Understanding How Merchant Credit Card Services Are Processed Instant Credit Card Approval Good Or Bad Money To Burn Consider A Premium Credit Card Avoid Being The Victim Of Credit Card Fraud

A merchant account is a credit card account that a merchant opens with a bank, allowing the merchant to accept credit card orders from customers. This is the same as what you see on some web sites that sells things and stuffs.

There are various processing options provided by merchant credit card services providers: real-time Internet processing, retail-swipe terminal processing and computer-based processing.

Real-Time Internet Processing

This type of credit card service processing is ideal for businesses that transact business on the Internet. When a customer is ready to pay, they can click on the provided “checkout” link which leads to a secure page where they can provide their credit card information. A confirmation appears on the screen telling the customer whether the card is accepted or declined.

In two business days, the money is deposited in the merchant’s account. Real-time providers will then provide merchants with an online database showing all credit card transactions, making month-end accounting and balancing simple.

Real-time Internet processing is ideal for merchants who have lots of transactions every day, since it helps to automate the payment acceptance process. To further increase efficiency, real-time processing offers virtual terminals, allowing merchants to process orders manually from any location over the Internet.

Retail Swipe Terminal

Retail swipe terminals are ideal for most brick-and-mortar businesses, although POS (point of sale) software may also be used. POS terminals are used in “card present ” situations, where customers actually have their cards with them and swipe them through the termianl. This is the cheapest processing solution, usually costing a dollar per transaction. It also has the lowest risk of fraud, as customers are able to see their transaction. Most terminals require phone lines, although some that operate via airwaves or by cell phone. Portable POS terminals are ideal for situations such as trade shows, where there are no phone jacks available to connect a regular POS terminal.

Computer-Based Processing

Computer-based processing uses software that enables merchants to process all major credit cards, gift cards and check guarantee services on their own computers. The software processing helps in reducing fraud losses, saving time and money as well as providing powerful features that stand-alone terminals don’t provide.

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Life is full of ups and downs. One is never sure when one may have a need for emergency money. In good times or in bad, people may need an instant credit card approval to cover emergency expenses like medical bills, some extra cash to pay bills and perhaps maybe for a much-needed vacation. This is when one turns to instant approval credit cards. Fortunately, accessing instant approval credit card offers online is now as simple as buying something off eBay.

Instant approval credit cards are accessible via the Internet as well as directly through the credit card companies themselves. However, when you approach credit card companies directly, the process might take longer than you anticipate as you may have to wait for turnaround. So instant approval credit cards online might prove to be a much quicker choice. Just typing “instant credit card approval” into a search engine gives you a large number of choices.

When choosing the right instant approval credit card online, choose from the website that features a wide variety of credit card companies. This list should have the rates and promotions of each credit card provider. The rates should include the APR rates, annual fees, balance transfer rates and any other rates associated with the instant approval credit card. You could then choose your preferred credit card company and click on their link to read the terms and transactions involved applying online. You could get an instant credit card approval in almost no time at all!

With instant credit card approval, clients get to immediately know whether he or she is eligible for applying for the specific credit card. However, it should be known that “instant credit card approval” and the actual credit card application are two entirely different processes. If your credit card approval is instantly confirmed, it does not indicate that you will be receiving the credit card in a few days. It is merely an indication of whether you are qualified to apply for the credit card. The credit card application procedure commences from the approval.

You need not worry about the security of the disclosed information for instant approval credit cards as the major credit card issuers and banks have highly secure encrypted connections to protect this information. Usually, an instant approval credit card is provided only to a customer who has a good history. However, with today’s competitive credit market, most credit card providers have stretched their limits to offer the credit card to people of differing credit records. It all depends on the provider you approach!

When applying for instant approval credit cards, you have to disclose information like your name, social security number, current address and any previous addresses you have resided at over the years. Of course, the main advantage of getting an instant credit card approval is that this approval eliminates the trouble that is caused while guessing whether or not the company will approve you of their credit card. There is no need to visit a bank in person to find out if you are qualified for an instant approval credit card. You can get the information online, through the Internet. This proves to be rather convenient to all the people who are urgently in need of a credit card.

Although it is generally not recommended to apply for multiple credit cards simultaneously because of the potential negative effect on your credit rating, since instant credit card approvals generally take less than a few minutes, you could try to apply for more than one instant approval card offer. With instant approval credit cards online, there is no need of you to be physically running from one credit card company to the other, sending in your applications. You could simply apply while sipping a cup of coffee on the comfort of your own couch! However, the most important thing to bear in mind concerning instant approval credit card process is that just because you have gotten an instant “approval”, it does not mean that you have instant money. In fact, instant approval can be a stepping-stone into instant debt if you are not cautious, so think twice before you set your heart upon instant approval credit cards.

With all things in life, there will be things that you can pay extra for with credit cards. While most people in most circumstances will be looking for a credit card that gives them the absolute cheapest deals and best rates, there will be some people out there who will be looking for that little bit extra with their credit card and will be willing to pay a premium for these extra benefits.

The amount you will have to pay for a premium credit card will vary enormously when you compare the offers from one credit card company to another. By and large, you should expect that the more you are paying for a premium credit card, the better the card will be and the more premium facilities and extra features the card will offer you. There are some credit card companies that will offer relatively cheap premium credit card options. This might be a platinum card or a similar offer that costs just a few pounds per month. There are even companies out there that will charge you nothing for a so-called premium credit card. Other may charge you a significant monthly or annual fee so the differences can be very large.

The fact that you pay nothing for the credit card does not necessarily mean that it does not offer you premium services, as the reason you have paid nothing for it may be due to the fact that you are an exceptional attractive applicant and the credit card company wishes to attract you to their business. You will generally know how good your credit rating is and if you think that you may not deserve a free premium credit card based on your credit rating, and then you should consider the possibility that the card is actually offering you nothing extra.

The services that a premium credit card generally offers will vary. Some will offer you an attractive reward scheme. This may be a cash back option, or some other reward such as redeemable points or airmiles for every pound you spend on the card.

These reward schemes can be very attractive to some customers because if you spend a lot on your card, you can get a significant amount back in cash or reward and may even get a free flight every year. Other advantages typically associated with premium cards are high maximum spending limits and very good rates of interest. For people that carry a high outstanding balance on their card, it may be worth their while to pay for a premium card that will save them money on interest payments. Other charges associated with credit cards such as international transaction costs and cash withdrawals may be free also.

A recent report revealed that many people are not utilising the reward scheme offered by their credit card company. It should be remembered that the reward scheme is an intrinsic part of the credit card and the use of it enables the consumer to save cash, be it through a straightforward cash back scheme or a loyalty scheme that offers points that can be redeemed against goods.

Are you aware of how many ways there are for thieves to take access of your credit card accounts and make unauthorised charges against your account? Simply by rummaging through old receipts that you have thrown out or left somewhere public, or by a shop assistant quickly scribbling down your card details while they are out of your sight, or by an untrustworthy seller who you give your details to on the phone, by mail or on the internet, your private account details can be taken and abused by anyone.

While most of these situations are quite rare, and there are safety measures in place to avoid the abuses they highlight, it is a fact that credit card fraud and identity theft is a growing problem that is costing the financial services industry more and more each year. Therefore it is important to be aware of the potential dangers and be familiar with a few simple steps you can take to reduce the risk that you will become the victim of identity theft.

Take The Right Steps

One of the simplest steps you can take is to sign all your cards on the signature strip on the back as soon as they arrive. You can also consider carrying your cards separately from your wallet and driver’s licence so that if someone were to find them, they wouldn’t necessarily have your identity and address. Keep your pin numbers etc. somewhere safe and never with your cards. If it is possible, the safest thing to do is to memorise and then destroy pin numbers.

If your card is out of sight during a transaction try to see what is going on behind the counter and seek to get it back as soon as possible. While still relatively rare, there is a lot of information on your card, which can be copied and used later on. You should destroy receipts if you do not need them. You should also check carefully all your monthly statements and make sure that all charges were in fact made by you. IF you have any doubts, contact your card issuer immediately to sort it out.

Do’s and Don’ts

Never leave your cards lying around where others can get access to them and don’t lend your card to anyone. Don’t sign blank receipts and never give your account details over the phone, by mail or on the Internet unless you are sure you are dealing with a company that you know and can trust.

If you do suspect fraud, or if you lose your cards, report it immediately to your card issuer. By following these simple steps you should be able to considerably reduce the risks of card fraud being perpetrated against you.

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