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So you have heard of Google or Yahoo, fired up the trusty Internet Explorer and typed one of the following phrase’s in the search bar,, httpgroups.,, or perhaps, hit search, “–” Eh, Nothing, WHY?

You are not alone, over 3,000,000 people a year type in, over 2,000,000 type in, and 2,600,000 enter, all with the same result, Nix. The problem is two-fold, the solution is easy.

Let us have a look at one phrase in particular and you can apply the same solution to the others. When you typed in, you will probably have entered this into a white text box somewhere in the top third part of your browser which may by default have an AOL or MSN webpage showing. This is actually a search text box where you need to type in what you are searching for as a word or phrase. Using as an example, if you had typed in just Google you would have found the search engine coming back with a myriad of pages that have the term Google on their pages and then you could have selected what interests you. The search text box is where you type in, as an example, a phrase like “acne and acupuncture”. Hit the search button and bingo, several relevant sites will be shown. is not a search term but an internet address. If you have a correct address and want to go to that site, you need to enter it in the address bar which is normally just under the top toolbar of your browser. You will see that most address bars have a go button on the right as opposed to a search button as in the search box described before.

The last part of the solution is in the spelling of should in fact be written as follows, . You were mighty close, but computers are wickedly logical and a missing forward slash often equals despair.

In conclusion;

1- Search phrases go in the search text box,

2- Addresses go in the top address bar,

3- Addresses need to be spelt correctly. corrected is, corrected is corrected is printing machines are available on the market today in many sizes, prices and capabilities. Many different forms of printing can be accomplished in the home. Whether you want to create unique tee-shirts using a home screen printing machine or you want to produce elegant laser printed letters, the equipment is readily available to you for home use.

Once, home printing machines simply were not something that people had in their homes or even in their small businesses. They were expensive and complicated. Besides, no one had a computer or anything else that required a printing machine. Typewriters were then the only means of creating printed material at home. Of course, since ancient times woodblock printing and other forms of printing that required the use of a carved block could be created at home, but this wasn’t exactly a home printing machine.

Today, it is rare to walk into a modern home and not find a home printing machine of some type. Whether it is an inexpensive bubble jet or ink jet printer, a slightly more expensive laser printer or an all-in-one fax copier printer combination, the majority of modern homes have some type of home printing machines.

“Let me print that out quickly for you” simply was not heard in the home in past years. Before the 1980’s home printing machines simply were not available on the market. When these machines first appeared, they were quite expensive and only the financially comfortable could afford one for their home printing needs. Of course, during that time, computers were also something only the financially comfortable could afford as well.

Today, with the prices of home electronics going lower every single day, home printing machines can easily be found for under $100. Even the supplies that allow the home printing machines to operate and create photographic quality images are quite affordable and most anyone can have extra supplies readily available. Home office supply stores may carry top of the line equipment and supplies but stores such as Sam’s Wholesale and Wal-Mart stores are enabling relatively cheap purchases of home printing supplies and equipment.

The world is rapidly changing. Today many homes have home printing machines of some type. Soon, every home will have this equipment as technology continues to lower prices for home electronics. Better, faster and less expensive printers are on the horizon. Who knows what type of home printing machines will appear in the very near future.

Since MySpace is one of the most visited sites on the Internet, there are many users who offer designs of various sorts to be added to the profiles. They will design and allow free upload of MySpace backgrounds, so that the entire profile looks more tasteful. All this is going to take a short while, and this is going to be done without any technical knowledge either.

It only requires the member to log into his MySpace account, and then open the page where he desires to upload the background. The MySpace backgrounds will come with simple codes, which anyone can follow. They just need to copy paste the code onto the page where they want the background to be seen. Backgrounds can be used with either images or texts.

It is all up to the wish of the members. For example, for the blog part of the profile, a member might want a background that is related to the blog topics. They could then begin to pick one of the theme related MySpace backgrounds. There could be tennis fans, and they could be blogging on their profiles, thus they should be able to find a background with a tennis theme.

Users may apply any sort of theme, and the resources available on the internet for the MySpace backgrounds are really amazing. There are so many sites dedicated to backgrounds, and there is so much variety that it would seem as if one is unable to choose from any of them. Being able to express yourself is also a part of these backgrounds.

You can use any kind of background, and you can make sure that it fits with the profile. Any part of the profile needs attention, and you can use the right backgrounds for the necessary parts. Members might not have to look too hard either, as there would be plenty of themes to choose from. The applications of the backgrounds are extremely easy, and they would be the use of a simple code.

All profiles will look more tasteful if these various MySpace backgrounds are used. This is because there will be so many visitors to the site, and it would only make sense to make the site more appealing. This would also bring many creative ideas to the users. They can showcase their thoughts, and can also entertain themselves by decorating their profiles as and when they want.

It is also important to know that these backgrounds may be changed any time. Even if one has time to change it every week, it can be done. The member has to understand is the use of the codes, and how they have to be applied to the particular page. This is very easy, and no experience is needed to apply these codes. It can be done by even those who are new to MySpace.

Flow control is done through a mechanism that will control the amount of flow of data in a network. It is done under defined conditions and is the opposite of congestion control which is used when congestion has happened. There are two types, open loop flow control and closed loop flow control.

The difference in these is simple. Open loop flow control mechanism is used when there is no feedback between the transmitter and receiver. In fact this is the most popular means used. In closed loop flow control, the mechanism has the ability to report pending network congestions back and forth to the transmitter. It can adapt its activity to the network conditions.

As mentioned, open loop flow is the most commonly used mechanism. But, it does have some problems as well. It has trouble when it comes to maximizing the use of ATM network resources. You will find that there is an over allocation of resources in this type of flow control. Nevertheless, this type of flow control is used thoroughly by CBR, VBR, and UBR services.

Why is any of this important? Well, consider the advancements of technology and you know that there is always something new and more powerful. But, in this case, we are talking about the device that sends and the device that will receive. When the sending device is capable of sending more data than the receiving device can handle, it is necessary to use flow control to help in this. So, it is a necessary mechanism to have and utilize properly.

There are many information portals now devoted to the subject and we recommend reading about it at one of these. Try googling for “flow control info” and you will be surprised by the abundance of information on the subject. Alternatively you may try looking on Yahoo, MSN or even a decent directory site, all are good sources of this information.

Over the last few years, the picture quality in digital cameras has becoming amazing. As recently as the year 2000, even the very best digital cameras you could buy produced grainy, poor-quality images that could never compare to what film had to offer. Today, though, digital cameras can easily rival and even exceed the quality of film, capturing pin-sharp digital images and never needing to be refilled with anything except power.

When you buy a digital camera, the most important thing you should look for is how many mega pixels (million pixels in the image) the photos it takes are. Cameras available today range from about 3MP at the low end to 10MP or more at the high end, with the price increasing steadily with each extra mega pixel.

However, how many mega pixels the camera has is not the only thing you should consider. Battery life is very important, as cameras with a short battery life can be frustratingly unusable, and the presence of various features in the camera’s software like auto focus and digital zoom should also be a consideration, as well as the camera’s ability to record non-photographic material like sound and video.

Ultimately, the best thing to do with digital cameras is to either buy the cheapest one you can find or a very high-end one – if you go for something mediocre, you will just be frustrated at having paid a lot of money for a camera that isn’t really all that great. If you are choosing between two cameras at a certain price point, it is almost always better to buy the one made by a known brand, as they will tend to have much better build quality, software and battery life, as well as being generally better-designed and easier to use.

As a final note, if you just want a cheap digital camera to take around with you and take occasional snaps of your friends and places you go, it’s well worth considering getting a mobile phone with a digital camera built in. As you take your phone around with you anyway, it’s no extra hassle to carry a camera phone, and the pictures they can take are rapidly increasing in quality, to the point where they are now where digital cameras were only a few years ago. As technology gets even better, a camera phone is increasingly becoming a very smart alternative to a digital camera for the casual user.

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