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The Telematics Research Group (TRG), through its Automotive Technology Index, had recently announced to the whole automotive public that it is the BMW brand that is still topping lists on having the best high technology features in all of their vehicles. This is according to a study that the group has conducted for all vehicle brands that are offered in the United States and the rest of North America.

The Automotive Technology Index, that was created and done by the Telematics Research Group, has been done through actions like measuring the availability of key telematics.

It also included other criteria like driver assistance as well as infotainment technologies. They did check all there criteria on various brands’ line up of vehicles that are offered to the market. And the conclusion came out that BMW took the top score, hence claiming the spot as the leader in the aspect of high technology features in vehicles.

Phil Magney is the principal analyst for the group who conducted the study. He comments, “BMW has been a technology leader for many years, as it is part of the brand’s positioning.” And this has been proven by the brand through the various that it has been sending to the automobile market.

A whole package of features. This is what BMW has been offering the market for each of their vehicles. The list of high technology features includes the integrated navigations systems with iDrive and Voice Command, the BMW Night Vision, Adaptive Cruise Control, Head Up Display, as well as Park Distance Control. For entertainment, high technology is certainly reflected in the Sirius Satellite Radio, HD Radio, rear seat entertainment, and iPod integration. There also is the BMW Assist system and services. You can also call without using your hands through the Bluetooth hands free calling with speed recognition which is part of the BMW Assist system.

You may know how to drive well, but there are things you can keep in mind that will make your driving test go more smoothly.

Before you ever leave home, check your turn signals, brake lights and headlights. These will be tested before you ever leave the parking lot for your road test. Make sure you have any paperwork that must be turned in, and take your learner’s permit with you. Travel to the testing location with a licensed driver. Getting turned down and rescheduled is not an auspicious beginning to this banner day in your life.

Get to the testing location on time. Most license bureaus are quite crowded and there are sometimes long waits beyond your appointed time. Bring a book to keep you occupied in the lobby if this happens to you.

Either leave your cell phone at home or turn it off. The middle of your road test is not a good time to receive a phone call. Try to relax with your examiner. Be friendly, but let him do most of the talking. Remember, he does not know you, and he is about to go into traffic not knowing if you can drive safely or not. He may be as nervous as you are!

Listen to your examiner carefully. He will not ask you to do any maneuvers you haven’t already become familiar with in your driving manual. Hopefully you’ll have studied it and practiced a great deal. If you are unsure what it is he wants you to do, ask for clarification. He would rather you understand his request than have you do something wrong, or dangerous.

Keep your eyes on the road as much as possible when you are driving. Check your speedometer often but briefly. Do the same with your rear-view mirrors. Your examiner needs to know that you are aware of the traffic around you. This tells him you are prepared to react in case of an accident or unexpected move by another vehicle.

Brake as evenly as you can. Use your turn signals at all times when making lane changes, or right/left turns. Do what the examiner asks you to do with as much finesse as you can muster.

Be prepared with the maneuvers many people have trouble with. Practice parallel parking every chance you get until it becomes second nature to you. Three-point turns are also difficult for some. Go over these and anything else that gives you trouble. Remember the rules for three- or four-way stops. Go to a location where you can practice these, but remember to watch out for other drivers. They aren’t as freshly tutored in the rules as you are.

Stay calm and trust the examiner. If you have practiced your driving sufficiently and you know the rules well, you’ll have no trouble passing the driving portion of your test. Congratulations, new driver! Now go get your picture taken. You won’t like the way it turns out, but that won’t stop you from showing it proudly to your family and friends every chance you get.

Checks Carried Out By Rental Companies

When you go to hire or rent any car you will find that it would have gone through a thorough check .the rental company will have a check list of the car or van which you are about to rent. I have compiled a list of checks which the rental company will go through before and after the car van or truck is rented. When you collect the car van or truck it would have had a valet and would generally be in very good condition .Most vehicles are less than a year old.

Exterior checks

Front windscreen

Rear windscreen

Windows this would include all fixed and door windows

Drivers Headlamp

Passenger Headlamp

Driver side indicator

Passenger side indicator

Also any indicators which may be fitted to the vehicle as this may vary

Driver’s side tail lamp

Passenger side tail lamp

Driver door mirror

Passenger door mirror

Front grille


Boot lid



All doors

Front bumper

Rear bumper

Driver side tyre

Driver side rear tyre

Passenger front tyre

Passenger side rear tyre

Spare tyre

Drivers side front wheel trim or alloy

Driver side rear wheel trim or alloy

Passenger side front wheel trim or alloy

Passenger side rear wheel trim or alloy

Interior Items Checked

Radio or CD player



Boot carpets

Floor mats

Parcel shelf if fitted

Driver side door trim or panel front

Driver’s side door trim or panel rear

Passenger side door trim or panel front

Passenger side door trim or panel rear

Driver’s seat

Passenger seat

Rear seat


Tool kit and car jack

Drivers hand book

Also any attachments such as cup holders or satellite navigation systems.

Once you have been shown the car that you are about to rent it is strongly adviseble to check the vehicle yourself for any defects and to point them out to the sales person. Always ask the advisor to write down any points which you have found this way you can dispute any damage at a later date.

As most of the check lists are very much standard it is not very often any items are missed.

The assistant will also tell you about the type of fuel that the vehicle that you are renting uses this may either be petrol or diesel. Be sure not to fill up with the wrong type of fuel. When you open the fuel flap you will be reminded also what fuel to use.

Some rental companies supply cars with a full tank of fuel this can be very handy because you may be in a hurry to get on with your journey. But always remember to return the car van or truck with a full tank of fuel also. The reason why is because the hire company may charge you additional prices compared to high street prices.

When booking you may request a car which is automatic or manual transmission , this usually depends on the type of car that have , most prestigious cars have automatic transmission compared to the small to medium cars.

Customers should also ask about the level of insurance that is covered when they rent .in many cases the insurance will not cover for missing wheel trims or damaged alloys petrol caps, tools, or the spare wheel, it may not cover electric aerial damage, glass or tyres. Generally it will not cover accidental damage or negligent damage. You will always be charged for cigarette burns.

One more thing to mention is to return you car truck or van in a clean condition, you may get charged to valet the returned car if it is found to be excessively dirty the price of cleaning can vary. Once it has been fully cleaned it will be inspected again and any damage will be charged to you.

From 1994 up until the year 1997, the Ford Motor Company sold the Ford Aspire. This was a subcompact car that has been made available with two options as per the number of doors. One held three doors while the other one held five doors. The entire body of the Ford Aspire was crafted by the Kia Motors company with headquarters in South Korea. The engine as well as the engine components was from the Mazda automobile corporation located in Japan. It is very interesting to note that this vehicle has been sold and marketed as the Kia Avella in Asia. However, if you travel to Japan and Australasia, you would be surprised to find out that the Ford Aspire is known there as the Ford Festiva. It is just one vehicle however it has been sold under different names.

The average fuel economy for the Ford Aspire is some 30 miles per gallon which is quite a different number from what the manual says. The manual claims that it can take up to 45 miles per galloon. Aside from that interesting fact, the Ford Aspire is also very much favored for parallel parking. Also known for their resistance to submit to mechanical breakdown, these Ford Aspires have been known to have the capacity to run in excess of some 200,000 miles without having to undergo major repairs.

Upon its introduction in 1994, the Ford Aspire held a five speed manual transmission as well as an automatic transmission. This vehicle is a front drive car. It generally comes with a 63 horsepower engine with four cylinders. For the two-door model, the Ford Aspire sports fog lights, a rear spoiler as well as different types of seats made available. As per the Ford Aspire that sports four doors, it holds a power rack and pinion steering. Through the years, many changes have been done to the Ford Aspire. The list includes the removal of the front spoilers, and adding in of body-colored window moldings, rear spoilers, fog lamps, tachometer, a unique instrument cluster, special seat fabrics, special door trim fabrics, and center roof pillars. There also are changes like new front bumpers, new rear bumpers, headlamps, turn signals, tail lamps, and wheel covers. Its design has been proven to work well in allowing a fairly large amount of cargo. If the rear seats are folded, the cargo is expanded greatly.

Ford Parts and Ford Auto Parts manufactures and sells performance parts and accessories for Ford vehicles. Ford Parts and Ford Auto Parts strives to be the ultimate source for auto parts and accessories for the Ford Aspire as well as for Ford vehicles. The store’s product line up for the Ford Aspire accessories, body parts, brakes, climate control, clutch parts, electrical parts, transmission parts, mechanical parts, service tools, and a variety of other upgrades and parts that compliment the vehicle. Ford Parts and Ford Auto Parts’ extensive array of maximum quality Ford parts are available at great wholesale deals.

Over the years, the entire definition of what is considered a small, medium, or large car has been turned on its side. Some people measure a car’s entire length to determine size, others take into account its wheelbase, while still others give consideration to the vehicle’s interior room. No matter, BMW is planning to import a car to the U.S. that is truly smaller than any BMW that has ever graced American highways: the 1 Series is coming to America…can you say, “Tiny BMW?”

Like Mercedes, the whole thought of a less than luxurious BMW running around is almost blasphemy. Please don’t think that this hasn’t been lost on Bavarian Motor Works as they study and restudy the issue and decide whether to go ahead with the planned introduction of the 1 Series. Long a producer of vehicles from compacts on up, BMW knows that the U.S. market is fickle and may reject the budget bimmer. Still, as the marketplace continues to adjust and consumer tastes change, the 1 Series is ripe for importing to the U.S. Here is why:

– A compact BMW would be the “gateway” vehicle for BMW to introduce the make to new consumers. Get them in a small bimmer and they will be hooked for life. At least they can hope so!

– Sell what we sell in Europe, in the U.S. Yes, for years BMW has been producing and selling small cars across the continent. The 1 Series is not new, but the proposed model slated for U.S. introduction will be a revamped model. Currently available as a hatchback, BMW knows about our distaste for hatchbacks and is looking at the first imported 1 Series being developed as a sedan. Look for the car to get an Inline 6 and, perhaps, an optional turbo diesel. Also look for the car to retail for about $25,000, much higher than cars in its class. Hey, we’re talking BMW here, not Nissan.

– Expand the market. Yes, BMW is successful when it comes to luxury vehicles, but even the more mass produced “commoner” cars can help the automaker’s bottom line. The U.S. market is very profitable so why miss out on sales by holding back on the 1 Series?

So, when will the 1 Series makes it debut? Probably not before summer 2007. If the model does arrive at that time, look for Mercedes to quickly respond and import its compact model, the B Series. Yes, German luxury is being redefined, but perhaps what American motorists are witnessing is German engineering beyond the typical luxury vehicles we are accustomed to driving. Sounds a bit like Volkswagen, doesn’t it?

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