Dress Shirts Buying A Shirt For The Graduation Ball Or Wedding Why Does That Rhinestone T Shirt Sparkle So Brilliantly What To Look For In Your Tailor Men S Chaps And The Ladies Chaps Fashion For The Little People

Dress shirts ought to be a staple in every stylish mans wardrobe. Some men save dress shirts for special occasions, a party, wedding, or after work drinks with the boss. Others use them to add a bit of luxury to their everyday dress.

In either case, finding the right style and quality to suit your personal taste can sometimes be difficult.

Dress shirts connote a man not afraid to be himself, or to subtly display his success in the world. On the high street, however, there is often only a choice between tacky, mass produced dress shirts and ones that would require you to re-mortgage your house. Luckily, the internet has a wide range of specialist designers, for all price ranges – from the historic Savile Row Company to new and innovative dress shirt designers.

Comfortable cotton is the most popular fabric used, though you will also find fine garments made with silk and man-made materials. The fabric is important when choosing a dress shirt. You should consider your purchase as an investment to last a number of years.

Furthermore, high quality fabric benefits both the look and the feel of a shirt. Poor quality fabric is often treated with chemicals, and can cause skin irritation. To avoid this, look for 100% cotton. A split yoke fabric is a sign of quality, as it allows the fabric to fall across the shoulders without puckering or creases.

Other dress shirt fabrics include Oxford Broadcloth, which is famous for its durability and prestige; Seersucker, which is cool in summer and designed to have a crumpled, lightweight feel; and Silk Linen, a compound fabric that combines smooth durability with breath-ability.

These days, women expect men to have as good a sense of style as they do! So it is important to get the right colour and fit for you, especially if you plan to wear the shirt at a wedding or some other flirting opportunity. That is one plus of the Internet – dress shirts, ties and other accessories are often categorised by colours that match. This takes all the effort out of buying an outfit!

If you do buy online remember that when you have made your choice and the garment arrives that the colours may look different and not suit you, so make sure that the website has a good returns policy.

If you can afford it you should consider having shirts customised to your requirements. Some people prefer fitted dress shirts, others a loose design. Buying a customised dress shirt also gives you power over sleeve length, collar shape and lets you match the best fabric with the best shape.

You should know your measurements before buying any clothing online. The most accurate way of doing this is to use a shirt you already have, rather than getting someone to measure your body. Lay it out flat and measure from a centre of the collar to the shoulder, then from the shoulder line to the cuff. Then you are ready to buy the perfect dress shirt.

I have had a passion for things that sparkle since I was a competitive figure skater, many years ago. I can remember the beautiful costumes that sparkled so brilliantly under the artificial lighting in the rink. Once rare, this type of adornment is seen everywhere today from the rink to the Runway. Swarovski crystals beam like no other rhinestones out there and rhinestone embellished apparel sparkles more than ever. Through the years, people have asked me many questions about my clothing. One of the big questions is “why does your clothing sparkle so brilliantly?” My response is, of course, that I use genuine Swarovski crystals.

There are several types of rhinestones available. “Austrian” cut-crystal rhinestones are from Swarovski and they set the standard against which all other rhinestones are judged. They are the leaders by far for cut, clarity, color, and brilliance. The crystals are fired using a combination of natural minerals and quartz sand, and then cooled slowly to avoid inclusions. The Swarovski hot fix crystals have special glue affixed to the back of the crystals, allowing the crystals to adhere to fabric upon heating.

Swarovski crystals contain 12 to 14 facets (smooth surface cut) compared to the Czech stones (8 facets.) Other rhinestones are machine pressed (molded) and not cut at all. The last type of rhinestones is readily used because they are the least expensive. They are the stones typically found on clothing found in many clothing stores and discount department stores. Because they are so inexpensive, the apparel can be mass-produced for these stores and sold for a nominal fee. Make no mistake about it; there is a HUGE difference in what I like to call “the sparkle factor” between these stones and Swarovski’s crystals. The reason being is that many of these rhinestones are not stones, at all. They are made from molded plastic (acrylic rhinestones.) Because acrylic does not transmit light like crystal, they do not sparkle like the real thing.

Clearly, Swarovski embellished clothing is the way to go if you are looking for high quality clothing that will last for a very long time. The stones stay affixed to the clothing and the sparkle factor never disappears. True, Swarovski crystals are more expensive than most, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” Swarovski embellished clothing is here to stay!

What to look for in your tailor:

Whether your fabulous new suit needs fine-tuning or you’d like your own custom-designed dress shirt, it is very important to know who the best suitable tailor for you is.


One should not hesitate toask around. Gather a list of tailors by asking around.


It’s said that experience is the key to excellence. A direct and most important question: How long have you been in business? Will help you ensure that your job is in safe hands.

If you want someone experienced, make sure he’s not the new business on the block. Of course, everyone has to start somewhere, but do you want to be the one to take a chance?

Next, try getting a list of clients from your tailor. There is no better reference than a satisfied customer. A list of customers from your tailor may not mean they’re all happy customers. You need to verify the same. Even if you have heard a lot about your candidate, if he is not able to provide you a list of satisfied customers, cross him of your list.

Tailor like https://www.coolwebtips.com with great experience and elegant style bring with them flair unmatched by others. Each piece of clothing designed by such tailors speaks for itself.


Verifying the exact quality of a tailors work can only be done through samples. Ask if he can provide you with samples or photos of his work, and judge for yourself if this is the kind of craftsmanship you’d like applied to your own clothing. Also, browse through some samples of the materials he works with.

Tailors working with good brands link Zegna, Holland and Sherry, Thomas Mason, Alumo, Dormeuil etc are likely to be very good.

Good tailors can explain their style of craftsmanship very well. Questions like how much of the garment will be hand-sewn and h ow much will be machine-made, what exact process will be followed etc, help you make a well informed decision.


The tailor you select should have an exact vision of what you really want. The main attractiveness of custom clothes comes from the fact that they are high quality clothes custom-made to suit your body structure.

Tailors personal take on fashion is very important. Having your own fashion authority is a great tool to form your own sense of style.

Find out whether your tailor is open or resistant to your ideas; a tailor who balks at your suggestions is not the tailor for you.

Time Frame and Price

The most important this is whether the tailor is able to deliver in your required time frame at a reasonable price. A tailor might be having great experience and giving the best possible results but if he is not able to deliver it, he is not the one for you.

Check his availability and the time frame allotted to complete various projects; unrealistic, overextended time frames can be a deal-breaker.

Hand-tailoring is not inexpensive and has traditionally been in the realm of the upper class, but consider this: Who do you think looks better — the guy in a $300 off-the-rack suit or the fellow in the hand-tailored $3,000 suit that drapes like a dream?

Men’s chaps

Chaps are the protecting accessories for legs. They are mostly made of sturdy leather. These men’s chaps protect the legs while driving motorcycle. The two-wheeler drivers, in case of motorcycle racing, commonly wear these chaps. These are main parts of the attires of drivers and are available in pairs. Chaps are tied on trousers with help of integrated belts but at the same they are not joined to the trousers and are separate accessory.

There are mainly two types of men’s chaps available now days and they are batwing and the shotgun. The batwing chaps are flat at the bottom and have only two fasteners to protect thighs of the driver. This batwing chaps provide easy movements of lower legs while riding the motorcycles; especially in motorcycle races. In some cases, batwing chaps are useful for the mountaineers. Other advantage of batwing men’s chaps is that it provides easy circulation of air and provides more comfort during riding and climbing.

The shotgun chaps wrap complete portion of legs, are narrow and snug in shape. Each shotgun men’s chap is made from single piece of leather. These shotguns chaps are available in two varieties; one of them is to pull onto the trousers and the other has zippers for fitting on the legs. These types of chaps are used while riding horse and protect the rider from heat, which is necessary during windy and cold conditions.

The cowboys, to protect their legs from cattle and horses, also use the men’s chaps.

The main advantages of chaps include protection from thorns and preserve the rider’s trousers from dust.

Ladies chaps

Ladies chaps are readily available in market and just like men’s chaps these ladies chaps are used while riding motorcycles and horses. These ladies chaps are made from fine quality leather and play an important role in protecting their soft legs. Ladies chaps are available in various designs and shapes. Some of the ladies chaps that are available in market are as follows.

Rich Flanagan is the manager of www.8ball.co.uk, where visitors can purchase not only baby t-shirts, but also a large variety of kids t-shirts.If grownups can wear the most outrageous, funny and unique t-shirts shouldn’t kids have the same rights as their parents? The answer is yes and there are plenty of websites on the Internet that offer dozens of t-shirts for kids. Ranging from AC/DC, The Simpsons to the famous The Rolling Stones, the offer is rich and we can all agree that there is a t-shirt for every child out there.

The question is which websites are the best? If indeed you are interested in this subject you should start by looking at those websites that have their t-shirts divided into intuitive categories so that the visitors can find what they are looking for fast and easy. Another important aspect that should be taken into consideration by potential t-shirt buyers is that high quality websites offer plenty of images of their products so that the visitors can figure out which t-shirts are the best for their kids.

A catalogue with the latest models should be available for users in order to make a better picture about the baby t-shirts that are for sale. Unfortunately, babies can’t tell their parents which t-shirts they prefer so parents have to figure out on their own. But luckily there are hundreds of models from which parents can take their pick. Of course, such websites should offer t-shirts not only for babies, but also for kids and with a little bit of patience, every kid will the ideal t-shirt for him.

Funny slogan t-shirts are a boom these days in terms of sales and more models are available each day along with other models like music-based, cartoon-based and the list could go on. Other popular categories are: slogan & funny, TV & film, 80s fashion and others. In most cases, the availability of these t-shirts is for babies and kids ranging from 6 months to 12 years. A well-thought website should have a ” New ” section in which there should be listed the latest baby clothing products along with information regarding sizing, prices and availability.

Another interesting issue regarding these websites is the rating option. If you are wondering how this works it is quite simple, users of the website will rate a certain baby t-shirt and future users will find the most popular t-shirts in terms of rating. Of course it is a personal rating that most likely won’t be appreciated by all the future users but it can be a great tool to find the most popular t-shirts on the website.

Kids these days want to stand out and what better way to do so if not with a funny kid t-shirt? There are dozens of models for kids and babies out there; you just have to pick one. Kids can pick up their own t-shirts and for babies, parents take their pick and luckily, the babies will enjoy their brand new, let’s say funny slogan t-shirt.

All things considered, if you can’t find the perfect t-shirts for your kid on the local shop, the best way to search for one is on the Internet as there are plenty of websites that can offer exactly what you are looking for, a unique and funny baby/kid t-shirt.

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