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Just because you dont have huge, elaborate gardens does not mean you cant accentuate what you do have with l garden bridges. Garden bridges could be just what you need to turn those mediocre garden areas into something quite splendid.

Garden bridges can add a touch of country or formal design to a garden.

Small garden bridges are easy to find. There are many garden bridges that you can find in garden centers or home improvement centers. One of the best places to find small garden bridges may be online. There are lots of sites that have many ideas for small garden bridges.

If you are good with a hammer and nails you may even be able to make your own garden bridge. Plans are available at building stores and at online sites. You will find many choices for garden bridges at these online sites and you can also see photos of many different bridge styles.

A garden bridge can be a big benefit for your garden space. A small garden bridge will look attractive in a smaller garden and draw attention to a specific area.

You can choose the right small garden bridge if you do a little planning ahead of time. If you have a smaller garden you will want a smaller garden bridge. Look at the space you have and decide where a bridge would fit in. Consider more than one area and then choose your favorite.

There are some lovely gardens that are small in size but large in beauty because garden bridges have been added in just the right places.

Of hundreds of thousands of flowers that exist in the world, the one most common flower that most people can recognize and identify is the rose. The rose

has been used for hundreds of years to express a varying number of emotions, as a pleasing fragrance in perfumes or potpourri, to consumables, and even has

uses for security.

In general the rose is pleasing to the sight and smell as they are graceful and have a pleasing aroma. But as they say every rose has its thorn and with

this rose bushes have been planted as an outer defense under windows and drainpipes to discourage intruders of all forms from entering the premises. And

because of the aesthetic qualities that the rose possesses it has been a favored alternative to walls and fences.

A part of the rose known as the rose hip also has been used to make tea, jam, bread and many other consumables. The rose hip is high in vitamin C and

carries vitamin A, D, E in addition to the essential fatty acids, antioxidants and iron making it a very popular substance to people who seek and promote a

healthy lifestyle.

The most common method that most people affiliate the rose with is the conveying of emotions and expressions. In floriography, the language of flowers, the

rose has many different meanings depending on the color. The crimson rose has always associated itself with the emotion of love and therefore has been a

favorite among couples especially on the fourteenth of February.

Also in relation to the red rose being simultaneous with love, the amount of roses can also define the meaning. A dozen roses meaning “dozens of ways I love

you”, two dozen standing for “loving you for each and every hour of the day”, three dozen convey the feelings of love unlike any other and four dozens

usually mean unconditional love. The red rose can also mean courage and respect though these two traits are less commonly known by the general public.

Other commonly known colors of the rose are white, yellow, pink, burgundy and blue. The white rose usually represents purity, innocence and virtue. Because

of the white color it has been a favorite as a decorative centerpiece in homes and offices. The yellow rose is known for the meaning of friendship but can

also mean jealousy and infidelity. The pink rose symbolized grace, sophistication and elegance which were traits sought by many young women in the Victorian

period and even today. The burgundy rose has been a favorite with among more mature women as its meaning is beauty.

The blue rose was originally non existent and was usually a white rose that had been dyed blue. But with hybrid breeding and genetic engineering the blue

rose was created. The blue rose represents the feeling of mystery, attaining the impossible as they never existed in the past. Along with this sense is the

true black rose does not currently exist. The so-called black rose is actually a very dark red that seems black. The black rose has been associated with

death and hatred but can also mean a variety of other emotions and expressions such as farewell, rejuvenation and rebirth.

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Free online catalogs may be good source of gardening supply information. One just has to be fine with the light promotion of events and other products that may be sent to his email inbox every now and then.

I grew up on a dairy farm and learned early in my life that cow manure is useful. That usefulness may have been born out of necessity, though. After all, the manure from a herd of 50 cows has to go somewhere right? That’s how I learned that cow manure makes a great fertilizer. But we never had horses on our farm so I started wondering if horse manure is useful as a fertilizer too.

Although there is a wide range of weights among horses depending on the breed, an average adult riding horse weighs approximately 900 – 1,100 pounds. A horse that size produces around 8 to 9 tons; or between 16,000 and 18,000 pounds of manure every year. That’s a lot of horse manure.

What is done with that manure? One option for disposal is to haul it to a landfill site, but that is not an eco-friendly option and some landfills will not accept horse manure. The best option is to spread the horse manure on land so it decomposes quickly, or to compost it and then use it to improve soil quality.

One problem with using horse manure to fertilize ground is that many people use sawdust or wood chips as bedding in horse stalls. When the stalls are cleaned, the dirty sawdust or wood chips as well as the manure are removed. While the horse manure itself is a good fertilizer, the sawdust and wood chips are not crop friendly. That’s because when wood breaks down in the soil a nitrogen deficiency occurs, which stunts the growth of crops. To combat this problem, a nitrogen fertilizer can be added to the soil after horse manure is spread on it; or a nitrogen fertilizer can be added to the horse manure and sawdust or wood shavings mixture before being added to the soil.

A great way to use horse manure is to add it to a compost pile. When adding the manure to a compost pile, any sawdust and wood chips present in the manure are okay. They are a good “brown” component to compost. It takes about six months for the manure, sawdust or wood chips, and any other materials added to the compost pile to completely break down and become what many people call “black gold.”

To make a compost pile with horse manure as one of the components, layer it with green compost items. Many experts suggest alternating layers of brown and green compost items because you need sources of both carbon (brown items) and nitrogen (green items) in your compost pile. Brown items such as horse manure, wood chips, and sawdust are great sources of carbon. A few good sources of nitrogen (the green items) for a compost pile include: green leaves, fresh grass clippings, the scraps from raw fruits and vegetables, and coffee grounds. Yes, coffee grounds are brown, but for the purposes of compost they are considered a green item because they provide the compost pile with nitrogen.

Because the compost pile is a living thing, it needs water and air to thrive. Your compost pile should be turned each week, adding water as needed to keep the compost pile damp. You’ll know the process of breaking down has completed when the compost material is dark and crumbly and fresh smelling.

Once the horse manure and other materials have turned into the “black gold” I mentioned a little earlier in this article, it’s finally time to put the black gold to good use. While compost isn’t officially considered a fertilizer, it contains nutrients that are great for plants and soil. Some good ways to use your horse manure compost are: as mulch for garden plants and around landscaping; as a soil improvement component for sandy soil; as a soil improvement for clay soil; and as a material to help control erosion.

Now you know that horse manure, that smelly waste product from a beloved animal, is a useful by product that is environmentally friendly.

No garden would ever be the same without the sounds, colours and movement of the birds that visit it. The British and Americans appreciate birds in their gardens more than most, and in the UK, the million plus membership of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is testimony to that. Not only do we love having birds in the garden, many encourage them by providing bird feeders and bird houses, or nest boxes as we call them in the UK.

The birds themselves come in all shapes and sizes, so you will find bird houses have evolved to cater for the many different species that might visit the garden in the breeding season. For gardeners who like to see the birds close at hand, bird houses can be an integral part of the garden, even the house itself in some cases.

While bird houses are functional, and intended as a place to breed, they can also make attractive garden decor. Some bird houses are, indeed, very decorative. They can even be whimsical and humourous. There really are some wonderful and unusual designs on the market. More conventional bird houses are also readily available, especially online.

One type of bird house, though, is particularly important, and that is especially designed for purple martins.

Purple Martins – A Breed Apart For Human Intervention

The type of birds you get in the garden will depend on where you live, of course, but you may find specially designed bird houses for your favourite birds, whether they are bluebirds, robins, purple martins, or other favourites.

Purple martins, though, are very special when it comes to people providing their housing needs. They are much loved visitors to parts of North America, where they go to breed every spring and summer. One remarkable thing about these fork tailed swallows is that they actually depend on human intervention for their housing needs. In other words purple martin bird houses are more than a desirable residence for the purple martins; they are an essential to their survival in North America.

If you are excited about birds visiting and breeding in your garden, and are lucky enough to live in an area where purple martins are summer visitors, then you can have many hours of joy every day knowing that you are also providing an important service. The purple martins will not come down to feed in the garden, but you can watch them fly off to feed on high flying insects, and return to base to feed their hungry young. That is, if you have one or more purple martin bird houses.

Later in the season, you can watch the baby purple martins learn to fly as they depart from the nests you provide. So, having purple martin bird houses is much more than adding garden decor; they are like a living entertainment centre for those lazy summer afternoons in the garden. You can relax, knowing that you are doing the world a big favour by helping to perpetuate the purple martin species.

Purple martin houses come in many forms, but you need to bear in mind that they breed in colonies, so putting up a single bird box for one nest is no help. The other thing to consider is that the purple martin needs height; they will only breed if well clear of the ground. Despite those limitations, purple martin bird houses come in many designs and have evolved to make the most of what the birds need. Some can be very attractive too, making them a welcome addition to the garden d

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