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It used to be that a car auction was closed to the general public, but over the past couple of years this has become less and less true. Across the United States there are hundreds of car auctions that are available to the general public. And if you know where to go and how much to bid you can really get yourself one of the best deals that you will ever found. These cars come from all walks of life from police repossessions, to IRS repossessions, and from trade ins at new car lots. Going to a car auction is a great way to save yourself time and money when looking to purchase a new car.

By attending a car auction you will be able to bid on the car that you want. And the best thing about it is that if the bidding gets to high you can simply walk away and let someone else have the car. This works because there is always another car that is coming in behind it. The best thing to do is research the car auction before you get there. Get a detailed listing of the cars that are being sold and make sure you know how much you are willing to spend. The second that the car gets to be too much take yourself out of the running and wait for the next car.

Car auctions are also a great means of financial investment. Buy low sell at a normal asking price. Similar to real estate auctions car auctions tend to attract all forms of investors and future car owners.

Many people are buying cars at an auction because they have found that they can get a great used car deal without having to pay as much as they would as a new or used car dealer. Plus the selection is wide enough that they do not have to worry if they lose out on the first car of their choice.

Consider a car auction for your next car.

Why Are Brake Bleeders Required?

Brake fluid absorbs water from the atmosphere, lowering its boiling point and causing corrosion. Particulate contamination–microscopic particles of rust and rubber-hastens wear of moving components. This is why manufacturers and mechanics recommend fully flushing hydraulic fluid annually. In addition, whenever the hydraulic system has been opened it must be bled of air. You should also routinely flush and replace your brake fluid every two years. Deposits and debris can build up in the lines over time and decrease the efficiency of your brakes. Regular brake bleeding can also help you spot brake problems that you wouldn’t necessarily notice simply by driving the car.

Brake Bleeding Tools and Their Functionality

Brake bleeding is the procedure performed on hydraulic brake systems whereby the brake lines (the pipes and hoses containing the brake fluid) are purged of any air bubbles. This is necessary because, while the brake fluid is an incompressible liquid, air bubbles are compressible gas and their presence in the brake system greatly reduces the hydraulic pressure that can be developed within the system. The same methods used for brake bleeding are also used for purging, where the old fluid is replaced with new fluid, which is necessary maintenance. The process is performed by forcing clean, bubble-free brake fluid through the entire system from the master cylinder(s) to the calipers of disc brakes or the wheel cylinders of drum brakes). The brake bleeder valve is normally mounted at the highest point on each cylinder or caliper.

Procedures Of Brake Bleeding

The first step in bleeding your brakes is to fill the system with brake fluid. A useful product is the pressure brake bleeder like the Motive Products Bleeder .This product is a step above its now-defunct precursor, the EZ-Bleed system. The system has a hand pump that you can use to pressurize the brake fluid to just about any pressure. A small gauge on the front of the brake fluid reservoir indicates the pressure of the brake fluid inside. The very large reservoir can hold about two quarts of brake fluid – more than enough for most brake flushing and bleeding jobs. The system bleeds by pressurizing a bottle filled with brake fluid from air from an internal hand pump. The procedure is to add fluid, attach the bleeder to the top of the reservoir cap, and pump up the bleeder bottle using the hand pump, this will pressurize the system.

The Fast, Simple And User-Friendly Brake Bleeder

This amazing brake bleeder kit is a very useful and cost-effective tool to have in your collection. A specialized pressure pump, such as the Motive Product Power Bleeder is attached to the master cylinder and filled with fluid. The pump is used to pressurize the system to about 10psi, and the bleeder valves are opened one at a time until the fluid is clear of air. One advantage to this system is that the pump reservoir usually holds enough fluid that running dry is not likely. This is the method most professional shops use, though they use commercial equipment instead of the above mentioned unit.

The Motive Pressure Brake Bleeder from TrackHaus – Best Bet For Your Car

Before doing anything to your car, realize that you and you alone are responsible for anything that could happen to yourself and others that you come into contact with. As braking is critical to your safety and modifying your brakes can affect your own and others safety. TrackHaus offers a variety of brake tool kits at discounted prices, so that you are able to purchase all the necessary tools and use them during emergency.

If you don’t have the time or your car is difficult to bleed, the Power Bleeder will do the trick. So stop worrying and start using this brake bleeder system. Using the brake bleeder kit is easy and simple. The Motive Products Power Bleeder makes it quick and easy for you to bleed even the most difficult systems without any help. TrackHaus sells the Motive pressure brake bleeder along with other great deals on brake tools to make your automotive repairs simple and quick.

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Your Ford Mustang is a true pony car. A coupe with class and no other car on the road is like it. Heck, GM abandoned the Camaro and Firebird while Mustang sales continue to surge. Could it be that Mustang owners know a good thing when they drive it? You bet! Still, maybe you have considered ways to ratchet up the performance. Even with a V8 installed, perhaps you could squeeze out more power from an already potent engine? If that is the case for you a superchip may be right. However, are they worth it? Let’s take a look at these little technological wonders and see if a super chip is what you really want.

So, exactly how does a superchip work? That’s easy! Every car comes with a computer chip – much like the one the central processing chip that powers your computer. Your stock chip helps to regulate a bunch of things including fuel flow to your engine, horsepower, torque, etc. Unfortunately, stock chips aren’t maximized for performance so the chip you get isn’t necessarily conducive to enhancing power.

Enter the Super Chip!

A Superchip or “Super Chip” puts the muscle into your chip. Either through completely replacing your current chip with a performance chip or sending out your chip to be modified, the end result is a tiny little device packed with more power. In actuality, the power isn’t in your Ford Super Chip, instead it is in the instructions that the chip contains.

The Super Chip is modified to help boost horsepower, increase torque, and raise fuel mileage. So how can fuel mileage improve…shouldn’t it actually drop with more power? Well, the short answer is no. Because a superchip works to fine tune your engine, a better tuned engine requires less fuel. Because a super chip manages to work so precisely it can deliver on all three areas – better horsepower, more torque, and improved fuel economy – without compromise. This means you get a more potent car that is also more fuel efficient.

So, back to the original question: are they worth it? Well, that is for you to decide. However, if keeping your current car is your goal then for a few hundred bucks a super chip is a smart idea. No need to trade your car in for a new, pricey model. Simply take your existing car and supercharge it.

When shopping for a super chip you must be aware that the chips are developed with your specific make/model of car in mind…all the way down to the type of engine underneath the hood. Some manufacturers of Ford super chips or other famous maker chips require you to take out your current chip and overnight it to the chip manufacturer, get it modified, and have it overnighted back to you. In this case your car would be out of commission for 2 or 3 days.

On the other hand, some manufacturers simply swap out your stock chip with a new one. That all depends on which chip model you select and the price you are willing to pay for your superchip.

With the hurricanes and flooding that has hit in the south recently there are hundreds of thousands of vehicles that have moderate to severe flood damage.

Some of these vehicles that have not been completely submerged will be cleaned up, freshner sprayed into carpets and vents and shipped North, East and West.

The people who deal in these vehicles get them dirt cheap and do some clean up and then ship them out to the unsuspecting public. These vehicles will look normal but after buying one of them you will most likely develope serious problems down the road.

These vehicles will have mold started that you won’t be able to detect for some time and the odor will be covered up with some strong sprays that will hide the problem for several weeks/months. But then one warm day sfter being closed up in the sun you will open the door to a musty odor that will start to become worse each day until after a while it will be unbearable.

The odor may be the least of your problems for after a vehicle is submerged in water for any length of time the water and grit is in the engine, transmission, differential all the wheel bearings and working parts. So after driving the vehicle a few hundred miles you will start to develope major failures to these components.

Also the water will get into the electrical system of the vehicle and cause shorts in the wiring that may cause fires or serious damage to the computer system of the vehicle that will result in very high repair bills.

To avoid buying any of these vehicles you will need to do a complete inspection of the vehicle to check it out for any tell tale signs of water damage. If you can’t do this youself hire a good mechanic to check it for you, or use a vehicle inspection service and Carfax to determine if it has been in a flood or any type of accident or had major repairs.

Check title for previous owners and if it trails back to recent sales in the Hurricane/flood states pass up the sale even it seems to be a good deal as you may have some high repair bills later or worse, not even be able to salvage vehicle.

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