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Steering wheels are essential in a vehicle. However, there are some drivers that do not find their steering wheels good enough for their vehicles so what they do is they try to purchase another one. If you are one of these drivers and you would like to remove the old one, you actually could do this thing yourself.

Although you have to have patience for the process takes some time to do.

Make sure that before you start on your task of removing your old steering wheel, you should have a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and a puller. You will be needing these.

Start by pointing your car’s wheels straight ahead. Then disconnect the battery before you remove the old wheel. Then, remove the horn mechanism by pressing down on the horn cap and then turn. After that, remove the emblem cap from its snapped-in position. You do this by grabbing it and then pulling it towards you. If there are screws attaching it to the vehicle, use your screwdriver.

After this step is done, it is now time to remove the horn wire or the spring-loaded metal plunger. You will be removing it from its plastic housing. Start by pulling straight out on the metal plunger. Or you can also try to remove it by twisting the plastic sleeve to the left and then pull it out. When you have done so, cut off the wire on the plastic sleeve and keep the sleeve. You would be needing this when you put in a new steering wheel.

Now, it is time to remove the shaft-nut retainer clip if it is present. But make sure that you also keep it for you still would be using it. The shaft nut should be removed for it holds the steering wheel to the shaft. When you have removed these, mark the shaft at the twelve o’clock position. This would allow you to know where to put in the top of your new wheel.

Insert now a conventional puller into the two tapped holes. You will find these two holes at the hub of your steering wheel. When you have put in the puller, pull off the steering shaft. You can now remove your steering wheel.

Selling a used car can be as irksome as buying one. You have many options to sell our used car. , you have to be very clear in your mind that which mode is more comfortable for you to get more profit on your sell of used car. Let us see the different ways to sell your used car.

Sell it yourself

If you have decided to sell your used car by yourself then the usual route is to place an ad in news paper in classified section, put for a sale, sing in the car and both. The ad should be placed and runs when it is most likely to be read by the people, mostly on weekend s when all prefer to read it. The ad should be more attractive so that one should feel that they are going to get a very good deal.

Try keeping a standard price for sale of your used car most of the times in such type of selling the buyer ask you to reduce the price and start barging on it that’s leave you wiggle room. Decide ahead how much you will reduce and then stick to your gun.

Take some time to take a decision don’t accept the first cash just wait for few days and see you may get the better offer than the first one.

Trade It In

Trade-ins are easier and best way to get your used car sell because the dealer handles all the paperwork and the credit can provide a down payment on a new model. However, you will probably get less for your vehicle what deal you have been made with the dealer, whether it’s a lower trade-in quote or a higher final price on the replacement car.

Until and unless you have agreed on the purchasing price for the replacement car its best not to bring up the trade-in. This will help you to keep your transaction separate so that the trade-in doesn’t go in the hands of car dealers.

Use a Consignment Lot

For a percentage of the sale price — which you, not they, determine — a consignment service will display your vehicle and handle all the paperwork. Using a consignment lot lets you get a better price than a trade-in, yet allows you to avoid the hassle of selling the vehicle yourself

Introduced in 1995, the Audi TT was still a concept car that time. After three years, the Audi TT came rolling off the manufacturing and assembly lines to the streets. This new vehicle then held the Audi A4’s shorter version of its platform. This vehicle was manufactured as a front drive coupe and as a roadster. It also was sold and offered with a Quattro all wheel drive.

The Audi TT has a unique style and design that makes it stand out from the rest. It has a roofline that quite resembles the Volkswagen’s new Beetle. In 2000, this vehicle received a nomination for the North American Car of the Year award. That same year and the following year, the Audi TT also made its way to the Car and Driver magazine’s ten best cars list.

The Audi TT offers three engine configurations that includes a 130/180 horsepower 1.8 T turbocharged engine with four cylinders. There is also a 225 horsepower 1.8 engine with intercooled turbos. Both the coupe and the roadster offer a front-wheel and an all-wheel drive. To add to the sporty fa
Of all of the things I own, my car would have to be on the top of my list of what I am most grateful for. I literally cannot imagine my life without my car. Can you imagine your life without a car?

The obvious reason that I love my car so much is because of the convenience it brings to my life. If it were not for my car, how would I get to all of the events and activities of the week let alone to the grocery store? Every member of my family is involved in a variety of activities that they love being part of. Not having a car to get them to and from their favorite events would certainly be a challenge. I love my car because if I forget an item at the store I can simply turn around and go purchase it. If I were relying on public transportation or a friend with a car I would have much less freedom to do what I want.

I love allowing my family members to do things they love. I love watching my young daughters practice ballet or take swim lessons. My sons enjoy participating in flag football and in basketball after school. My husband plays in a city wide soccer league and I enjoy getting together with friends to scrapbook our families latest memories. Our car is the single thing that makes it possible for our lives to be rich and full. I cannot imagine forcing my kids or my husband to stay home all the time and find ways to entertain themselves. My car has brought an incredible richness to each of our lives.

Another thing I love having about a car is that it allows my family to have close friendships with people all across town. While we enjoy time with our close neighbors, some of our best friends happen to live a drive away, and having a car makes it possible to visit them and spend time together. Even my siblings and my parents live too far away to walk to their homes, so I have been very grateful over the years for the ways my car has allowed me to stay connected to my family and friends.

Consider all of the ways your car has benefited your life. If you are anything like me, I take my car for granted. I do not take care of it properly and then I get frustrated when my car doesn’t run perfectly. In the past couple of years I have started getting the car in for regular oil changes, I have committed to keeping the inside and the outside cleaner, and I take it to a mechanic for a regular tune up. I figure that for all the great things my car does for me, keeping it cared for is the least I can do for my car.

If you love your car as much as I do, get it cleaned or tuned up today.

This brand name and automobile manufacturer’s name means “I roll” in Latin, and yes, it refers to Volvo. Volvo has been in the automotive industry for over seventy five years already and each and every design of Volvo vehicles has been guided by the company’s concern for the well-being of people, as well as their safety. And through the years, this commitment to safety and well-being has grown and developed into Volvo’s three core values which are safety, quality, and environmental care. With these Volvo core values intact and certainly made clear, Volvo approaches product development, design, and vehicle production with these core values in mind. This assures and guarantees owners of Volvo vehicles that the vehicle would be worth their while as well as they could be considered to be money worth spent.

One of the vehicles bearing the Volvo name, as well as the three Volvo core values, is the Volvo V40 which has been considered and measured to be the one of the safest wagons in its own class. This is all due to the included safety features for this vehicle that comprises of the Whiplash Protection Seating System (which is also known as WHIPS), the Side Impact Protection System (also dubbed as SIPS), and the Inflatable Curtains. These safety features have all become standard and not given as an option. Also, the other features that have been included for the Volvo V40 are ABS brakes, traction control, and dual-stage airbags.

The Volvo V40 holds two engine options which are the 1.8 liter and the 2.0 liter DOHC engine which has four cylinder motors. The Volvo V40 has a fuel consumption of around 9.3 liter per 100 kilometers during city driving and an averaged 6.0 liters per 100 kilometers for driving in the highway.

The last year for the Volvo V40 series was 2004. This had two trim levels which included the S40 sedan and the V40 wagon. Each of these is an entry-level model. The interior for the Volvo V40 sports a long roof and it definitely does not look like or feel like a traditional wagon. Also, space is something that the Volvo V40 has given quite grandly for the interior of this vehicle has great space. The cabin can take up a maximum passenger capacity of five people. Reviews have it that the interior of the Volvo V40 is both secure and comfortable. All of the trim levels made available feature the much coveted air conditioning, an automatic climate control, heated power mirrors, power windows, power door locks, a remote keyless entry system, and an AM/FM/CD player.

Listening to the market and responding to consumers’ demands is what Volvo has been doing for years. Similarly, Volvo Parts and Car Parts goes into every detail so as to ensure that its Volvo auto parts are at its best when it reaches the customers.

The Range Rover has been known as the world’s most complete luxury sport utility vehicle for years already. And now, as part of the series of updates and upgrades that it received, the Range Rover is yet set to still remain in its position at the top. The lists of changes were done for the 2007 model year Range Rover. Included in the changes that the vehicle received included the cabin, its chassis, as well as off road capacities.

For the 2007 model year version of the Range Rover, this vehicle would be holding as a standard feature the intuitive Terrain Response system which is more known as the TM system. This new system actually gives the driver the chance to select one of the give distinct vehicle settings so as to be able to suit the terrain that the Range Rover is traveling on. So as to be able to take care of the various road conditions, there were also upgrades and optimizations done to the vehicle’s key software and hardware settings that control the powertrain, transmission, braking, stability control system and suspension system. Aside from these, the new Range Rover also holds an optional rear ‘e’ differential. The ‘e’ actually stands for electronic and it now available as a standard feature on the Supercharged versions of the Range Rover.

Richard Beattie, the Executive Vice President of Land Rover North America’s Sales and Marketing department, states, “To maintain the Range Rover’s outstanding reputation, we continuously look at how we can update and upgrade the vehicle. We have further refined Range Rover substantial equipment levels to meet the requirements of both new and existing Range Rover customers.”

As per the interior of the vehicle, a simple look at the cabin would give you the impression that, indeed, upgrades and changes were made. The whole cabin has been given more space. And to add to storage space, the vehicle now holds an electronically-released twin glove box. The airbag system has also been updated.

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