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Even though many of us know the importance of buying an air filter, most of us are unaware of the strategies I’ll be revealing. What do many people do when they want an air filter? Most of them will go into a nearby store and request for a good and reliable air filter. And since the store owner is hungry for sales, he or she will recommend just any one he or she prefers.

Most often, the recommended ones are quite expensive. I don’t know of you, but to me this is a wrong way of shopping for air filters.

After you’ve been fully informed about air filters, how it works and the many types in the market, you can use the following ‘rarely revealed’ strategies to not only get a good and reliable air filter, but also one that will save you lots of your hard earned money.


It’s highly recommended that you compare lots of air filters in the market before making your final choice. By using this method, you’re guaranteed of buying the right and genuine air filter. Also, it’ll save you lots of money. Never be in haste to buy a particular air filter. Only buy after going through the features and benefits of each air filter out there. But this may not often be easy in a store or shopping mall. Why not log on to the web and surf through lots of online air filter stores to get a good deal for your money. There are many websites that even does the comparison for you. And there are several others where you can get unbiased opinion of other consumers and experts concerning any air filter of your choice.


Not many people are aware of this strategy when buying air filters. By going through some reusable air filters, you may be able to save lots of money instead of buying a new air filter. If you can’t find a junk yard around you, a look at the World Wide Web can reveal few places where you can get good ones. Just because an air filter is used, does not mean that it’s in bad condition and unfit for your use.


Another rarely used strategy when thinking of air filter is the fact that you can clean your air filter. There are many people out there who don’t know of this strategy. But this is only possible if you already have an air filter that can be cleaned. If you have one, go ahead and clean it and save yourself lots of money. And if you don’t want to have any of such, many air filters manufacturers can help you clean it. Just take it to them. Also, many of them have detailed instructions on their websites on how you can clean it.

When next you’re thinking of acquiring an air filter, make use of these revealed strategies and save yourself lots of money and headache in the process. Be a wise buyer.

Prolonged use of cigarettes can be habit forming. The chief culprit for this dependence formation is believed to be the presence of nicotine. It is an addictive alkaloid produced by and found in the leaves of tobacco plants. The nicotine content on each tobacco plant is fairly high, as it makes up about four percent of the weight of the plant itself. After being processed, the leaves get to retain about seven to twenty milligram of nicotine per stick. And as the average smoker takes in one milligram of nicotine per stick, it reinforces the body’s dependency to the alkaloid. The question in every smoker’s mind is: How can I stop smoking?

It is difficult to stop smoking. It requires a lot of will power to stay away from lighting a cigarette. It’s bad enough that you have to muster up a tremendous amount of drive to stay away from smoking, you also have to go through the various withdrawal symptoms like anxiety attacks, nicotine cravings, irritation, and an inability to concentrate to name a few. But with the help of modern science and research, there are now a lot of different ways to quit smoking.

Here are six successful ways to stop smoking:

l Stop smoking aids. This doesn’t mean that you can depend on smoking aids to get you through quitting the smoking habit. Smoking aids do nothing more than release small quantities of nicotine into the bloodstream. Smoking aids are good in satisfying the nicotine craving with the dangerous tar and poisonous gases found in cigarettes. However since it still has nicotine, there is a tendency for the smoker to drop smoking but get hooked on the smoking aid.

l Hypnotherapy. This is considered a moderately effective way to let go of the smoking habit. The willing smokers agrees to be subjected to a hypnosis session. During session the therapist will use the method of auto-suggestion to give the smoker will power to quit smoking.

l Alternative therapies. Various alternative treatments have been discovered to help smokers with their nicotine cravings. Among these therapies are: aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, yoga, and meditation.

l Willpower. It takes no less than sufficient will power to get you through the smoking habit. It is nothing but a state of mind, a very difficult state of mind to achieve at that. People who have very little will power may find it difficult to stop smoking. Just remember that if you put your mind to it, you will be able to quit. It also helps to have supportive family and friends around you to encourage you in your fight to quit.

l Counseling. Sometimes even the strongest of will power falters. It is during these times that you would need professional help to back you up on your cause. Counseling is very important for behavioral support. It helps boost up your morale and bring you back on track to your fight to stop smoking.

l Medications. Doctors prescribe certain medications to help smokers quit the habit of smoking. These are either sedatives or relaxants that help control or calm the nerves. This alleviates the discomfort brought about by withdrawal symptoms.

Smoking may make men look macho and women look sophisticated and classy. But there’s more to it than just looking cool. It is important to know that cigarette smoking may become habit forming and addictive before you even start on your first stick. After all, starting is easy, quitting the habit is the hardest part.

What you eat during the day and evening can affect your sleeping patterns. If your diet consists of a high amount of processed foods you may want to try eating more wholesome products.

You may want to eliminate, reduce, or substitute the amount of sugars, fats, and preservatives from your daily intake of food. This may benefit your ability to fall asleep at night as well as improve your general health.

Eat a well balanced diet by following the recommended daily food allowance.

Make sure you are meeting the daily requirements for fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat complex carbohydrates and choose protein that is low in fat. You can also choose healthy meat substitutes, such at tofu and vegetarian burgers.

Become aware of any food allergies that you have and try to avoid them. If your body is allergic to certain foods it may affect the way you think and feel.

This could be a contributing factor to your sleep problem. Some common food allergies that are known to contribute to insomnia are corn, dairy products, wheat, and chocolate.

Try to schedule your last evening meal at least four hours before bed. Eat a healthy, well balanced meal. Try not to overeat as this may cause you to become tired after your meal.

You want to avoid feeling tired or napping in the early evening hours as this will greatly hinder your ability to fall asleep at bedtime. As well, try to eat enough so that you are not hungry later and find yourself reaching for foods that are high in fat or sugars.

If you find that you are hungry before bed you may find that a small snack an hour or two before bedtime will help. Avoid foods that are high in protein, fats, and sugars.

You should also avoid foods that are too heavy or spicy. Try a bit of cereal and milk or one serving of low-fat yogurt. The key idea is to provide your body with a bit of nourishment to avoid hunger pangs and not overindulge in an evening snack.

The goal is to reduce your hunger and allow your body to rest and relax.

Make sure that you drink enough water during the day. Studies show that your daily recommended water intake should be around 8 glasses, or 2 liters.

If your body is well hydrated it won’t signal you to wake up during the night. Try to avoid drinking water or other liquids one hour before bed if the need to urinate wakes you up during the night.

The healthier you eat the more balanced you will feel both physically and emotionally.

The target here is to get you to sleep regularly and deeply without waking during the night.

Depression can be a nasty thing to live with, driving some people into the depths of despair and right into their own makeshift hangman’s noose. Others don’t quite get that desperate, but generally see very little point to staying alive and finding joy in anything nonetheless. The use of of a prescription antidepressant, or even one that’s over-the-counter, is supposed to help alleviate those woes and help the patient get back into a more normal frame of mind. The fact that these medications work is a good thing, no matter what the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise have to say about them (and psychology in general). However, like any good thing, having too many prescription antidepressant medications in your system at any given time can cause side effects.

Now, side effects generated by a drug like a prescription antidepressant usually take form outside of physical signs. The drug affects the chemical balance of the brain that regulates mood and emotions, so it is expected that having too much of the drug’s active ingredient in the system would result in changes to mood and emotional stability. For the most part, the most physically overt side effects drugs like these could induce would be drowsiness and a loss of alertness, occasionally accompanied by a dip in one’s hand-eye coordination. However, medical experts and concerned authorities in the Canadian province of British Columbia have found that a popular brand called Effexor, in even slight overdoses, causes seizures and has the potential to be fatal.

Effexor is known as a popular prescription antidepressant in the B.C. Area, with prescriptions numbering 621,000 being recorded in 2006. 225 milligrams per day is the absolute limit on just how much of the drug should be in any given adult’s system for a 24 hour period, with the cap being set at a much lower 5.5 milligrams per kilogram of weight in children. However, according to reports from concerned groups and some members of the Canadian medical community, even the slightest overdose of Effexor can cause various side effects to manifest, with most of them requiring that the patient be hospitalized. The drug became widely popular because it was seen to be at lower risk of side effects in overdoses than other prescription antidepressant medications available at the time it was introduced.

However, concerned authorities and the pharmaceutical manufacturer behind the drug have admitted that it is safe and effective, provided it is taken within the prescribed dosing range. The drug, which is a serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, has been considered safe to use since 1994; this assumptions has only recently been challenged by reports from local poison control centers throughout the B.C. Area. According to statistics pooled from poison control offices, 548 incidents were recorded in 2006 that involved toxicity and overdoses of Effexor. This was a large amount in comparison to the 292 calls that were recorded involving selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in general. The pharmaceutical company behind Effexor has been pooling data on overdose cases and fatalities, and has issued a statement indicating that an overdose of Effexor (or a similar SNRI antidepressant) was much more dangerous than an SSRI antidepressant. However, it was also considerably lower in risk factors than a tricyclic antidepressant overdose.

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