Do You Need A Testosterone Supplement To Gain A Lean Physique Quitting Smoking With A New Lifestyle The Facts On The Healing Effects Of Touch And Massage Don T Let The Weather Take Your Breath Away

As you explore the various supplements designed to help you achieve greater results with your bodybuilding efforts, you are sure to be confronted with the great testosterone supplement debate. Do you need testosterone supplements? Are testosterone supplements safe?

This debate has been going on for some time now. There are testosterone supplements that are safe, but they are typically made of all natural ingredients, and do not contain anabolic steroids.

All bodybuilding organizations ban the use of anabolic steroids, and the FDA bans over the counter supplements that contain anabolic steroids as well.

When using natural testosterone supplements, there are no side effects – under the right conditions. You see, you can have a testosterone level that is normal, low, or high. If it is low or high, there is a negative impact on your health and your bodybuilding efforts.

Bodybuilders should strive for a normal testosterone level, and the level of your testosterone can only be determined by a visit to your doctor, with a simple blood test.

It is important to realize that a high testosterone level does not result in bigger muscles or better performance. Only a normal level of testosterone can accomplish this. When excess testosterone is detected by your body, it stops production of its own testosterone. It also turns the excess testosterone into DHT, which is responsible for baldness and leads to prostate problems.

The body can also turn excess testosterone into estrogen, which is a female hormone, which can result in an appearance that a male bodybuilder definitely does not want. It does all of this, and you get absolutely zero bodybuilding rewards from it.

Typically, when a bodybuilder is using testosterone supplements, without even knowing if he has a low testosterone level, it is because he has been misinformed concerning the benefits – or lack of benefits – of an increased testosterone level.

If you aren’t sure whether you need a testosterone supplement or not, you should first visit your doctor for that blood test. Talk to him about your bodybuilding efforts, and how testosterone affects the building of muscles – and how too much and too little testosterone have a negative effect on your efforts.

If you are in your teens or twenties, you can probably save yourself some money on that doctor’s visit. This is when your testosterone production is at its highest, and you most likely have a normal level of testosterone. However, if you are over thirty, and you are serious about bodybuilding, a visit to your doctor for that blood test to determine whether you need a testosterone supplement is definitely in order.

One of the best and proven ways to quitting smoking is by making changes to a lifestyle that has been hindered by that dangerous and addictive habit. You must substitute your old lifestyle with a new one. Focusing on your new lifestyle allows you to live and visualize the end result – smoke-free, healthy, and vibrant – and not just talk about it.

A very successful way of starting a new lifestyle without smoking is to begin a fitness program.

A fitness programs offers a lot of help for the person quitting smoking. Exercise helps to reduce stress which is a major trigger for smoking with many people.

It will also help to sustain a healthy bodyweight and this can be a fear for people who are prone to put on weight once they stop smoking as nicotine helps to keep weight down.

Statistics have shown that those people who are involved in some form of exercise regimen have a greater chance of triumph when quitting smoking.

The endorphins that are released with exercise are a superior substitute than those that people get from nicotine. One of the main reasons why quitting smoking is so hard for people is because of the endorphins that are released in the brain while smoking. Endorphins are also known as the ‘feel good’ chemical.

The release of endorphins with exercise can bring about a sense of well-being for several hours following your workout.

As your health will begin to progress within 20 minutes from your last cigarette and continue to do so as your body overturns the damage that smoking has done, one of the first things you will notice will be the capacity to breathe more freely.

Being able to breathe more freely will also boost your energy levels and this will also be augmented by the improvements in the ability for the blood to carry oxygen to all parts of the body.

Increased energy makes working out easier and the upward cycle of fitness can bring some exceptional improvements over a relatively short term.

Changing lifestyles to include exercise usually pushes people to make other improvements to their life with superior nutrition and leading a more stable life. The extra money that you will save from not having to buy cigarettes will allow for more options to get the most out of life and experience things that were previously unattainable when smoking was a part of it.

Quitting smoking is not suppose to be life ending; only life changing for the better.

Almost all human beings are born with a sense of touch, a basic human instinct that allows us to reach out and feel another person. Touching is a universal action that conveys love and caring. Communicating with hands comes second nature to speaking with the use of our voice. Through certain gestures we can convey affirmative and healing messages. These simple hand gestures are blowing kisses, clapping our hands to show appreciation, giving someone a thumbs up, and so on.

However, there are more to grasp about our hands. “Touch” is the primary means of learning about the world throughout infancy. Research shows that touch is critical in a baby’s growth and development. Previous study showed that premature infants who received a series of 15-minute massage gained 47% more weight, and became more socially responsive than non-massaged premature infants. They were discharged from the hospital an average of six days earlier than other premature babies.

Supporters of touch therapy claim it can treat and cure a wide variety of illnesses, including heart failure, diabetes and infections. According to the theory, people who are ill have disturbed “energy fields,” and that by moving trained hands over the patient’s body, a touch therapist can detect misalignments and re-pattern energy fields to create “energy balance.”

Aside from touch, scientists have also recognized the benefits of massage in caring for infants and in promoting the unique bond between parent and child. There are innumerable medical facts that support the importance of touch and massage. Touch and massage therapy have a lot in common because they have a lot to do with motion of the hands over various parts of the infant’s or baby’s body. The technique involves a lot of touching, stroking, and massaging of body parts.

Massage therapy has been around for many centuries. Today it is known mostly for types of relaxation and comfort. Many years ago it was used as a cure for many ailments. Most people looked to massage for comfort rather than medicine alone. Doctors incorporated many forms of manipulation of the body to help comfort the body through disease and pain.

For an infant or baby, massage therapy has a lot to do with skin-to-skin contact. This could be something as simple as holding a baby to a naked chest, or holding an infant’s or baby’s hand when the baby is in a cubicle. Some massage therapists offer services of providing massage therapy to infants or babies in a critical or unstable condition.

The most wonderful thing about massage therapy is that it not only benefits the infant or baby, it also benefits the parents or caregivers. The baby sleeps better, grows faster, while the parents will get an extra few hours sleep each night. Not only will the baby or infant sleep better, massage therapy could eliminate colic, tummy aches, headaches, and even a stressful day at school or even fever. Seeing the benefits of massage therapy, it is no wonder that there are so many more parents who are open to the idea of using massage therapy for their infant or baby today, as compared to a decade ago.

While the benefits on infant health brought by mother’s massage are already firmly established, new research shows that a father’s touch is equally essential to a baby’s health and well-being. Health benefits for infants include fewer sleep problems, as well as strengthening and regulating the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems. Fathers also gain from the experience in performing infant massage.

It is important to note that this is not the same as manipulative treatments such as relaxation techniques. Massage and touch can reduce stress in some people and loving and caring another individual, not only babies can definitely have a calming effect.

There are several weather related conditions that increase the risk of asthma attacks. Hospital admissions for breathing problems often increase as pollen counts rise and there have been many well-documented asthma epidemics following thunderstorms. In these cases many of those admitted were hay fever sufferers with no previous history of breathing difficulties.

A combination of thunderstorms and high pollen counts can trigger asthma. When thunderstorms develop they draw up air over a large area. If there has been a dry spell of five or more days there will be plenty of pollen lying around that will be drawn up with the air. As clouds are created ice forms around each pollen grain. The grains circulate within the cloud, going through several freeze and thaw cycles. This shatters the grains, breaking them into even smaller pieces. When it rains the shattered pollen plunges downwards. The pollen is now smaller, more concentrated and effectively more allergenic because the smaller particles can get deeper into the lungs.

Smog is also a weather related asthma trigger. Despite its name it is seldom a mixture of smoke and fog. It is the effect of heat and sunlight on car fumes and solvents producing high levels of ozone at ground level. Although ozone high in the atmosphere blocks dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun, ozone at ground level affects those with respiratory problems. Elevated levels of ozone and nitrogen dioxide seem to make lungs more sensitive to allergens and can also be an irritant.

Often the people most at risk are those who have not been diagnosed with asthma. They do not know what to expect and have no medication. If you work in or near a city the worst storms are those that occur in the afternoon or evening when ozone and pollen levels can be high. The situation is worsened if there is little or no wind to sweep away the pollutants. If you are asthmatic or a hay fever sufferer and thunderstorms are expected in your area, make sure you are using any preventive treatment and that you carry your reliever medication with you at all times. Stay inside if possible and avoid strenuous exercise.

Heat and humidity are other factors that can trigger asthma attacks. Stay indoors, ideally in air-conditioned areas and keep your inhaler nearby. If you cannot avoid the heat try to reduce other factors like tobacco smoke and dust. Often it is not the heat itself that affects people with asthma, it is the allergens that are present in greater numbers when the weather is hot.

Pollen counts vary throughout the year, but many plants do pollinate heavily during the summer months. Molds reproduce by releasing spores that can be allergenic, especially during damp, warm weather. Dust mites breed heavily during hot, humid weather.

If you are susceptible to exercise induced asthma you will also need to take care when the weather is cool and dry.

Even when the weather is calm there are potential problems. Airborne pollution like smoke and other particulates can build up in areas where the air is not moving the pollution away.

If you want to keep track of your triggers there are many websites that give details of allergen distribution and air quality forecasts. If you do not know what triggers your asthma or allergy it is vital that you find out as soon as possible.

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