Have You Seen These Important Safety Tips For Online Shopping Surfing With The Billabong Brand Find Out What The Neighbors Are Doing With Spy Sunglasses In Hot Purse Suit Pursuit Of The Latest Trends A Close Look At Halloween Masks

Shopping is an activity that is necessary in our lives. Many people spend a small percentage of their day doing some type of shopping, be it for food or some other essential items. Online shopping is when a consumer purchases products or services through the Internet.

Approximately 68% of online Americans say they think internet shopping saves them time.

We’ve all heard how great shopping on the Internet can be, and that you can get things far cheaper, as the shops don’t have to pay expensive overheads. At the same time, most internet users express discomfort over a key step in online shopping – sending personal or credit card information over the internet. The good news is that consumers are now taking proactive steps to protect themselves to ensure safe online shopping.

Here are a few informative tips about online shopping that I’ve learned through my experiences.

1. Before you give your payment information, check that the Internet connections you will be using are secure and that the website encrypts your card number so it can’t be read by others.

2. Always print out your order confirmation and save your receipts into a separate folder marked “receipts”, even if you lose or misplace your paper receipt you will have a back copy up should you need a refund.

3. Some con artists try to lure consumers to their fraudulent Web sites by using corporate names or Internet addresses that are very similar to those of legitimate, well-known companies.

4. ShopSafe is a consumer guide for online shoppers. All shops listed on ShopSafe have had their security, delivery, range of goods and prices checked. If you ever have any difficulty communicating with a merchant who is listed on ShopSafe, all you have to do is contact them and they will do their best to contact that merchant on your behalf.

5. Remember, before you make a purchase or a payment, read the information on the Web site regarding your right to stop payment or the company’s refund and return policies for damaged goods or faulty service.

6. Check the web site to make sure there is a privacy policy posted, and that you’re comfortable with the way your personal information is treated under that policy. Also, only provide the minimum information needed to complete a transaction, don’t divulge your Social Security number, credit card number, address, phone number or other personal information unless you’re sure the Web site is legitimate and you know why that information is needed.

7. When shopping online through a Web or online auction site, look for a feedback section on the site to review comments on the seller based on previous transactions.

8. Don’t do business with any retailer that does not provide its physical address and a contact telephone number for customers.

9. While you’re shopping online and you become dubious about a merchant, if the Web site appears to be suspicious or if the offer seems “far too good to be true,” trust your instincts. As my mother used to say “when in doubt, don’t”.

10. Contact your state’s Attorney General’s office (see “Government Agencies That Can Help”) or the Better Business Bureau and ask about the merchant’s reputation. Using the website address of the company you intend on ordering from, check their record with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is funded by more than 375,000 business members, and the system has provided 60 million instances of service to consumers and businesses. Web sites that display a BBB On Line trademark, indicates the retailer meets high standards for good online business practices.

11. Search for trustworthy businesses using keywords that are part of the business name or that describe the products or services they offer this will ensure that they are legitimately selling the product or services they are advertising.

12. If you should receive an email claiming problems with your order or account, and asking for your personal financial information, do not ever respond to them, legitimate businesses will never send this type of email to you.

If people’s worries about security of personal information were eased, the pool of online shoppers would be greater. It is so easy to compare prices, there are no queues and plenty of parking spaces online. One important piece of information about shopping online and paying online from home
Billabong set its roots in Queensland. It was founded in 1973, by Rena and Gordon Merchant. The company started out as a manufacturer of board shorts and slowly expanded its operations.

In 1981, the company decided to become an aggressive player in the surf apparel market by branching out to an international crowd. At first, it expanded its business to include New Zealand and the United States, then to South Africa, Japan and finally to Europe. Once the ball was set in motion it was only a matter of time before it became a global effort.

As the brand gained exposure and popularity the company decided to branch into other sports related apparel markets. They started experimenting with different lines of sports packages such as snowboarding and skateboarding.

In 1991, once they were satisfied with the quality of their new products, the company began to manufacture and distribute to the snowboarding and skateboarding crowd on a much larger scale. As they expanded into these other areas, they were able to discover much success.

In 2000, Billabong international was listed as a publicly traded company on the Australian Stock Exchange. Once enough capital was generated, the company quickly decided to bolster its position in other key sports related industries by purchasing such name brands as Von Zipper, Kustom Palmers Surf, Element and Nixon. Each of these brands helped them gain position in other related sporting good categories.

In 2005, the company decided to give itself a bigger retail foothold by opening a number of Beachworks locations around the globe. These effective retail locations began successfully selling a number of the company’s top products.

In 2007, Billabong in a long overdue move, decided to acquire Xcel, a premium wet-suit brand based in the United States. With this acquisition, it positioned the company to be one of the strongest surf related brands in the world,

Popular Culture

Many of today’s top surfing stars endorse the Billabong brand name. These endorsements have led to an increase of brand awareness and popularity of their popular surf related apparel line. Many teenage skaters, snowboarders and surfers today sport the billabong brand apparel because of this. It has become a mainstay in teenage popular culture.


Billabong has had a successful expansion into many of the sporting goods extreme categories. They can now boast apparel for skaters, surfers and snowboarders. Their products range in size and age from t-shirts to surf shorts to sandals, sunglasses to watches and other snowboarding related items.

The company is a publicly traded company, yet its founders still maintain a 20% share in it.With its aggressive marketing style and attractive celebrity endorsements Billabong has placed itself in a solid position to hold the market share for years to come.

Spy sunglasses are actually a brand name of designer sunglasses. Most people though refer to those mirrored sunglasses as spy sunglasses because they can’t see your eyes when they look at you. Therefore they have no idea whether you are watching what they are doing when you are wearing this type of sunglasses. They let you spy on others and watch the men and women without them knowing.

Spy sunglasses carry the Jeremy McGrath signature. These Spy optic sunglasses are more about fit and comfort than fashion, although they are very stylish. They offer 100% UV protection, even with the discount Spy sunglasses that you get from online sites. These designer sun glasses have a multi-layer coating on the lenses to manipulate the light spectrum. This means when you are wearing these sunglasses you have the maximum visual performance and protection.

Some of the different designs of Spy sunglasses that you can get include:

How do you keep up with the latest purse trends? That question has been one that women have tried to answer for many years. There are many different ways that women use for keeping up with the trends and styles. Some watch other women, some watch celebrities, some read magazine articles, while others shop the department stores. Ultimately, there is no quick answer for how to find the latest purse trends. There are new designers popping up every day. As soon as designers get their purses on the market, the counterfeiters are busy at work. The fake designer purses hit the streets almost as quickly as the designer purses themselves. Many women prefer the “copy” purses as the designer purses are too expensive for their budgets; while others prefer buying the designer purses because of their style and quality.

We have found that using a combination of all techniques gives one more of a hint of the trends. Watch the trends and then choose something that also fits within your personality and fashion. The most important thing is to make sure you are happy and feel great about your choice.

Finding the latest trend is only part of the problem. Once you find the latest styles, you are still faced with the issue of carrying all of your items. Sometimes the trend may be small purses, but you have a ton of things you need to carry. Or sometimes the trend is very large purses, but you are a small person that looks ridiculous carrying a huge bag. Note, it is extremely important to have a functional purse as well as a good looking purse. If you are going to a dinner party with friends, you may only need a small bag for lipstick and keys. If you are going out all day with friends to various places, it may be important to carry a larger bag. That is why most women need more than one purse. One purse generally does not fit for all occasions. It is rare that someone would carry a purse to work and then take that same purse to a formal affair. Whatever the occasion, the purse should fit your needs and personal taste. A purse is an accessory to your outfit. It should be an expression of you and your tastes.

So next time you’re searching for the perfect purse, remember that it is an extension of you. Search for something you like. If you like it, most likely others will too.

If you have already started to plan this year’s Halloween costume, you might have taken some time to look in a costume store or two or check out the selections online. A major part of the costume industry includes Halloween masks. A popular part of Halloween celebrations, Halloween masks are not the answer to everyone’s costume needs. Here is a look at the good and bad of this Halloween accessory.

The good

One of the best aspects of Halloween masks is that they disguise who you are quite thoroughly. Whether you choose a Halloween mask that covers your entire face and head, or just a portion, the final effect of either is that it alters the shape of you face. This can make it even more difficult to recognize you than it would be with merely face paint.

Another positive of Halloween masks is that they are very simple to use. If you paint your face, you will need a good deal of time, patience, and some artistic talent to get the right effect. With a Halloween mask, you simply slip it on and you are ready to go.

Masks can also be an inexpensive costume idea. By wearing a solid colored outfit and slipping on a mask, you can instantly become the character that the mask represents – other accessories are optional. You can even combine Halloween masks with your everyday clothing to become a zombie doctor, a cat who is a chef, or other unique idea.

The bad

Halloween masks can be dangerous if they are worn improperly. Special care should be taken to make sure that the mask does not block your vision or your breathing. This is particularly true with children’s costumes, since an improperly fitting mask could cause them to injure themselves while out trick or treating. You will want to try the mask on to make sure that it fits properly before wearing it on Halloween night. Remove masks when driving to ensure that you are able to see properly.

Halloween masks can also be hot, so if your Halloween evening will be spent in a warmer climate or a crowded party room you may become uncomfortable rather quickly. If you feel that you are overheating, remove your mask. Also make sure that you drink plenty of water during your Halloween celebrations.

While Halloween masks can be an inexpensive alternative to a full costume, they can also become quite pricey. The more detailed a mask is, the higher the price tag will often be. So if you are on a budget, you may have to settle for a less detailed Halloween mask, or an alternative like face painting, to achieve a similar effect.

Halloween masks can be an excellent addition to your Halloween costume, but they are not the perfect solution for everyone. Only you can decide if this Halloween accessory is right for you. If you purchase a mask and decide later on that it is not as comfortable or as safe as you would like, you can also use it as a creepy way to decorate your home.

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