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With fierce crime on an increase, eager For Sale By Owners, are often slack in their judgment of just how dangerous such a thrift venture is. Husbands become homicides, wives are ravaged, families forever devastated, all because invincible men are anxious to sell homes themselves to people who-they only want to believe-are qualified buyers.

What would For Sale By Owners do if they knew they were really buying trouble?

As a retired real estate broker, I feel qualified to shed some light on this, all too often, evaded area of concern.

Most agents are reluctant to tell people just how dangerous it is to open their door to strangers. Understandably, people who must sell homes would, if they can avoid it, rather not pay sales commission fees. Of course, it is absolutely within a consensual couple’s rights to sell their home themselves.

But all too often, the man saying, “We can sell it ourselves, Honey,” pops a FOR SALE BY OWNER sign in the yard, and goes off to work. His complacent companion places an ad in the local newspaper, fields the phone, and sets appointments for supposedly “Interested buyers” to come see their home. The danger is cloaked in ignorance.

I’ve had women, former clients, tell me they had prayed that no one would call, and after peeking out the curtains, then refused to answer the door. In their efforts to be professional, most agents do not wish to alarm or alienate sellers who might list with them later. I am retired and have no such vested interest.

Even Realtors
Church fundraising has got to be one of the easiest ways of fundraising that is out there. Everyone is willing to give to the church and is more than willing to help in any way possible. Church fundraising is fun and is a way of getting the whole congregation in the mood to help. Depending on what you decided to have as your fundraising product, it should go over very well.

Whether it is baked goods, crafts, candles, hot suppers served, a quilt sale or one of the many choices that are out there it is sure to be a hit.

Another good idea for a Christian fundraiser is a cookbook. However, this type of church fundraising takes more time and effort, but it is well worth it. Collect all your congregation favorite recipes and get them together. Pick out the amount you want to enter in your cookbook and designate someone in the congregation to copy them off. You can have these pages tied together with pretty ribbons and depending on what time of the year it is you can make your cookbook for that season. This is one fund raising idea that always goes over well.

There is no other fundraiser like a Christian fundraiser. You will get all the support you need in getting your fundraiser together and going over smoothly. The congregation is a wonderful place to find the help you need that goes into getting a church fundraising event together. A Christian fundraiser is like no other where there are so many people pulling for the same cause.

If you choose a hot supper as your church fundraising idea, selling the tickets in advance gives you the money to buy the supplies and you know how many to cook for. Many times the congregation donates the food for this type of Christian fundraiser so that the church can keep all the profits. If your idea for a church fund raiser is a craft sale, everyone will make a few crafts and donate them for the cause and will be there to sell them also. Any Christian congregation enjoys getting together for a fund raiser regardless of what work is involved because they are doing it for their church.

The joy of giving will give you a very profitable Christian fundraiser. Not only from the congregation, but from anyone that happens to come by. If your church fundraising event is well advertised, it should be a big success. Any fund raiser needs to be organized and can be easy or difficult depending on the amount of people you have access to. Just be sure it is clear what each individual is expected to do before you begin.

Church fundraising is fun and effective, but it needs to be done well, and can be hard work.

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A loved one passes away and their precious items go up for auction. Your home was affected by a flood or fire and certain precious items were damaged. Or worse, someone broke into your house and stole some of your valuables. Either because of loss or damage, one thing is certain- you need help RECLAIMING FAMILY HEIRLOOMS.

The Fuller Brush Company has been in business since 1906. It’s been one hundred years and in that time span, families change. Babies are born, loved ones pass away, others leave home. Something as simple as a hairbrush may not seem like much, but when it becomes a family heirloom, as is the case for a lot of Fuller Brushes, their absence can be heartbreaking. The company gets calls all the time from individuals saying that the brush they inherited or purchased years ago still looks like new, even with daily use.

Many of The Fuller Brush Company’s items are classified as vintage or antique. You can find their letter openers, perfume compact/pins, Barlow lighters, and other items in antique shops and online stores. A quick internet search on “Fuller Brush Antiques” pulls up scores of information. If you suspect you have a Fuller Brush vintage or antique item, consult an expert in the subject or do your own online or library search.

When a loved one passes away and has no will, their valuable items will often go up for auction. Well, you can either try to put in a claim that you should inherit it, or attend the auction and purchase it. However, when a piece is especially valuable, RECLAIMING FAMILY HEIRLOOMS in this way can become more of a challenge, especially if they are collector’s items.

If your house was ravaged by a flood or fire, you will need to sift through debris when RECLAIMING FAMILY HEIRLOOMS. Make sure your insurance company and any necessary investigators pay you a visit before you disturb anything. Once they or any investigators say it is okay to sift through, sift slowly and carefully through your belongings. Heirlooms and antiques should not be left outside where the elements can cause even more damage so the quicker you can locate them, the better.

If there was a break in and your valuable family heirlooms were stolen, contact the authorities right away. They may be able to alert area pawn shops and art dealers in case any of the items turn up. To make the authorities’ jobs easier, provide them with photos and description of all the items. For extra protection, photograph your items and write detailed descriptions. Place the photos and descriptions in a safety deposit box in case you need them for later use.

If your heirlooms still haven’t turned up, take heart. Remember they are just things, and no one can take away the story and memories attached to them. Talk to your children and grandchildren about them. Write a memoir. Share their stories with as many people as you can. Maybe they’ll still resurface!

Family entertainment can be very exciting and a great way to spend quality time together in an excellent environment. Children and adults alike need this time together to learn about each other and be close as a family. Entertainment can be fun and enjoyable and some forms of entertainment can even be educational.

Theme parks are a great form of family entertainment where you have thrilling rides and exciting shows that is suitable for the whole family. It doesn’t matter how old or young members of your family are, these types of amusement parks always have something for every one in the family. Carnivals are another place where families can go for thrilling entertainment. They offer a variety of rides and games for the whole family.

Everyone loves a good circus where animals and their trainers put on a spectacular show. Clowns are a big hit and keep the children and many adults laughing. If excitement is something you are looking for then the acrobats presenting their balancing acts on the tight ropes keeps everyone on the edge of their seats.

Does your family enjoy seeing and learning about different types of animals and their habitats, if so then a Zoo is a wonderful place to visit. You can explore how these animals live and exist and learn what they eat and how they survive. You can see many exotic animals that you would not ever have the opportunity to see any other way.

If you like being one of these first to see the newest movies then a family trip to the theater would be a lot of fun. But if you are looking for family entertainment that is a little quieter and less expensive then having a family night at home watching movies and eating popcorn together can be a lot of fun. Also board games can be a very inexpensive way for the family to play together while providing an educational edge. Family entertainment is the way to bring any family closer together.

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