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If you are like many vehicle owners getting annoyed by the amount fuel costs, you need to read further. This is a new way to literally save thousands on your fuel bill.

People around the world in many countries are tired of the high and ever increasing fuel prices

Several sources have claimed that the price of oil will reach $200 per barrel by the end of 2008.

This mean that you have to pay about seven dollars per gallon of gas – which is extremely high and unaffordable.

There are several common alternatives to avoiding this rising price in gas:

1. Use public transportation and sell your car. Many people have converted to using public transportation because it it is cheap but it have it disadvantages. This solution will not work for people who are always using the car to pick up their children, go to work, go shopping, and other various tasks.

2. Purchase a hybrid car. You could also buy one of those hybrid car, but this is not an option for those who can’t afford one. It could cost well over $20,000.

3. Get better gas mileage with your current car. Getting better mileage with your current car is the best option for you. There are many ways to get better gas mileage. Owning your own car and paying less for gas is even better than public transportation or buying a new car.

You could start doing the following to get the best gas mileage:

1. Accelerate slowly.

2. Prevent sudden breaking or acceleration by looking ahead.

3. Keep your speed constant.

4. Maintain your car. Check your oil and tire pressure regularly.

Many of these are very time consuming and in modern day life are not very realistic.

The best solution for you is to convert your car to run on water. This method will save you up to 75% of gas and will double your gas mileage in some case.

It has been proven that water could be used as fuel in order to increase the fuel economy and decrease the pollution. This new technology will cost you less than $200, it is easy to install, maintain and remove. Your engine will runs quieter and smoother, which helps increase your engine life.

Another benefit of using water to fuel your car is that it will prevent pollution.

Thousands of drivers have converted their car to use water as fuel. It is simple, cheap and will save you lots of gas money.

The benefits of using converting water into fuel:

– Your car life will increase

– Your car will gain power

– You might double the mileage on your car and get a fuel economy increase of up to 75%

Fox News recently broad-casted an interesting and very important video report.

A savvy automobile owner has come up with a very simple yet incredibly efficient way of boosting his old car’s gas mileage by up to 100% – that means several thousands of dollars economy every year.

The creator claims that his developed invention converts water into a gas called HHO (2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen). Also called Brown’s gas or Hydroxy burns better than regular gas at our fuel pumps and provides more energy. This process is often referred to as Hydrogen Fuel Cell conversion.

Gas prices are on constant rise and the fuel economy question is starting to get very serious. More hybrid cars are sold all over the world, concepts of electric cars and Hydrogen fuel cell cars are developed in almost any country and finally there is a way for you to add a little something to fuel efficient revolution.

Car owners seem to forget or maybe ignore the fact that they could get better gas mileage simply by changing the way they drive. You do not need to buy an ugly and slow prototype in order to save on gas. You could increase gas mileage of your V8 truck as well! To get better gas mileage you should follow these simple rules;

Jaguar Cars is actually a British based subsidiary of the American Ford Motor Company that is quite famous for its production and manufacturing of luxury saloon and sports cars. It has both performance and luxury and occupies the markets for both. Its competition is quite diverse and includes the BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti, and the Lincoln which is another subsidiary of the Ford.

The Jaguar has certainly come through a lot and has acquired quite a name for itself with many important and popular people using it themselves. The British Prime Minister Tony Blaire is driven around in a bottle-green Jaguar XJ8. In the British television series Minder, the character Arthur Daley is seen to be driving a Jaguar XJ6. Inspector Morse in the British television series of the same name used a Jaguar Mark 2 to drive about his travails. Harold, of Harold and Maude, had a Jaguar E-Type hearse. The film 52 Pick-Up had featured a silver Jaguar E-type, and Austin Powers also drove the same type of vehicle, and calling it a “Shaguar”. The 1968 movie Danger: Diabolik, Diabolik drove a black Jaguar E-type and his love interest, Eva, had used a white one. The Heist which is a made-for cable 1989 film had featured two dark green Jauar XJS couples. In the music scene, Sting drove a Jaguar for his music video for the song “Desert Rose”, and due to this, the song had been used in past Jaguar commercials.

At present, the Jaguar line up includes the X-type which is a mid-size saloon; the S-type which is a luxury saloon; the XJ6, XJ8, and the XJR, which are full-size saloons; and the XK8 and XKR, which are sports cars and convertibles.

One of the newest Jaguars introduced to the market is the 2006 Jaguar S-type. It is a four-door luxury sports sedan that is capable of having five passengers. This car was styled by the late Geoff Lawson. In 2004, this had undergone a minor facelift that refined the car’s overall appearance, and also received an aluminum hood. Advantages of this vehicle, as compared to other vehicles in its class, includes Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), air conditioning, alarm, automatic transmission, CD player, child safety locks, child seat tethers, an above average highway mileage, leather seats, power windows and locks, side airbags, side impact door beams, a sunroof, and traction control.

For the most trusted and reliable source of superb quality engine parts, electrical engine parts and other Jaguar parts, like Jaguar Stype parts, there is no other car parts online supplier than Jaguar Parts and Jaguar Auto Parts.

This model has been first introduced in 1999 as a 2000 model. It bore the name of the first S-Type that was introduced in 1964. In 2008, it is expected to be updated yet again.

Car maintenance can be expensive, and the rising cost of gasoline in the United States can really drain, so to speak, the funds available for car maintenance and related costs.

According to Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council, Loose or missing gas caps, under-inflated tires, worn spark plugs, and dirty air filters all contribute to poor fuel economy.

Here are some tips, courtesy of the Car Care Council, to help you save money on gasoline, even as the prices continue to climb.

Don’t drive aggressively. This can actually lower gas mileage by up to 33 percent on the highway and five percent on city streets, resulting in a cost of 7 to 49 cents per gallon.

Take care of your tires. A smart care maintenance tip in general, since driving with an under inflated tire is the equivalent of driving your car with the parking break on, and can cost you a mile for each gallon.

Watch out for worn spark plugs. Vehicles have four, six, or eight spark plugs, and these fire as much as three million times every on thousand miles, which creates heat, electrical, and chemical erosion. Replace your spark plug regularly for proper care maintenance, and gas conservation as well.

Change your dirty air filter. Air filters clogged with dust, dirt, and bugs cuts off the air and results in more gas than necessary being burned. This wastes gas, and causes the engine to lose power as well.

Watch those gas caps. Approximately 17 percent of vehicles, according to the CCC, have gas caps that are damaged, loose or missing, and this causes 147 million gallons of gas to vaporize each year.

Don’t idle excessively. Idling gets you zero miles to the gallon, and you really only need to warm up your vehicle for about one to two minutes.

Watch that speed. As your car’s speed increases, gas mileage decreases, and each mph over sixty results in an additional ten cents per gallon cost.

Lose some weight. By simply removing unnecessary items from your vehicle, you could reduce the weight by 100 pounds, which in turn will reduce your MPG by up to 2%, based on the percentage of extra weight relative to the weight of the vehicle.

Proper car maintenance is the best way to get the most out of your car, and to make sure that it remains fuel efficient. Don’t skip regular visits to the auto mechanic
There is plenty of information about buying new Buick cars and how to shop for the best deal, but what happens after the sale? What about warranty coverage and recalls? In this article, the focus turns to the post-sale questions and how to find the answers.

As with all new Buick cars, a warranty is offered to the new owner. It is important to remember, however, that not every repair is covered under warranty. Problems that are covered under warranty must be repaired at an authorized Buick cars dealership. The company actually recommends that all repairs, including those under warranty and those that are not, be done at an authorized dealership in order to maintain quality and knowledgeable service. The best way to find out if the shop is authorized to perform Buick cars warranty repairs is to simply ask.

Now that we know where to have the repairs made, it’s important to know about the warranty coverage period. When it comes to Buick cars, the warranty period on new automobiles covers four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. The limited warranty promises to cover only registered vehicles that are located in the United States and Canada. The coverage period begins on the first day of delivery and provides bumper to bumper coverage on any automobile defect that is proven to be related to workmanship or materials. The company maintains that any Buick cars dealer will honor the warranty even if it was not purchased from that specific dealer.

Many people believe that only new Buick cars carry a warranty, but that isn’t the case. Used Buick cars also carry an optional warranty, which is available by purchase. In other words, used Buick cars are not automatically covered as new models are, but a warranty can be purchased and even financed directly through the dealership. Known as GM Repair Protection (GMRP), any optional warranty must be purchased at the same time as the vehicle.

At times, certain vehicles may need to be recalled. Should a recall on any Buick cars occur, customers are to be notified by mail. In the meantime, however, car owners may call 1-800-422-8425 for recall information.

Whether you are in the market for new or used Buick cars, there are a number of authorized dealerships that offer both. If you are interested in a new model that has yet to be released, you may ask a local dealer for the release schedule and possibly pre-order one of the new models before they even arrive at the lot. This advance order system allows customers to confirm a purchase and know that owning their new automobile isn’t far down the road.

Selling a used car can be as irksome as buying one. You have many options to sell our used car. , you have to be very clear in your mind that which mode is more comfortable for you to get more profit on your sell of used car. Let us see the different ways to sell your used car.

Sell it yourself

If you have decided to sell your used car by yourself then the usual route is to place an ad in news paper in classified section, put for a sale, sing in the car and both. The ad should be placed and runs when it is most likely to be read by the people, mostly on weekend s when all prefer to read it. The ad should be more attractive so that one should feel that they are going to get a very good deal.

Try keeping a standard price for sale of your used car most of the times in such type of selling the buyer ask you to reduce the price and start barging on it that’s leave you wiggle room. Decide ahead how much you will reduce and then stick to your gun.

Take some time to take a decision don’t accept the first cash just wait for few days and see you may get the better offer than the first one.

Trade It In

Trade-ins are easier and best way to get your used car sell because the dealer handles all the paperwork and the credit can provide a down payment on a new model. However, you will probably get less for your vehicle what deal you have been made with the dealer, whether it’s a lower trade-in quote or a higher final price on the replacement car.

Until and unless you have agreed on the purchasing price for the replacement car its best not to bring up the trade-in. This will help you to keep your transaction separate so that the trade-in doesn’t go in the hands of car dealers.

Use a Consignment Lot

For a percentage of the sale price — which you, not they, determine — a consignment service will display your vehicle and handle all the paperwork. Using a consignment lot lets you get a better price than a trade-in, yet allows you to avoid the hassle of selling the vehicle yourself

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