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Are you looking for a new car? If you are, there are several models available to you for under $15,000. Twelve are mentioned here; thirteen if you include the Nissan Versa to be released later this summer. Increased competition has made this a great time to buy a new car so compare, shop, and save!

Chevrolet Cobalt – With an MSRP of under $13,000, this Chevrolet model is one of the lowest priced cars manufactured in the U.

S. A competitive price when you realize that few new car models are priced so low. If the Cobalt price still isn’t low enough for you, then Chevrolet also markets the Aveo, a vehicle GM imports from its South Korean subsidiary Daewoo. The Aveo retails for just $9890!

Ford Focus – Retailing at $13,990 the Focus is the lowest priced vehicle sold by “blue oval” in the U.S. Not cheap enough for you? Special incentives on the ZX3 version of the Focus can lower the price by as much as $3000!

Honda Civic Coupe – It is getting increasingly difficult to find a Civic under $15,000. Why is that? Well, Honda has been gradually pushing the Civic up market in a bid to compete against the Nissan Sentra and Toyota Corolla. Don’t worry, Honda is about to release a car even smaller [and cheaper] than the Civic: the $12,000 Fit will be in Honda showrooms later this year!

Hyundai Accent and the Hyundai Elantra – Leave it to Hyundai to have two vehicles in its line up that sell for under $15,000. Starting at just $12,455 the Accent GLS is bargain basement, but not stripped. The car comes with four wheel disc brakes, 8 way adjustable driver’s seat, and ABS. The Elantra is slightly up market and retails for about $1300 more than the Accent.

Kia Rio and Kia Spectra – With an MSRP listed at $11, 110 the Kia Rio is the lowest priced four door car sold in the U.S. Recent upgrades for the model include several safety features: six airbags, impact-absorbing steering column, front and rear crumple zones and side-impact door beams. Select the Spectra for a car that is better appointed and larger than the Rio.

Saturn ION – Base models of the little car from Tennessee currently are retailing around $13,500, but that price may drop later in the year as GM seeks to move several slow selling cars including the ION

Toyota Corolla – Always competitive, the Corolla is priced at $14,105 and is considered by industry leaders to have the highest quality amongst all small cars on the market. A lower cost model, the Echo, has been discontinued but a new model, the Yaris, will appear later this year and retail for about $12,000.

Scion xA and Scion xB – Two of the three models sold by Toyota’s Generation “Y” division, Scion, are priced under $15,000. The xA starts around $13,500 and the xB sells for about $1000 more than that.

So, are the days of finding transportation under $15,000 soon to be behind us? On the contrary, with the 2007 importation of cars from China the under $10,000 category will soon have new life as cars from Chery and Geely hit U.S. showrooms pushing new prices down to as low as $6600! As a result, Ford, Dodge, and others are looking at ways to build and import cars overseas or in Mexico that will sell for much than current base models.

One of the best vehicles in the midsize category in the American automobile market, the 2006 Honda Accord has been redesigned and re-engineered. It is not only one of the best vehicles, it also is one of highest selling as well. It sports a good combination of high technology and quality. It is very much usable for everyday operations and functions. Its main competitor is the Toyota Camry. It is offered in both sedan and coupe styles. It has also been made available in three trim levels that comprise of the DX, the LX, and the EX. The vehicle has a maximum passenger capacity of five people.

Taking a look around the Honda Accord, the vehicle has a design that has angular headlamps as well as sharpened noses which is very much like that of the Acura RSX’s. It is very much muscular and very agile. The vehicle also has carefully sculpted combination of concave and convex surfaces in its corners and sides. If you try to go inside its cabin, the interior is very smooth, firm, and quiet. It holds wide seats that are very comfortable. This is due to the springs and urethane padding beneath is. This also reduces vibration much. These seats have the option of a manual height adjustment or power adjustments.

The entire trunk of the 2006 Honda Accord measures some 14 cubic feet. The power of the 2006 Honda Accord is due to its 2.4 liter i-VTEC engine with four cylinders that can produce some 166 horsepower, as well as another 3.0 liter VTEC V6 engine that could generate a maximum of 244 horsepower. Both these engines are great on fuel efficiency.

The 2006 Honda Accord has a huge range of color choices to choose from. The list comprise of carbon bronze pearl (black), carbon bronze pearl (ivory), desert mist metallic (ivory), graphite pearl (gray), nighthawk black pearl (ivory), Redondo red pearl (gray), royal blue pearl (gray), sapphire blue pearl (black), taffeta white (ivory), and alabaster silver metallic (black).

Featured accessories for the 2006 Honda Accord include in its list a deck lid spoiler, a rear wing spoiler, wheel locks, 15 inch alloy wheels, a removable roof rack, a ski attachment, a snowboard attachment, a bike attachment, a car cover, a half nose mask, a full nose mask, door edge guards, a gold emblem kit, a gold exhaust finisher, a Fenderwell trim, door visors, fog lights, a moonroof visor, front and rear all-season floor mats, a cargo net, a trunk tray, a metal trim kit, a leather steering wheel cover, an outside temperature gauge, a leather shift knob, the XM
The Ford Mondeo sedan was for the European market. Travel to the lands of the United States and North American and you would find the Ford Contour. The Ford Contour would be the Ford Mondeo’s American counterpart. This sedan was actually sold by the Ford Motor Company starting from 1995 up until 2000. Fact is, this vehicle actually was the basis for building a version of this under the Mercury brand. And the result came to be the Mercury Mystique and later on became the Mercury Cougar. The Ford Contour was found in the Ford Motor Company’s line up filling the niche between the Ford Escort and the Ford Taurus.

The Ford Contour has a DOHC V6 engine with 24 valves. It has an aluminum block and aluminum heads. This has a displacement of 155 cubic inches. It can produce some 170 units of bhp at 6250 rpm, and 165 pound feet at 4250 rpm. It has also been equipped with a five speed manual transmission system. The wheelbase of the Ford Contour measures 106.5 inches, 183.9 inches in length and has a curb weight of 2910 pounds.

From 1995 to 1996, the Ford Contour came to be body colored. The front seats were recessed to the back so as to improve rear seat leg room. This is compared to the first wave of Ford Contours that entered the American automobile market. After a year, changes were still done. Traction control no longer was given as an option. The remote fuel door release feature was deleted and the fuel door that this batch held had a flanged opening. Made available were an interior trunk light, a tilt steering wheel, and a power antenna. In 1997 to 1998, the Ford Contours that entered the streets sported front and rear end designs that were new. There were new alloy wheel designs. The sail panels on the rear door windows were now smooth and held the word “Contour” emblazoned on it.

As per the last years of the Ford Contour, it still continually received changes. In 1998 to 1999, the Ford Contour deleted one of its trim levels. There was a clock in radio available. There were also some color revisions. The rear window and the brake light designs had changed. For Canada, this was the last year of the Ford Contour. In the United States, 2000 was the last year for the vehicle.

The snow has finally thawed and the cold is moving further away. Summer is coming ever so swiftly that you would not actually notice it until you can feel the heat of the season. However, the shift from the winter and cold days to the hot and sunny weather of summer is something that you would have to consider with regards to your car. After all, driving conditions during winter is a far cry from the driving conditions during the hot and dry months of summer. Just like getting your car ready for winter, you should also get your machine in condition for summer.

Make sure that you first remove your snow tires. They may have worked well during those cold snowy days however they will only wear out faster if you use it on dry roads. You can do this yourself or you can opt to have them removed at some service shop which could be, of course, for a fee.

Check your tire pressure when the tires are cold. This is mainly because you would be getting a different reading if you do this just right after you leave your vehicle up under the sun. Always make sure that they contain just the right amount of pressure.

Remember that there are different engine oil specifications during the hot summer months so make sure that you read your car owner’s manual and guide. There are specifications there as per which type of oil should work well during the summer.

Make sure that your car battery is in good condition. You see, the hot temperature of summer could actually lead your battery to go under greater stress and strain. You may also want to have it replaced in cases when you are not sure just how long you have had the battery. This would work well especially if you are planning on going on a long trip. And, also check your car’s coolant and antifreeze mixture. If your vehicle heats up, it would just mean a delay in your travel.

Do not hesitate to replace any parts that are already worn out or damaged. There are various online stores that offer quality auto parts and one of these is Auto Accessories Giant which is well known for its quality Geo accessories.

There are several reasons why it is a very bad idea to drive without proper motor insurance. First and foremost, it is illegal; if you drive without insurance you are liable to an IN10 ‘Driving with no insurance’ penalty.

It may seem like a good idea at the time to save yourself a considerable about money by failing to take out insurance cover for your vehicle. You may of course drive around for a long period without being involved in any kind of accident or being stopped by the police. However, it is certain that in the end, one of these two things will definitely happen.

The idea of car insurance is that you take out a policy, and hopefully you will never need it. Therefore, it may seem like a waste of money, but car insurance is there to protect you and others, should you be involved in a minor or serious accident.

So you may be lucky and drive around for let’s say two years without ever having even a near miss. But then, you get involved in a minor bump. Now you will become liable for those legal penalties.

The IN10 can result in 6 to 8 penalty points and/or a ban from driving, and in addition a fine of up to
General Motors’ Saturn division is one of the few bright spots for the troubled U.S. automaker. As of this writing, the parent company is in the midst of plant closings, massive layoffs, and big losses. Bankruptcy may be the ultimate “out” for GM, but even if the company doesn’t choose that route, big changes are coming nevertheless. Fortunately, the Saturn division is one of the few bright spots for the legendary automaker as are Cadillac, GMC, and select models including the Corvette and the company’s big trucks. For Saturn, there is a certain “AURA” about the division both in model name as well as in sensation.

Step back two decades and General Motors is all abuzz over a new car company in the process of being created: Saturn. As a wholly owned subsidiary of GM, Saturn was designed to take on Japanese rivals Toyota and Honda by building compact cars that American drivers really wanted and could rely upon. It worked. For most of the 1990s, the “S Series” was the sole model for Saturn; available in coupe, sedan, and wagon, the S Series achieved cult status and had a loyal following of owners who regularly congregated for meets at Spring Hill, TN where the cars were built. Even when the vehicles’ design aged, the S Series maintained its high status with Saturn aficionados.

By the late 1990s, two new lines of vehicles were added to the Saturn brand. The VUE, became the company’s sport utility vehicle while the “L Series” was the first large Saturn. In reality, the “L” was a midsize car as it was heavily derived from a model sold by GM’s European division, Opel. With the latter model, Saturn hoped to provide the larger vehicle that S Series owners desired. Unfortunately, sales figures barely exceeded half of the quota anticipated by Saturn, so after a few years the model was retired.

Today, Saturn is no longer a separate company. With the demise of Oldsmobile, Saturn is now a full fledged division of General Motors. While some see this move as a bad thing, it has resulted in new products for the brand.

Soon after the L Series was retired, the RELAY was introduced. As the first Saturn model built on a U.S. G.M. platform, the 7 passenger people mover was a far cry from previous models. Still, the vehicle has filled a gaping hole in the Saturn line up.

Just this past Spring the SKY was introduced, an upscale limited production convertible. To say that the car has been received with gladness is an understatement. Quite frankly, the SKY is the “halo” car needed by Saturn, but fortunately the division isn’t stopping there.

Although the L Series was a flop, GM is once again turning to its Opel division to produce a car. Combining Opel styling with a U.S. G.M. platform, the AURA sedan will be rolling into a showroom near you very soon.

So, what is so special about the AURA? Its good looks! Although it is nearly impossible to describe the vehicle without showing you a picture, the AURA is simply one imposing car. Although a sedan, the AURA is sporty looking with a grille that is not too far removed from the new SKY. With a 3.6L V6 engine mated to a six speed automatic transmission, the 250 h.p. AURA will definitely compete with the Camry, Accord, and Maxima for sales as well as for performance leadership. Throw in 19 inch wheels, a sporty interior, and responsive handling and the AURA just begs to be driven.

The best part of the AURA is that it isn’t the L Series, a car criticized for being too bland and uninspiring. One look at the AURA and you can see that Saturn got it right this time.

Prices for the AURA haven’t been announced yet, but you can expect fully loaded models to retail below $25,000 well within the range of its competition.

Will the AURA succeed? Well, it has too! Look for Saturn to do all that it can to make sure that the model is marketed to those who would buy one: the cross section of the North American populace. Yes, Saturn has turned a corner and hopefully the same came be said for the entire company.

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