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Girls and teens want to look sharp and fashion forward. Fashion trends change every season, but there are certain basic items of girls clothes that everyone wants in their wardrobe. Key pieces can be combined to create many different looks.

While denim jeans are a staple in most wardrobes, the style of jeans changes regularly. While low rise jeans with straight legs may have been popular in 2005, within a year or so a high waisted jean with wide legs may be the fashion. While each teen may choose her own style and not care about what is popular, the current trendy styles are what will be found in the stores. To know what is in fashion, either start shopping at your favorite local mall or read fashion magazines.

Jeans are a great basic because they can be worn so many ways. For casual wear, add a t-shirt, sweater or plain shirt with sneakers or flat shoes. The same jeans can also be dressed up nicely with a fancy blouse or a camisole with a jacket and heels.

Other key wardrobe pieces are tank tops, turtlenecks, khakis, shorts, slacks, skirts, sundresses and blazers. The styles and colors of these items will also change from season to season. Skirt lengths go up and down, with both a short skirt and a longer style usually in fashion at the same time.

The quality of girls clothes makes less difference because styles change so quickly. Girls will tire of their clothes long before they wear out, so pick what you like that fits your budget and don’t worry about durability. Even so, check the label for laundry instructions. Washable clothes are easier and cheaper to maintain than dry clean only.

Experiment to find your own style

One of the nicest things about teen apparel (and of being a teenager in general) is the freedom to experiment. Even the simplest outfit of jeans and a t-shirt can be an expression of the wearer’s personality. Jeans now come in an array of colors. Some have decorative rivets, while others display fancy embroidered designs. Even the way the pockets are arranged can be a decorative element.

A t-shirt can be a plain solid color with a round neck or a v-neck. It can be striped or patterned. It can display a message, either for or against a cause, showing off its manufacturer or just saying something amusing. Thus the t-shirt can be a fashion statement, a personal statement or a political statement – you choose.

But the biggest part of the teen apparel experiment comes through accessories. These can be found in department stores and clothing shops as well as in specialty stores that carry nothing else. When selecting shoes, fit and comfort may be sacrificed to style. This may not be a good tradeoff depending on what activities you plan to pursue while wearing them. Be sure to try on both shoes as most people have one foot that is slightly larger than the other.

Shoes can be made of leather, imitation leather, cloth and other materials. Leather shoes are usually the most expensive, but they last the longest. Before making a big investment in shoes, think about how long you believe they will suit your taste, style and wardrobe and how long you might want to keep wearing them.

The handbag or purse is another great accessory. Modern style gurus no longer require matching your purse to your shoes, so go wild. Get a giant bag or a mini-backpack for everyday wear so you can carry all of your stuff. Pick a tiny, shiny bag for that night on the town. As long as it’s big enough for your keys, lipstick, money and cellphone, it will work. If you plan an active day, forget the bag and go for a belt pouch. No longer just for athletes, these come in an array of styles and colors like other purses. And when you’re ready to get fancy, remember that you can add jewelry, gloves, hats, scarves and more to personalize your look completely.

Like many people I know, I used to have a semi-serious aversion to leather jackets. I’m not sure why really, I just grew up not liking the look of a leather jacket or the look of almost anyone that wore a leather jacket. All that changed recently, however, when I decided to get a motorcycle.

As much as I had always hated the look of a leather jacket, I had still always wanted to get a motorcycle. It seems like a contradiction, and I guess it was. Anyway, the opportunity to buy a used motorcycle recently fell into my lap and I took up the offer. I knew that having a motorcyle would change a lot more than just the way I got to work. It took me only a few days of owning a motorcycle and a few conversations with friends to realize that I really did need a leather jacket for my new ride.

I needed a new leather jacket they said, not just because every motorcyclist should have one, but also because a leather jacket is the safest thing to wear in case of an accident. I got thinking about having an accident on my motorcycle and that was the only form of convincing I needed before I went out and began shopping for a leather jacket of my very own. I brought a couple of more experienced friends with me who gave me their opinions of where to find the right leather jacket and how to decide what style fit me best.

I felt a little funny shopping for a leather jacket. I felt like one of the biker kids that I made fun of in high school was going to come in to the store and totally make fun of me for becoming one of them. I tried to put those thoughts behind me and just accomplish the task at hand: getting the perfect leather jacket. I must have tried on about twenty leather jackets and I carefully debated the details of each one. Decisions about purchases have never come easily for me, and buying a leather jacket was no exception.

Once I found the perfect leather jacket for my new style and my motorcycle riding needs, I got the opinions of a couple of friends for confirmation and then bought the leather jacket. I have owned my leather jacket for a few months now. I have worn it nearly every day whether I have needed it for a motorcycle ride or not. I never thought I’d become someone who really loves a leather jacket, but I fear I’ve fallen hopelessly into that category of people, and I love it.

The Brighton handbag was added to the Brighton line of stylish accessories in 1993. Each Brighton handbag goes through 20 steps during its creation. Upon completion of the process a leather patch, embossed with Brighton’s statement of quality and an individual serial number is added. As you can see they really do put their heart into every product they make. It is for this reason the company is known for its heart logo. Components for some of the handbags are manufactured internationally in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Brighton handbags are handcrafted in California. At no time are there more than ten being made at a time. There is an attention to detail followed as a rule by Brighton craftsmen that is an exception in this industry. For example there is no tag explaining that the ‘marks’ and ‘scars’ are your “guarantee” of genuine leather-they painstakingly cut around the scars- to offer you, a flawless leather handbag. Each handbag is individually numbered, and is registered by its owner. Once registered, they are guaranteed. The leathers selected are the best from all over the world, and the hardware all originally created by Brighton artists and craftsmen, sterling silver finished, and protected from oxidation for everyday use.

The Brighton name has become to mean one-of-a-kind jewelry and fine Italian leather articles that are adorned with exquisite silver-plated ornamentation. Brighton’s heart logo fits the company philosophy that the difference in products is a true attention to detail. Most of the items in the Brighton collection have some unique detail, a message engraved on a bracelet or a Brighton handbag with a favorite photograph, that gives them special meaning to the owner. This then leaves a lasting memory to cherish for a lifetime. This has also led to many women having their own Brighton collection.

Brighton handbags are available in nearly 6,000 specialty stores nationwide and 50 all-Brighton stores from coast to coast. Brighton handbags are not sold in department stores or on the Internet. This is keeping with the owner/president policy to only do business with stores with world class customer service. This is reinforced with a 2 year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

A few of the more sought after Brighton handbags are:

Millie Organizer Handbag

Millie – Style #H90613 Black, #H90619 Chocolate

This lush Brighton handbag classic collection features opulent etched plaques, polished buttons and spinning hearts. It features a 12″ hand laced shoulder strap, front zip organizer, contoured pocket as front detail. An interior pocket system with striped lining completes the handbag. Measures 11 x 8 x 5 and MSR is $240.00. Making this a favorite among discerning women.

Jodi Reversible Tote

Jodi – Style # H6028R

This Brighton handbag got its idea from Historical American Citrus labels. The casual styling is accented with enameled floral charms and sparkles. This is a colorful and fun collection. The features include 5.5″ handles, reversible, inside zippered pocket and a magnetic closure. Dimensions are 9.5″W x 7″H x 3.5″D with a suggested retail price of $145.00.

Darcy Ziptop Brighton Handbag

Darcy – Style # H30724

This Brighton handbags has a new fashion slant. It is tapered, simple and fashion forward. Features: 6″ handles, key holder, back pocket with zipper, front pocket with a magnetic snap, zip top closure, custom Brighton scroll lining. 9.00″W x 6.00″H x 2.5″D and carries a suggested retail price in the $190.00 dollar range.

Loretta – Tobacco Brighton Handbag

Style # H90785 –

A soft unconstructed shape featuring a new fashion color! Features include 9″ handles, inside zippered pocket, key holder, 3 divided interior sections (two ziptop closures, one magnetic closure) two side pockets with tabs, back pocket and custom Brighton scroll lining. 1″W x 6.5″H x 5″D sporting a MSR price of $230.00.

Bella – Black-Chocolate Brighton Handbag

Style #H30519 – Replica Brighton Handbags

Updated, casual classic handbag silhouette featuring two exterior cell phone pockets. Features: 12″ handles, two inset exterior cell phone pockets, full zippered top, center zippered compartment in lining, interior pocket system 14″W x 7″H x 4.5″D Suggested Retail Price: $240.00

Bijoux Quilted Ziptop Brighton Handbag

Bijoux – Black Brighton Handbag

Style # H30713

This is the Brighton handbags French connection. A new interpretation of a Euro design house classic makes this a very popular choice. Features: 12.5″ straps, inside zippered pocket, key holder, ziptop closure, two side pockets with magnetic flap closure, back pocket, along with a custom Brighton striped lining, “feet” on bottom of handbag. 10.5″W x 5.5″H x 3.5″D Suggested Retail Price: $220.00

What makes a girl real feminine?

Does the question sound weird? There are several ways for you to emphasize your femininity more. Your apparel, your jewelry and your accessories can reflect your being as a woman.

Another stuff you should not forget about women, this is their ever-sophisticated handbags. Women have a passion for handbags, which they use to place their make up kit every time they have their girl’s night out and even every day when going to work or school.

Handbags are sold in different sizes, colors and brands. It depends on your preference whether you will go for a small or a big one.

From the name itself, handbags are something you can conveniently carry anytime you want.

Usually, you use your handbags by matching it on the color and the type of outfit that you are wearing. It somehow adds accentuation to your entire look. It can even make you become more attractive for other people.

Handbags also come in various styles. It will depend on the kind of materials they are made of:

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