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I love receiving gifts, and let’s face it…who on earth doesn’t. Getting flowers from my husband always makes me feel special. The cards I get from the kids on my birthday and the holidays are precious to me.

Still, there is one gift I look forward to more than any other. I have an aunt who I have always been very close to and who sends me a gift basket every year for Christmas. In over ten years of receiving gift baskets from her, I have never had the same basket twice and I have never felt anything less than sheer joy over what she sends. I have had gourmet gift baskets of meats, cheeses and crackers, chocolate gift baskets, wine gift baskets, home spa products baskets and many others. I guess I just really enjoy the fact that it’s so many gifts in one. There’s something incredibly special about opening a gift and being presented with a wonderful array of products to choose from.

No matter what the theme is, I feel like a kid in a candy store. Each year, the hardest thing for me to decide is what to try first. Over the years, I have come to look forward to and enjoy the gift baskets more than any other gift I receive. Last Christmas, my aunt ordered the basket late and it arrived a few days after the holiday. Despite all the wonderful gifts I received from friends and family, I really missed having a gift basket. It felt as though something I enjoyed so much for so long was absent. When it finally arrived, it was like Christmas all over again for me. Since my aunt started sending me gift baskets over a decade ago, I have sent her one each year as well. We always talk after the holidays about what we enjoyed the most. I think we’re both addicted to them. In recent years, I started sending them to other friends and family. Never before have I felt so sure that my gifts were well received as I do now.

Everyone seems to love them and I get a lot praise over my choices. I think people enjoy sampling items that they might not think to buy or that are unavailable is a real treat. Personally, one of my all time-favorites was a selection of Swiss chocolates that were better than anything I’d ever tasted here in the States. I still think that if I had never tasted them, I wouldn’t know just how delicious chocolate could be.

The next time you are wondering what to send for a gift, I recommend a gift basket. You’ll be surprised at how much it will be appreciated and enjoyed.

When you go on vacation, you will probably want to try something new. Sea kayak tours are a great option for adventure that is safe.

A kayak sea tour is a great activity for a vacation. Such tours are popular in tropical locations. In fact, a large percentage of people use kayaks. You do not have to be a strong kayaker as long as you enjoy it. When you sign up for kayak sea tours, an experienced guide always accompanies you to help you if you have problems. Every year, more and more people are taking kayak sea tours. The tours are enjoyable, great exercise and a wonderful tropical adventure!

There are many different things to do on a kayak sea tour. You can select activities including scuba diving, fishing, deep sea snorkeling, island exploring and a whole lot more! These are excellent and very exotic trips that anyone would love! When you are kayaking, it makes everything seem different. Kayaking on the ocean is not the same as kayaking on a placid lake. You will find yourself surrounded by giant waves and being tossed around by them! But the waves are part of the fun. You of course wear a life jacket and learn all the safety rules before going out.

Sea tours are usually priced at a reasonable rate for tourists and can be found almost anywhere! It is excellent exercise and lots of fun!

Imagine waking at 7 a.m. and pushing a long kayak from the white sand beach into the cool blue water. Spending the whole day kayaking across the ocean and taking in the exotic scenery and water. The next time you are on vacation, look for these tours! You will have the time of your life, and there is no risk! No matter where you happen to be in the tropics, kayaking tours are something that you will discover that you always enjoy!

I hope you will explore the opportunities of sea kayaking and join me in a most enjoyable sport.

Sleepy Suffolk may not be a destination that comes to mind when you think about a week away, but you will be amazed to find out just how much there is to see and do. Its full of history and stunning scenery. Here are just a few things you should check out if you are planning a trip to this much over looked county

Suffolk is nestled in East Anglia and neighbours Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Suffolk is a place which offers up stunning rural countryside. It envelopes many quaint villages and has been an inspiration for no less than 2 famous painters,

John Constable and Thomas Gainsbourough.

The town of Newmarket is famous as the home of Horse (Flat) Racing.

If it is the sea that interests you Aldburgh, Southwold or Dunwich are the perfect English seaside locations to take in the natural beauty.

Quaint villages in Suffolk include:-

Lavenham, which attracts many visitors every year who are drawn by the display of half-timbered medieval cottages. Once described as “the most complete medieval town in Britain”, Lavenham shares a magnificent collection of medieval and Tudor architecture. Lavenhams older buildings are gathered around the market place. The National Trust owns the Guildhall which now displays a permanent local history exhibition.

Long Melford. Here you will find a host of antique shops excellent places to eat as well as historic buildings which include Long Melford Hall and Kentwell Hall.

Long Melford Hall has changed very little since 1578. It has managed to retain its original panelled banqueting hall which is where Queen Elizabeth I was often entertained. A small display of items connected with Beatrix Potter remind us that she was related to the family, The Hyde Parkers (former residents)

Kentwell Hall was built in the early 16th century by the Clopton family. It is surrounded by a moat which is very befitting of this stunning Tudor Manor. The exterior of Kentwell has changed little over the years, however this cannot be said of the interior though, as much has been done to renovate and refurbish it.

Kentwell Hall often has Tudor days and one can dress in the costumes of the time and truly experience life as it was all those years ago.

Framlingham is a twelfth century castle which consists of a continuous curtain-like wall that joins thirteen enormous towers.

Next we have Bury St Edmunds which has close associations with The Magna Carta and is also known as the cathedral town of Suffolk. Bury St Edmunds is steeped in history and offers up amazing architecture and a museum to share its secrets to anyone who is interested.

Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk and of course home to its football club at Portman Road.

You cannot visit Suffolk without finding out about the great artists that it has produced in times gone by. Thomas Gainsborough’s house is now a museum, the only artist’s birthplace open to the public in the whole of Britain, which was established in 1961. Here visitors are able to see a large collection of the artist paintings.

John Constable, is arguably the greatest and most original of all British landscape artists. He is most famous for is his views of Flatford and the Stour Valley in Suffolk, Hampstead Heath and Salisbury Cathedral.

Flatford and the Bridge Cottage complex are both run by the National Trust and you can see the Constable exhibition here.

Halesworth was originally a roman settlement and is set in a lovely area. It hosts the yearly “gig in the park” in August.

The beautiful Orford Coastal village offers bird watching, a chance to go boating, a host of historic buildings and for the more energetic, sporting activities too.

Woodbridge also offer some pleasant surprises for the interested visitor such as Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon Ship Burial, Shire Hall stands in the middle of Market Hill, and has been the focal point of the town for over 400 years.

Last but by no means least, Snape now better known for Snape Maltings is no longer used commercially. It was converted into a tourist centre together with a concert hall that now hosts a major part of the annual Aldeburgh Festival.

Holidays are a wonderful time to gather with family and friends to share love and stories. The end of the year is a great time to catch up and share good spirits for the new year ahead. In fact, any time of year is a good excuse to get together with friends and family. If you are choosing to host a holiday party, there are many things to consider.

One of the first things to consider when hosting a holiday party is whether it will be formal, semi-formal or casual. This will affect everything from the invitations, the decorations, to the food. If you choose to host a formal event, the invitations should reflect this with dramatic colors and elegant elements such as ribbon or sparkling designs. For a semi-formal or casual event, choose an invitation that reflects the holiday being celebrated and uses more casual colors and design elements.

Depending on the holiday being celebrated there are a number of holiday party invitations that can be chosen. For winter holiday parties such as Christmas or Hanukkah, choose a holiday party invitation that best suits the mood and theme of the holiday party. There are a great number of invitations whether it is a summer time 4th of July party, or a fall Halloween party.

When and who to invite. Invitations should be sent to everyone invited to the party. Invitations should typically be sent out two weeks in advanced, or further in advanced for a very formal gathering. It is a very good idea to send out an RSVP with invitations for planning seating and food for the party.

Throwing a holiday party can be very fun. Holidays are a great time for friends and family to get together and relish in the festive time. Choosing a perfect holiday party invitation will help form the theme and the mood of the event and provide all guests with a truly entertaining party.

The only bad Halloween craft project is the Halloween craft project that takes too long. You know the ones. The craft projects that have so many steps that you’ve lost the attention of your kids before step 2. Give these easy Halloween craft ideas a try. They’re short; they’re sweet; they’re fun and the end results are spooktacular.

Antenna Characters

These adorable characters look great at the top of your automobile antenna. Hey, if your house is dressed up for Halloween, why shouldn’t your car? With various Halloween-themed colors of flat fun foam (orange, black, white, green), draw a light outline of a pumpkin, ghost, spider or Frankenstein head, approximately 4-inches tall and 3-inches wide. Cut out the shapes and with a single hole punch, punch two holes in each shape, one approximately one inch from the top of the shape and another hole approximately one inch from the bottom of the shape.

With glitter glue or permanent markers, decorate the shape with facial features, an outline or anything you’d like. Allow to dry thoroughly. Once dried, you can attach to your automobile antenna by placing the antenna through the bottom hole from the back of the shape to the front. Then place the antenna through the top hole, front to back. The Antenna Character should be secure and should withstand normal driving conditions.

Halloween Mosaics

Mosaic art using tiles is very popular nowadays. Kids can duplicate this popular craft using construction paper instead of tiles or glass.

Prior to gathering the children around the table, cut small squares of various colors of paper, orange, red, blue, yellow, white, black, green, etc.

On a piece of heavy stock, white paper, draw the outline of a pumpkin, Frankenstein or other Halloween character.

With a small dab of all-purpose glue on the back of each square, kids can mosaic their way to a uniquely creative masterpiece that can be framed and hung on the wall for many Halloween seasons to come.

Pumpkin Painting

In less than one hour, you and your child can create the most adorable pumpkin craft ready to proudly display in your home. Pumpkin Painting is the perfect activity for little goblins who aren’t old enough to handle the jack-o-lantern carving duties.

With simple supplies like acrylic paints, markers, newspaper and sealer, kids can paint whimsical, silly faces on their pumpkins. Or they can paint their favorite cartoon character, Halloween motif or harvest design. Painted pumpkins do not rot near as quickly as carved pumpkins so it is much more economical to paint pumpkins rather than carving them and it’s also much safer and more hands-on for toddlers since there is no knife involved.

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