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The rest of the world knows this line of vehicles from the Ford Motor Company as the Ford Econoline Van or the Ford E series. However, if you travel to the Philippines, you would then know that in this region and area, the Ford Econoline Van is marketed and known as the Ford Chateau Wagon. Take a closer look though and you would notice that the Ford Chateau Wagon is just a similar vehicle but has its differences with the Ford Econoline Van.

1961 was the year that the production of the Ford Econoline Van started. It was manufactured to be a full size van and it was mounted and crafted using the FR VN platform. Competition for this van includes the Chevrolet Express, the GMC Savana, the Dodge Sprinter, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, and the Freightliner Sprinter. This line of full size vans were made for both cargo and passenger transportation. Looking at Ford’s line up for vehicles, the Ford Econoline Van and the whole Ford E series is very much related to the company’s F series which is a line of pick up trucks.

The Ford Econoline Van is already on its fourth generation of versions for this vehicle. The first generation was known for it became a success for utility companies that included the Bell Telephone System. It was then a cargo van and could take in eight passengers inside. As per the second generation of Ford Econoline Vans, the engine was now moved from the rear up to the front. In 1975, the third generation came about. It held more ergonomic controls as well as a full frame design. Come 1983, the logo of Ford that was a blue oval was now integrated into the front grille of the van. The fourth generation came in 1992 and this was a redesigned version. This time around, the Ford Econoline Van came with a vast choice of engines for patrons’ various preferences and needs.

You can actually never predict what will happen to you and to your car each time you drive around the vehicle. Sometimes, despite regular maintenance and repair of your Jaguar, there still are times when problems decide to act up just as when you are in the middle of the highway or in the middle of a deserted road. However, keeping your calm and keeping yourself cool would give you the chance to be in control of the situation.

If you do encounter car trouble or an accident, try to pull over. Stay on the side of the road. Make sure that you are out of traffic’s way. However, also make sure that you are easily seen by other motorists once you have brought your vehicle to safety. As much as possible, do it quickly. Dallying could just make traffic situations worse especially if you are trying to move over the side of the road very slowly.

Automobile experts and traffic authorities suggest that you should avoid stopping on the left should if that is very much possible. That is plainly because you surely would not want to run across traffic if you need to go somewhere else – like to look for gas or a payphone. And once you stop on the side of the road, try not to get out. Remember that it is safer for you to stay inside rather than stand outside with the cars rushing by you.

If your car acts up during a night drive, try to stop underneath a street lamp. That way, you are very much visible to all who passes by. That would give you more safety and security and the chances of people seeing you stranded could also increase your chances of getting help.

And in any time that this happens to you, do not forget to turn on your car’s hazard lights.

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In Japan, the Mazda RX 4 was known as the Luce Rotary. Despite different names, though, the Mazda RX 4 and the Luce Rotary was still the very same vehicle from the Mazda Motor Corporation which has its headquarters mainly located in Hiroshima, Japan.

The Mazda RX 4 has had other contemporaries, equals, and peers that also are under the Mazda brand’s line up of vehicles. Each of its peers are rotary powered. Contemporaries for the Mazda RX 4 include the Mazda RX 2 and the Mazda RX 3. The former was based actually on the Mazda Capella, as with the latter, it was actually based on the Mazda Familia.

Comparing the Mazda RX 4 with the two vehicles, the Mazda RX4 2 and the Mazda RX 3, the Mazda RX 4 is still larger than both. Despite that, the Luce/929 chassis that the latter holds is the very same one that both of the other two vehicles use. The Luce/929 chassis actually replaced the R130. This replacement was done in October of 1972. Originally, the Mazda RX 4 was made available as a hardtop coupe and also as a sedan. Come the year 1972, this vehicle make was then made available as a station wagon. The station wagon was introduced so as to replace the Savanna Wagon.

When it was first introduced, the Mazda RX 4 held a 120 horsepower 12A engine. However, later on in 1974, this was replaced by the larger 13B engine. This was made for export purposes. This new engine gave the Mazda RX 4 the chance to be environment friendly for it was what Mazda called the “AP” version. “AP” stood for “anti pollution”. The vehicle also used a strut type independent suspension in the front part as with a solid axle in the rear. The brake discs were mounted in the front and the drum brakes were installed in the rear. The vehicle held a curb weight that could get as low as 2620 pounds.

Although he made his career driving around a track at speeds of more than 180 mph, Rusty Wallace, newly retired NASCAR driver and Nextel Cup champion, loves spending low-key time on the open road with his wife and their three children. The Wallace family knows road trips can be stressful, especially when you add kids to the mix. However, with a little planning, creativity and preparation, road trips can be a cherished experience for all. Here are a few tips from the professional to make your next road trip fun for the entire family:

• Safety first. “In the early days of my racing career, drivers had to be mechanics too,” Wallace said. “I know the importance of making sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition.” Wallace recommends having a mechanic perform a once-over on your vehicle before the trip. But don’t forget to pack an emergency road kit just in case.

• Plan ahead. “With today’s unpredictable fuel costs, a wrong turn can be costly,” said Wallace. He recommends a trip-planning tool such as Microsoft Streets & Trips 2006 with GPS Locator to help your family map out the perfect route in advance. With a reassuring voice to guide the way and mapping information that is accurate and easy to use, you’ll know exactly what to expect along the way. Streets & Trips 2006 with GPS Locator goes beyond simple driving directions to provide travelers with an easy way to plan personalized trips.

• Keep the kids entertained. Taking vacations is supposed to be fun, but after spending hours in the car your family may arrive at the destination in anything but a good mood. “Nowadays it’s easy to keep kids entertained with portable DVD players and such, but then you miss some valuable bonding time. Our family plays games and takes a lot of breaks to stretch our legs and take in the scenery,” said Wallace.

• Make pit stops fun. What would the great American road trip be without experiencing a bit of classic roadside Americana? From the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City, Kan., to the 18-foot-tall Paul Bunyan statue in Bemidji, Minn., there are landmarks all over the country to be discovered. If you are ever in Rusty Wallace’s home state of North Carolina, he recommends visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

• Make it a family affair. The journey is an important part of the trip, particularly when you’re traveling by car. It’s an opportunity to see new places and spend time together as a family. Wallace suggests involving the entire family in the planning. “A weekend fishing trip may not always be the ideal getaway for my wife and daughter,” Wallace said, “but if the whole family is involved in the preparation, we can plan activities that will make everyone happy.”

One of the best things about owning a new car is its smooth, shiny “showroom” look. Maintaining that look-by washing and waxing your car regularly and touching up any scratches-can keep it looking new longer.

Fortunately, the latest cars are finished with a high-tech process that makes it easier for car owners to maintain that new-car look. Many cars on the market today have a powder coated finish that helps protect them from chips and scratches, as well as damage caused by UV rays, harsh weather, salt spray and acid rain.

A clearcoat can protect the car’s high-gloss finish, which keeps your car looking new longer.

Several of America’s car manufacturers have discovered that this technique offers many advantages over liquid paint. The environmentally friendly finishing process eliminates the need for costly waste-disposal equipment and oversprayed powder particles can be recovered and reused.

Some of the manufacturers using this process include GM, Chrysler, BMW, Volvo, Lincoln, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz and Dodge. Every bit of exposed metal in DaimlerChrysler’s European Smart Car has been powder coated.

It’s not just the outside of the cars that benefits from powder coating. As well as having an exterior clearcoat, many new cars also have powder coated decorative wheels, hubcaps and trim. It’s even used on truck beds, door handles and engine parts.

It isn’t only car manufacturers that have discovered the process. It’s found on thousands of home and garden products, as well as sporting goods, recreational vehicles and office furniture and equipment.

It has become a universally preferred method of finishing for all the same reasons it has been so enthusiastically adopted by car manufacturers.

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