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Itchy, watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing are all common symptoms which a vast majority of us experience as allergy symptoms at specific times throughout the year. Many individuals do everything in their power to avoid allergies including changing their diets, staying indoors or taking vitamin supplements. These may contribute to fighting allergies, but there is another effective way to do so.

Immunotherapy or allergy shots are gaining popularity. Getting an allergy shot can be scary for some people, so we thought it would be best to fully explain allergy shots and address some common concerns.

How Do They Work?

Allergy shots contain a small amount of the substance which you are allergic to. If you are allergic to pollen, a small amount of pollen would be added to the shot. The amount is small enough so that it does not cause you to suffering from allergy symptoms, but enough so that you body gets used to fighting the allergen. Therefore, the next time your body comes in contact with that substance, it will be familiar with fighting it off and you will most likely not suffer from allergies.

Are Allergy Shots Safe For Everyone?

Although most people will have positive results from allergy shots, they are not right for everyone. Allergy shots are not recommended for individuals suffering from severe heart problems, asthma or other respiratory problems. Also, children under the age of 5 should not be exposed to allergy shots for safety reasons.

What Is The Procedure?

Once you have decided that you would like to get allergy shots, you will receive a shot 1 or 2 times a week for about 6 months. Afterwards, your maintenance shots will require you to get one shot a month, year round for about 3-5 years. Once you have received allergy shots on a regular basis for a couple years, you can discuss it with your doctor and they may tell you its okay to stop getting them at that point.

What Are The Side Effects?

Although allergy shots are effective for many individuals in eliminating allergy symptoms, certain individuals may experience some harmful side effects. Some people may experience feelings of shock when the shot is initially injected, others may feel light-headed or nauseated. For this reason, doctors are required to keep patients in their office for at least 20 minutes after receiving each shot in order to ensure the patient’s safety.

Some people swear by allergy shots while others criticize the effects or claim they don’t work effectively. If you are considering receiving immunotherapy, contact your doctor to discuss. Your doctor will give you more insight in order for you to determine if this is something you really want to do.

Overweight and obese people are constantly on the look out for new gadgets or devices they can use to shed off their unwanted pounds. Some have success stories, some fail. Some understand the concept of healthy weight-loss, some are looking for a quick fix. Some opt to do it the natural way, some choose surgery. One of the well known weight loss surgery availed by obese people is bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery, more commonly referred to as weight loss surgery, is a combination of surgical procedures performed to treat overweight and obese people. This is best for people who’ve failed to reach their weight loss targets through dieting and exercise routines. Compared to other surgical procedures for obesity, bariatric surgery may help attain a more healthy body weight. Like any other available surgical options for obesity, bariatric surgery has it benefits. Although, of course, do not forget to consider the possible risk and side effects before choosing to undergo such a procedure.

Doctors check the following criteria before endorsing s patient for surgery:

The bactericidal in mens aftershave also desensitizes the weakened skin. More importantly, all aftershave lotions or gels have a particular scent attached to them to offer perfume, and many of them also have a particular amount of moisturizer content to help cushion the skin

The alcohol also works in the prevention of soreness and closes down the pores after shaving. The market, when it comes to men’s aftershave, supplies you with varied choices, cutting across various brands, and price range. An Aftershave is also known as Eau De Cologne.

The Choice of Aftershave

All in all mens aftershave has a refreshing effect. Most alcohol based aftershaves have a stinging effect on the skin of a person, when they block up the pores. If you cannot bear such a sensation then it’s best that you go for an aftershave that has very little alcoholic volume. Moreover, you could also choose an aftershave balm that does not sting after application.

One of the considerations for selection of an aftershave lotion is the fragrance emanated. You can either select an aftershave lotion or balm that has a strong fragrance or something that gives out a mild scent. All alcohol based aftershave, usually provide a mild scent that usually disappears after a period of time owing to the process of evaporation.

Men’s Cologne

People sometimes use the words cologne and aftershave synonymously. There is very little difference between the two and even marketers sometimes promote an aftershave like cologne. However, the fact of the matter is that cologne is applied after the aftershave. This is because cologne has lesser alcoholic content then an aftershave lotion and thus its strong fragrance can last for a long period of time.

While choosing an aftershave lotion and cologne you must take care that they either belong to the same range or the aftershave lotion has a neutral scent. When it comes to aftershave or cologne, it is the individual taste and personality of the user that decides the choice. Light, fresh scented cologne is great when it comes to daytime wear or summer wear. You can go for a muskier scent for the evening or even woody earthy cologne.

Designer Mens Aftershave Brands

If you take some time out to search the market for various brands of men’s aftershave you will come to realize that there are an infinite number of aftershave and colognes available in the market. The choices have seen a considerable expansion, and famous designers have lent their names to popular aftershaves. Some of the luxury brands available in the market include Boucheron, Bvlgari, Cartier, Chanel, Creed, Gucci, Guerlain, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Thierry Mugler and Yves Saint Laurent amongst others.

As can be imagined, luxury men’s aftershave lotions are pretty expensive, but there are a host of cheaper options available in the market that cater to all your expectations. If you can afford it go for the expensive variety, but if you can’t then don’t fret. There are many popular brands like old spice, Adidas, Gillette etc that you can opt for that are good, yet affordable.

The Appeal

An aftershave lotion is something that is very personal yet, you share it with the people around you, in terms of the fragrance. However, the factor that you must take care of is that you are buying the aftershave lotion for yourself and not the people around you. More importantly it must be something you like, and not what the people around you would appreciate.

It can be said without a doubt that the choice of the right aftershave reflects the personality of the wearer, much like his clothes or watch. So select your aftershave with due care and thought.

If you’re like most people who have a weight problem, you’ve been on every diet imaginable. Chances are, you’ve lost plenty of weight over the course of your lifetime. The problem is, you most likely gained back all of the weight you lost – and then some. Like many people, you were probably looking for a quick fix – that magic bullet that would cause instant weight loss and that would keep you slim for life.

As you no doubt have realized, no such magic bullet exists. The key to successful weight loss is acknowledging that you need help, having the determination to learn new habits and adopt them for life, and finding the right tools to help you get the job done.


Because the typical American diet is high in substances that act as poisons to our bodies – things like saturated fats, sugars, and food additives and chemicals – the first step in any successful weight loss program is detoxing. This detoxification process is a cleansing process that gets the harmful substances out of your body’s blood stream and tissues. Such a cleansing process has the added benefit of weaning you off of the toxic substances you may have been consuming for years. It breaks the addiction to sugar, caffeine, and the insidious preservatives that are so much a part of the American diet.

There are many cleansing system products available that can help you in the detoxing phase of your weight loss plan. It’s important to find one that is natural and organic, and that does not contain some of the potentially harmful substances found in many over the counter products. Read the labels carefully, and choose one that has vitamins, enzymes, and ionic trace minerals.

Jump Starting Weight Loss

While there’s no magic bullet that will cause you to lose weight and keep it off, there are products available that will help jump-start your weight loss. Often in the form of meal replacement shakes, these products are helpful for three reasons. First, the best shakes are natural, and are chock full of organic whey protein, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. While you’re reducing your caloric intake, these shakes can help speed up the fat burning process. Second, they’re easy. Learning new dietary habits is fraught with the perils of temptation; having an easy-to-prepare shake makes it easier for you to keep temptation at bay. Third, it’s heartening to see immediate results. If, for example, you were to lose ten pounds in ten days, you’re more likely to continue on with your weight loss plan. The power of success can’t be underestimated.

Staying With the Program

Quick weight loss may be emotionally satisfying, but remember that, in order to actually keep the weight off this time, you’ll need to make a commitment to changing the habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place. A regular exercise plan, a support group, and a food diary are all helpful tools in staying with the program.

For many people, weight loss is the first step on the path to health, energy, and wellness. This natural healing journey can and should begin with a detoxing cleansing system that rids your body of its toxic build-up.

When your toddler was still a baby, you probably felt more anxious about leaving him in the care of others than he did about your absence. Babies feel little need to worry as long as their caregiver can meet their basic needs, regardless whether it is their parents or a sitter. But as they grow old, babies develop a kind of attachment to people and objects that are constant features in their life such as their parents. Often, toddlers as young as a year old develop separation anxiety when their parents are out of sight. Although normal, these can cause undue stress to them and their parents when the latter have to leave. Here are some tips to help you and your child overcome separation anxiety:

1. Brief your child about what to expect in a daycare center.

Being left in an unfamiliar place can worsen the anxiety felt by your child. Prevent this by briefing him about what he can expect in a daycare. Point out that his basic needs – drinking, eating, resting, and bathroom – will be attended to in the daycare. Excite him with the opportunity of meeting new playmates.

2. Explain where will you go and what will you do when you leave him.

Tell your child that you have to go to work. Stress that going to work is not a choice but an obligation. Give him brief details like “At 9 o’clock, Mommy has to attend a meeting with a client.” Most importantly, tell him that you will fetch him every afternoon.

3. Give him a brief tour of the daycare.

Prior to having your child attend regular day school, tour him around and inside the place. Get him to meet his teachers and care providers in the daycare. If possible, schedule playdates with other new kids in the daycare for an hour twice or thrice a week to prepare your child for larger groups during regular day school.

4. Help your child be more confident.

Teach your child how to introduce himself to other people. Practice and role-play with him until he is comfortable about introducing himself or talking to other people, especially his peers and caregivers.

5. Be in the daycare early.

Never rush in the morning – this will only increase your child’s worry. Arrive early enough to be able to introduce your child to his caregivers, teachers, and some of the other kids. Be sure to spend a few minutes playing with your child or reading him a story. Just be sure to set a time and stick with it. Tell your child that you’ll stay with him for five minutes and when the time is up, kiss him and remind him when you will be back.

Although these tips can help minimize the anxiety felt by your child during your absence, bear in mind that eliminating this anxiety will take a long time. Your child may cry or give in to tantrums during the first few days but with consistent practice, he will gradually get over his anxiety caused by your absence.

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