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Is there really a connection between birth control and weight gain? In one recent survey, 50% of all women felt that birth control pills would cause unwanted weight gain. Of these women, 20% said this belief was the primary reason they would not use oral contraceptives. There are also evidences that women switch methods or birth control or stop using the pill because they think it contributes to weight gain.

However, the good news is that the review found no evidence to support a casual association between combination contraceptives or birth control and weight gain.

Researchers have found it difficult to prove a connection between birth control and weight gain. While many women do gain weight after starting the use of oral contraceptives, it’s hard to tell if this weight gain is actually caused by the use of the pill or other lifestyle factors. In most cases, women taking oral contraceptives report a weight gain of five pounds or less. Only a small percentage of women experience a weight gain of more than 10 pounds after beginning a birth control pill prescription. Supposedly, any weight gain or weight loss related to the use of birth control pills is a side effect that will happen within three months of beginning of the prescription. Some studies have shown that while the pill may add a couple of pounds at first from water retention, the added weight disappears as the body adjusts to the hormones.

Another study found no difference between women who took hormonal contraceptives and those who took a placebo. The other studies looked at women taking different types and doses of hormonal contraception, and came to the same overall conclusion.

The claim may have had some truth many years ago, when the pill contained high levels of estrogen, hormones that cause water retention and increased appetite. Nowadays, most versions of the pill have only half the amount found in early versions.

There is also another factor that has nothing to do with the pill. It is a fact that most women in the Western world start birth control as teenagers and continue it through their 20s, a period when women naturally tend to gain weight. In addition, it is possible that women who expect to gain weight after starting on a birth control pill prescription are unconsciously changing their diet and exercise habits. However, if a woman has tried several different types of birth control methods and had no success in controlling unwanted weight gain with diet and exercise, she may want to ask her healthcare provider if insulin resistance is contributing to her problems. A simple blood test will be able to determine the presence of this condition. If a woman is suffering from insulin resistance, a low carbohydrate diet may be necessary to stabilize her weight.

Any weight gain after starting pills of more than 5% of body weight may be a signal of a woman’s tendency toward insulin resistance or abnormal glucose metabolism. With this amount of weight gain associated with an oral contraceptive, a woman should be evaluated for possible insulin resistance. If this condition is present, she will have to adopt a low carbohydrate diet. Simple sugars in any amount and high carbohydrate only snacks or meals will negate all other dieting efforts on a daily basis and frustrate any long term ability at weight control.

In most cases, unwanted weight gain associated with birth control can be prevented by paying extra attention to diet and exercise or simply switching to a different type of birth control. The link between birth control and weight gain can sometimes be exaggerated, and it’s about time to break those myths.

When buying stair lifts there are factors which should be considered by the user to ensure that the stair lift purchase is the right one not only for the user but also to correctly fit the staircase. Below are some of the factors which should be considered:

Fitted Safety sensors

Stair lifts with safety sensors will not only benefit the user but also potentially protect other who live in the house. They operate by stopping the stair lift if the sensors detect anything in it path. More modern stair lifts come with up to eight sensors ensure the maximum safety.

Fitted Swivel Seats

A swivel seat is essential to ease exiting and entering the chair, especially when arriving upstairs. The seat can be swivel so that the user exits the lift on the landing rather than the top step.

Ride quality.

There are two aspects to the rider quality. First the start and stop quality. A good quality stair lifts will have a smooth and jolt free start and atop motion. The ride quality itself should be good to ensure user comfort and safety.

DC Power.

The stair lift should run of DC power. This operates by power packs being charged when the stair lift is resting. The use of power packs ensures the stair lift is not run of main power. The main advantage of this system in addition to safety is the ability to continue to us the lift in the event of a power cut.

The Control.

If your household has more than one lift user then a remote control will enable the lift to be called to either downstairs or upstairs.

The control on the lift itself can either be button or joystick operated. If you struggle to operate buttons then the joystick option would be better suited.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 46 million adults suffer from arthritis, and almost 19 million adults have to curtail their activities due to arthritis. The CDC projects that, by the year 2030, 67 million adults will have arthritis and 25 million will limit their activities because of the condition.

Conditions and Causes

The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease characterized by joint pain, and comes about as the result of and injury to or infection in the joint, or the aging process. Essentially, joint pain is caused by inflammation that arises when the cartilage that cushions the joints lessens.

In contrast to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that causes the immune system to attack and inflame the joints. Whereas osteoarthritis can be limited to a single, injured joint, or to a pair of joints (such as the knees or hips) in instances where the cartilage is worn out, rheumatoid arthritis usually affects multiple joints and can generally affects people at a much younger age.

Arthritis Pain and Symptoms

For people with osteoarthritis, arthritis pain typically increases over the course of the day, as the affected joints are used or overused. On the other hand, people with rheumatoid arthritis typically experience the most arthritis pain in the morning (or after waking), with the pain lessening throughout the day.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, rheumatoid arthritis can be characterized by three stages, and over time progresses from one to the other: swelling, growth of cells, and the production of enzymes that can digest cartilage and bone.

Arthritis pain typically worsens over time for both those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and those with osteoarthritis. According to the CDC, 40 percent of adults with arthritis report that at least one out of nine daily functional activities is difficult or impossible to do. These activities include bending, standing, walking, carrying, and grasping. Studies have repeatedly proven that those with arthritis have a poorer quality of life and suffer both a physical and emotional toll from the condition.

Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis treatment can range from using topical creams to over-the-counter analgesics to prescription drugs to joint replacement surgery. To improve the quality of life and decrease the incidence of debilitating pain, the most effective treatments focus on arthritis pain relief. Many peer-reviewed medical journals have documented the efficacy of a topical treatment that works by penetrating the sub-epidermal level of the skin, thereby blocking out pain transmitters and starting localized healing.

This topical lotion for arthritis pain relief is especially effective in reducing joint pain in the knees, hands, and lower back. It is also effective as a preventative measure for muscle pain and cramping before and after physical workouts, and can reduce the pain of tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, and menstrual cramps.

When lower back pain hits you, a massage and massage rollers can be very effective in relaxing the tensed muscles. Massage is an ancient pain relieving technique and provides you relief from day-to-day stress, muscle cramps, while easing the back pain and headaches, by increasing blood circulation. A massage also flushes out toxins and wastes from your body, thus lending a healthy shine to the skin.

Effective Massage through Massage Rollers

These days, an alternative way to providing your body with the much needed massage is through massage rollers. If you don’t have the time to go to a massage parlor or if you are staying alone, you can use a massage roller to give yourself instant relief. There are various types of massage rollers available in the market today:

The Omni Massage roller –

It provides pressure and has the necessary mobility for a great massage. It has a directional massage ball, with an easy to grip handle. You can use it anywhere and carry it in your purse or bag. You can massage your lower back, neck or even forehead, if you have a headache.

You can begin by applying pressure on the roller and then gently roll the ball in circular motions around the lower back. While moving it in circular motion, you can apply the necessary pressure. Once you are able to identify the spot from where the pain is originating, you can continue to massage the affected area for 10-20 minutes. The massage roller will, thus, provide you relief as it soothes and loosens the muscle tissue or ligaments. It will also gradually increase your blood circulation, leading to the healing of the affected area and elimination of the back pain.

You can also find a Knuckle baller sports massager in markets. This massager fit into your hand near the knuckles and has four directional massage balls to provide you with four times the comfort. A Knuckle baller sports massager is small, so, you can carry it to a theater, park or your office. Massage anytime and feel relaxed!

Life expectancy for Americans has risen dramatically in the last century. Now we can expect to live 77 years, which is 30 years longer than formerly. By taking care of our bodies we could easily live a long, healthy life.

People are Living Longer

There are more people in the United States over 100 years old than ever before, approximately 50,000. There are three times as many centenarians as there were 20 years ago. Since all of these people are not related, they do not have the same genes. Some have thought that was a big factor in longevity, but it only plays a small part. Other factors that play a big part in our life are environment, jobs, exercise, family relationships, social contacts and emotional health. Of course, living longer does not always mean a healthy, happy life.

Make Some Positive Life Changes

There are no pills to make us live longer, or guaranteed treatments. For many people, the way their body ages is up to them. There are practical steps you can take to make yourself feel better as well as live longer. People who age gracefully are not just lucky – they work at staying healthy! You must have the motivation to take these steps and be consistent.

Many times people wait until they are past middle age and in a health crisis before taking steps to insure a healthier life. For some, this is too late. Others can benefit from a drastic change and give themselves a chance to enjoy the golden years. Alternative medicines are also available to help combat many common illnesses.

Practical Steps for Everyone

Doctors have told us for years to exercise. As a whole we do not get enough exercise because of higher technology and improvements in all aspects of work. For better health, it is recommended to have 30 minutes of exercise a day. This helps with many health issues such as keeping weight down and strengthening the heart and other areas of the body. If you don’t like to exercise alone, get a friend to walk or go to the gym with you.

Eating the right foods, high fiber, low fat with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables has been a big factor in civilizations where people have a longer life span. Don’t smoke, or stop smoking if you do to prevent diseases caused by tobacco. Drink plenty of water and less soft drinks or alcohol.

Mental and emotional health contributes to general health too. People with large extended families or many social contacts don’t have much time to feel alone or hopeless. Others volunteer their time or service somewhere to feel useful and productive. Someone who is always looking for new things to learn will be active and more likely to stay involved in life. People with a sense of fulfillment and purpose are generally healthier and happier.

Be Healthy Now

Watch for signs of health problems. If you are having a problem, go to the doctor and have it checked. If you let something go you will have less chance of a cure. Have regular checkups so issues can be dealt with early. Start changing your habits now – don’t wait. If you are overweight, change your diet. If you do not get any exercise, make yourself start exercising.

If you have a health issue, see a doctor and get treatment. If you are lonely find a way to meet or help people. If you have bad habits, start changing them today. Someday you might be able to join the other centenarians as they enjoy a long, healthy, fulfilled life!

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