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St. Patrick’s Day is known as a day of celebration and festivities, but very few people know the true story of St. Patrick and who he really is.

By tradition, he is a patron saint of the Catholic religion because of the captivity that he went through, the time of solitude and his great faith, and eventually the number of people that were converted to know God through him. It is legend that he heard angels and they helped him in his decisions. All in all, he is known as the patron saint of good luck and blessings to the Catholics in that era up until the 21st century.

St. Patrick was a real live person born in the time around 400 AD in Roman Britian, when the British Isles were still under the domain of the Romans. He was born with the name Maewyn. His name wasn’t changed until he was in the monastery. His father was a soldier in the army, and Patrick also reports him to be a deacon, civil official, and a town councilor, who was a son of a Romano-British priest. The family was Christian, but they weren’t extremely religious, some historians even say Patrick was agnostic in his childhood.

According to his most famous work, the Confessio, Patrick was captured along with many others when his village was attacked, and he was taken to Ireland as a slave. Patrick was under the authority of a druid high priest and his family and here he learned the native Celtic language which he later used to communicate, and help those to be converted.

After 8 years in captivity, he escaped at the age of twenty-two, and legend has it that an angel directed him to spend twelve years in a monastery near Paris, France, where he adopted the name Patrick. It was during this time of captivity that Patrick found God and developed the habit of praying throughout the day to strengthen himself and to be closer to God. It is recorded in the Confessio that he would often pray up to 100 times a day. One night, while in the monastery, he said he heard many voices that were calling him back to Ireland to help the remaining slaves. At this time he was somewhere in his mid thirties and so he answered the callings. He became one of the first Christian missionaries in Ireland.

He was confident in the Lord, and he journeyed far and wide, baptizing and confirming with untiring zeal. Indeed, Patrick was successful at converting Ireland to christianity . And he even made important converts even among the royal families. For 20 years he had travelled throughout Ireland, establishing monasteries, schools and churches, which would aid him in his conversions. He died on March 17th.

You can see how originally this was a Catholic holy day, but today St. Patrick’s Day has evolved into more of a secular holiday. Or, rather, ‘be Irish Day ‘. Speculation as to why this holiday is so popular could be the coming of spring that occurs within just a few days.

Christmas brings a new life to the believers. Much before Christmas comes, the mood around the world changes. It is the anticipation of lovely days ahead of giving joy, meeting friends and family and feeling the spirit in the air that changes the most negative person to positive moods. Chistmas makes a person different. The same man, who you never see smiling, laughs during Christmas. That is the festive spirit of Christmas and that is why it is a lovely festival.

The most important part of Christmas is of course celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Another ritual of Christmas that makes it so special is giving. We send so many cards to friends and family that we lose the count. Similarly giving gifts is very important. Selecting the right gift for everyone, wrapping it lovingly and sending it across, all this is joyful. This joy cannot be described in words.

As I said earlier, it is the giving that is the major reason of happiness. If we look at our moods and behavior, we find that we always derive greater joy in giving compared to receiving. Can we not celebrate this spirit of giving everyday? Can we not get this joy everyday? Can we not make someone happy everyday? We can. With conscious effort, we can do one act a day that makes somebody genuinely happy. Why not carry the spirit of Christmas all the year and enjoy the happiness of giving. One is blessed when one gives. Let us get these blessings round the year.

Arbor Day, as it is commonly known today, is of American origin and was first observed in Nebraska, USA on the 10th of April 1872. Now it is always observed on the last Friday in April. Arbor Day in different forms and names is now observed in more than fifty countries.

Arbor in Latin means a tree. The spirit of Arbor Day is to plant trees and care for them and help them grow strong. It is what we give back to nature. If we think about our ancestors, we can imagine the dependence on trees in those times. Trees were widely used for wood, fruits, flowers and the shade a tree gave. The earliest humans derived tremendous benefits from the trees. We are all obliged to trees. Can birds survive without trees?

Think of a tree. Most of the trees grow from a small seed. Let us become a little philosophical. The seed makes a tree and the tree gives so many more seeds, who in turn give so many trees and in turn more seeds. How many trees does a seed contain? Infinite. Is this not an exciting thought? The trees stand alone on a piece of land. The roots go deep down the earth and hold the soil strongly. The tree gives leaves, wood, bark, fruits, flowers, sometimes different types of gums and shade for the tired souls. A tree gives all that it has got back to the animal world. In deep jungles, so many animals rest below the trees in the afternoons, and the birds make countless nests on the trees. Can one imagine the importance of trees in the ecological balance? It can not be measured. The butterflies know about that than many of us humans.

Many of us have seen so many trees since our childhood that we never give a thought to them. Visit a desert and you will realize the blessing that are trees. The desert looks so desolate without any growth, without the trees. Where are the singing birds in a desert? Where are the fruits, the flowers, and the shade? Trees are necessary for our growth, and they tell us about a selfless life. After you plant a tree and help it grow, it asks nothing from you for its lifetime. It only gives. That is the selflessness of trees and that is how a life must be lived by all of us. Give more and expect less in return.

Birthdays are very important for most people. You can make it extra special for them with a thoughtful gift. Remember that it is not enough that you hand them a present -your sincerity should show from the kind of gift you give.

The best way to convey that message is by giving something that a person will truly appreciate or use. It need not be anything expensive. Even simple gifts are appreciated so long as the thought is there. Before going shopping, you may want to ask around as to what the receipt may want. His or her friends or family are your best sources.

You can never go wrong with flowers. Most flower shops have delivery services, and you can also order on line. A more lasting floral gift is a flowering plant that can liven up an office cubicle. You may also send a care basket- a collection of items such as specialized toiletries and emergency kits. This is ideal for a single person. There are also online stores that can help you with this.

More practical people will appreciate gift certificates to their favorite stores. Perhaps you would like to try a more out of the box gift, like give that person an extraordinary experience on her birthday. Check out websites that offer various services from adventure packages to makeover projects.

Always remember that when giving a birthday gift, the rule is you should like the gift first. Ask yourself, if you would like to receive the same thing for your birthday. If you answer yes, then you’re off to a good start. But if still no ideas come to mind, there are professional shoppers who can help you come up with a good gift idea.

Holiday shopping online has taken a lot of stress out the holiday season with one exception. What if your order doesn’t show up on time? Here are the delivery rules.

Holiday Shopping – Prompt Delivery Rules

The Internet is the fastest growing source of holiday gifts orders. The FTC, however, has received complaints in the past about gifts not being delivered on time. To stop this, the agency has set down rules for Internet retailers.

The FTC has issues directives spelling out the ground rules for making promises about shipments, notifying consumers about unexpected delays, and refunding consumers’ money. Enforced by the FTC, the Mail or Telephone Order Rule applies to orders placed by phone, fax or the Internet.

Delivery Rules

By law, an Internet retailer must have a reasonable basis for stating that a product can be shipped within a certain time. If their advertising doesn’t clearly and prominently state the shipment period, they must have a reasonable basis for believing they can ship within 30 days. Most retailers, however, will promise much shorter times, even a few days if you agree to extra shipping costs.

If a retailer runs into inventory problems and can’t ship within the promised time, it must notify you of the delay. The retailer must also provide a revised shipment date and explain your right to cancel and get a full and prompt refund. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Your Response

For definite delays of up to 30 days, a retailer can treat a customer’s silence as agreeing to the delay. But for longer or indefinite delays – and second and subsequent delays – a retailer must get the customer’s written, electronic or verbal consent to the delay. If you tell the retailer to pound sand, they must promptly refund all of your money.

FTC Takes Care of You

The FTC takes a very aggressive stance towards retailers who fail to deliver orders on time. This is particularly true if a retailer blows it during the Christmas season. Millions of dollars in fines are handed out each year.


If you order gifts online, keep notes on when you ordered and expect delivery. Also, keep an eye out for emails from the retailer, particularly since they may end up in your spam box. If nothing comes from the retailer, get on the phone and find out what is going on. Taking these steps will keep the kinks out of your online holiday shopping experience.

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Holiday Journals – Preserve Your Holiday Experiences

The holidays are a great time to gather the family. Alas, your holiday experiences can fade with time. The best way to prevent this is to keep a journal for your holidays.

Holiday Writing Journals

Take a minute to give some consideration to the holidays in 2004. What sticks out in your mind? Now think about what you did for the holidays in 1998. Undoubtedly, you remember few things about 1998. The experiences you’ve forgotten are lost to time. If you had kept a journal, this wouldn’t be the case.

Keeping a journal each holiday season is a good way to build up a history of family gatherings. It also keeps you from losing hilarious and cherished moments to the passage of time. Each holiday season offers a chance to see how the lives of families and friends have changed. It is also a time to reflect on the things you have to be thankful for, such as a sister or brother you haven’t seen in years. Keeping a journal lets you take a snap shot in time of what you were thinking then.

As time passes, your holiday journal will grow in detail. It will become a great keepsake by acting as a time line for the growth of your family. You’ll be able to look back at past years and read about the good and, perhaps, not so good times. You’ll be shocked how to realize how much everything has changed over time.

As time continues to pass, you will inevitably lose loved ones as nature runs its course. I am not trying to be macabre, just realistic. Your journal will give you a detailed account of memories involving that person. Frankly, re-reading the good times can help get you through the tough ones.

Eventually, you’ll have to come to a decision with your journal. Should you pass it on to one of your children to carry on the volume or just keep it as your private diary? Whatever your choice, you’ll be thankful you kept a record of the holiday seasons spent with your family.

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