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Romance, love, appreciation, adoration, and Mother’s Day. All these things go hand in hand for the mother of your children and the woman that gave birth to you.

But for your wife, you really want to do something that she will never forget.

Try taking her out for a candle light dinner and dancing, a romantic walk, a picnic if the weather permits, or romantic, candle lit bubble bath.

Bubble baths are always a favorite, because we never seem to have enough time to slow down and relax. So set up a few scented candles of her favorite scent, find her favorite slow music, soft warm towels, a nice lufa sponge, the kind that are from the sea, some sea salts, and of course, the bubbles.

Make sure the kids are at a friends or family members house for the night. Spread flower pedals on the floor like a carpet, along the way, put up little loving notes set next to a clean robe, a bottle of her favorite wine, a single rose, some comfortable slippers, and so on, guiding her to where you want her to be.

Giving her loving instructions on what to do next, always reminding her how much you love her. Lead her softly, seductively onto the next step until she is relaxing in the tub. Quietly and sensually, approach her and start washing her with the sponge, gazing into her loving eyes, smiling, cooing her into receptiveness. Feeding her fruit, caressing every inch with a tender touch. Gently, washing away the concerns and worries of the day.

By the time you are done, you will have a warm, loving, beautifully, adoring wife that will probably follow you anywhere. Take her to bedroom, lay her down, and give her the next step which is a massage with warm scented oils, finishing what the bubble bath didn’t get. Now remember she may fall asleep, but don’t worry about it, this is all for her. She will remember this and pay you back in full with interest.

Feathered Christmas trees are natural looking. Their branches aren’t exactly the same. There is instead a natural variation in branch size. Feathered Christmas trees, whether artificial or real, look more natural than those not feathered. Trees aren’t the only xmas decoration that could use some feathered effects either. You can choose online from a number of feathered Christmas wreaths, for natural looks and beautiful ornamentation of your home or door.

We found some stunning feathered Christmas wreaths and trees made of pine. The wreaths were wired and beribboned. The designer started with a faux pine wreath with a realistic feathered look that was approximately 18 inches in diameter. Its frame, double wires, was 14 inches wide. This wreath was made with feathered pine that looked airy and light. Its needles gave it the feathered affectation that was also designed into the Christmas trees. The wreaths looked amazingly realistic, with pinecones and twigs placed through out the wreath.

This vendor offered a variety of 18 inch feathered Christmas wreaths, the perfect doorway complement to your Christmas trees.

The first displayed beautiful Christmas ribbon with caricatures of Ol’ Saint Nick running through it. The second, as lovely as the first, sported a red ribbon with festive candy cane motif. Another of these feathered Christmas wreaths was decorated with a sheer ribbon of pale blue with beautiful snowflakes running through it.

If you want to choose a larger wreath to accompany your feathered Christmas tree there are a number that are 22 inches in diameter, some with realistic looking snow hanging onto their limbs and gorgeous holiday bows.

Have you ever given anyone a health or fitness related gift, only to have the recipient get offended because they assume you are saying they need to lose weight or get in better shape? Trust me, it can get ugly. And the ones who get the maddest are the ones who need it the most!

Here are some tips for healthy gift-giving this holiday season that will help you give a nice gift, while maintaining your relationship with the recipient.

First, understanding the benefits of regular exercise yourself will allow you to share a gift with someone in the true spirit of love and concern for them. If the recipient can understand you are looking out for their best interest and want them to live a longer and healthier life, the gift will be well received. A corollary to this first point is to give a fitness gift to someone who already understands the importance of healthy activity in their life.

Second, select a gift that can also be used when the person is not “exercising.” A nice sports watch, for example, can be worn as a regular digital watch on a regular basis, then kick into timing laps or keeping pace when the person is working out. Heart rate monitors can be worn without the chest transmitter strap, similarly providing regular sports watch functionality until the user needs that heart rate measurement.

People love high-tech gadgets. Especially men. So the third point is to find something that uses new or innovative technology. In the health and fitness world, there are several products that fit this bill. Timex makes some incredible speed and distance units that use GPS technology to give constant readouts on speed, distance, pace, and more. Newer units also come with heart rate monitors and can send all that data to a separate recorder unit that can download training data to your PC.

Perhaps no one puts high-tech into a wrist unit better than Finnish company Suunto. Their wristop computers are the ultimate in multi-function training devices. They range from simple functions like time, date, and stopwatch to the more advanced altitude, temperature, and EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). Suunto even makes units that will keep your golf score, and measure the speed of your swing.

Finally, choose something simple that can be a constant reminder to get more regular physical activity than the recipient is currently getting. A pedometer is a great tool for motivation, as it constantly reminds you to take more steps per day. Pedometers count steps, distance, calories, time and much more (depending on the model). A person can clip one on their waistband and go all day-whether deliberately “exercising” or not-and keep track of their effort.

Whatever health and fitness gift you decide to give this holiday season, be assured you are helping the recipient live a better and healthier life. That’s truly the “gift that keeps on giving.”

Norfolk is one of the UK’s leading holiday destinations, with an excellent array of places to visit and things to do and see, welcoming visitors of all ages.

For holidaymakers staying in Great Yarmouth, the resort is well positioned to explore some of best bits of the county, including the stunning Norfolk Broads, the unspoilt beaches and the many, varied attractions.

If you’re holidaying with small children Norfolk has a good selection of places to visit that are both fun and educational. The attractions range from searching for dinosaurs through woodland to learning about Shire horses, along with play barns and animal farms for really young children.

For older children and teenagers Norfolk also has something to offer with a good range of activities, such as adrenaline fuelled rides at amusement parks, shopping, cinemas and mountain biking. Yet, if it rains during your visit then the county is fully prepared for the unpredictable British weather too with good indoor attractions including the Sealife Centre in Great Yarmouth, and great family activities such as swimming and bowling.

Alongside the attractions and outdoor adventure activities the county has a wealth of museums and historic houses that bring the area’s history to life. Nestled in the beautiful countryside, majestic stately homes and parkland, including picturesque Somerleyton Hall and Blickling Hall, owned by the National Trust, are waiting to be discovered. The historical seaside towns of Great Yarmouth and Cromer also have a great range of museums that document Norfolk’s maritime history.

Make the most of today and the past with a day out in the historic city of Norwich. For shopping, sightseeing or just simply exploring, the city is just 20 miles from Great Yarmouth and is definitely worth a visit. Now one of the top ten places to shop in the UK with not one but two shopping centres, plus a Norman Cathedral and impressive castle, museums, art galleries, and much more, there’s plenty for everyone to do whatever their passion or interest.

Out of the town and into the countryside, there are numerous ways to explore Norfolk with the county having some fantastic steam railways, cycle routes and walks. The best of these include the North Norfolk Railway, based on the coast in Sheringham, and the Peddars Way and Coast Path that are part of the National Trails network. And of course with the Norfolk Broads, there are opportunities to take to the water either on a cruise or by hiring a boat.

Not surprisingly the varying habitats in Norfolk are a haven for nature and birds of all sorts, so birdwatchers and nature lovers should definitely bring their binoculars. The long stretch of Norfolk coastline is home to some of the most protected habitats in the UK, with fragile ecosystems such as heathland, salt marshes and tidal wetland. An internationally recognised stretch of coastline, it is home to some of the UK’s most important bird reserves, including the RSPB site at Titchwell, which gets over 100,000 visitors a year. Further down the coast it is possible to either walk, a good 4 miles over shingle, or catch a boat from the village of Morston, to see the seal colony at the end of Blakeney Point.

So whatever you want from your holiday Norfolk has a great range of attractions to offer to all age groups and audiences – with Great Yarmouth providing an ideal base from which to explore.

Desktop wallpapers for holidays are a great treat for the eyes during the holidays. These wallpapers add color and festive spirit to the computer screen. Whenever you look at your desktop, you get to see a lovely wallpaper with lovely colors, designs and text. That feeling cannot be easily described.

Desktop wallpapers and holidays – The holidays bring their own fun and festivity. Imagine your mood during Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and other such holidays. Your mood is totally different. Your heart is full of joy and your thinking is very positive. you avoid thinking about all stresses and negatives in life during holidays. That mood is reinforced with Desktop wallpapers.

How To chose wallpapers – Avoid exe Files. All the static wallpapers are in JPG format. Whichever site offers direct images to set as wallpaper, use that and avoid exe files. Such files with wallpapers may carry ad-ware or spyware. If that is not present, then download and use it.

Design – Please remember that you will be using the wallpaper on your screen. The design should not trouble you in locating your icons. Therefore select designs where the images are more prominent on the right side of the screen. This will give you enough free space on left for icons.

File weight – Desktop wallpapers do not consume much CPU usage. So you need not worry about your system getting overloaded.

Bring holiday spirit on your desktops with holiday wallpapers. They are a joy to watch. You can also send your selection to your friends and family. Enjoy with these free downloads.

The holidays bring joy and a sense of well-being for most people. With the numerous parties, activities, family get-togethers, and holiday shopping, you may find that you are very busy and may not pay attention to potential scams and rip-offs. Here are some tips that will keep you and your money safe during the holidays:


While shopping for the many gifts you intend to give this year, pay careful attention to the presence of pickpockets. Keep you money in a front pocket rather than in your back pocket. If you carry a purse, make sure you hold it close to your body rather than holding it by the strap and letting it swing as you walk. Crafty pickpockets who often work as a team steal millions of dollars each year. One will distract the victim while the other slips in and take the victim’s money. Protect yourself and your wallet at all times. Do not be fooled into thinking that since you are shopping at an upscale, safe location that you will not become the victim of a pickpocket.

Online Shopping Scams

Beware of online scams. During the holidays there are many web sites that offer incredible deals on various merchandise, travel specials, and a number of other seemingly ‘perfect’ opportunities. Be very careful about what you purchase online and from whom you make purchases. If you are careless in your online shopping habits, you may find that your merchandise never arrives as promised, the deal you thought you were purchasing is non-existent, or that not only does your order arrive after the holidays are over, but when it does arrive the merchandise only vaguely resembles that pictured on the web site, if there is any similarity at all.

Credit Card Companies

Beware of credit card companies that increase your spending limit immediately before the holiday shopping season begins. Each purchase you make will accrue interest, increasing the overall amounts you will spend the items you buy. Also do not make the mistake of accepting offers from your credit card company to skip your payment until after the New Year. The interest you owe will still accrue and you will end up owing more than you did initially. Also, be very cautious about making online purchases during the holiday season. While most merchants are reputable, there are some that will put up a web site with the express intent of obtaining credit card and debit card numbers for fraudulent purposes.

Telemarketing Scams

Telemarketing scams seem to increase during the holidays. Never give your personal information or credit card number to an unsolicited caller. Millions are stolen each year during the holidays due to telemarketing scams that entice consumers to make purchases immediately. If a telemarketer tells you that the incredible offer they are giving you will only be available for the next 10 minutes, hang up immediately. You should also be very careful when making purchases from door-to-door salesmen. Not only could you have your personal information used in a fraudulent manner, you could risk your safety by allowing strangers into your home.

Charity Scams

Beware of mail and calls from charities that you have never heard of. Many people have fallen victim to a charity scam that solicits money form unsuspecting consumers. The charity promises that your tax-deductible gift will go to help the underprivileged, starving children, victims of natural disasters, etc. Most charities are reputable, but stay away from any charity solicitation that is from an organization you have never seen before.

Wrapping Paper Station Scam

Also, beware of wrapping paper station scams. Wrapping paper stations can seem like a great idea, but in reality you can purchase and wrap everything you need for significantly less money. However, if you do decide to use a wrapping paper station make sure you’re present at all times while your gift is being wrapped. Do not leave your gifts at the station and come back later to pick them up. The time you may save is not worth the extra expense and you may find out later that the gifts you bought were not the gifts you paid to have wrapped.

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