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Within the virtual world of the internet, “content” is to “money” in real life. Content is our commodity, it is what people trade all around the world. But is “other people’s content” actually valuable?

There are many specialists out there that believe that content that has been copied is not valuable anymore and may actually penalize your website online for listing such content but I on the other hand beg to differ.

Ezine article directories world wide consistently list the same ol’ content as the other. They all pull into the same pool of authors who ultimately submit the same articles to each directory. My question is this, if copied content is not valuable anymore, why is it that these article directories are some of the most popular websites world wide?

See if you break down the authors article, you start to get clues as to why “copied content” can still be mistaken for original content.

Title & Author Stay The Same, But The Rest Is Not Just Gravy:

One constant is true for all articles submitted by authors: Their “title” and “author” are always the same but everything else tends to change in the process of submitting the article.

See, some article directories ask for a “description” to post online leading to the article. In many cases, I’ve seen authors simply make up their own description as they go which in turn gives the article a unique feel to it.

HTML Formatted Articles Changes The Dynamics Of The Article:

In other cases, some article directories allow for HTML to be posted with the article. When this is allowed, you will usually get a unique article created by the author and edited by the author. For those sites that allow HTML, there are others that don’t allow HTML which in turn depends on the article directory and its own “author guidelines” about a well formatted article. Some article directories allow images, while others do not.

Some article directories have “internal” HTML editors known as “WYSIWYG” editors. These act as an HTML editor which allows the author to personalize their article with bolding text, adding links, etc.

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With All Of These Different Scenarios, Is The Content Still Valuable?

ABSOLUTELY! Beyond and besides the fact that every article directory requires different methods of submitting your article, each article directory is also unique to each other thus providing different content around the article itself.

It’s well known that search engines do pick out and identify your “template” content, vs. your “internal” content but at the same time, your template content is unique and hopefully isn’t 100% copied somewhere else.

Although copied content is looked down on, every website out there has some form of copied content somewhere within their site. Whether it be within your menu system, or content. The fact is, you can ultimately change copied content into unique content by changing the dynamics or properties of the content itself.

Coupons have always been a large part of everyday life for various individuals. Over 71 million Americans use coupons, and there is no set age or income level among these “clippers”. Coupons not only help to save money, but they also help market researchers decide what items are bought more frequently, they assist in determining the needs of a demographic area, and they promote and advertise business. So what happens when the coupons are being rejected in stores?

From the first coupon in 1894 to the last one used, coupons help people save billions every year. Now, with the Internet, people don’t have to sift through mounds of catalogues, magazines, and sales papers to find coupons for the items they need. They only have to find the coupons online that they wish to have, print them, and use them in stores.

But what risks are shoppers taking when they print coupons from their computer and go shopping? Surprisingly, it could land innocent shoppers a hurricane of trouble, or maybe just a downpour of disappointment. Recently, more Americans are finding that a number of grocery stores and other retailers refuse coupons printed from Internet websites.

While innocent, debutante Internet surfers print coupons hoping to save a few bucks on groceries, baby diapers, clothes, or other household items, other members of the online community are manipulating the coupons, then releasing them to the unsuspecting public. Shoppers would then attempt to use the coupons on common household brands such as Snuggle and Ball Park, only to find that their coupons were fraudulent. This could cause the shopper embarrassment at the least, and perhaps an investigation if there is reasonable suspicion about the origin of the coupons.

With the Internet being so common in this new millennium, it didn’t take long for people who were experienced with graphics to figure out how to create coupon scams with computer software and imaging tools that are so readily available on the market. With some simple image altering, copying, pasting, and creative web design, one individual could put hundreds, maybe even thousands, of innocent people at risk.

When people surf the net, their computer information, such as the IP address, is submitted to the websites. Sometimes, websites can gather information from the computer with the help of invisible spyware or ad ware. If a scammer is running the website that an individual is printing coupons from, it is possible they may be attacked by these “insects” of the cyber world and their passwords, credit card numbers, and personal information can be gathered by the scammer. Identity theft, unauthorized purchases, accounts drained – it can all happen as a result.

Even though the printing of invalid online coupons is hurting shoppers, it rarely impacts the demographic marketing researchers and statistics. When a valid coupon is printed and used, it still contributes to the analysis of the area that it is redeemed in. For instance, if an individual from Houston, Texas prints a valid coupon from a provider in Kentucky, then uses it in Austin, the item represented by the coupon is considered an item sold in the demographic region of Austin.

So shoppers beware of the Internet for your coupons! You could be one of those whose coupons are rejected at the checkout!

Looking to start a home business? Thinking of selling products online from home and earn extra dollars on top of your normal working income? With the rapid growing of drop-shipping demand, more and more distributors and manufacturers start to provide drop-shipping service to boost their business. Hence, your can utilize the advantages of drop-shipping service to start your home business and earn your extra dollars while continuing your current job.

To start your online home business and earn the extra dollars from it, you need to be able to:

Let your potential customers know what you are selling. Hence, your need a website site or an e-store that can display your products.

You need to be able to receive orders and process your customer’s payment, normally by credit card, PayPal or e-Check. So, you online store should integrate with e-commerce features such as shopping cart and secure payment processing system.

You need to fulfill your customer’s orders by packing & delivery the ordered products to your customers. So, you need to have your selling products ready any time to delivery to your customers when they paste orders.

You need to provide after sale support, handling refund and good returns for exchange.

Let see one by one what you need to have in order to get ready the above 4 items:

Online E-Store With Shopping Cart

Getting the online store up is pretty easy, you can utilize eBay to build your e-store and sell your products online through eBay network. Or you can purchase an e-commerce ready web hosting package, there are many web hosting package with site builder where you can get your e-commerce website up easily.

Receive Payment Online

If you want to sell your product online, then you need to be able to receive payment online. When talk about online payment system, PayPal is the most popular online payment processing tool. With PayPal integrated into your e-store, your customers can make payment either by using their credit card, e-check or pay with their PayPal account.

Stock, Packaging & Delivery

Home business is consider a small business and it might not be cost effective to stock your inventory and tie up your money for the stock and stuck with it if the product can’t sell. Most home businesses are "one-man show" or "few-man show" that has least man power to handle package & delivery. If you start your home business as the part-time job, you definitely have no much time to handle packaging & delivery to fulfill your customer orders. Hence, drop-shipping is an extremely perfect business model for home business.

With drop-shipping, you do not need to keep inventory, but instead passes your customer orders and shipment details to wholesalers. The wholesalers will handle the packaging and then dispatch the goods directly to your customers with your invoices. And you can make the profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price.

After Sale Follow Up

After sale service is important to retain your customers and make repeat sales to the same customers if they satisfy with your products and services. A satisfy customer will refer new customers to your online store and you can make more sales. Hence, you need to proactively ensure the wholesalers are shipping out your orders to your customers on time and you could do extra step to follow up with your customer to see whether they have received their order and any issue about the product, often your help to resolve the issue if it occur.

In Summary

Home business is a good option for you to earn extra dollars on top of your income and you even can convert it to your full time job once it gets success. With the enhancement of the ecommerce technology and the advantages of Drop-Shipping service provided by many manufacturers and wholesalers, you can start your online home business easily and without the need to big start up cost.

If you have come to the decision that private label rights content is for you, you are already on the right track to success. But before you get to excited, you need to make sure that you get set up with a private label membership site that is reputable. After all, you do not want to be using bad content that is going to hurt your search engine rankings. When you are searching for a private label membership site, there are several things that you will want to be aware of.

First off, you will want to make sure that the membership is limited. The reason that this is important is simple. Limited membership means that not everybody in the world will have the same content as you. This will go a long way in ensuring that your content appears original at all times. Some private label membership sites will sell their content to as many people that want to buy it. Even though this may be good for them because they are making money, it is bad for the people that are using the service. Before you sign up for any private label membership site, make sure that the membership is limited. Make sure that no more than 300 other people have access to the same content as you.

Another thing that you will want to consider is how often the content is refreshed. In other words, you want to make sure that you are getting new content every month. If not, is your membership even worth while? The main point of joining a private label membership site is to get new content and keep your site up to date and fresh. If you are not getting new content once a month you are not getting your money’s worth.

Making sure that the site you belong to writes their content geared towards a specific niche is also important. After all, if you have a real estate website why would you want content that has to do with health and fitness? Avoid the sites that focus only on what’s hot and not a consistent specific niche. By doing this you will increase your chances of success ten fold.

Also, do not forget to take price into consideration. Many private label membership sites are over priced and will charge you entirely too much for their services. The best thing to do is shop around until you find a site that offers what you want for a price that you feel is fair. There is no reason to spend a hundred dollars or more per month when you can get the same quality content for only $20 or $25.

And of course, make sure that the content you are getting is professionally written and of the highest quality. If you are going to be posting this content to your website you want to make sure that it is usable; not fluff.

Finding a quality private label membership site is possible. By following the steps outlined above you should not have any problems getting the content that you need for a price you can afford.

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