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The holidays bring joy and a sense of well-being for most people. With the numerous parties, activities, family get-togethers, and holiday shopping, you may find that you are very busy and may not pay attention to potential scams and rip-offs. Here are some tips that will keep you and your money safe during the holidays:


While shopping for the many gifts you intend to give this year, pay careful attention to the presence of pickpockets.

Keep you money in a front pocket rather than in your back pocket. If you carry a purse, make sure you hold it close to your body rather than holding it by the strap and letting it swing as you walk. Crafty pickpockets who often work as a team steal millions of dollars each year. One will distract the victim while the other slips in and take the victim’s money. Protect yourself and your wallet at all times. Do not be fooled into thinking that since you are shopping at an upscale, safe location that you will not become the victim of a pickpocket.

Online Shopping Scams

Beware of online scams. During the holidays there are many web sites that offer incredible deals on various merchandise, travel specials, and a number of other seemingly ‘perfect’ opportunities. Be very careful about what you purchase online and from whom you make purchases. If you are careless in your online shopping habits, you may find that your merchandise never arrives as promised, the deal you thought you were purchasing is non-existent, or that not only does your order arrive after the holidays are over, but when it does arrive the merchandise only vaguely resembles that pictured on the web site, if there is any similarity at all.

Credit Card Companies

Beware of credit card companies that increase your spending limit immediately before the holiday shopping season begins. Each purchase you make will accrue interest, increasing the overall amounts you will spend the items you buy. Also do not make the mistake of accepting offers from your credit card company to skip your payment until after the New Year. The interest you owe will still accrue and you will end up owing more than you did initially. Also, be very cautious about making online purchases during the holiday season. While most merchants are reputable, there are some that will put up a web site with the express intent of obtaining credit card and debit card numbers for fraudulent purposes.

Telemarketing Scams

Telemarketing scams seem to increase during the holidays. Never give your personal information or credit card number to an unsolicited caller. Millions are stolen each year during the holidays due to telemarketing scams that entice consumers to make purchases immediately. If a telemarketer tells you that the incredible offer they are giving you will only be available for the next 10 minutes, hang up immediately. You should also be very careful when making purchases from door-to-door salesmen. Not only could you have your personal information used in a fraudulent manner, you could risk your safety by allowing strangers into your home.

Charity Scams

Beware of mail and calls from charities that you have never heard of. Many people have fallen victim to a charity scam that solicits money form unsuspecting consumers. The charity promises that your tax-deductible gift will go to help the underprivileged, starving children, victims of natural disasters, etc. Most charities are reputable, but stay away from any charity solicitation that is from an organization you have never seen before.

Wrapping Paper Station Scam

Also, beware of wrapping paper station scams. Wrapping paper stations can seem like a great idea, but in reality you can purchase and wrap everything you need for significantly less money. However, if you do decide to use a wrapping paper station make sure you’re present at all times while your gift is being wrapped. Do not leave your gifts at the station and come back later to pick them up. The time you may save is not worth the extra expense and you may find out later that the gifts you bought were not the gifts you paid to have wrapped.

Looking for Christmas Gift ideas for your loved ones? With this little guide you can easily choose a suitable Christmas gift for your friends and relatives. Online Shopping for Christmas gifts rather than going to a local shop is very interesting. When you send Christmas gifts online, you save both time and money. Its also an easy way to shop for friends and family overseas. Finding high quantity gifts for Christmas is not a difficult task. Its only a matter of a few searches and mouse clicks. Let me show you what’s best for you to buy online with different types of Christmas Gifts to choose.

Online Christmas Gift Idea: Christmas Flowers

Consider Beautiful arrangement of flowers in flower vase, Bouquet or in basket. You can choose a wide range of flowers like roses, daisies, Lilies or mixed flowers.

Examples of online flower gift types to choose:

– Christmas Rose Bouquet

– Two Roses In A Bud Vase

– Six Roses In A Vase

– flowers with Carnations

– One Dozen Yellow Roses/Red Roses/White Roses

– One Dozen Mixed Color Roses

– Vase of Stargazer Lilies or Gerbera Daisies

– Wrapped bouquet of mixed flowers

– Fresh Flowers with Plant Basket

– Vase of Dendrobium Orchids

– Flower Basket or Flower Bowl

Online Christmas Gift Idea: Christmas Fruit Baskets

A basket filled with different types of delicious seasonal fruits will be a fantastic gift idea for this Christmas. With Fruits, you can also add cheeses, meats, crackers and other goodies like the following.

– Gourmet Fruit Basket

– Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket

– Plant and Fruit Basket

– Delightful Christmas Fruit Tray

– Christmas Tree Tower of Fruit and Gourmet

What about a small tower of orchard-fresh fruit and delicious gourmet sweets and treats, decorated with white snowflakes and shaped like a Christmas tree. Neatly tied up with an elegant red satin bow, the medium 3-tier tower includes seasonal oranges, pears and apples, Christmas select mix, cookies, pesto cheddar cheese, chocolate toffee, crackers and mixed nuts.

Online Christmas Gift Idea: Christmas Plant Baskets with Fresh Flowers

Sending a plant is a beautiful way to express thanks or to send cheer to a loved one. A beautiful combination of plants and flowers is also a good idea. You can include variety of plants combined with flower. What about sending Bonsai or Lucky Bamboo for your friend who is interested in Feng Shui.

Few examples are:

– Azalea plant in Christmas Gift Basket

– Plant Basket with Fresh Flowers

– Lucky Bamboo in Basket

– Great Wall Of Chi – Collection of bamboo canes woven together.

– Bamboo Forest Fountain

– Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai

Online Christmas Gift Idea: Christmas Sweet Baskets

A beautiful hand painted basket with delicious assortment of fine chocolates bars, truffles, fudge filled cookies, Cherry Delights, Coconut Delights, Mint Delights, Peanut Butter Delights and much more. You’ll be loved for ordering this basket of sweets from Online shops.

– Chocolate Delights Gift Basket

– Coffee Connoisseur Gift Basket

– Sweets-N-Treats Basket

– Tea Time Christmas Gift Basket

– Chocolate Lover’s Basket

– Chocolate Covered Strawberries in Basket

Online Christmas Gift Idea: Christmas Cake Baskets

What about a basket filled with smooth and creamy cheesecake, chocolate cookie crumb crust, chocolate chips, caramel, lime flavored sour cream with or without fresh fruit toppings or embellishments.

– Turtle Cheesecake

– New York Cheesecake

– Marionberry Cheesecake

– Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake

– Orange Mango Cheesecake

– Key Lime Cheesecake

– Carmel Apple Crumb Cheesecake

– Olde English Style Toffee Cheesecake

Now a days consumers feel very comfortable in giving both their credit card details and contact information of the recipient to online shops. Advanced data encryption technology ensures maximum protection to your personal details entered on online forms. So all that’s left now is just to go online and enjoy Christmas.

You’ve battled, argued, agreed and changed your minds again, but finally settled on where to go for your summer holiday – Great Yarmouth, for a traditional UK seaside break. But now the debates begin again as you start to think what type of accommodation would be best.

There are sure to be many things to consider and boundless questions, with everyone having their own favourite – mum would like a luxury hotel, dad wants to rekindle childhood memories with a camping holiday, the children just want to go swimming everyday and the grandparents are coming too! Finding somewhere suitable feels like mission impossible…

So start to think about what it is you really need, then add to that the things you’d like – and should be well on the road to a great holiday. Ask yourself some questions and you’ll end up with a list of the things that are most important to you. Do you want leisure facilities on site such as swimming pools, tennis courts and even activity classes for the kids? What about entertainment – for the children and the adults? Some places, such as caravan parks and holiday villages have children’s clubs, evening shows and comedy to keep everyone amused.

The answers to these are probably already shaping your ideas, so now think about the type of accommodation, from self catering cottages in idyllic locations to town-based bed & breakfasts, all action holiday villages to quiet camp sites, there will be bags of options! And finally, but more boring, you’ll have to consider the budget – but don’t worry as staying in the UK will mean no costly flights and Great Yarmouth has accommodation to suit everybody.

Now you’ve considered all the fundamental questions, where are you going to find that accommodation? There are certainly many internet sites where you could browse for hours without getting very far. An informative and trustworthy site is that run by the Great Yarmouth Borough Council, great-yarmouth (dot) co (dot) uk, where you will find an easy to use search facility and comprehensive list of options. And if you need further information, you can either download a full holiday brochure or order one to be posted to you door.

Like a one-stop-shop for finding what you need, quickly and pain-free this website certainly stands out from the crowd.

When deciding whether or not to send someone a funny gift, consider the following two things in order to avoid potentially embarrassing your receiver. First and most importantly, consider your relationship with the recipient in judging the appropriateness of your humor. A secretary, for example, should not give her married boss a suggestive gift on the occasion of his retirement, and likewise, a boss should not give his secretary such a gift in recognition of her tenth anniversary with the firm. Second, consider the occasion, and err on the side of conservatism whenever doubt exists as to whether or not it calls for humor. It is never appropriate, for example, to give a gag gift to a bride or groom on their wedding day, nor is ever acceptable to send a card or gift that makes fun of something personal such as a person’s appearance, health or age.

Unless you are absolutely positive of the recipient’s sense of humor, it is better, as a rule, not to send gifts that are humorous if there’s a chance they might offend. If you simply cannot resist the temptation to yuk it up at your friend’s expense, practice at least some degree of restraint in choosing the gift by keeping a few common-sense rules of etiquette in mind. Always consider carefully your receiver’s audience at the time your gift is revealed. Will there be children present at the party? Will someone’s wife be offended by what your gift implies? Ask yourself if a loved one’s feelings might be hurt when they open up a gift that makes fun of their personality, their physical appearance or their age?

Even if your recipient seems to possess a great sense of humor when he or she is alone with you, that does not indicate a “green light” for you to give a funny gift that teases. Always remember that there are people out there who enjoy dishing it out and playing their jokes upon others, but when the tables are turned, they cannot take your ribbing no matter how harmless it may seem to be. It is in this way that some people are more selective than others in maintaining a sense of humor. If this is the case with your friend, you are a better off in taking the highroad than in choosing a gift that may cause his haunches to rise. Remember too that what you and your friend once shared as a private joke between you many years ago, may not seem so funny to him now. Understand and accept that with maturity, a person’s perception as to what is funny and what is not may change with time.

So think twice before you decide to send or give a funny gift, and always remember that a gift is more than just a gift, it is an affirmation of the relationship that you share with your recipient right now. If you do decide to send a funny gift, be sure that it is one that will not only make the recipient laugh, but that his guests will laugh as well. An appropriately funny gift should also turn out, somehow, to be useful later on, after the occasion has past.

Does all of this serious talk about gift giving take the wind out of your sails when it comes to showing your good cheer? Well don’t let it, because there are certain types of gifts that you can give that do manage to tickle a funny bone while remaining well within the bounds of what most people would consider acceptable humor. Traditionally, these gifts are items which are not normally given as gifts, but for the circumstances of the occasion make them funny in and of themselves. The young graduate, for example, who is sure to set the world afire, may be given a fancy lighter to start him blazing down his path. Later on in life, when he’s succeeded in making partner, he may display or keep the lighter as a reminder of his earlier days.

Gifts of anticipation can also be humorous in a good hearted in a unique and sentimental way, and these gifts are the easiest to give when one’s financial situation does not allow for something bigger. As an example, a young sailing enthusiast might be given a world map wrapped up with a card that expresses something like the following : We hope that the enclosed map will help you to find all of the treasures of the world, and, the quickest way back home should you find yourself in need of a hot shower and a place to get your laundry done for free.

One last thing to keep in mind when choosing funny gifts for women, as a rule, woman are less appreciative of such things, especially when the gift is given by a male. According to a large-scale survey, the percentage of females who are receptive to receiving funny gifts is very insignificant in comparison to men. The reason is not likely to be that women in general lack the sense of humor of men, but more likely, it is because most women do not like to be made to feel as though they are being laughed at in any way. Just as women don’t commonly like to talk about their age, neither to they want do be reminded of it by the so called funny cards and gifts they are bound to receive when turning yet another year.

In general occasions of gift giving are taken more seriously by women and by nature, women are more sensitive, and more likely, therefore, to be upset by someone’s clumsy attempt at being funny. It is always best with women to be sincere in your attempt to recognize an important occasion; always remember that with women, it is not about the gift itself, its about the thought that you put into picking it out for them. For her, it is your intention that turns a humbly wrapped trinket into precious treasure every time.

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