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Of course this is not a joke, a study was made in the US by specialists and published in the Journal of the American Heart Association about eating dark chocolate to lower the blood pressure. One bar of chocolate is enough to lower the blood pressure in a natural and so enjoyable way. It is also helping to improve the insulin resistance.

It was already known that food rich in flavinols are lowering the blood pressure. Flavinols are also called in a medical scientific language as natural antioxidants, and the aliments that are containing these antioxidants are like tea and red wine, but from now on we will put on this list the dark chocolate, too.

The study was pretty simple. It took place at University of L’Aguila in Italy particular for lowering the blood pressure, so it wasn’t an accidental discover. At the study participate 20 persons, half men, half women, all suffering from high blood pressure. None of these persons took any medicaments or followed any treatment for lowering the blood pressure. But also they hadn’t been suffering from another disease and the won’t smoking. For the experiment to be perfect and for the results to be visible regarding lowering their blood pressure, the participants avoid chocolate for 2 weeks.

The experiments begin with dividing the group in two, one of them ate dark chocolate and the other white one. The amount was the same, a bar of 3.5oz daily for 15 days. Another week passed with no flavionoid foods and the groups swapped the type of chocolate. The white chocolate was the perfect control food for this lower blood pressure study as it containing all ingredients in the dark one but no flavinoids at all.

A very significant lowering of the blood pressure was found on the group that consumed the dark chocolate for 15 days, and not any blood pressure lowering in the group eating white chocolate. Another successful treatment, beside lowering blood pressure was the reduction in insulin resistance at the group eating dark chocolate. Also the bad cholesterol level decreased by 10 percent. At the group eating only white chocolate there was no changing regarding lowering blood pressure or cholesterol level; they were the same as the beginning of the experiment.

But the best natural ways to lower blood pressure still remains exercise and diet and a non-natural on medicaments prescriptions. All these can’t be replaced with the eating of chocolate. Also it’s very recommendable and occasional eating of small bar of dark chocolate rich in flavinoids to lower your blood pressure. It is also good for your taste buds and also it is helping your heart.

The lungs are massive vessel-like organs in the chest cavity. They are the largest and most essential part of the respiration system. The air we breathe enters and exits our lungs through two passages; the bronchioles and the bronchi. Lungs’ main responsibilty is to take oxygen from the atmosphere and transport it into the bloodstreem. It then excretes carbon dioxide from blood into the atmoshpere. This gas exchange happens through specialized cells that form many millions of thin-walled air sacs. Some non-respiratory functions are also performed by the lungs.

In single celled bacteria and other small organisms, the respiration process of gas exhange can happen through simple diffusion. In large organisms, however, this is impossible, because a very small amount of cells in large organisms are located close enough to the surface for diffusion to take place. Two major changes made it possible for all organisms to attain multicellularity. One being an efficient circulatory system to transport gases to and from all tissues in the body. The other is a large respiratory system. The respiratory system centralizes the responsibilty of collecting oxygen from the atmosphere and brings it into the body, where it can be rapidly sent to tissues through the circulatory system.

Lungs also have several jobs that do not include the respiratory function. A main job for the lungs is to protect the heart. They surround the heart and act as cushions to soften any blow that the heart may have to endure. Without this padding, simply bumping into someone could be fatal. Another responsibilty of this organ is to influence the concentration of biologically active drugs and other substances which are used in medicine. Filtering out small blood clots formed in the systemic veins is another task performed by the lungs.

The customers are the lifeblood of any company. The company is dependent on their customers and not the other way around. So a customer is treated like a king or a queen and, as the saying goes, “The customer is always right.” And for this reason alone, many companies see the value of having a customer service department that can address the needs and complaints of every customer on a full-time basis. A call center agent plays a very important role. The agent serves as a link and that agent can be doing on-line reservations, do technical support, facilitate an ordered product, or provide directory assistance.

Depending on how many phone calls are received some companies need a lot of employees to handle the large volume of these calls. Their main task is to take calls and do problem-solving for the customers then move on the next customer that is waiting in line. Sometimes, a call center agent couldn’t even catch his or her own breath especially during the “peak” hours. On a very busy day, a customer service agent would take more than 100 phone calls depending also the length of each call on their given work.

Depending on the kind of work they do for their respective companies, its not just taking a call from a customer but a Customer Service agent (CSR) will be doing multi-tasking work of inputing data on the specialize software in their computers. But despite computer automation, it is putting so much strain and later on stressed for the agent as they keep this routine everyday. It is not easy taking calls from angry and demanding customers and be a problem solver at the same time.

A sign that a customer service agent is already stressed out from his/her work are the following:

l Social withdrawal

l Decline in Quality Assurance for an extended periods

l Frequent absences and/or lates

l Negative comments regarding the account and nature of the work

l Frequent and inconsistent complaints about management

Call center agents might not have the best work life, this may vary from company to company, there are tracking software and metrics to analyze all calls like how long does it take to resolve a particular problem and how long the customer should wait. That job can be really taxing and indeed its been a fact among call center industries that it is stressful environment and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible as training a call center agent can be costly and all must focused on retaining a workforce.

Stress Management Strategies

There are still some ways to make your call center agents stay on top of the stressful situations that come everyday. Some tips to do this include the following:

l Find out what motivates them and how to boost their morale

l Ways to recognize and reward employees

l Improving agent job satisfaction

l Create Employee Development Programs

l Create opportunities for advancement

l Making their workstations more pleasant to used and look at

Ever if there are sophisticated automated systems available, there is still no substitute for human interaction when it comes to customer service. Superior service is not just directed to your customers but also to call center agents who serve as front liners of the company. Therefore, having an open-door policy and free-flowing communications between the agent and the management are necessary to find solutions on how to combat stress in the call center arena.

More and more children have been diagnosed with ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a condition that

usually presents itself during childhood years, and is characterized by a consistent string of inattention and hyperactivity,

with forgetfulness, poor impulse control and distractability. According to a recent survey by the University at Buffalo,

about five percent of children in classrooms have students with ADHD and another five percent have ADHD but are undiagnosed.

In dealing with this kind of disorder, those children with ADHD are placed on psychoactive medications by their family

physician, generally upon initial recommendation by officials from the child’s school. Some experts on ADHD treatment,

however, believe that there are other effective alternatives to medication. Some doctors and professionals involved in the

treatement of ADHD field overemphasizes the role that psychoactive medications play in the treatment of these children.

Many parents are not fully aware of the well-established, evidence-based alternative in taking psychoactive medications,

which is behavior therapy. Most of the physicians normally prescribe such psychoactive medications routinely to children

without discussing first the benefits and risks of these drugs and its alternatives with the parents. Moreover, research has

shown that those children with ADHD who were started on behavioral therapy, half of them did not need any medication at all.

Rather than prescribing such medications at an early age, physicians should be recommending a sequential course to parents:

behavior therapy first, and then the prescription of medications if needed later on. Such information was supported by a

survey of parents, in which 80 percent of them would choose behavioral therapy than medication therapy as the initial

treatment of ADHD, if only they had been aware of the benefits of behavioral therapy in the first place. According to Pelham,

such medications for ADHD children is not bad, although it needs to be used in moderation. By taking in low doses and

combining behavioral therapy when needed, these psychoactive medications are considered as a useful intervention for ADHD


With the use of behavioral therapy, children, teachers and parents can learn different skills and techniques in order to

improve the child’s behavior in his daily life. The main focus for this type of therapy is on academic performance in school,

relationships with peers and siblings, relationship with parents, failure in obeying adult requests, and skills development

in important areas. This can also reflect good parenting because of their interaction (behavior modification) with their

child, better than just popping a psychoactive drug into the child’s brain. With children receiving less medication, they

would be less susceptible to side effects that go with the drugs such as stunting of growth and loss of appetite.

This could also produce long-term benefits for ADHD children, like teaching them behavior and coping skills that they would

eventually carry out into adulthood. When children with treatment medications become adults, they tend to refuse in taking

their medication. As a result, the benefits of the said medication goes away, and it would be much harder to teach behavioral

skills to adolescents than with younger children.

The summer months are a busy time for dog owners with summer vacations. Now that the hot weather is coming, don’t forget these hot weather safety tips. For outside dogs, make sure they have plenty of shade. Make sure they have access to plenty of cool water. If your dog travels with you, bring along water in a gallon container and a bowl. Never leave your dog in a vehicle on a hot day. Even with the windows open, the temperature inside a car can exceed 120 degrees. Avoid strenuous exercise on extremely hot days. Condition and train your dog in the early mornings or evenings, when the heat is less intense. Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date. Dogs tend to stay outdoors longer and come into contact with other animals more during the summer months. Keep dogs off lawns that have been chemically treated or fertilized for 24 hours. Mosquitoes, which carry heart worm disease, along with fleas and ticks, are more prevalent in warmer months.

Chlorine from pools and bacteria from streams, lakes, and ponds can be toxic for a dog’s system. Always rinse your dog after swimming to remove the chlorine. Many airlines will not ship animals during summer months due to dangers caused by hot weather. Delta will only allow pets to fly when the temperature is under 85f for all legs of the trip. Check with your airlines for specific rules and be sure to only ship in airline approved shipping crates.

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