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Belt Sanders come in a variety of different designs and styles. Much unlike the pedestal grinder, that has solid grinding wheels, the belt sander uses a flexible belt impregnated with a grinding medium. Belt sanders have the fundamental function of removing small amounts of material, like wood, plastic or metal.

The main advantage of a belt sander over the pedestal grinder is that soft metals such as; brass, aluminum, and copper may be ground on a belt sander without causing damage to the disk or sanding belt.

Vertical belt sander

There are two basic styles of Vertical Belt Sanders: without ventilation system and with ventilation system. Both incorporate a continuous revolving belt of a wide variety of belt widths that spin on two vertically positioned drums, one stationary the other adjustable for belt tension. And both types are very handy for removing burrs and grinding small amounts of material from the edges of a part. Vertical belt sanders can be mounted on a pedestal, and can be mounted on a table as well.

Hand-held belt sander

A hand-held Belt Sander has a continuous loop or belt of sandpaper that stretches across two wheels. When the drive wheel is engaged, the belt spins and removes stock. It is superb for the initial phases of rough sanding jobs. Since belt sanders remove a lot of material quickly, some of the hand-held belt sanders have variable speed controls, which allow the operator to adjust the sander to run at a comfortable level. The hand-held belt sander is very flexible to handle.

Belt sanders and safety

Do not work with a sander without an exhaust system or a dust collector nearby that is in good working order. Empty the collector when it is 1/4 full. The dust from the belt sander can be a fire and explosion threat. Proper ventilation is also very essential.

Do not apply too much pressure on a moving sander belt. Only light pressure weight on the sander belt/disk is enough for most jobs.

You should not work with unsecured stock unless it is heavy enough to stay in place. Clamp the stock into place or use a stop-block to avoid movement.

Be careful not to overreach; you should always keep proper footing and balance.

And do not cover the air vents of the sander.

There are homes that adopt a modern look and, therefore, use modern materials and designs. They may look a little futuristic and metallic, using only the finest concrete, steel, or fiber glass available. However, there are also those homes that stick to the conventional way of building; that is, by using wood. And for purists like these, hardwood floors are almost always a staple.

What is it about hardwood floors that never go out of style no matter how the times and interior design principles change? Hardwood floors offer a kind of natural sturdiness and reliability that cannot be found in most home building materials. Sure, concrete is great, but nothing beats a well finished hardwood floor to get that truly natural touch.

Hardwood floors are pretty expensive compared to most types of wood. However, they last a whole lot longer with proper care. The types of wood for such are oak and maple, but if you’re under a budget, you might want to work with the latter, as oak woods are relatively expensive.

Having a hardwood floor in your home is an investment, but it is a one-time expenditure. This means you shell out a large amount only once because all you have to do is make sure the floor is clean and its finish its intact to for the next generations to benefit from it. Diligent waxing will do; so will constant cleaning.

But, perhaps, the best benefit you can obtain from hardwood floors is the natural look. You see, concrete gives off this cramped and stuffy atmosphere. But if you see wood in your home, you won’t feel as trapped. Another is that no two hardwood floors are exactly alike. Because they come from a living thing, you are assured that each plank is unique.

You can’t help but admire the history of each hardwood floor plank, and that’s, perhaps, why it is comparatively pricey. If you want your home to have this rich old-house feel, use hard wood for your flooring. Surely, as human beings, we want some semblance of nature in our surroundings to keep us sane. Too much artificial building materials might seem ho-hum in the long run.

Finally, in order to enjoy the full benefits of hardwood floors, proper care must be employed. They should be cleaned out constantly and maintained with waxing and refinishings to protect their quality. Hardwood floors, because they are organic, can decay if left unattended. But if treated well, hard wood can last a lifetime, or five.

Are you tired of sweating all summer long because you do not want to shell out the cash for a central air conditioner? Have you given into the fact that there is no way to stay cool without breaking the bank? If this sounds like you, you are in luck. There is something that you can do this summer to stay cool, without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

By purchasing a window air conditioner, you will be able to keep yourself cool the entire summer. Even though you will only be able to have the unit in one window, if you properly place it there is no reason that you should not be able to cool down your entire home. Instead of placing your air conditioner in your bedroom window you may want to think about putting it in a more centralized location. This will help to spread the air out over your entire home, instead of keeping it in one room.

A window air conditioner will save you money in a couple of different ways. First off, a window air conditioner can be purchased for as little as $150. This offers huge savings compared to central air. At the same time, you will also save yourself money on the electric bill. Using a central air unit during the entire summer can make your electric bills sky rocket. But by using a window unit sparingly, you will be able to stay cool while also keeping your electric bill under control. A lot of people only use their window unit when it is absolutely necessary. This way you can control the approximate amount of money that you spend per month.

One of the least expensive, but most efficient window units that you can buy is the Kenmore 75051. This model will cost you approximately $150, but for that price you get a lot features. Features include a four way air deflection, a timer, two different fan speeds, and a remote control for easy use.

If you are looking for more power, you will want to step up to the GE AGM12. Even though you will have to spend about $400, you will be able to more quickly cool your house. This model offers 12,000 Btu’s which are controlled by three cooling speeds.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to stay cool this summer without spending thousands of dollars. A window air conditioner offers the features you need to stay cool, and also keep some money in your pocket.

On first hearing the term “home automation”, most log home owners will say something like… I didn’t build a rustic log home to turn it into a high-tech, silicon powered “smart building”.

I couldn’t agree more, the ever-changing technology of our fast-paced, hyper get-ahead world is one of the things most of us were trying to leave behind. But don’t let misinformation (or misunderstanding) keep you from achieving your original goal of simplifying your life.

Most of us can recall the first time we felt the excitement of making a light turn on with a timer, or changed channels on our TV with a remote control. A home automation system is about automating everyday tasks like those while getting the most from our energy dollars and protecting our home. Further good news is that we don’t have to call in the professionals to make it all happen.

Today’s home automation products are effortless to set up, even for non-geeks, and the cost is amazingly inexpensive. A typical starter kit, which includes home automation software several modules, remote controls and sensors is less than $100. Also, one of the best features of these systems is that you don’t have to leave your computer turned on for everything to work (additional modules for lamps and appliances cost as little as $15).

A company called X10 is the leader in inexpensive home automation products and offers a product called ActiveHome Professional (learn more here). After programming by your computer, an interface box communicates with your appliances through your home’s electrical wires. You can program the system to do amazing things using the ActiveHome Pro software. It is possible to lower your energy bills by developing schedules for lights and appliances.

You can download a plug-in from X10 that permits modules to operate on an “if-then” basis. For instance… if a room is dark and motion is detected, lights can be turned on in sequence, or music can play (or an alarm can activate). You are limited only by your imagination. In fact, X10 also offers a free software development kit that can interface with your e-mail. The point is, you can use the command modules to perform basic functions or get as creative as you want.

ABC Television’s Popular Show Extreme Makeover Home Edition has a reputation for finding and showcasing the latest technology into the homes they remodel and build. The X10 ActiveHome Pro products have been featured on the show.

So, you may have chosen to escape the city by building a log home in the country, but inserting a little technology in the mix will help you achieve your dream of simplifying your life. Its never been easier or more affordable to put home automation to work.

Have you ever wondered what feelings do you have when you look at bright red rose in the garden? Can you imagine if a garden that does not have colorful flowers but only the green foliage? Early in the morning when you see a newly opened flower in your garden, your heart is filled with joy and happiness. Each flower in the garden has a different color and hue that affects you differently. While the white lily touches your soul for its serenity, the red rose with its vibrant energy elicits a feeling of love and passion. The feeling is different because the flower is reflecting a different color and Feng Shui uses this natural magic of colors to transform your life.

A rose is red because it reflects red color and Feng Shui makes use of this reflected energy to create a balance between yin and yang energies that suits your personality or your environment.

You may be aware of two types of energies (yin and yang) that the colors in Feng Shui represent. You can think of yin energy as like a plant growing from the earth. It comes from the soil, raising itself upward and moving toward the sky. As yin energy moves up to the sky it becomes diffused and dissipated. Yin energies have an element of dreaminess about them and the colors like blue, white, green and purple according to Feng Shui are believed to have yin energies.

If your home office is full of creative and dream-inducing objects or colors, Feng Shui may ask you to get rid of them (at least some of them) and introduce in their place more vibrant colors that will help you get in the right spirit to do some work and be enthusiastic.

Every association you have with a color contributes in some way to how you are. That is why colors play a meaningful role within the practice of Feng Shui. It is very essential for you to understand why toning down or playing up certain Feng Shui colors in your home will help you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself in your life.

The guiding principle in using Feng Shui Colors should be to achieve balance rather than excess. Whether you are planning the color scheme of your home, office, garden or personal appearance, the following characteristics of the colors in Feng Shui practice will give you an insight into how they can be used in Feng Shui design.

Yin Colors & Feng Shui

Yin colors according to Feng Shui are the colors which bring about healing and relaxation. The relation between colors and Feng Shui can be better understood by taking the example of some colors as given below.

Blue: Blue color according to Feng Shui has yin energy and it is calm and soothing. This color has great significance in Feng Shui as it reflects love as it heals and relaxes. Blue creates a feeling of peace and trust. Since it is the color of the sea and sky, Feng Shui associates it with adventure and exploration. Navy blue it the color of intellect and wisdom.

Black: Black color in Feng Shui symbolizes money and income, black is great for careers, especially when combined with metal. It is the Feng Shui color of emotional protection and power.

Purple: Purple, the color which lies at the end of the spectrum, has a great significance in spiritual Feng Shui. The color is excellent for physical and mental healing and Feng Shui associates it with spiritual awareness.

White: The color in Feng Shui represents poise, confidence and purity. Because of its yin energy, Feng Shui uses this color mostly in combination with gold or silver to generate an atmosphere The other yin colors of Feng Shui are pink and green which also have their individual properties that are used in Feng Shui practice.

Yang colors and Feng Shui

Yellow: Yellow color in Feng Shui is considered to be as auspicious as red. Yellow represents sunbeams, warmth, motion, cheerfulness and friendliness. However, according to a noted color Feng Shui consultant, prolonged exposure to large amounts of intense yellow can cause anxiety.

Orange: With a lot of yang energy the orange color has great significance for spiritual Feng Shui practice as it strengthens your concentration. You might use this color when your creative well runs dry. Orange color in Feng Shui is used to give you a sense of purpose. Orange is the color of organization.

The other yang colors of Feng Shui are Tan/Beige, Brown, Red, Mauve, Maroon and lavender and gold. Each color has its significance such as money, luck or romance. These colors can be used in different combinations with Feng Shui elements for balancing the chi of your Feng Shui home, Feng Shui bed room, or Feng Shui office.

Colors & Feng Shui also have a lot to do with the direction in which your home sits. There are different colors that Feng Shui defines for the use in exterior facades of your house. Exterior colors of your house in Feng Shui practice can be used for matching or enhancing the basic house type that you have.

For example if your house is facing towards the south, painting its exterior with white, grey or blue enhances the flow of chi in your home. For houses facing towards East, the colors in earth tones or metal tones are thought to be of much use for enhancing the positive energies of the house.

The above article has been written with the sole aim of introducing you to the significance of relationship between colors and Feng Shui. But in actual Feng Shui practice there are many other factors which need to be given importance, it is very essential for you to understand the core of Feng Shui.

Once you know what is Feng Shui, you are in better position to understand the significance of Feng Shui tips. Remember that opening your heart to universe is more important than knowing meaning of colors and Feng Shui practice, because it is from there that you allow the healing energies to flow in your heart and living environments. The book on The Spiritual Feng Shui has been specially written for Feng Shui study for beginners to bring home the significance of spiritualism for Feng Shui practice.

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