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As a freelance writer, some of my least favorite projects are those where the client wants me to rewrite an existing article. I have since learned that this type of statement, “It’ll only involve a little editing,” usually really means, “You’ll have to rewrite the entire article in order for it to make sense.” My advice to you, the freelancer, is try to determine in advance just how much “editing” you will have to do, otherwise be prepared to initiate a time consuming rewrite that won’t pay for itself.

My first sizable rewriting job was one I now call, “my blunder from down under.” By down under, I certainly don’t mean Australia – you have to dig a lot deeper to go to where it is hotter. Get it? A real “devil” of a job!

The job involved “editing” five articles by including new information and cleaning up verbiage and syntax. Or so I thought. As it turned out, each of the five articles lacked clear and concise purpose and failed to produce a tight and sensible conclusion. I saw the “writing on the wall” and decided that the editing job would need to turn into a complete rewrite in order to make any sense of them.

Two full days later my work was done after submitting the drafts to the client, having the client send back additional changes and comments, and resubmitting the final copies back to the client.

After this experience I was mentally exhausted and frustrated, but I learned a valuable lesson: work diligently to uncover what a job entails before agreeing to take on a project and/or leave open the possibility that your price may change [read: will increase] should extra work be involved.

It was a tough lesson learned, but I found out that the “devil” is really in the details when it comes to accepting a rewriting project. Either way it is “work” for you!

It is natural that a human being should doubt in the sense of life. A person is a bio-social structure that is guided through life not by instincts but by social conditions. The only animal to kill and to torture the representatives of the same specie is a human being and there is nothing we can change about it, unless we forget about social consciousness or otherwise “Me” as Freud named it. The majority is subjected to degradation because of the absence of aim in life, a stimulus to develop. They are ignorant to various factors and prefer to go with the flow than to get their own way. Philosophers struggle over a question what humans live for. Having heard a lot of similar questions from my students, I’m convinced now that the aim can be as individual as collective.

How to find that goal to achieve? It is simple. Look inside and think over some of the positive features that are so important for you aren’t they worth living? When the life comes to the point where the burden of it is unbearable, it is time to reconsider the system of values you’ve established and find something worth fighting for. People that have obtained a goal never quit moving forward and finding new ways to become consolidated. It is quite time to think over the lifestyle and to discover something new and exciting. You have to make a promise to yourself that you are going to reconsider all the aspects you name negative and positive and try to transform most of the negative into positive. Maybe for the first time in your life listen to you heart and figure out the things you always wanted to do. Your inner desires can transform into real aims and develop a strategy to realize them. Your new aim is probably going to require extra expenses and you have to be aware of the fact and accept it with dignity. If it is more convenient for you, make up a list of things you would like to have and go through it alone or with your friends or family members. After that it is probably going to get reduced a bit, but some of the points you’ll see will be essential for you. You will not be successful from the first attempt and you have to be ready not to give up if the first attempt is a failure.

To realize your dream you have to be in a full strength to overcome hardships. Sacrifice some of your time to have rest and relax, despite the difficulties you experience at work or in your personal life. Create unforgettable moments in your life by planning your vacation to be miraculously fun and exciting. And what is important, never doubt that you can accomplish this much, that you are capable of doing miracles. The truth is one: you have your life to live and this is only your life and your choice you live, not exist to leave a trace in the history and if you prefer to go with the flow, it is not going to tell more about you as a person in the history. Share your success, be positive and focus only on pleasant and it may happen that life becomes better.

1. Credibility. You wrote the article. You are the subject matter expert. This is especially when you submit a well-written article about a topic that you have a passion for.

2. Visitors. When you write an article, you also add a “resource” box with your name, a little bit about you, and a link to your web page. This will get your web site visibility all over the Internet.

3. Links. Having your web site listed, along with all of your articles, puts links on other related sites. When the search engine spiders crawl the Internet and find your link on other sites, it will smile and index your site quicker, make your site more popular in the search engines, and list your site more often in the various directories.

4. Visibility. Others will pick up your sites for their web sites, blogs and eZine. This will increase your site’s brand and give you a competitive edge.

5. Exposure. Many sites list the most current articles on their front page giving you “front page” exposure.

6. Free Advertising. It doesn’t cost anything to post your articles. Your article could wind up on hundreds or thousands of web sites.

7. Money. If people like your work, you could get hired to write articles for others. Good writers are in huge demand.

8. eBooks. You could compile your related articles and put out an eBook – either for free or charge for it. Adding your links to the eBook will provide additional advertising.

9. Trust. Since you will recognized as the subject matter expert, it will be easy for you to market related products on your web site.

10. eZines. You could contact other eZine publishers and do an article exchange. This will give you guaranteed visibility in another’s eZine giving you more credibility and even more visibility.

11. Money. Along with possibly getting paid for writing articles for others, you can make money by having fresh content on your web pages incorporated with an advertising system like Google’s AdSense.

In this day and age of online marketing, content has been heralded as king, and for good reasons. People flock to sites not because of the flashy graphics nor the astounding features nor the witty domain name of the said pages, but because of the information contained therein that would enlighten them with their queries of the moment.

Content is even more potent in winning visitors than, say, search engine placements. You may derive a tremendous amount of traffic from the search engines, but if your content is junk, your visitors will never come back. But with good content, alas, you’ll have for yourself recurring visitors who will be eager to read your latest update.

You are most probably aware about the importance of traffic. Relying on unique visitors alone won’t give you the traffic that can be considered as sustainable. You must find a way that would encourage previous visitors to return to your site as well. Good content does this with relative ease. It goes without saying then that your website should have rich, premium, informative content. Content is indeed king, and your web pages serves as the throne. For the success of your business, your website should be constructed as such.

Here are some simple steps that would help you build a content site, and fast:

· Develop the layout that is simple and pleasant to the eyes. By keeping away from flashy ornaments, you’ll be able to manipulate the focus of your visitors to the content you want to share. Let your content carry your web pages and let the words speak for themselves. · You cannot rely on words alone, no matter how witty and cleverly used they are. There should be substance behind them as ultimately, the worth of your words is what would impress upon your visitors the true value of your website as a quality resource hub. So do your research. Make sure you know the subject matter by heart before writing your content. If you have questions about the same, do not try to conceal it them with silence. Seek out the answers and leave no bases uncovered. Make your content as comprehensive as possible, and your visitors won’t have to look elsewhere to find the answers they are seeking.

Writing for the simple enjoyment of writing is something I throughly enjoy. If I have something to say and I want to share it with someone or everyone, then I put pen to paper or in this case keyboard to notepad and put together an article of some of my knowledge, tips, advise and sometimes wisdom to share with everyone.

One place that I have found to be a great source for not only submitting my articles for publication, but also a wonderful place to get lost for awhile just reading… article directories.

These wonderful directories are filled with vast varieties of information that cover just about anything you may want to know. These sites are perfect for anyone looking for a place to submit their articles to, if your looking for specific information about something then they are gold mines.

Simply do a search for article directories in your browser and you will be overwhelmed with choices. Some directories are very specific about the information they allow, while the most of them open their directories up to a wide variety of subjects. I’ve only come accross a couple that charge a fee for use.

If you publish an online newsletter or ezine then an article directory can be a great resource for you. Article directories allow you fresh and informative information for your readers on a daily basis id needed. Some directories will notify you when new articles are submitted that apply to your specific needs. If you have never used the sevice of an article directory as a source of content, I gaurantee you will be happy you did. Content is king!

Webmaster more and more are turning to the use of article directories as a way of boosting to traffic that visits their sites. They are getting this traffic from back links from other sites. By simply writing an article about their website and the products or services that the website offers and then submitting it to article directories they are building back links. Instead of purchasing over priced, non targeted traffic to visit a site, webmasters are building highly targeted, virtually cost free search engine freindly back links. Ahhh, back links… priceless.

Not sure you can write an article? There a writers for hire that can whip you up an article in no time what so ever for a small fee. You just furnish them with the subject and the key points you want to focus on and they will have you as many article as you want or need in very short time. Known as ghost writers, these writing wizards are wonderful.

So, whether you are a seasoned writer or just someone like myself that simply enjoys writing, you will find that article directories are not only fantastic places to submit to but great places to find information for just about anything your looking for.

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