alexa Rank

Incoming Google Links

Incoming Yahoo Links

Incoming MSN Links

Incoming Alexa Links

Overall Incoming Links

Outgoing Links

Page Information

Page Title


Online Since

DMOZ Listed Listed (Wayback machine)

UrlTrends Cache

m) Whois Information

If you ever need to find out about a website domain, this is the place to do it. Using the Whois information tool, you can find out when a site was first registered, when the domain name will expire, what type of server it is running on, whom to contact for information, whether the site has been blacklisted, and related site domains that may be available for sale or at auction.

o) Site Search

If you come across a website in which you would like to search but they don’t provide a search box on the site, you can use this tool that Niche Browser provides. Just navigate to the page, enter the text you want to search, and press the search button.

The tools and features in Niche Browser are seemingly endless, and the value to you certainly is. So be sure and download it now if you haven’t already. In other articles, I will be discussing some of the tools in more details, so be sure and watch for those as well.

My comments are made on the basis that one is buying a timeshare for mainly trading purposes. All of the statements I will make are actual experiences not something someone said, or I heard somewhere. My family has been involved in timesharing since 1980. First my parents then my sisters and myself, now many of my extended family members own timeshare weeks. I am average income (work everyday), average intelligence. So since I did it anyone with patience, a minimum amount of time, and dedication can achieve the same results.

Before even considering purchasing a timeshare, please talk to people who have had bad experiences first. This way you will be leery of everything going on. Better yet just follow my advice and have no problems at all (just kidding).

After deciding to purchase, remember no matter what resale is better. My reasoning for this is, there are a lot of dissatisfied owners out there willing to take a loss just to get out. So make their mistake your marvel. I have been and continue to take tours while on vacation just to stay intuned with the pricing of weeks. I have yet to find a resort that comes close to fitting into my price range of $2500.00 – $4000.00. If you are frugal then you will feel that $8000.00- $2000.00 is way too much to pay. However if a buyer goes resale through broker or individual very low prices can be attained. I purchased my two bedroom, red week/40 at SouthShore Lake Resort, rated Gold Crown in the RCI exchange system, in HotSprings Arkansas for $2800.00 in 1990. With this week my wife and I have exchanged within the RCI exchange system without many problems. Always getting a nice Resort at the desired time. Put a little time in shopping for a honest broker.

Next be sure to buy at a nice resort. This is simple to do just give RCI a call and ask about the demand for the resort and week you’re interested in purchasing. When I’ve done this for family members the counselors have always been happy to give the information I requested. You probably already know why, but just in case, better resorts and weeks give you better trading power.

Also get a least a 2brm unit, since only a handful of resorts offer more than two bedroom anything more is a waste of money. Getting anything less limits one trading power depending on the resort, so two bedrooms are safe.

Two more reasons many timeshare owners get disgusted with their week is banking and searching. First banking, with RCI which is the only exchange system I’m familiar with one must bank at least one year in advance to maximize his trading power. A simple matter, just pay your maintenance fees and call RCI to space bank your week. Simple, yes but a great deal of owners wait too late and that creates disappointment. Next is searching, this can and has been a small problem sometimes for working people trying to schedule a vacation. Again within the RCI system the earlier one starts a search the better the chance of getting the resort you want. Usually I can schedule my New Years vacation one year in advance and get a match, other vacations I’m persistent with RCI on giving me the Resort I want. RCI says that it dosen’t do any good to call back after a search has been put in however, I’ve found this to be untrue on many occasions. There are many counselors answering the phone at RCI and some will work harder to get you what and when you want better than others so I call quite often when I know I have a difficult search in.

A couple of examples are News Years week 1995 I called until I got the best Resort in Palm Springs, Ca. The Desert Springs Villas 2/brm. Then New Years 1996 we went to Hilton Grande Vacation Villas in Las Vegas, Nv another tough one to match but persistence paid off. Some people may say this is too much trouble but free phone calls and a bit of time beats paying hundreds of dollars per for these accomidations.

Just a couple of other things I would like to cover. Owning in one place and living in another, dosen’t matter. That’s how I got my two bedroom week.. The people I purchased it from moved to Florida and didn’t feel comfortable being away from their home resort, their loss my gain. Just make sure you get a desirable Resort, remember a call to RCI will take care of that.

Next I am living proof that you don’t have to own in Las Vegas, Hawaii, or Orlando to get outstanding trades. I’ve heard for many many years that “you won’t always be able to get trades like that”. This may well come to truth some day but as for now it hasen’t. We just recently got confirmed into the Quarter House in New Orleans for New Years 1997 week on that cheap ole Arkansas week.

Remember to consider these items when deciding to purchase maintenance fees, deeded property, and fixed or floating time. So ends my sermon on “KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL TIMESHARING”. Once again all my suggestions are based on the premise that one is buying mainly for trading purposes however, they are basic and should work in most situations.

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