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The automotive industry is constantly developing at a very rapid pace. New technologies are being introduced one after another. Every aspect of the automobile is continually being improved by automakers, not only to beat the competition but also to provide better vehicles to the consumers.

Safety technologies have grown by leaps and bounds. From airbags to intelligent, fully automated, pre-collision warning systems, cars are becoming much safer for passengers and other commuters. In terms of comfort and convenience amenities, automakers are introducing various innovations in climate control, new materials for interiors, space-saving technologies and other significant improvements.

The engines of new vehicles are products of intensive research and testing aimed at making auto engines more reliable, durable and efficient. Environmental awareness has also spurred the phenomenal growth of eco-friendly cars and car components. All these technological innovations and advancements contribute to make the vehicles of today and the future safer, better, cleaner and more efficient.

Now, car owners can get the latest information about these automotive trends and innovations through Auto Parts Train’s newest offering – The Auto Blog. Conceptualized as the corporate blog of the leading online auto parts retailer in the country today, the Auto Blog is also positioned as an excellent and reliable source of automotive information that truly matters. Although the Auto Blog is primarily targeted at Auto Parts Train’s customers, the topics discussed and the articles posted encompass a wide range of automotive issues that is truly relevant to any car owner.

Cars have become a crucial part of life. Many people are found of having different cars in fact for many it has became a style statement. They love to keep as many as models as they can. They even don’t mind to buy the used or a pre-owned vehicle. For this purpose the best place to buy used cars is through the General Services Administration (GSA). GSA is a federal agency that offers vehicles in auction. The cars are acquired through Government agencies such as IRS, DEA, FBI and the police departments through seized and foreclosure laws and auctioned off to the general public. These cars are listed and sold at up to 95% off of their original values and sometimes, these auctions may start from $100 only. The cars are sold very quickly as their storage costs are very high.

Now the questioned rose why government sell it own vehicles? And the answer to the question is that the us government sell their own vehicle due to regular change in policies or due to the financial concerns or technological changes, At these times, the vehicles are written off the books by selling out to the general public. Government Vehicles may come from several different sources. Generally, a vehicle can only be sold at a government auction if it is purchased under a federal or state government contract. To appreciate the numbers of vehicles up for the auction in this way, one needs to think of the long list of the different departments and levels of government in the US. Some of the sources of these used vehicles include the Federal Government, State Government, Local Councils organizations, Police Services / departments (incl. Sheriffs/Marshall’s Dept.), Fire & Emergency Services, Religious Groups & other Non-profit Organizations, Universities & other Education Organizations, as well as Hospitals & Ambulance Services. Thousands of repossessed and seized vehicles are also auctioned off at these auctions. Moreover, Government and Police auctions are considered more authentic in the country.

A large number of approximately new cars get forfeited or seized by the financial institutions everyday from people who fail to pay their car mortgage or lease costs. These cars are also auctioned off in a hurry, because the rate of accumulating the cars compensates the banks’ ability to get the lost money back (similar to the police auctions, etc.).

These auctions are thus the best place for people with access to straight sources to acquire a used car at offers that look unbelievably cheap to an average car buyer. However, this is real and is taken advantage by many car dealers.

However not everyone can buy cars in this manner as this source of revenue is protected for the majority of car dealerships and not journalized. The general masses might have to go through the dealer or a classified ads routine. However, several organizations have gathered enough information and access rights to be able to let their members enjoy a multitude of the direct sources, whereby one can find their next vehicle with up to 90% savings off the book value price. Buying a car can be a difficult and stressful process but GAS makes it enjoyable and fun experience.

One just needs to go to the police or government department of cheap used car auction. Before setting his maximum bid for sale, it is essential to look at the condition of car and to do the preliminary investigation.

Buying a car is one of the largest investments many people make in their lives-and more and more, people are bypassing new cars for used models. In fact, used cars have become big business in the U.S. and today, consumers have choices that stretch beyond the big lots and dealerships.

Just remember that when you’re buying a car-new or used-it’s important to get the facts first. Doing so can help you be more certain you’re actually getting the car you want at the price that’s right.

“Buyers should be sure to consider all the angles-from mileage, model and vehicle history, to warranties and financing,” says Brad Eggleston of AutoVantage. Here’s how to protect yourself:

• Check out the model’s repair record, maintenance costs, and safety and mileage ratings in consumer magazines or online. Check the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s Web site ( to see if the car you are considering has any recalls associated with it.

• Get a vehicle history report from Experian Automotive ( It’s a cheap way to ensure you’re not the victim of odometer fraud and that the car wasn’t in a fire, flood or accident.

• Dealers are required by the Federal Trade Commission to post a Buyer’s Guide in every used vehicle offered for sale. Read it. This guide provides important information about the car and always overrules your sales contract.

• Consult the Kelley Blue Book to learn what a car is worth before going to the negotiating table. Be prepared to bargain for the best deal on your car. Also, visit a qualified mechanic for an automotive diagnostic and inspection before buying. Check the Car Care Council’s Web site ( to find certified mechanics.

• Take a serious test drive. Test the acceleration and give the brakes a workout. Make sure the steering wheel doesn’t wander from left to right or shake. Drive up and down hills, down highways and through stop-and-go traffic.

• When financing, beware of advertisements offering tempting deals to folks with bad credit or first-time buyers. Find out the exact price you’re paying for the vehicle, the amount you’re financing, the finance charge, the APR and how many payments you’re up against.

The Audi brand has taken home quite a huge share of the awards that were given during the 2006 Auto Interior Show. In fact, this brand’s three vehicles – the Audi Q7, Audi A3, and the Audi S8 – took home an award each from the said show. The 2006 Auto Interior Show is all about those vehicles that hold outstanding design in its interior as well as exceptional quality. Voting is done by media involved in coverage of the auto industry. For this year, the Auto Interior of the Year Awards was part of the Ward’s Auto Interiors Show.

Produced by the Volkswagen AG, the Audi Q7 is a new vehicle in the market. Production for this vehicle starts next year. It has been built as a sport utility vehicle that holds four doors and has been built on the AWD platform. Its power comes from a 4.2 liter V8 engine and works with a six speed automatic transmission system. In spite of it being a newcomer to the automobile market, it took home the news media award for the Premium Priced Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) category. Its competition, the Mercedes Benz M class, Infiniti FX, Lexus RX, Volvo XC90, and Porsche Cayenne, better watch out for this one.

Another Audi vehicle that took home an award was the Audi A3. It received the news media award for the Popular Priced Car category. Since its introduction, the Audi A3 has been a constant favorite among media people because it held interiors that were stylish and very luxurious. This vehicle has been in production since 1996 and has been produced as a hatchback that held either three doors or five.

A car with a good combination of sounds, the Audi S8 took home the news media award for the Best Sound System. This was all because of the new Bang and Olufsen audio system that it held inside its cabin. Built on the FF and AWD platforms, the Audi S8 is a full size luxury car and has been roaming the streets and roads since 1994.

Every year, millions of quality vehicles are indeed sold via Government car auctions. These take place where Government and other related organizations sell cars that have come to them for various reasons and which they need to “dispose” of quickly. These vehicle auctions are open to the general public. Another advantage of these car auctions is that the prices are often set to a “no reserve”. In fact recent figures show an average 28% below dealer recommended prices being achieved at Government car auctions. This represents substantial savings for the average person.

Many have heard of these auctions but there is still some confusion what cars are actually sold via these car auctions. Here follows a list of the main categories of cars that come up at these auctions;

1. Repossessed Vehicles

If a person or a company is unable to meet their financial contract payment dates or conditions, even after being given grace time, the finance company will repossess the vehicle at the cost of the contractee. These vehicles are sold as quickly as possible due to depreciation and cash flow reasons and are often “dumped” as no reserve listings.

2. Seized vehicles

Thousands of quality vehicles are impounded each year for several reasons. Many due to offence related matters. These vehicles may be deemed to be “seized” for various reasons and these vehicles are “disposed” off via Government auto auctions. Importantly, many of these vehicles are sold at no reserve limits. There are many genuine sales each year where BMW’s and other luxury cars are sold up to 90% off estimated market value.

3. Fleet cars

Cars, and trucks that were driven by government officials, even police cars will be sold at the vehicle auctions when its time to vehicle to be replaced for the latest year model. Many times these vehicles are in prime condition, well maintained and under factory warranty. These vehicles are already written off and are many times sold at no reserve.

4. Surplus vehicles

When during the government and police auctions, we find surplus vehicles up for grabs, these are often specialized vehicles that were used by various departments. Again, these vehicles are already written off. And since they are often highly customized, with expensive options, there is no tangible market value. They offer a great opportunity for companies to make great bargains.

5. End of Financial term vehicles

People often take vehicles on lease for a fixed duration, and when this ends, they will return the vehicles to the financial institutions which in turn sell them via car auctions just to cover the write off value. This value is often much lower than then real value of the vehicle.

Due to the nature of these vehicles they represent a large volume of vehicles never found at your local car dealer.

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