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If you own a BMW you all to well know the luxury and style that your BMW has to offer. And I’m sure that you would take good care of your vehicle. So it would be quite annoying when you notice something wrong with your wheel.

If you notice that it wobbles a little now and then, you should get them replaced as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to your car right?

The faster you replace them, the less you’ll have to worry about getting into an accident. That would seriously ruin anybody’s day. If you notice any signs of trouble in your wheels get them checked out and replaced if needed, it will save you a big headache that is surely to come down the road.

BMW wheels are a mediator between your car and the road. The reason for this is because the wheels transport the energy from your engine into a forward motion. The wheels keep you in control no matter what; they can withstand big amounts of force in any direction. If there’s anything wrong with them they won’t be able to give you quality and safety that you want.

The wheels are made with a circular frame with spokes or a solid disc that will rotate on a shaft or axle. You have the choice of what kind of wheel you want. There are wheels with a natural, clear, powder-coated finish, so there are many options you can choose from. There are also many different designs that you can choose from. For example, split-spoke mesh design, which has a polished stainless steel lip and it also, has bolts that make it look like a two piece wheel. You can also customize your BMW anyway you want.

So there isn’t any reason to not get your BMW wheels checked out or replaced, the consequences will be much more. Don’t be lazy take care of those wheels as you do the rest of your car.

According to the Ohio Department of Safety, there are more than 200 deaths each year in the U.S. associated with riding in the cargo area of pickup trucks. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that pickup truck occupants are three times more likely to be involved in rollover crashes than in other types of vehicles. The largest number of vehicle fatalities and injuries are caused by rollover crashes.

Are pickups simply not as safe as cars and SUVs? It turns out that the fatality rates have little to do with a pickup’s design. They have more to do with the use of safety belts. While safety belt laws have consistently become more stringent in all 50 states over the past ten years, according to the NCSA, only 69% of occupants in pickups were wearing safety belts by June 2003, compared to 81% of passenger car occupants and 83% of SUV and van occupants. The Ohio Department of Public Safety reports that your chance of surviving a crash in a motor vehicle is 25 times higher if seatbelts are used.

Theories abound about the reason pickup truck occupants are less likely to practice seatbelt use, thus increasing their own risk. For many who are using their pickup trucks for work (hauling and farming), the drivers tend to drive short distances and get in and out of the vehicle often. Throughout the course of the day, putting the seatbelt on and taking it off could be considered cumbersome. Another theory is that some families, particularly living in rural areas, use their older model pickups as the vehicle used for family outings. Because many of these pickups do not have adequate room for all the passengers inside the cab, some of the passengers travel in the cargo area. While this is illegal in many states and restricted to speed conditions and age of the passengers in other states, it still happens.

Fortunately, newer model pickup trucks have been designed with passenger safety and convenience in mind. For example, the popular Isuzu i-290 offers a 3-passenger 60/40 split-bench front seat with integrated outboard head restraints and the Isuzu i-370 Crew Cab offers rear 3-point seatbelts and 3-point middle seatbelt for passenger protection.

Other safety features include daytime running lights and dual stage airbags.

Although finding a truck that “lasts” means it’s a quality vehicle, the problem with driving older model cars is not with their performance. Safety guidelines, for the most part, have evolved more rapidly in the past ten years than in decades previous.

Consumers and the government are holding pickup manufacturers to higher safety regulations in response to the vast number of preventable fatalities. A pickup manufactured prior to 1990 will be short many of these new safety features and simply cannot protect the safety of its occupants as well as newer pickup trucks do.

If you’re driving an older model pickup truck, you are urged to consider after-market upgrades to make your vehicle more safe for passengers, or to consider purchasing or leasing a newer model pickup.

The British Columbia Automobile Association, or much commonly referred to as the BCAA, has just warned drivers and car owners about the possible risks that could take place when you have pets and children inside the vehicle. And with the prediction of having even higher and hotter temperatures coming in a couple of days and weeks, it is best that drivers and vehicle owners are aware of the risks involved.

According to Ken Cousin, “When we receive a call from a member notifying us that a child is locked in a car, we drop everything. We dispatch the nearest resource to get there as soon as possible.” Ken Cousin is the road assist director of the BCAA. And this kind of situation has become quite normal and ordinary for the organization, according to this director. So far for 2006, the BCAA has been able to rescue at the very least 130 children from cars which got locked. The number of course does not include the forty or so pets that they also rescued from these cars.

When children do play about or when pets scamper around the vehicle, they could accidentally lock themselves in. And what could be very unlucky would be getting these children or pets locked in with your car keys also inside the vehicle. This could happen anytime even when you just get out of the car for a couple of seconds to pickup the new set of classic Chevy truck parts that you may have purchased. Situations like this could also arise when you get distracted over some trivial things. And with the temperature predicted to get even hotter, the results of locked pets or children inside cars could prove to be fatal for these little tots.

BCAA recommends that as drivers or car owners, you should never ever leave kids and pets alone inside a car. If you have to go some place for just a short amount of time, it would be best to bring the pets or the kids along.

For anyone interested in saving money at the gas pump and helping the environment, the new hybrid cars are an excellent choice. Small and fuel-efficient, hybrids are now being made by more manufacturers than ever.

Although hybrids cost more, and can be hard to find due to high demand, it still pays to choose a hybrid. Consider the following reasons to buy a hybrid next time you are in the market for a new car.

Smaller, More Efficient Engines

The hybrid’s fuel efficiency is increased by its small size and the use of lightweight materials. Periodic engine shut-off is another fuel saving feature of the hybrid. When it is stopped in traffic, the hybrid’s engine temporarily shuts off. The engine restarts automatically when the car is put back in gear.

Hybrids are powered by the combination of an efficient gasoline engine backed by an electric motor for acceleration. The electric motor is powered by batteries that are recharged automatically by recapturing the kinetic energy usually lost during braking, known as regenerative braking. When the car is slowing down, the electric motor runs backwards, acting as a generator to charge the battery.

With this collection of advanced fuel efficiency features, hybrids can outperform conventional cars in several arenas.

Environmental Friendliness

Another reason hybrids are more environmentally friendly than conventional gas engines is that they idle less and use fuel more efficiently. The hybrid not only gets better gas mileage, it produces less pollution than other, non-hybrid cars. Some hybrids are getting 10 to 20 miles per gallon more than a regular gas engine. They are also capable of reducing harmful emissions by 90%.

Many hybrids use aerodynamic design to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency. Low rolling tires made of special resistant rubber reduce friction on the road. The high capacity, nickel-metal-hydride battery pack is reliable and available to power the hybrid when needed. Hybrids also use the latest in power-train technology, for integrated power management that contributes to fuel efficiency.

Popularity Enhances Styles And Choices

More makes and models are now being offered as the popularity of hybrid cars continues to escalate. Buyers can now purchase the Honda Civic and Accord, Ford Escape, and Toyota Camry in hybrids. GMC and Chevrolet are currently making 2 hybrid pick-up trucks. In the near future, Saturn, Lexus, Honda, and Chevrolet will make hybrid SUVs available to the public. Chevrolet has plans to offer its Malibu in hybrid form in 2007.

You can get a hybrid that looks like a conventional car, such as the Ford Escape. Or you can choose a hybrid that looks completely different from anything else on the road, such as the Toyota Prius. With so many hybrid cars on the market, there is a style to suit almost everyone.

Tax Incentives Available

People who buy hybrids can get significant tax breaks from the US Federal government through 2006. The amount of your tax break is determined by your tax bracket and when you file. Some states are also starting to offer hybrid car tax breaks as well. Tax breaks backed up over the long run by lower fuel costs make hybrid cars a good buy.

Fuel Efficiency Becomes A Reality

Although most people have been aware of hybrids only in recent years, the technology has actually been around for a long time. Ferdinand Porsche built the first successful hybrid car in 1899. But hybrids first began to catch on in the 1990s when Honda introduced the Insight and Toyota introduced the Prius.

It’s been a long wait, but fuel-efficient transportation is finally becoming a reality with the hybrid. As more of these cars take to the road, our air will become cleaner, and our country will be less dependent on foreign sources of oil.

One of the crossover sport utility vehicles in the market, the Mazda Tribute is considered to be one of the smallest in this segment. This vehicle is actually based on the platform of the Mazda 626 which is a front wheel drive vehicle. The Mazda Tribute is also the basis for the Ford Escape sport utility vehicle. In fact, this vehicle is very similar to the Mazda Tribute. Both the Mazda Tribute and the Ford Escape made its way to public knowledge in the year 2001. Both offered a front wheel drive and an all wheel drive. Also, as per the engine, interested parties were given the choice of either a 2.0 L Mazda engine with four cylinders or a 3.0 L Ford Duratec V6 engine.

The Mazda Tribute was actually sold in Europe as the Ford Maverick. This time, it held a Ford 2.0 L Zetec engine. To assist it in its performance and delivery, installed in the vehicle is a manual transmission system. Given as an option is the 3.0 L Duratec engine that was assisted by an automatic transmission system. The Mazda Tribute has a suspension is that is very tuned finely so much so that it gives and provides a firmer ride compared to the Ford Escape. This is because the Mazda Tribute has been specially designed so as to be a sporty vehicle.

If you are interested in purchasing a Mazda Tribute, you would be actually given a couple of choices when it comes to its seats and its exterior colors. The seats could be actually covered in either cloth of leather. The color choices are either Dark Flint or Medium Pebble. As per the colors of the exterior, one is given a list of colors that includes Blazing Copper, Stormfront Gray, Classic White, Dark Titanium, Mystic Black, Pebble Ash, Platinum, Red Fire, and Lapis Blue. This gives interested parties the opportunity to customize and choose a vehicle color that would suit their own fashion tastes and sense as well as their preferences. The Mazda Tribute is said to be directly competing with the Jeep Liberty, the Toyota RAV4, the Hyundai Tucson, and the Honda CR-V.

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