Autoresponder Magic How To Make Internet Marketing Simple 5 Top Places Your Guaranteed To Find Joint Venture Partners

Brian Campbell, best selling author and successful internet marketer taught me the first commandment of internet marketing, “You cannot promote anything online without first capturing the email address of your website visitors.” Otherwise, your most valuable asset (visitors, traffic) passes right on by, without you even knowing who they were and giving you no way to follow up with them to get them back to your website.

Most people visiting a new site have no intention of buying anything.

They are usually casually surfing for information and happen to find your site. Unless they are totally impulsive, they will leave your site without buying anything. You see your site visitor counter increase everyday, but wonder why your sales are not increasing at the same rate. Here’s the answer. On average, it takes seven exposures to one product or new idea before a person will buy in. So you need to have a way to systematically follow up with your website visitors and at the same time build your most valuable asset, an email list that you can market to over and over again.

How would you like an automated salesperson working for your site 24 hours a day seven days a week? This salesperson never gets sick, is always available to greet your customers and does not take a “no” personally. They continue to follow up with your prospects just as you instructed them until the prospect opts out, but continually adds new prospects to your database without any trouble. The magic tool to accomplish this is called an autoresponder.

An autoresponder is an account that you subscribe to that captures and manages an email database collected from the traffic of your website. When you log into your autoresponder account, you can generate a sign-up form that will capture the name and email address and any other pertinent information you want to collect from your website visitors. You can then set up a campaign, a predetermined set of emails that you create and design with the purpose of getting the visitors back to your website and to buy your products or services.

Autoresponders can be used for other valuable and important purposes too. You can offer a free newsletter or a mini course promoting different aspects to your site. By offering something of value and at no cost, more people are willing to give you their email address. Once you have developed an email list, you can send a broadcast message to the entire list at the same time with a special promotion from your website or a joint venture with another internet marketer. Thousands have been made over one weekend with this kind of special promotion. The possibilities are endless, but have to have the system in place for it to work.

Where can you get an autoresponder program? There are scripts available that you can upload to your site but I would stay away from these. It is best to use an online service with a third party service. Where can you find one? A quick autoresponder Google search will provide you with many options. Most autoresponder sites will charge you a monthly fee and will allow you to run multiple campaigns and websites. The fees can range from free to as much as you are willing to pay for, depending on the services you need. However, I have found a very reliable autoresponder that you can test drive for free. You can try it out and learn how to work it with the basics you need to run a successful campaign. As your needs grow, they do have upgrade options you can subscribe to for a reasonable monthly fee to expand your service options. You can find this service at

If you are currently not using an autoresponder on your website, you are potentially missing out on thousands of dollars in potential sales. Don’t miss out on any more sales! I strongly urge you to get an autoresponder set up today.

Your vane web site made it done Y2K. It was built on solid strategy and flawlessly designed with the latest engineering. It is a source of invaluable selective information tailored to your target audiences, available globally 24/7. Its graphics ar sharp, its links current and its layout is well navigated by a five-year-old. You’ve registered it with hunt engines and added it to your letterhead[ldots] Let the World Wide Wait begin. Less than a year ago, there were 6,598,697 sites on the World Wide Web, and that figure is increasing constantly. The competition for attention to your situation is fierce. Net selling and e-commerce the buzzwords of the wired worldly concern, and everyone is jumping on the online bandwagon. Like it or not, the Cyberspace is swiftly becoming the world(a) medium of choice for newsworthiness, entertainment and stage business.

The identification number of users worldwide is expected to grow to 300 1000000 by 2005, from roughly 150 one thousand thousand currently. There 259 meg users worldwide, with More than 43 percentage in the Joined States. About 80 per centum of the 110 a million Americans World Health Organization wont the go online for government, byplay, health or education entropy, as wellspring as e-chain mail. Close behind news program, weather and sports, followed by checking schedules, buying tickets or making reservations. Furthermore, when surfing for specific info, about people look at alone(p) the first 20 listings returned by a hunting locomotive engine. And even out the just about advanced lookup railway locomotive tin can profile merely a fraction of the . Continued from page 1. Consider the corporate culture before presenting, and reinforce the fact that merchandising incorporates the communication strategy and tactics they used to. Guide them through with(p) the architectural plan and be prepared to explain technical jargon, such as hits and page views. Develop a timeline and budget as you would for a traditional hunting expedition, and point away the cost-efficiency of the entanglement–minimal postage, long distance, and paper and production costs, and a worldwide audience without expanding the office. Hard drives whirring and motherboards humming.

The safari has launched. Let your design be the road map that steers you through and through the Information Superhighway, merely be sure to manage flexibly, and allow for side trips and opportunities that volition arise along the agency. Remember, your tactics testament be familiar, simply you wish rich person to tweak them for the wired media reality. Take media dealings, for exercise.

The usual print and broadcast immediately spring to mind, just don’t neglect the plethora of e-zines and online publications. Many highly targeted and wealthy person extremely loyal readerships. Electronic media has its own set of challenges, the greatest being the lack of face or flush phone metre with the diarist. When you contact an online diary keeper from a World Wide Web-based publication, sometimes you won’t know if you’re dealing with a sir or a madam, much less the’s name. Though a good lurch is always the key to media placement, you toilet tailor the same techniques you would utilization in a traditional media drop to fit your we sent one to our complete e-chain armor list of online writers, including the news show release as the card’s message. Killing two birds with one mouse click–we presented data about the locate directly to our media list and generated dealings to the place, as the reporters logged on to retrieve their . Online promotions another simple way of life to drive to the and step-up loyalty. Our crusade for the Louisiana State Prevention Association includes promotional discounts to members WHO registry for Barroom programs online, as fountainhead as offers other incentives for members to exercise the, such as drawings for free attendance to Saloon seminars and continuing legal education workshops. Tho’ elementary in design, these promotions support the drive’s objective to increment usage by members.

Once members visit the to read for the programs, chances, they’ll stick around and check the other services offered by the Ginmill. rating is listed last, it is by no means the least of the steps. In fact, valuation is almost effective if it transcends the entire movement and is integrated into each of the steps. Frequently ask yourself: “What’s working?”, “What’s not?”, “What should we be doing next?” and “What should we stop doing?” Your results bequeath be Sir Thomas More credible if they both quantitative and qualitative. Conduct an psychoanalysis of before and after the effort, and keep track of media placements with a monitoring service that specializes in online media and newsgroups. Like the other military campaign elements, of a network political campaign uses traditional methods, also brings its own challenges.

Qualitative depth psychology, gauging online story angles and placement, lavatory be easy determined, there is a certain anonymity to the net, and although counters lav measure your, simply counting visits is imperfect at revealing’s on your and what they think of it. A survey on your john be helpful, it leave represent just the visitors took the clock time to fill it. The has already changed the face of communication in the all but dramatic manner since the invention of moveable type. No previous engineering science has expanded as quickly or as globally as the, and this unparalleled growth is predicted to continue to growth, with the phone number of users multiplying by 61 pct in the Combined States, by 88 in Europe and by 400 in the rest of the humanity over the next five years. The globose village is rapidly becoming the globular metropolis–e-commerce transcends the image of the big city as the place to do occupation. Whether you a farmer in a German village, a jewelry designer in South Africa or a microbiologist in Peru, if you’re online, the fourth dimension to leverage your presence is now.

Joint Ventures are one of the MOST powerful forms of leverage and are the quickest way to get your online business infront of your target audience and in profit by simply using others peoples web assets(ex. Opt-In Lists, High Traffic Website, etc.) for a cut of the $Profits$.

And the great thing about Joint Ventures is it doesn’t matter what niche your targeting because the web has an abundance of willing Joint Venture Partners waiting to be found and hit with a JV offer.

The only problem most people run into when it comes to putting a Joint Venture together is where to find these Joint Venture Partners.

The ‘Internet’ is a BIG place with millions of websites and more being added on a daily basis which makes finding Joint Venture Partners for some quite intimidating and time consuming.

Well, today your in luck because I’m going to share with you “5 TOP Places Your Guaranteed To Find Joint Venture Partners” no matter what niche your targeting.

So, with that said, lets go to first place your guaranteed to find thousands of Joint Venture Partners by simply using your “Targeted Keywords”.

Web Location #1. The all mighty and powerful Search Engines.

That’s right, the Search Engines are the first place you’ll want to search for Joint Venture Partners simply because there are literally thousands of them waiting to be contacted by you with your offer.

All you have to do is enter your “Targeted Keywords” into the search form your favorite search engine provides and start going through the results they list.

Obviously the first page of results will be a great start for you.

From there simply start clicking on the links within the results to see if that particular website would make a suitable JV partner.

If so, find their contact info and shoot them a email with your “What’s in it for them” offer.

Web Location #2. Forums are the next stop.

Forums are another great place to find and locate Joint Venture Partners simply because thousands of people go to these forums everyday posting questions, looking for answers, etc.

There are forums on any topic under the sun so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a few hundred of them related to your niche.

Here’s a quick way for you to use to find them through the search engines.

Go to your favorite search engine and type this into the search form provided:

example: forums + “your target keyword”

That’s it. This will save you tons of time, where as, if you were to type just “forums” you would literally get thousands of unrelated results leaving you frustrated.

Web Location #3. Lets stop by some Newsletter Directories.

Why “Newsletter Directories”?

The answers simple. This is where you will find all the newsletter owners with Opt-In lists with thousands of subscribers waiting to read your offer and buy your products and/or services.

You will find newsletter owners that target ANY niche you are looking to do a Joint Venture with and at the same time all their contact information.

To find these directories simply go to your favorite search engine and type “newsletter directories” in the search form.

Web Location #4. Joint Venture membership sites.

This location is pretty self explanatory but I’ll explain away.

Joint Venture membership sites are sites where people go and join, either for free or paid subscription, so they can find JV partners all from one location.

They are popping up all over the place now because of the popularity of Joint Venture Marketing and it just makes sense for someone seeking Joint Venture Partners to have to only go to one place to find them all, no matter what your selling, instead of searching the web for hours.

Web Location #5. Use’s database.

This is the last place I have on my list and for good reason. has the largest directory on the Internet full of digital niche products that offer affiliate programs.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because this is a great place to locate Joint Venture Partners through the TOP affiliate programs in the categories within their database.

(Quick TIP: Only focus on the first 20 results under each category or whatever category your product or service falls under.)

All you have to do is pick a product that relates to what you have to offer, get their main URL, then go to your favorite search engine once again and type this into the search form:


By entering this into the search form it will give you all the links that point back to that ClickBank product revealing some great potential Joint Venture Partners for you to contact with your offer.

Well, I hope these 5 web locations opened up your eye’s on how to locate potential Joint Venture Partners via the Internet, no matter what your selling.

The only thing left for you now is to start your search because it only takes a few to get the ball roll’en.

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