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Are you one of those passionate drivers, looking to extract maximum power from their engines without having to sacrifice the simplicity, safety and comfort that come with owning a European car? You now have but one choice – getting a big turbo software!

There are many available now on the market! The unitronic turbo software comes in a number of hardware configurations for most Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Volvo applications. There are also programs for all setups: from street/track monsters to quarter mile beasts. For certain setups that are not yet available, you can choose the dyno tuned custom software, tailored to your needs.

There are many factors that determine how any software will react to your specific setup. This turbo software I’m telling you about is developed in house along with a network of enthusiasts constantly testing and data-logging to ensure the best drivability. In certain cases, there will be free software updates released, providing the best in drivability and performance.

The benefit of this special software over standalone engine management is that all the original manufacturers’ safety limits and functions are retained. By properly modifying the parameters which manage the engines power delivery and output, the original startup and driving characteristics will be maintained in all climates.

The performance software version introduces to you the smoothest and most reliable power gains available for your vehicle. All programs are precisely tuned for all driving conditions to bring you the most reliability. Professionals know that dynamometer test results are an over simplifications. They only tell part of the story since the engine is tested only at full throttle. You don’t drive all day with your foot to the floor. That’s why you need a performance software, one that will maximize the power and torque you need in everyday driving conditions, where (we drivers know!) running smooth and brisk acceleration are equally as important. The unitronic performance software comes with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. The 30 day grace period will ensure that your expectations are met. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you may return it to your place of purchase for a full refund. Unitronics is all about your driving satisfaction. A risk-free satisfaction guarantee gives you total peace of mind.

The Land Rover was first produced by Rover in 1948. And this automobile and vehicle brand is actually one of the very first vehicles that could be owned by civilians and yet could actually be used anywhere else. It is considered to be an all terrain utility vehicle. However, this division of Rover went off its own way. At present, it continually produces a large line of vehicles that have been crafted just like the original set of vehicles that has made this brand known all over the globe.

Even if these Land Rover vehicles have been designed, crafted, and manufactured so as to be able to tackle any kind of terrain and go through every possible piece of land on the top of the earth, the company has certainly made sure that they would be providing not only a very functional vehicle but also a safe vehicle as well. Proof that Land Rover certainly has been doing its part when it comes to safety is that the United Kingdom’s Department of Transport’s statistics on road accidents show that two of the brand’s models are among the safest cars to be found on the roads of the said country. In fact, these vehicles have become three times much more safe than the safest Volvo models available. It is also twice just as safe when looking at the Jeep Cherokee and the Toyota Land Cruiser.

One of the systems that make Land Rover vehicles a success is the Land Rover electrical system and its electrical parts. What the Land Rover electrical parts do is it works together so as to provide the vehicle do their job well and also assists in making sure that the car is in its proper performance. Many vehicles from this brand now depends a large part of their accuracy and precision on the Land Rover electrical parts. Engine efficiency, as an example, is largely dependent on the competence and effectiveness of the spark plug and the ignition timers. These two units are Land Rover electrical parts.

To add to the enjoyment of being able to drive a car through any kind of terrain known to vehicles, Land Rover vehicles also have additional features. And yes, these features are also dependent and connected to Land Rover electrical parts and the electrical system. Samples of these features that rely on Land Rover electrical parts are entertainment systems, DVD players, CD players, satellite radios, air conditioning systems, electronic gadgets, speakers, and radios.

Other units that are considered to be Land Rover electrical parts include alternators, battery cables, battery filler caps, batteries, distributors, front corner markers, fuse boxes, gauges, headlights, horns, ignition coils, ignition switches, left speakers, light switches, negative grounds, negative terminals, positive cables, positive terminals, radio antennas, radios, rear turn signal indicators, right speakers, spark plug wires, spark plugs, starter motors, tail light housings, and voltage regulators.

One generation after the introduction of its first line of cars in the US, Hyundai Motors is preparing to import to the US its first V8 powered car. The Equus, a full sized sedan, will be new to the US market, but the Korean automaker has been making large cars for years. Please read on for more information about this exciting development.

Give Hyundai credit. In the teeth of strong competition from Asian and American automobile manufacturers, the South Korean auto giant has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the hyper-competitive US auto market. Twenty years after the Excel Pony was introduced at the budget price of $3750, Hyundai has upgraded its line up and now sells small and medium models, sporty cars, and a pair of SUVs.

For 2006, Hyundai has released an all new Accent and its first larger car, the Azera. Powered by an aluminum 3.8L V6 engine, the Azera compares favorably in size and in amenities with the Toyota Avalon, the top of the line car for the Japanese automaker. However, Hyundai isn’t finished just yet.

Waiting in the wings is a full sized rear wheel drive car, the Equus. With the same standard engine as the Azera, the Equus also comes with a V8 and will be positioned to compete directly with the Buick Lucerne, perhaps even Cadillac’s DTS. The current model, introduced in 1999, is undergoing a major revision and will be replaced in 2006. Hyundai hopes to bring this model to the US by 2008, although the Equus name might be changed. Hyundai is also looking at the possibility of creating a separate line of luxury cars and making the “Equus” its first entrant.

We don’t know too much about the Equus as Hyundai is keeping mum about what they have planned. Regardless, introducing a full sized luxury car into the US market is smart and knowing how Hyundai prices their products the car will be a relative bargain for consumers and more competition for Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, Mercedes, BMW, Lincoln, Buick, and Cadillac.

Placing your car or truck for sale in an auto classifieds website is a great way to reach tons of potential buyers. But constructing a great ad is not child’s play. To generate a lot of interest in your vehicle, you must know how to create the perfect online listing. The necessary steps are outlined in five articles titled “Sell Your Car Online.”

The first step in placing a great ad is taking pictures of the car or truck that is for sale. You don’t just want to take any picture and post it on the internet. You want to post the best picture you possibly can. After all, the potential buyers that view your online listing want to see a picture that tells them something more than just the color of the vehicle. A good picture can convey the overall condition of the body, paint, interior, and more. A good, or near professional-quality, picture can seal the deal in the buyer’s mind.

Hypothetical situation: A potential car buyer is looking for a particular car. The buyer has found two nearly identical cars, one belongs to you and one belongs to someone in a nearby state. These two cars have the same body style, the same engine and transmission, the same color, the same options, and very close to the same price. The only deciding factor is the pictures. The competing car has one low quality picture. It is half blocked by a neighboring vehicle. The sun is in the background causing a glare that obscures the color and overall appearance of the car. Your car, on the other hand, has multiple pictures from different angles. There is no sun to cause a glare and no rain to make the picture look dreary. The true color of the car shows and there is nothing blocking the view. Which car do you think the buyer would choose? Pictures of competing cars can, without a doubt, influence the potential buyer to purchase one car over another.

There are things you must consider before you take the first picture. What type of camera should I use? How many pictures should I take? What exactly should I take pictures of? Should I take the pictures in direct sunlight? Unless you are a professional photographer, or at least an experienced one, you may not know the correct answer to these questions.

What type of camera should I use? Since the pictures you upload to the internet must be in digital format, a digital camera is the best type of camera to use. If you use a non-digital camera, you first have to pay to get the film developed. Then use a scanner to digitize it. You must spend valuable time and money to do this. Using a digital camera is the most cost efficient and time conserving way to take and upload photos of your vehicle. In most cases, all you have to do is connect your camera to your computer to download the photos to the hard drive. Then you’re ready to post your ad.

What size mega pixel (MP) camera do I need? This depends on what you will be doing with the pictures. If you need large, high quality pictures, like 8X10 prints or a large display photo in the newspaper, you may need to purchase a 5 MP camera or better. If you will be printing the pictures for personal use or posting small photos in print ads in the local newspaper, you probably need a 3 MP camera or better. If all you need is camera to take pictures to be uploaded to the internet, a 2 MP camera should do the trick.

Remember this! If the picture you are taking will only be used on the internet, use the lowest quality setting that your camera has. Some cameras even have a setting for internet quality photos.

How many pictures should I take? There is no correct answer for this question. Just take as many as you need. A good photographer will take pictures from multiple angles as well as take duplicate pictures from each angle. If you have 20 pictures to choose from, you can easily find at least 5 high quality photos to post with your listing that show lots of detail about your vehicle. Then you can delete the unused photos so you’re not wasting space on your hard drive.

What exactly should I take pictures of? You need pictures from opposite angles that show the exterior of the vehicle. Pictures should be taken of the engine compartment with the hood raised. More pictures should be taken of the interior. If your vehicle has expensive aftermarket accessories, take pictures of them. For example, take close ups of expensive mag wheels, custom artwork or painting, or a high-tech audio system. In essence, you want to convey the overall condition of the vehicle and any special features the vehicle may have with the pictures you take.

Where should I take the pictures? You need to take pictures of the vehicle in a place that has as little background detail as possible. For example, you don’t want another car, a highly trafficked street, or a person in the picture at all. The best place to take the pictures would be near a plain brick wall, or in front of an empty field. You don’t want any object, whether in the foreground or background, to distract the buyer from seeing the details of your vehicle.

Should I take the pictures in direct sunlight? In order to take a great picture with a mid- to low-quality digital camera, you need plenty of light. But too much direct sunlight can cause bright glares and dark shadows, neither of which is good. The absolute best time to take pictures of your vehicle is on a partly cloudy day when the sun is behind the clouds. This eliminates the harsh, dark shadows even though there is still plenty of light to draw out the true color(s) of the vehicle. If you must take the pictures in direct sunlight, always make sure that the sun is behind you (so it will be shining on the side of the vehicle that is facing you). Try not to take a picture of a vehicle when the side facing you is in the shadow.

If you normally take terrible pictures, remember this! It is much better to take a picture with a wider view that has all the details in it than to try to get a close up and cut part of the important details out. So zoom out to make sure you get a great picture.

Follow these steps and you will have high quality photos of your automobile for display in the car classifieds site of your choice. Look for the next installment titled “Sell Your Car Online: Step 2, Using Pictures of Your Automobile Correctly.” Happy selling.

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