Why Swimming Is The Perfect Exercise For Seniors Are You Or Your Elderly Parents Moving To An Apartment From A House Here S Help The Benefits Of Continuing Care Retirement Community A Grandparent S Guide To Choosing Age Appropriate Toys

There are a many reasons why swimming and water-based exercise may be the best choice for seniors. Water based exercises are second only to walking in lowest rates for injuries. They are commonly used for physical therapy modes for those recovering from major surgery.

Water also provides more options for those who are lacking in general fitness or have a prior injury that makes land based activity difficult. Finally, water based activities work the entire body, serving as a form of both strength training even as aerobic training takes place.

Swimming utilizes nearly all major muscle groups simultaneously, imparting a total body work out. Because of the inherent resistance of the water, swimming develops both muscle strength and endurance, as well as helps flexibility.

Because of its horde of effects, swimming provides almost all of the aerobic benefits of running even as it yields many of the benefits of resistance training thrown in. Because swimming does not put the strain on connective tissues that running, aerobics and some weight-training regimens do, swimming is the kind of low-impact work out that is perfect for seniors seeking to regain or maintain their fitness.

This is a sport especially gentle to those who are physically challenged. The buoyancy factor of water makes swimming the most injury-free exercise available. So it is specifically interesting to seniors, especially those with any type of joint issues. In water, a person’s body weight is reduced by 90% as compared to its weight on land. For example, a 220 pound man will weigh about 22 pounds if he is standing in chin deep water.

Exercises in water can also be done more often because of the low incidence of injuries and it is more effective for exercising the entire body as any movement in water 12 times greater resistance than movement in air.

For the elderly, water fitness is safe, fills the need for exercise, increases a body’s range of motion and is a low-impact exercise.

So you’re moving to an apartment, what do you do with all your favorite things you can’t live without? Are your parents elderly and you’re downsizing them? Sure you can’t take everything, but you probably can manage your/their most valued pieces.

Admit it. We all have items that are precious to us and must be in the interior of our homes to make it home! Lets say Grandmas “chamber pot”..ok….maybe not that. But something.

First decide what you’re able to afford as far as rent or mortgage. Then do an inventory of all things you wish to keep with you. If your a pack rat…well…nows the time to go Cold Turkey and toss out some stuff…yard sale the good stuff…and save the best stuff for your new domain.

Now, try to shop around and see how much space you can get for your buck. The bigger… the more you get to take with you. If you can afford the den or the extra room…take it! Perhaps you can sacrifice indoor space for a small yard to garden or tinker in.

Ok, I know you will be taking the major elements with you (like the couch and coffee table, kitchen table and bedroom furnishings). Keep this in mind when looking at your new space. Take measurements with you. Don’t assume it will fit. Measure the item length and width, height as well if needed. If your older and need assitance ask one of your children or grandchildren to help you.

As you put the major elements into your new space, this is your chance to be a interior decorator yourself. Put the biggest pieces in first and on the biggest walls. Then bring in the small must have items ( coffee and end tables, lamps and so on) Now just because you are used to things a certain way…break out of the box…or cycle, and change it up some. Move things around this way and that way. Which looks better?

When accessorizing the room, group things together that match or would normally be seen together. Say you collect old radios and they are here and there. Bring them together in one room…now arrange them to complement each other on a bookcase or shelf. Same with anything that you find collectable…dolls…trains…or if your brave enough glass things!

Now for the walls. Perhaps you can turn some loved things into wall decor. Put small things together in a shadowbox. Before hanging anything arrange it on the floor or bed and see if it works together. Play around with it and be sure you want it where you put it. Measure from the ceiling to the desired height of the hanging area. This works great for pictures that need to be even horizontally. Space evenly to keep it uniform.

Hope this article was informative and helpful. I have lots of free articles on my site as well. They cover all areas of home improvement tips as well as interior decorating. Gardening and landscaping too! If your bored pull up my site and get busy making some changes in your home or yard.

People nowadays have already realized the importance of saving for the future, especially for their retirement. This is because when they reach their retirement age, all they have to do is to relax and enjoy life together with the financial benefits that they themselves have tried to save little by little.

That is why, when it comes to retirement and the benefits that can be derived from it, people should take the matter seriously.

Because of the growing trend in retirement issues and programs, one area of retirement is gradually taking the limelight. This is known as the continuing care retirement community or the CCRCs.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities are consistently gaining some recognition because of the features and benefits that retirees get from them.

To know more of the CCRC, here is a list of the benefits that a retiree can derive from them:

1. Continuing Care Retirement Community provides various housing projects and selection for their members. With a wide variety of choices, people are opting to choose a house that will correspond to their lifestyle and personality.

These housing privileges are not just mere housing projects, in which likes of them are usually made from low-quality materials. However, those that were provided by CCRC, the houses are surely apt for the family. In addition, these are, indeed, low cost houses.

2. The CCRC also offers optimum security, specialized services, and support to their residents. In this way, people who live in the area have peace of mind because they are surrounded by tranquil setting.

Moreover, in CCRC, people are entitled to enjoy three stages of care made available within the context of the Continuing Care Retirement Community.

3. The CCRC have programs that are always available (round-the-clock) to their customers. This means that the residents or their customers can readily avail the services that they need, in which all of the services are all focused on the well-being and health of the people.

No wonder why more and more retirees are aiming to obtain their new homes from the CCRC. Surveys show that approximately 625,000 elderly people are planning to have their own houses through this program.

4. The agreements stipulated therein are all stated in the contract. That is why retirees are more than secure because they will know that the things that they have worked for will not just go to waste.

CCRC is another way of enjoying life’s simple pleasures after working so hard all their lives.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1.3 million children are entrusted to their grandparents every day. Roles of a grandparent include spoiling and enlightening their grandkids with toys they will enjoy. After all, toys are considered to be treasures of childhood. With this role comes an added responsibility to make sure that grandchildren stay safe and enjoy a toy that is age-appropriate. Grandparents make up a large percentage of toy buyers. Thousands of toys are marketed with the promise to educate and entertain kids. Unfortunately, not every toy is safe for children to play with. What can a grandparent look for when purchasing a toy for the kids that they love?

Most pediatricians and child experts believe there are a lot of hidden hazards concerning toys that people should be made aware of. Here is a guide that grandparents can use when it comes time to buy a distinctive toy for that special little person:

* Make sure the toy is age-appropriate. Labels on toy packaging should specify the age group the toy is made for. Consider that children at any age have different maturity levels. You may want to avoid buying a toy that won’t hold the child’s attention. Make sure to buy educational toys that match every child’s age group. This will make the toy effective and fun to play with.

* Read and follow all warning labels. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC, choking is the most common cause of toy-related deaths. Warning labels are made to alert if a toy poses a choking hazard for younger children, typically under the ages of three. Federal law requires these labels. Make sure toys made for older children are kept out of the reach of younger children. Objects such as balls should not be less than 1.75″ in diameter. Avoid toys that have small parts that can potentially be pried off by tiny curious hands. Examples of toys that contain small parts are stuffed teddy bear’s eyes or a wooden car’s wheels. Stuffed and wooden toys are still very popular among children; just think BIG when checking out the “parts” attached to the toy. Toys should be larger than the child’s mouth. Tip: if a toy or toy part can fit inside an empty toilet paper roll, chances are the toy is too small. This would not be a safe toy. If a toy contains small parts, parts should be secured and guaranteed not to come off.

* Make sure toys are free from sharp and pointy edges. As an experienced mother or father, you are probably aware, small children have a tendency to put most things in their mouth. It is important toys are free from sharp edges as to avoid cuts and injuries. There may be danger of a child falling on top of a toy while playing. To avoid injuries, make sure pointy edges are buffered or eliminated,

* Avoid LOUD toys. Children’s ears are highly sensitive and hearing can easily be damaged by loud noises. In order to find out if a toy is too loud, use your own ears as a tool. If the toy is too loud for you, it’s twice as loud for the child. You can choose to take out batteries of the toy or cover speakers with tape. This method is not preferred since tape can be pulled off and the child can swallow it.

* Make sure toys are free of toxic chemicals. Toys such as art supplies, play make-up and crayons have been known to contain toxic chemicals. Before making a purchase, investigate ingredients and contents of the product by looking at the label. The same label should also provide instructions on what to do in case of accidental ingestion of any hazardous substance that the item might contain. It may be wise to consult your local poison control to use as a reference if you need one.

* Some toys come with cords or strings. If a cord or string is longer than 12 inches in length, it can pose a strangulation hazard if looped. Never cut an electrical cord! Make sure electrical cords or wires are secured and protected. Make sure to supervise if an electrical toy needs to be plugged into an outlet. Battery-operated toys are preferable to purchase, especially with young children around. However, battery doors need to be checked frequently to make sure they are secured and cannot be opened. If strings have been cut, make sure frayed edges are cut also. When purchasing crib mobiles, make sure the mobile can be safely mounted high on the crib and out of babies’ reach.

* If you choose to purchase a toy over the Internet there are a few things that you should be aware of: Internet sold toys may not comply with U.S. Toy regulations. Auction sites may sell toys that have been recalled by the CPSC. This could be due to the fact the toys were hazards to children’s safety. If you happen to come across a recalled toy, or you would like to see what toys have been recalled, there are web sites available to you. CPSC or https://www.coolwebtips.com provides sites with helpful information.

* Supervise and be realistic about your grandchild’s abilities and maturity levels. Ask yourself the following questions: Is the child physically ready for a certain toy? Is the toy too heavy? A heavy toy can cause severe injury if the toy falls on the child. Gauge if the child can physically control a heavy toy. Teach the child the safest way recommended by the manufacturer to use the toy properly. Again, SUPERVISE!

* Follow these tips when buying video games: follow age recommendations of each game and observe a game’s ratings. Games rated T for Teen can contain violence, profanity and content not suitable for children under the age of 13. EC for early childhood or E for everyone would be the best choice of rating when buying a video game for younger children.

* Remember the days when you would buy toys for your children? How many dollars have we spent to watch our children and now our children’s children go to the kitchen cupboard, pull out all the pots and pans and wooden spoons and bang away and be happy for hours at play? Or grandparents made or bought wooden toy vehicles and wood constructed pull toys that were safe and entertaining. Maybe all the banging of pots and pans is no longer a situation we wish to experience but fun and educational wooden toys are still available.

There was a time when toys were put on the market and bought without a lot of regard for safety. Grandparents could buy any toy that surely the grandchildren would enjoy without considering if the toy was age-appropriate. It was assumed that kids were thought to have the automatic knowledge not to pick up monopoly money and put it in their mouth. Slinkys were toys made to “walk” down your closest set of stairs. Who knew kids would start to use the Slinky as a rope from which to hoist their little brothers up to the highest treetop? Times have changed. So many toy accidents have taken place, it is now important to teach kids and grandparents the importance of toy safety. The most exciting thing about being a grandparent is watching grandchildren grow up happy and healthy. By becoming vigilantly aware shoppers, grandparents have the power to protect the grandchildren they love.

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