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Current info about Golf is not always the easiest thing to locate. Fortunately, this report includes the latest Golf info available.

Golf pros can give contradicting advice.

It is common to read one golf player’s advice and then when you read another article or book, to have a different player say the complete opposite. For example, one pro says to keep your head straight, but another person comes along with an entirely different set of rules.

What should you do?

You should listen to me, of course. J

All people are different and no two of us play exactly alike. This is why it is a great idea to not concentrate on one particular method of playing golf.

Some basics can make or break your golf game. And I am telling you to keep your head still and not move it during your swing.

If you don’t have accurate details regarding Golf, then you might make a bad choice on the subject. Don’t let that happen: keep reading.

It is impossible to keep your head still if you tense up your muscles. Keeping your head still helps you to loosen up and allows you to finish your swing smoothly. By keeping your head still, you can also prevent the dreaded slice because you do not have to pull your hands in to keep balanced.

A golf championship winner said that every time he prepared to make a shot, he said to himself, “Keep your head still.” It is a necessity to a good golf swing that many players do not concentrate on.

If you can become successful at just this one skill, you will find your golf game improving. When you make a terrible shot, concentrate on keeping your head still during the next swing.

If you keep your head still, it will be possible to see the ball during the entire swing. If your head is moving, it will be impossible to keep your eye on the ball.

You can build your confidence by using this one technique. Keep your head still enough to keep a jar of water on the top of your head perfectly still and watch the ball as you swing. You will be able to see the ball better and hit it more solidly.

Even if you are nervous when you are playing, keep these two tips in mind and your game will definitely improve!

Hopefully the tips above have contributed to your understanding of Golf. Share your new tips about Golf with others. They’ll thank you for it.

These six factors must be taken into consideration so that you make an informed choice of putter type and to make sure that it feels as it should be.

1. The lie angle. It is an angle between the shaft and the ground. This factor determines if the putter head is sitting perfectly flat on the ground when you are putting. Get one that lets the head of the club rest squarely on the ground when you take your stance.

2. The length of the putter. The standard length for a putter is 35 inches. The right length for you depends on how you stand when you address the ball. A longer putter is better if you like to stand upright. A shorter putter is better if you prefer to bend over and be closer to the ground.

3. The total weight of the putter. Get one that does not feel too heavy. In general, use a lighter putter if you play on fast greens. A heavier putter may give you better results if you play on slow greens.

4. The size and shape of the head. A perimeter-weighted putter is the best. This type of putter has a recess in the middle of the head, with most of the weight distributed on the heel and toe. This will provide you with more solid putts on off-center hits.

5. The head material. This factor is often overlooked when choosing a good putter. Typically the cheaper putters will have heads made of PCS plastic, Aluminum or Zinc. Because the head material is light, you will be required to hit the ball harder to get it to go the same distance as you would if your club-head was made from a more expensive material. Generally, these putters cannot be adjusted for lie, loft angle or other variables.

On the other hand, the more expensive putters often use stainless steel, brass, titanium, wood or a mixture of these. You can find special displays of these putters with different lie angles and lengths already built in. These putters will feel more solid when you strike the ball, look much better at address and perform more consistently over time.

6. The grip type and size. Putters come with standard-size grips installed. This is not ideal for everyone. The larger your hands, the larger the width of the grip should be and, conversely, you should have a smaller diameter grip if your hands are small.

To lower your golf score, you’ve got to put some time in. This is the main reason golfers quit the game. Golf is a very challenging game that requires intense concentration, skill, and many physical attributes.

One approach to lower your golf score is one that is off the course and does not involve swinging a club, taking lessons or buying more gimmicky training aids.

The approach I’m talking about is working on your “machine” to produce a repeatable golf swing for 18 holes. Are you currently capable to maintain a mechanically sound swing for the entire round? If you are honest in answering that question, I’ll bet your answer is no.

The biggest frustration I hear from golfers all over the world is they hit balls, take lessons and have the latest/greatest equipment and still can’t lower their golf score. In regards to golf improvement, the above scenario has eliminated everything but the MOST important component.

Your BODY!

Golf is an athletic movement that requires strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, stability, timing and many other elements. If your body is physically limited…you’ll have a minimal chance at playing to your potential.

Just think if you put 20 minutes into a golf training routine in your home with minimal equipment. No grunting. No groaning. No pain. Just simple golf exercises that will make a dramatic, and almost immediate impact on your golf game and score.

I have seen so many “so-called” fitness books and videos that show golfers using machines in a gym. This is not what I’m talking about. And this is not golf fitness training. Anytime you sit on a machine that isolates one muscle group, you will not improve your game.

What I’m talking about is using hand weights, a stability ball and some exercise tubing with handles. All very inexpensive and perfect for improving your golf game. The only catch is you need the right exercises to go along with this affordable equipment.

I’ve heard horror stories of golfers who have lifted weights and said their game got worse. This is a problem! You’ve got to do exercises that will train your body to make a stable, mechanically sound golf swing for 18 holes.

Once you realize golf is an athletic sport that requires both golf-specific strength and flexibility, you’ll become a believer in training your body off the course to lower your golf score.

Another beautiful day, out on the golf course, and I’m feeling like a million bucks wearing my bright yellow golf shirt, and the girl I want to meet, is just a golf hole ahead of me.

There she goes, off the tee box. Right down the middle of the fairway on number 2 hole. The last time I was out here, she faded it right into the bunker, just next to my favorite ball placement. I missed my golden opportunity to meet her at that time. I pull hooked the ball on the opposite side of the fairway.

Maybe we’ll meet a couple holes down. She has to come back down number 3, and I should be teeing off number 2-tee box at the same time. Maybe I’ll impress her with a beautiful drive, straight and long down the fairway. Worst-case scenario will be another long hook out into her fairway this time. I wonder if she’ll stop and watch me fly the trees, hitting back to the green?

Here we go. I see that her drive on number 3 landed left side of the fairway. I better tee this puppy up and let it fly. If I’m going to impress her, now is the time. With this bright yellow golf shirt on, there is no way that she will not notice me. I’m sure I’ll stand out. This is my golden opportunity.

Great golf shot happening here! It is flying way out of sight! I see her looking over as the ball lands and rolls. Wow! I think I did it! All I have to do is proudly walk down the middle of the fairway. I feel like a pro with this yellow golf shirt on, taking the turn at the Masters. Now all I have to do is keep a straight face, as if it’s routine, and walk down the left side of the middle. That would bring me a little closer, without having to yell, to say hi. I better figure out quickly what to say, just in case she compliments me on a nice golf shot.

Oh great! I hit it so far. The foursome ahead of me is yelling and waving. I completely forgot to wait until they were out of reach. How embarrassing is this going to be? I am the only golfer in my group out on the fairway. All my golf buddies are on the other side of the fairway. How do you try to impress someone with a great golf shot, only to find out, the shot almost hit someone? This is not good. What’s even worse? I think her parents are walking my way. Great! Let’s meet the parents!

Perfect timing! My buddies need a hand on the other side of the fairway to look for a lost ball! It’s a good thing I carry an extra shirt, just in case it rains. I think I should change this bright yellow golf shirt on the opposite side of the fairway. First impression is going to have to wait.

Performing shoulder exercises and stretches are important to ensuring that you have a good swing. Stretching the rotator cuff muscles, those found in your shoulders that allow you to move your shoulder in a circular motion, increases flexibility and ensures a more natural and fluid golf swing.

Good shoulder stability and strength is vital to your golf game, since your shoulders are involved with every swing of your clubs. Include shoulder stretches and exercises in your regular fitness routine, as well as use them as part of your pre-game warm-up. Here are two important stretches that will help you get your shoulders in top shape.

Rotator cuff stretch: This movement is designed to stretch out the rotator cuff muscles. Hold the club in the middle of the shaft with one arm extended straight out. Rotate the club to the right and then to the left. When complete, switch to the other arm and repeat the stretch.

Shoulder towel stretch: This movement is designed to stretch the muscles in your shoulders. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab a golf towel or other small towel and place it behind your back. Raise one arm, bend it at the elbow and reach down towards the opposite shoulder blade. With the other arm, reach behind your back towards the opposite shoulder blade. As you hold the towel in between the two arms, pull the upper arm straight down. Next, raise the lower arm straight up. Reverse your arms and repeat the stretch.

Essential to your fitness routine is a regular stretching program for the muscles of your shoulder. You can use stretches for your shoulders as a pre-round warm up in addition to stretches you may do at the gym or at home as part of an ongoing.

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