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In the competitive business credit card market, some financial institutions have opted to become niche players. This decision to specialize is primarily driven by the need to gain market share.

One of these niche players is the Advanta Bank Corporation.

Advanta is touted to be among the largest issuers of business credit cards for the small business market. That is quite possibly an accurate observation since Advanta is known to have focused exclusively on the small business market, and its business credit cards simply reflects this focus on the requirements of small businesses.

You are clearly reminded of this when you visit the Advanta web site to look at their business credit card offerings: there is only one featured card, the Advanta MasterCard Platinum Business credit card. This is a cash back rewards business credit card which offers you 5% discounts on certain items and a 1% general discount, on others.

There is an ongoing drive from their side to partner with more companies that sell products and services which form a part of the normal operating expenses of small businesses, to increase the appeal of their credit card offering.

The Advanta business credit card packages are competitive from a pricing point of view. The zero-percent introductory annual percentage rate on balance transfers runs for fifteen (15) months, which is longer than most other business credit cards. Just as important to the small business owner, the APR on balance transfers after the introductory period is also one of the lowest, at 7.99% fixed interest. The market average is a full percentage point higher. Most other business credit cards have both higher APRs and variable interest rates.

To add luster to their small business offering, Advanta business credit cards distribute the cash back bonuses earlier than many other business credit cards. There is an automatic cash back payout feature which means you start receiving your cash back checks for every $50 you have accumulated immediately. This could help support cash flow to a small measure.

There is, if you prefer, an opportunity to convert to travel rewards instead. Where many other business credit cards will allow free travel only upon reaching 15,000 or even 25,000 rewards points, Advanta business credit cards allows free travel upon reaching 10,000 rewards points.

In keeping with its niche strategy to cater to the needs of the small business credit card market, Advanta – like many other large banks – make a comprehensive library of small business resources available to their business credit card holders where they can access small business guides and small business tools.

Small business guides typically offer business credit card holders assistance in the preparation of business plans and marketing plans, and provide information on specific financial products. There are normally tips on how to win lucrative government contracts as well as tips on how to protect your personal assets. The latter is something most small business owners consider important.

Small business tools generally provide business credit card holders with easy-to-use templates of various official government forms (for tax purposes or for government contracts), samples of business documents such as business letters, contracts, forms, generalized statements of policies, as well as financial spreadsheets to help them manage their finances.

While many credit cards offer rates hovering between 20% and 24%, some of their competitors offer far lower interest rates, including introductory offers of zero percent interest and ongoing rates below 10%. These rates, obviously, make it much simpler to transfer and pay off balances quickly. Low interest credit cards are in high demand currently and credit card providers have provided a wide variety of low interest and 0% APR offers to keep their place within the steep competition in the credit card market. You could even find some retailers offering 0% APR credit cards, often including purchase rebates and/or discounts. Some credit card providers even offer the 0% APR for up to 15 months. Utilizing a low interest credit card offers an excellent opportunity when making large consumer purchases as well.

Because the market for consumers with excellent credit is so competitive, low interest credit cards are often available with no sign up or annual membership fees. Many times, these fees will keep the cream of the crop credit customers from applying for their cards. If your credit is unblemished, you can take your pick off offers and you should never have to pay a fee to acquire a low interest credit card or 0% APR credit card – ever. The fees are only for those with poor credit, who are a significant risk for nonpayment. Shop around until you find a credit card company that is willing to compete for your business by eliminating fees.

The obvious benefit of a low interest credit card is that you will spend a lot less money over time on interest and fees. One thing to watch is the length of the “introductory” period. Many cards offer low or zero percent interest for several months, and then the interest rate jumps directly up to 20%. Make sure you read the fine print of any credit card offer before you sign up. The more information you have about your credit card upfront, the fewer unpleasant surprises you will face down the road.

One of the most popular ways to save money with 0% APR credit cards is to transfer a balance from a higher interest loan to a new credit card account. Sometimes, the introductory credit card rates are even better than auto loan rates, so there are some who would transfer their remaining car loan debts onto a new credit card and save on interests, knowing they can pay off the balance of the car before the introductory period expires.

Be aware that cash advances may come with their own fees, and with their own correspondingly higher interest rates. There may be separate interest rates for balance transfers, new purchases, and cash advances. While one way low interest credit card companies make money is from the percentage they gain from retailers and merchants, they also make a significant amount of money from people who do not take the time to read all of the specific terms and conditions that go along with their new low interest credit cards. Again, read the fine print before signing up!

Properly researching the card offer in advance will definitely save you a lot of headaches in the future. Do not be one of the many victims of credit card debt; instead, use your low interest credit card to your financial advantage. The key is to find and utilize the available information. The more information you can gather, the better decision you would make. It would be a shame to rejoice over a newly gained low interest or 0% APR credit card, just to open up your bill after the first month of purchases to find an unpleasant surprise. Low interest credit cards could be a real financial lifesaver, but they could easily become a trap for the unaware. Stay ahead of the game, and know what you are getting into before you apply.

Several credit card companies today are offering their customers credit card rewards for being loyal customers. This gives the cardholder the chance to earn points to gain all kinds of prizes. These incentives are great ways to keep customers loyal and using their rewards credit card to earn more points to receive their prizes faster. The more points you earn the more you can receive in the way of prizes they offer. The credit card companies understand that when their loyal customers use their cards more often they are also making more profit, so the system works for everyone involved.

There are many different types of rewards credit cards available. Some offer cash back, which gives the cardholder a certain percentage back from the amount that they spend. This is normally done either monthly or yearly. This can be a great way for person that do not wish to earn points for prizes but would enjoy the cash to spend anyway they desire.

Other credit card rewards are in either a point system or air miles. These types of credit card rewards give you a certain amount of points or air miles for every dollar or two dollars that you charge with your rewards credit card. These points or air miles can then be transferred into free airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and car rentals. However, these are more for people that fly often. The miles normally expire within one year, so if you do not fly but once or twice a year the benefit will not be profitable.

There are some other forms of prizes as well for credit card rewards such as gasoline purchases, etc…

To get the most from your credit card rewards you have to, of course, use them. Many people never redeem their points for their rewards. Credit card companies cannot believe the amount of people that never receive their prizes after accumulating enough points to reap the rewards. The important thing to remember is if you are not holding a cash back credit card you will have to contact the credit card company that issued the credit card, so you can claim your rewards. The problem is many people just do not take out the time from their busy life to redeem their points from their rewards credit card program.

However, if you pay attention and just spend a little bit of time you will soon be enjoying the prizes that you can claim with credit card rewards. All you have to do is to use your card instead of using cash, pay off your balance before you have to pay interest and you will be earning points. Now, you are very close to receiving a wonderful thank you from the credit card company.

Quit being one of those people that just forget about their credit card rewards and contact the company once you have enough points for the prize that you wish. You may have enough air miles accumulated to take the entire family on a great vacation and not have to pay for airline tickets!

If you were one of the many Americans who, in 2006, managed to wrack up a total of more than $2.38 trillion in consumer debt, of which $875 billion of this consumer debt was defined as revolving credit debt, you are not alone. Even with all this documented debt, getting a handle on your credit cards would not impossible. It is not even especially difficult, since many of the steps are well-defined, but the process does take work and determination. By educating yourself on the steps that can be taken in order to get a handle on your credit cards, you are taking a step in the right direction.

While many people are aware of the advantages that come from using credit cards, such as the quick and easy use, there are some disadvantages to these plastic lifesavers if they are not used correctly. In order to get a handle on your credit cards, you first need to be aware of the less desirable features of credit cards and how you can use education in order to limit these credit card nuisances. Credit cards are meant to be used to aid individuals but, at the same time, they do not need to be used constantly and as a person’s only source of payment.

Did you know that if a person paid, using the average credit card debt for a person, just the minimum payment that is scheduled by the credit card company every month, it would take more than thirty years to pay off this debt? In addition to the time it would take to clear this credit card debt, there would also be a great deal of interest tacked on to the total of the bill. Individuals can help themselves more than they know by being aware of the interest percentage that they are responsible for paying on their individual credit cards, since many credit cards will differ in this percentage, as well as by paying more than the minimum payments. Obviously if a person is not paying more than their minimum payment and it is taking a long time to pay off their debt, they are not going to feel as though they have a handle on their credit cards or on, to some degree, their life.

It also would help dramatically for individuals to pay off the full balance of their credit cards each month whenever possible. When account holders make it a point to not use their credit cards as magic payment devices, and to put on the card only what they can pay off each month any time that it is possible, they will be able to get a strong handle on their credit cards. Obviously emergencies come up from time to time, and in these cases credit cards can truly be lifelines for many people. However, when these situations come up, it is important for account holders to remember that they will benefit greatly from paying an amount higher than the minimum payment, which would result in the account holder being debt-free sooner.

Many people, including roughly eighty percent of students, actually charge normal month-to-month necessities on their credit cards. These items include food, clothes, toiletries and other such items. When individuals can do so, it would be important for them not to use their credit cards for these purchases. The previously listed items are those that are standard monthly payments. When individuals plan for these purchases each month, they can budget it in to their financial plans. There is no reason for them to additionally pay credit card interest on these purchases by using their credit cards.

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