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Downloading free Ipod songs is not as simple as you may have first assumed. When you first begin to search for free stuff to download to your Ipod, you feel like there are all kinds of websites just waiting to cater to your every need. Sadly, some of these free sites may wind up with you in trouble with the law, and also there is a good chance of damaging your Ipod too.

Check out these tips to stay safe and legal!

Tip 1

Try and stay secure. It’s very easy to get carried away when looking for free stuff to download, and some of the more unscrupulous sites will rely on this and use their downloads to infect your computer with spyware and viruses etc. When you use these sites quite frequently you will find that the things you download are not what they claimed them to be. This is because people upload their viruses and spyware and change the names to a popular file, in the hope that someone will download it by mistake.

Tip 2

Try not to break the law. No matter what people say, it is illegal to download from the torrent sites like that. It can be quite obvious as some of them look very shady, but then others try very hard to give the illusion of respectability. The authorities get a little bit better at tracking downloads like that all the time, so the risk of illegal downloads is more each day. Do you really want to end up in the slammer just to get a free song?

Tip 3

Take the time to find a legal site. The hardest thing about trying to find a free Ipod song download site is finding a reliable site that you can trust and is 100% legal. The main problem is that the illegal sites don’t really like to admit that they are breaking the law or that they operate in a grey area-that would get rid of their visitors pretty sharp, and most of them use their visitors to make money by clicking ads or something like that.

Thankfully there is a much safer option these days. Lately there have been more and more of a new kind of download site emerging. These sites have excellent collections of Ipod songs, games, movies, anything you want really, and the downloads are all very high speed and in very good condition. The catch is that you have to pay an admin fee before you can get access, but it’s usually not too much, maybe $20 or $40 or so. The fee then usually entitles you to a lifetime membership, allowing you to download anything you like as often as you like! Believe me it’s easy to get $40 worth of free downloads once you get access to the inside of the sites!

Hopefully I’ve made you think twice before using the shady download sites that are all over the web-follow my tips and make sure you stay safe!

MySpace layouts offer a great deal of variety for all users. Most users know about this option, and they make the most of it. What some people do not know when they sign up is the fact that there are premade layouts. These are available in thousands, and you can make the profile as interesting as possible. Such layouts are a real big boon to the profile.

Using premade layouts for MySpace profiles have many benefits. You need not look for any technical advice; neither do you have to know what it is all about. All you have to do is spend some time looking for the right layouts, which would suit your profile. Using search options you can find these premade layouts in plenty.

All you need to do is look for the code for the specific layout. This can then be applied to the profile, which would get updated instantly. Premade MySpace layouts are probably one of the most exciting features that you can use on this site. You can make the profile interesting by changing as many layouts as you can. This can be done according to the themes that you have.

The use of these layouts is very simple, and anyone can use them if they want. These layouts are so simple that many users apply them often to their profiles. The users, who are new to the site, can also pick up ideas from the other profiles. Since there are thousands of such layouts, there is the possibility that some of them have not been seen by many others.

Thus the use of premade MySpace layouts will allow the profiles to be versatile. You can give your profile a very unique look with the help of these options. Since they do not need any designing of any sort, all you need to do is pick them. So you can afford to spend some time for the creativity of the layout, so that it looks different than the others.

You can also be happy with premade MySpace layouts, as there will plenty to choose from. No matter what kind of theme that you have in mind, there will be the right one to choose from. You will have variety among the specific theme that you have in mind as well. Applying them is even easier, and you will need a few minutes to get everything done.

You should utilize these layouts as much as you can, as there will be a great feel to the profile. These layouts will come in various types as well, and you can choose them according to what you need. This will make it easier if you narrow down your choices. The best thing that can happen to profiles is the premade layouts. It can be changed as often as you want as well, making the experience enjoyable as well.

Troubleshoot Video Cards

When you have problems with your video display,it can be something as simple as having the brightness turned down to a bad controller on the motherboard.If you have not done,first learn to identify the components of the video display system.

When you look inside any open computer,see if you can locate the Video Card.Is your video card mounted in an adapter slot or is it integrated onto the motherboard.If the card is motherboard integrated,locate the jumpers that will allow the card to be disabled should you need to install another card.

The Monitor is the second component in the video display and it must be compatible with your video card.Be sure the maximumn resolution of your video card and monitor are the same.Its even better to your a higher resolution display on your monitor.

Go to to see a video card in an adapter slot and one that is motherboard mounted. Follow these procedures to correct any type of video display malfunction.


As we first mentioned,chack the brightness and contrast buttons on the monitor to be sure they are not turned down. Yea,we know.This sounds a little silly to think this could be overlokked,but believe me,it really does.

And while we’re talking about simple checks,be sure the monitor is receiving power.If the power indicator light is out,remove the power cable and look for any bent or broken pins or connectors.

Try to reboot the computer one or two times to be sure the system did not just lock up.If nothing happens,replace the cable with a known good cable to prove that the wall outlet or surge protector has power.

If the monitor has power but nothing is on the screen, check the data cable going into the rear of the computer. Be sure the cable is secure.If it is,Turn the power off to the system unit,remove the cable and look for broken, loose,or bent pins.

Finally,if you’re blessed enough to have two computers, exchange the monitor with a good monitor to see if it works.Replace the old monitor if the new monitor works. If the new monitor fail as well,remove the system cover to inspect the Video Card.


When the Monitor is known to be good but its screen is still blank,the Video Card is the most likely culprit.First inspect the card to be sure it is fullly seated in its slot if it is adapter slot mounted.

Check the jumpers of any motherboard mounted card to be sure a jumper has not been lost or loose.If you have been inside your system,its always a possibility to have moved the card.


If your monitor works but the images appear fuzzy,or flickering often,and the text are hard to read,it may be time to adjust the video card’s resolution and the refresh rate.

Right click the desktop,select properties and open the display properties dialog box.Choose the tab for settings and adjust the slider to change your display resolution.Most 17-inch monitors will have a resolution of 800 x 600 but choose the best resolution for your eyes.

After adjusting the resolution,check the display to see if all flickering and other problems have vanished. If not,optimize the refresh rate.The refresh rate is the rate in which the video card redraws the screen.Lower refresh rates sometimes cause flickering.

To adjust this rate,open the display properties dialog box in the desktop, and choose the settings tab once again.Click the advanced button and choose the adapter tab if your operating system is Windows 98.

If you have Windows XP,choose the Monitor tab.And from there you can set the refresh rate to about 70Hz or 70 Hertz.Check your monitor’s manual or web site to see the maximum refresh rate for your monitor.

To effectively maintain your video display,visit the supporting web sites for updated software patches and device drivers.Watch for new control software for your card that will greatly boost its performance.

Take the time to clean the system unit case which will allow air to flow freely.This in turn will help keep the video components cool which will allow the card the perform smoothly.

You have now begun to produce your home made perfume, and have decided not just to give it as gifts to your friends or family, but instead would like to sell it to a wider audience.

One of the first things you will need to look at when making the decision on selling your own perfume is what it will be called. You will then need to start looking for bottles into which you can put your finished perfume. Then you will need to design a label for inclusion on the bottle, and also the kind of packaging that you will present the perfume in.

When looking at what sort of bottles you are considering to place your finished product in, you might want to think about vintage perfume bottles (but make sure they have been thoroughly sterilized). They will certainly provide you with an individual look that can not be found when buying perfumes that have been mass produced. Just take a wander around your local antique shops or bric-a-brac shop, and you will soon find a wealth of different perfume bottles that you could use.

The best place to start when you are considering selling your own perfume is to do a search on the internet. There are many sites and companies which will provide you with all the necessary information you need in order to start up.

However, you should be warned that, when you decide to sell your own perfume, you will need to make some outlays in order to get the business started.

For instance, you will need to factor in such costs as the purchase of all the ingredients for making the perfume, and the bottles that you will be putting the finished product into. Other costs that you will have to pay out for are the production of the labels that will be affixed to your finished product’s bottles, and the cost of the packaging that you will use.

When first selling your product, it is advisable that you keep a record of all of your outgoing expenses so that you can price your perfume accordingly. The usual pricing equation is to triple the price it has cost you to manufacture your product. So say it has cost you $5 to produce each bottle, you should probably sell it for at least $15.

One of the best ways of selling your own perfume is through word of mouth of friends and family. However, for a small outlay, you could actually set up your own website and sell it from there.

If you are not sure how to go about setting up a website, then by searching the internet you will soon find there are lots of people out there who are willing to help. There are even people who have set up sites which will not only help you to build your site, but also help with the marketing and promotion of the product you have to offer. Begin by doing a search on the internet and looking for “starting a small web business”. You will soon find a whole list of sites that are willing to assist you.

So, as you can see, making perfume is not only easy and provides you with a new skill, but it can also be profitable too!

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